Introduction to vodafone organization

Answer 1:

Introduction: Our chosen firm is Vodafone. Vodafone is around from 1984. In those days it was produced as a subsidiary of Racal Electronics Plc. In 1991 it completely demerged from its parent company i. e. Racal Gadgets Plc & then it acquired its present name as Vodafone Group Plc. At present Vodafone is the world's leading telecommunication company, with a draw able existence in countries surrounding the world, whether it's Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific or USA. Lonely they have 323 million customers (www. vodafone. com) all around the world.

Why Vodafone: I Choose Vodafone because its large geographic portion of operation provide variety to its procedure process, activities in the organization, culture at firm and on all together very different entities existing all together. It offers a good mixture of maintaining Brand Image and organizational ideals combined with the localization of the products & services. This gives us chance to have a look upon different varieties of social & leadership traits in the same company. This sort of organizations offers us a perfect example of unity in variety.

Now coming upon different types of traits within the organization, we have many attributes being adopted in Vodafone such as Autocratic, Bureaucratic, Democratic, Charismatic, Transformational and many more. These all have their importance in their desired positions and timings. But among these there are four majorly popular leadership styles which are more visible in Vodafone Group Plc. These leadership styles receive ahead.

  1. Transformational Control: This is some sort of leadership in which the leaders are highly and spend very much amount of time in communication using their associates. The Transformational leaders always lead from leading & just delegate the functions and tasks among associates. A Transformational head is a leader in true sense as he/she inspires the other associates with his management skills, eyesight and passion. In Vodafone all the professional and top management personnel personnel are example of this style of leadership. They encourage their sub-ordinate personnel to perform better and better.
  2. Democratic Command/Participative Authority: This sort of management is style is usually within Vodafone particularly at sub-ordinate personnel level. At that level there are many decisions which impact the larger volume of peoples. In these varieties of situations this type of democratic authority style becomes must for the betterment of the organization.
  3. Task Oriented: This kind of control helps the Vodafone in usually marketing team where the professionals are more worried about the sales and targets achieved. This command style has helped Vodafone to get a customer base of 323 million users as taking the user-base of the subsidiaries in the proportions with their stake.
  4. Situational Control: Although all the type of authority styles have been and are being proved beneficial for the business, but all of these styles have something or other lacking. So, the best leadership style applied is the Situational Authority as it takes benefits and characteristics of most other command styles as according to the situation. This style takes away all lacking from leadership style. Really the only cause of matter in this command style is this that the decision of traits modifying would be reliant on leader's discretion. So here the real leadership skill needs most from any manager or an executive. (University or college of Wales, library)

Answer 2:

Situational factors have influenced Authority in every era atlanta divorce attorneys part in every season to every possible magnitude. Now this is different thing that in a few situations the impact seen is lower and in a few situations it is more. In Vodafone also the situational variables have impacted the organization very much. So the several factors such as increasing environmental issues, growing forces of different economies, Political relationships, the inflation and deflation in different countries, GDP growth in countries, their contact with external dangers, culture of different operating locations, current financial meltdown have also impacted the Expansion of Vodafone Growth Plc. A short description of these is listed below.

  • Growing Environmental Concerns

All throughout the world folks are raising concerns over the environmental issues, whether be increasing global warming, depleting ozone coating, lessening agricultural land or animals becoming instinct. Increasing cellular communication is concerned as a large cause of troubling the natural life pattern. So, it has posed as a danger to the Vodafone as well being a mobile operator service provider. So, in these types of situations usually the bureaucratic market leaders are preferred in order that they may tackle the problem and may get a consensus on the issue. Only this might help in uninterrupted working of the business and to maintain growth. Thus this situational variable has emphasized the occurrence of any bureaucratic innovator in the organization. This may result in other market leaders adapting the bureaucratic qualities or recruiting new bureaucratic leaders.

  • Growing power of different countries.

Now each day everybody knows that the developing economies have become stronger and stronger daily. More and more powers are focusing around them. So to grow with the time Vodafone also offers to get occurrence in these countries. This is because these countries have great opportunities of development and are providing resources to develop. So at this stage more and more transformational leaders are needed, who must be flexible to the conditions of the organization in new operating division. Only these transformational leaders can inspire the neighborhood talent to execute and to make sure they are prosperous by causing organization's expansion faster. So this situation favors the Transformational Leaders.

  • Political Relations

In present situation nearly every country has hard emotions (if nearly hard then at least non-supporting) thoughts towards at least one other countries at the politics level. We are able to take the example of any Islamic country. In present situation nearly every Islamic country has non-supporting attitude towards america and its people. So Vodafone cannot take risk to send some of its staff people to move from US to any Islamic country. This example favors the autocratic market leaders as they can have work from the employees even at the price tag on their dreams.

  • Current Financial Crises

Current financial crisis has triggered many job lost and losses of several billions to the business. This has decreased the morale of the employees of the organization regarding about job security and financial soundness. This very position favors the transformational and charismatic control who may again improve the morale of the employees and load motivation among them.

So at different times different situational factors influence and favor the different command styles. But real innovator are those who survive in every condition and sustain their group throughout. |(Miintel), (Datamonitor, London)

Answer 3:

Like other multinationals Vodafone also faces problem in posing an individual brand and culture along with taking the area in their products and services. To truly have a right way of communication they need to have the right culture atlanta divorce attorneys subsidiary and working sub-units. Every division must have traits like being truly a local company so that it may get confidence of the customers and can increase further. Vodafone has also accepted the culture matching to their operational base and based on the geographic area in which they will work. Although they have evolved their HR activities in various countries, yet they may have reserved their personal challenging, inspiring, keen traits within them. Few tips from other success testimonies which originated from their culture (either immediately or indirectly) can get as

  • Promoting Command: Vodafone has always marketed in built control in their workers. It is due to their Natural talent they are so ardent that they take their job as delight and perform really better than they usually had performed. Due to born ability they not only perform with their best rather in addition they inspire others to perform up to their maximum. They stimulate them to this magnitude that they make their unit performance felt apart from other divisions.
  • Originating Love: Vodafone has a history of inculcating passion in their workers. The culture prevailing in the organization makes the employees so passionate about their work that they not only work nevertheless they perform in as well as for the organization. It can be a similar characteristic within every business unit of the Vodafone Group Plc.
  • Producing Energy: Vodafone Group Plc has always reinforced a lively culture. In this kind of culture every staff himself/herself carries out his/her job more sincerely and successfully. In the work culture given by the Vodafone employees destined to provide results and make it more successful day by day.
  • Creative: Vodafone Group Plc is definitely known for its innovation in the industry. It's been most innovative firm across the world. This is only the culture of the organization which supports the creative thinking about the employees and not only support but also appreciates their ideas as well. This technology founded culture has helped to a great extent to Vodafone Group to increase its customer bottom become number 1 in world in telecommunication service industry. (The days)
  • Knowledge Based mostly: Vodafone has always reinforced and appreciated the data in the employees. The most notable management of the business is the proof the knowledge assessment and support. The culture in Vodafone ideals the knowledge of the person regardless of their family backdrop, their color, their gender, their faith or the region they participate in. They recruit they best suited people for the job and make no discretion in the compensation paid to them. (organizational Tendencies)

Overall the culture at the Vodafone will take best out of the employees and in exchange also makes them happy. Vodafone group is convinced in the essential human propensity that if you will care and attention the people, they will go back the same, i. e. because Vodafone takes care of their employees, employees in turn give their finest make Vodafone to perform better still than the each and every time.

Answer 4:

At present the Vodafone Group Plc is the leading mobile operator on earth. It has been in a position to develop emerging leaders to successful businessmen. There are lots of testimonies which give validity to the same fact. Alternatively it has also among the finest employers on the planet because of its culture and opportunities provided by them. The culture provided by the Vodafone Group Plc has had the opportunity to keep its skill pool across the world. Although having many such successful experiences in the Vodafone Group Plc, still it includes many aspects which are still to get worried in Vodafone Group. Some of these may be posted as follows.

In Leadership:

  • Promoting the new sizes in command.

Vodafone has always implemented the existing leadership styles. New authority styles can provide more valuable outcomes than the traditional ones. New situational style of leadership has proven more effective as compared to others.

  • Probably too much focus on Leadership.

It holds true that management development has demonstrated successful for Vodafone Group Plc. But sometime, when the individual does not have leadership characteristics, then riches and time misused in inculcating authority qualities among in him/her could cause loss to the business as a whole.

  • May produce jealousy among employees

The employees who don't own leadership attributes may feel jealousy towards the employees who hold. For the reason that the folks with authority skills would be advertised early and would also be benefitted more than them.

In Culture:

  • Easy acceptability

The employees in the Vodafone Group are adaptable, but to a certain extent. This scope may depend after their background, physical conditions around them, their culture, their religion etc. So, to make them easily adaptable to any sort of environment is a really difficult task to achieve.

  • Discrimination

Although Vodafone Group Plc has triumphed in many awards for its good culture in organization, yet there are a few issues like discrimination, which remain there in the business. These pose problems to the employees at many times. These issues remain to be tackled carefully because it isn't only harming the organizational culture, but also motivating the similar activities in the world as a whole (. www. 12manage. com)

So, Although Vodafone has emerged as global head in mobile services operators developing great market leaders and enriching the contemporary society by giving great spot to work, yet there are some areas to look upon, which can be deteriorating the organizations performance as well as the Brand Collateral among its stakeholders.


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