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Introduction to the areas of marketing

A lot people think that marketing as "selling" or "advertising". Yes, but offering and advertising simply a part of marketing. Marketing includes even more. The aim of business is acquisition and maintain customers. (Lance Fried, 2005 season)

We need some skills to acquires and hold our business customers. Marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, costs, promotion, and circulation of goods and service to aid exchanges that gratify person and organizational goals. What marketers do at any particular time is determined by what must be achieved to fill customers' needs. Consumers' needs and needs unceasing change. (Lance Fried, 2005 time)

As talk about above, providing and advertising is a small part of marketing, but this will not means that the above activities aren't important. They were a part of large "marketing mix", the four Ps of marketing. The four Ps are product, price, place and advertising. (Section 1, webpage 1)

Philip Kotler identifies marketing as 'gratifying needs and desires through an exchange process'. In this exchange transaction, customers is only going to exchange they value if they feel that their needs and needs are being fully contented, obviously the higher benefit provided the bigger transactional value a business may charge. (Philip Kotler, 1996 time)

The correct organized planning, implementing and control of a variety of business activities designed to gather consumers and sellers for the mutually advantages exchange or copy of products. (Section 1, site 1)

5 philosophies of Marketing

Different business and company use various ways to create their own business to attain their organization goals. A couple of five alternative idea employed by which firms and business corporation to guided in their marketing effort.

The five different concepts specifically is the development notion, second is the merchandise concept second and after that is the offering notion. These first three ideas is concentrate on the products, and the previous two principles that give attention to customer is the marketing theory and the societal marketing theory.

The product principle keeps that customers will favour products that are available and highly affordable and that management should therefore give attention to or improving development and circulation efficiency. This idea is effective when the demand of product is more than source or product cost must be reduced by following the practice of mass development.

This concept pays to to solve the problems like when the product's cost is too much and improved production is needed to take it down. Next situation is when the demand for the product of the company excesses the resource. It could not go on long because the idea already ignores other critical indicators, such as competition, new products and etc.

One of the greatest examples of the production theory is Henry Ford's Model T. Henry Ford is the father of the development line and producing an efficient assembly line, Ford was able to bring the price tag on the Model T down from around $800 to slightly below $300, placing affordable transportation in to the hands of average consumers in america. The biggest key to Ford's assemblage line is that he built one car name as the Model T. There were very few versions on the essential structure and efficiency of this auto. So Henry Ford was very successful with the production concept for a period.

Next, the product concept state governments is consumer will choose the product offering the best in quality, design features and durability. The firm should devote its energy to making continuous product improvements, so its need to know well and have the fantastic knowledge and skill to make the merchandise.

Some manufacturers mistakenly assume that if indeed they use the best materials to developing a product to catch the attention of the consumers and the clients is only going to buy their company product. This concept also can lead to "marketing myopia" to see the challenges being provided by other tournaments.

Next, example of the product strategy is Jackson who purchased the air ticket; it means he needs a transportation to send him to the holiday destination. Air travel companies who are "myopic" would regard other airlines as it competitors and must focus on updating their service or air travel facilities. Besides airlines, they also need respect land travel company and drinking water transfer company as their opponents. Is because that passenger not merely purchasing an airline ticket to get someplace by air, he is purchasing transportation.

The selling notion,

Define of 5 philosophies of Marketing

The selling notion: consumers will buy products only if the company encourages or sells the product.

The marketing concept: Targets needs and wants of the prospective markets and delivering satisfaction much better than competitor.

The societal marketing theory: targets needs and wants of target marketplaces and providing superior value. Society's well-being.

The example of 5 philosophies of Marketing

Third, the advertising notion, the Ford Motor Company is also among the selling viewpoint and just why this philosophy can not work in many instances. Ford produced and sold the Model T for quite some time. During its production, the automobile market attracted more competition. They not only does the competition start to offer automobiles in other colors, the styling of your competition was viewed as modern and the Model T became regarded as old-fashioned. Henry Ford acquired to recognize consumer desires and introduce a fresh model.

The marketing concept, the types of this concept is Head and Shoulders hair shampoo, it is an anti-dandruff shampoo. This hair shampoo is the first came up in a typical packing and method. With the passage of time, the shampoo company became aware about the needs of the product customers and began to change their product and manufactured different variety in their shampoo line to entice more consumers.

Lastly, the exemplory case of the societal marketing theory is a aesthetic company name as Body Shop, it found by Anita Roddick. It is one of the companies that uses only vegetables based materials because of its own products. Additionally it is against Animal screening and facilitates community trade, activate Self Esteem, Defend Human Privileges, and overall safeguard of the earth.

The major marketing management decisions can be classified in one of the following four categories, they are:





I have brought up it once i doing "Benefits", and these variables people normally know as the marketing mixture or the four Ps of marketing. There are the factors that can control or change in order to best fulfill customers in the prospective market.

Product, it is signify the physical features of the merchandise, or the intangible areas of the service offered to the consumer. Product decisions include aspects such as functions, brand, quality, safeness and etc.

Price, vendors need to determine the price of the merchandise that they want to sell, are they going to sell at a price and make a whole lot of profit in the short term or sell the merchandise with a minimal price to overcome your competition and stay static in the long term. Price is the top part on this marketing management. Even though the merchandise quality is the foremost of the competition but the company arranged with the high price, consumers cannot afford it is problems.

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