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Introduction To International Marketing Marketing Essay

International marketing is the fact that the company wishes to grow their market enter other countries. If one company wants to enter into international market they have to think about a lot of things. Such as that people worldwide have different needs and requirements, assess marketing environment and the international potential of market segments must be carefully scrutinized.

International marketing also includes marketing, advertising, and providing a company's product or brand on a worldwide scale. Many styles of advertising utilize this marketing such as television, publications, Internet and so forth.

An International Online marketing strategy is one part of a worldwide strategy. If a global marketing is appropriate, it has benefits for a corporation. Following is four benefits:

Make far better and profitable about the merchandise.

You change the produces and services to learn more. The greater you learn, the faster you learn, the far better can become at the releasing products and services. And then it is straightforward for the business to enter the international marketing.

Have better competitive advantage

More and more competition can look in the international marketing. So the company should be ready at any time to face to face to your competition. After that, they will have the capability to fit the problem in the international marketing.

Improve customers conscious

Customers can find out about the merchandise and services through the Internet. Every products or services have the same design and price. That may improve customers' conscious and extend the international market.

Reduce the cost and improve savings

By focusing on new market segments that can perform economies of level and opportunity through standardization in some areas. And use the Internet that customers can find that there you result from on earth, and find the customers, as well.

Charles Wong and Keith Wong started out their own small women shoes company in Singapore in 1990. Also they known as their products' name using their own name. They opened the first shop in Amara shopping center in Singapore in1996. From then on, they may have the confidence to develop their profession. Between 1997 and 1998, Charles and Keith recruited six factories to produce women shoes for the brand. They founded their first abroad electric outlet in Jakarta, Ratu Plaza, Indonesia. These two brothers develop their outlets to numerous countries in a nutshell time period by using franchise system. Due to using the correct methods they can perform the efficiently easier.

Today Charles & Keith is an international brand and many countries have its shop and own factories. Their main product is women shoes, luggage, belts and glasses. Charles & Keith has more than 160 retailers in over 25countries in Asia and Europe. They also open up their market in Turkey and Latvia and also have outlet stores in Egypt.

According with their trendy styles and affordable prices, Charles & Keith catch the attention of increasingly more women clients and occupied bigger market. Their have quite strong competitors including middle-end footwear brands and every countries' local brand. There is a huge competitive for Charles & Keith contend with other brands. That is a big concern.

Now, Charles & Keith want to increase their collection to handbags, belts, and glasses and C&K Signature Brand. They start their own online brand retailers in 5th Feb 2010. Many customers can buy products online without outdoor shopping.

Charles & Keith support several humanitarian instances by introducing special products for UNIFEM, Garden City Cash, and Breast Tumors Base where all the profit from the sales immediately go to these foundations.

New International Market- China

If an organization wants to develop their market into a global market, their team member should deeply understand about everything: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Dangers.


In China, a great deal of individuals are following a step of the famous brand. And they're willing to spend much money on handbags, shoes, clothes etc. Charles & Keith possess the strengths of price in Singapore. So if Charles & Keith want to enter into the China marketing, it'll be successful about its price.

Therefore, the design of carriers and shoes tend to be more fashion than the other mid-range products. Charles & Keith's design are aware of many mature brands but with the lower price, so it will achieve success in China marketing.


Before Charles & Keith enter into the Chinese language marketing, many Chinese people never found out about this brand. They also do not really know what it sales and the type of quality of the products'. And many mid-range and mature brand have an increased reputation in Chinese language marketing.

The Charles & Keith's price is a bit expensive than the other local brands in China. It really is an adventure for people to spend about 500 or 600yuan on buying a new brand's products.


China gets the largest usage group in every over the world. Because there are 22 % of the world's human population in China. This is a good chance for Charles & Keith to get more income in such a large market. Furthermore, the corporation can develop more market in China to be able to win more income.


Nowadays, many kinds of brands set up in China and have their own shops and branches. It is hard for these businesses to enter the China marketing and occupied their own share in that small amount of time.

Unfortunately, there are extensive counterfeit brands in China, which cause that folks should be very careful when they buy the products. If someone makes counterfeit goods of C & K which with poor qualities and sold it out. It'll decrease the satisfactions of individuals about Charles & Keith in China.

The company will spend so enough time and money to entry into a fresh market. They have to gather information; do many studies about local marketing. You will discover a lot of things should be prepared in a new place.

Environment Research of China

A good environment is good for a fresh brand to build up. When the company enters a fresh market, it must face so many problems. Every staff member in the business must know about a great deal of alternatives for handling the problems. Analyzing the surroundings of China marketing, there are four items to be mentioned, called: Political Environment; Economic Environment; Friendly Environment; Technological Environment.

Political Environment

Singapore federal always encourage their local brands can form its international market, which is in order to make the Singapore's brand change and enter into the global marketing.

The government will not very strict with variety requirements for the neighborhood brand, which needs to enter the international market. In addition, government set up a good companionship with other countries. Singapore also has friendly relationships with China. Quite simply, China is very pleasant for Singapore's export brands.

Singapore government hope that increasing numbers of people will get more info about its local brands and buy them.

Economic Environment

Nowadays, with the China's current economic climate developing very stable and growing so quickly. China has been one of the ranks of developing countries. In current world, the more income the people received, the more income they will devote to their luxury products such as clothes, handbags, cars, sunglasses and so on.

Social Environment

Nowadays, China's current economic climate has quickly developed. Therefore, almost every Chinese folks have a good order of culture and life-style from other countries. So they have set up a variety of clubs, parties, and community centers during their working time, making peoples' life more bright colored and meaningful. So it is easy to allow them to accept the international brands to their lifestyle.

Technological Environment

With the producing current economic climate in China, the technological is also changing increasingly more skillful and high-end. Internet is available everywhere and everyone can use it. They are able to know the information about Charles & Keith brand and purchase it online.

Technological is now more and more well so many factories can make products faster.

If Charles & Keith buy a factory in China and produce their own products. They will reduce more cost in technological and labor cost because China has the biggest real human labor marketing.

Marketing Mix Evaluation of China

Any product has its marketing mix before it face to the market, which is one of the very most famous marketing terms. A good marketing combine can help a brandname to occupy its market. Marketing blend is the tactical or operational part of the marketing plan. Furthermore, marketing mix can call 4Ps, called Price, Place, Promotion and Product. These four items are adjusted until the right combinations is found that acts the needs of product's customers, while producing optimum income. Charles & Keith 4Ps research:


Charles & Keith's products is shoes, hand bags, belts and shades. These products are incredibly popular in Singapore and also popular all around the globe. And every countries shop has their own designers to design the local products to meet people's needs. Changes different styles and colors for the products. And every product should check to the good quality before it list.


Charles & Keith's products have the same price all around the globe. And never involve some discount to the merchandise. So customers not want to worry about if indeed they buy one product after twelve months this product will have the low price. The product's price is in people's satisfactory range. More and more people are prepared to buy them.


Do more campaign for customers not limited to participants. In China, Charles & Keith can do more ad on the web, newspapers and publications. Every month have different activities to stimulate consumptions. Some pack campaign with other products.


Charles & Keith can start its shop in big shopping malls and in many cities in China. Or opening in virtually any main big towns, such as Shanghai, Suzhou, Guangzhou etc. These big cities with good monetary development also will attract more folks come.

Also can open the shops in a few famous streets.

Other Problems in International Market

A new brand enter into a new market first-time will have a great deal of problems. Such as for example cultural, location options etc.

For Charles & Keith, this chance to type in the China market is a huge task. First, China market is a major market and China has many provinces. The company workers must do more research and decide they can open their first own shop where provinces. Because china's develop is so fast it is just a problem. The first shop will decide the next shop can be successful or not. And after-sales services can doing in China or send products back again to Singapore.

Today, increasing numbers of people like shopping on the internet without any shopping malls. So employees should think about their brand need to establish an online shop or not.


For the China market new brand- Charles & Keith, here are some recommendations for it to enter international market-China.

Making the right marketing strategy before it enter china market.

Thinking about china economical, social, ethnic and other activities that will have an impact on the development of Charles & Keith.

The company staff also should take into account the local labor sources and the government guidelines. And choose a good geographic boundary is also a problem. Not only choose a booming place but also this place cannot with the high charter work with.

In Singapore, Charles & Keith is a famous brand and many people but products. But in china market, it is a fresh brand and without too lower price. So people can agree to the new brand need a long time. It implies that company must do more advertisement on newspapers, Internet, and newspapers to let more people know the brand and entice them to buy products.

Charles & Keith can be an overseas brand for China. So all the merchandise production is a difficulty. Company can purchase local factory to create some products. This may reduce the vehicles cost. Can also reduce the resource time. That may reduce the people's ready time.

Also, have local factories is a lot conveniences for after-sales services.

An After-sales service is also an important part for a business.

For the new shop starts, all retailers need to hire some new labors. But these labors must have high quality on services. They need to complete the exam of the company.


Charles & Keith is a good Singapore local brand and the products is high characteristics and with perfect designs. That is clearly a pity if this brand not builds up international market. Charles & Keith sales shoes, bags, belts, sun shades have the top designs. Some products are similar as some top brands such as LV, Gucci, Chanel and so forth.

In a expression, it is a huge chance for Charles & Keith to enter into China market. Charles & Keith can make more profit after it enter China market. China is a huge market for these new international brands. It really is a bridge to other oversea countries. This action can make itself increasingly more famous on the planet and attract more formal sponsors. Through this chance, Charles & Keith can change the product's design and style some appropriate style for China.

It shows that is good choice for Charles & Keith to enter into the china market.

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