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Introduction To People Development Sociology Essay

Human development identifies the development of humans throughout living, from birth to fatality. The scientific study of human being development seeks to understand and explain how and just why people change throughout life. What are the factors impacting on the wellbeing of the individuals? This consists of all areas of human progress, including physical, emotional, intellectual, sociable and personal development. Gowning up in environmental that is not safe, it is hard to make it through. In this essay I will identify and discuss my own life experience and send it to two ideas of human development. Before concluding I will also discuss how these ideas can be applied to social service practice.

My own life experience

I was created in Mogadishu the capital of Somalia. I've 5 sisters, I am in the centre three are more than and two is younger than me. I was born and grew up in an prolonged family including parents, grandparent, unties, uncles, cousins. We were lived in a villa house that was a family group house. We were a middle income family where my father was the oldest among his brothers and sisters, his was a hardworking man and experienced very good job. My grandfather was working, and he was a mechanic he previously his own garage area. A few of uncles were working too as well as others were students. My mother was excellent person and she used to be home all the time to nourish and look after the children. We were an extremely happy family where my parents and grandparents worked well jointly to bring the children up with love and affection.

When the civil war broke out in Somalia 1991 and the central armed service government collapsed as the country became a field for the rebels who overthrow the military government to deal with one another for ability.

Many families began leaving the country to save lots of their lives going out of their residence and other items behind. My children weren't the first folks left the country, we remained inside our house because we thought that things will change and settle down would and the country is a safe location to live. Regrettably it kept getting worst, it was difficult for my children to be safe and survive because individuals were getting wiped out by rebels and due hunger because there is very little food and water. In 1994 my dad was killed in the warfare and my grandfather decided to flee the united states with regard to our basic safety; we bagged up and still left for the neighbouring Kenya. While we were on the path to Kenya there were a lot of strangers, who have been caring guns, cutlery, and some other weapons. On the path to Kenya I observed dead bodies privately of the street. In those days I used to be only 7 years old and I saw this massacre and I observed people dying of hunger since I had been 4 years old.

When we came to Kenya, we found some our family that left the civil conflict who have been already there. They helped us in finding the accommodation. I went to a university for first time in Kenya where I learned mainly Islam Religion education, Somalia, Mathematics, and British. While staying in Kenya my uncles didn't find work there is no work to make it through and the living conditions weren't good. In 2000 we relocated to Ethiopia searching for better life and work during time many of my extended family members perished. In 200 I arrived to New Zealand with my sisters and other family including my grandfather, we arrived in Lower Hutt, Wellington and I enrolled SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL.


Abraham Maslow's theory

Abraham Maslow developed the Hierarchy of Needs model in 1940-50's USA, and the Hierarchy of Needs theory remains valid today for understanding individual motivation, management training, and personal development. Each of us is encouraged by needs. Our most elementary needs are inborn, having changed over thousands of years. Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs really helps to explain how these needs stimulate us all.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs states that people must gratify each need subsequently, you start with the first, which deals with the most apparent needs for success itself. Only when the lower order needs of physical and emotional well-being are satisfied we are worried with the higher order needs of affect and personal development.

Maslow's hierarchy of needs -

1. Biological and Physiological needs - air, food, drink, shelter, ambiance, sex, sleep, etc.

2. Protection needs - safety from elements, security, order, legislation, limits, stability, etc.

3. Belongingness and Love needs - work group, family, devotion, connections, etc.

4. Esteem needs - self-esteem, achievement, mastery, independence, status, dominance, prestige, managerial responsibility, etc.

5. Self-Actualization needs - realising personal potential, self-fulfillment, seeking personal progress and peak experience.

Relevance to my entire life experience

Accordingly to Abraham Maslow's theory the first need is food, drinking water and shelter, after the civil was broke, family started out form the first rung on the ladder of the triangle by searching Biological and Physiological needs. The next need was to be safe form difficult situation and survive. My father perished in the battle which was an enormous impact on the safety of everyone. We had to look for a safe place when the civil warfare broke out in Somalia and everything was destroyed. We've been to different countries to find better life for example we've been to Kenya, Ethiopia and lastly New Zealand to have.

My family settled in New Zealand because our two primary needs were attained and we began working towards the third need. My sisters acquired committed in here except two who has not got hitched and us started growing. The fourth need was met by getting in to job and taking care of our day to day needs and work at home. Last year my grandfather passed on, he was 72. He come to at the fifth and previous step of the triangle by actualizing his own do it yourself, he has been to Haj and became a religious leader locally and he did the trick for the betterment of the community.

Bronferbrenner's Theory of Ecology

Urie Bronferbrenners offered the theory of ecology on real human development. This theory consist of five systems, Microsystem, Mesosystem, Exosystem, Macrosystem and Chronosystem. These five systems impact the individual's progress and personality. Microsystem is where a person lives; it includes parents, family and Whanau, peers, college and neighbourhood. Mesosystem explains about the partnership between Microsystem and the wider community, such as connection between family experience and university experience or cathedral experience. Exosystem talks about about the affect of work and cultural environment and its effect on the family and personal ideals. Macrosystem is about the culture in which a person lives and the choronosystem is approximately the patterning of incidents and transition over the life span course and sociohistorical circumstances.

Relevance to my life experience

If I put myself in the centre of a series of concentric circles of affect, I could web page link the theory of ecology to my progress and development. I had my parents, my extended family and friends in my own Microsystem group where I learned to socialise. The buildings of Somalian individuals derive from tradition prices and values where children are cared by the expanded family and the eldest guy is the top of the family. The effect of my Microsystem on my expansion laid the foundation of my personality and behaviour. Mesosystem helped me to build up the sense of belongingness with the community and my culture, where I learned how to be culturally appropriate and respectful to others locally. Micro and Mesosystems are significant in the introduction of a child. During my childhood and development the Choronsytem which overlapped the inner circles of affect, was highly complex because of the struggle for the energy and control. There is not administration to keep people safe, the success was the first priority for all of us. The sociohistorical circumstances of Somalia did not impact on me because I migrated to New Zealand and after my dad passed on my grandfather persisted passing on his beliefs in equality and individual values directly into my family and Somalian community. During my progress and development I internalised with my family and community and discovered culturally appropriate activities and respectful marriage. This helped me to construct my personality and behavior.

How the theories may be employed and built-into social service practice.

Abraham Maslow's five hierarchies need ideas.

Maslow's most widely known impact to Humanistic mindset is his Hierarchy of Needs. Maslow's Needs Hierarchy is often used last but not least the humanistic psychology faith system. The fundamental idea of his hierarchy is the fact everyone is delivered with specific basics. If we do not meet those bottom needs, we are unable to make it through and attention upwards inside the hierarchy. Inside our social system and cultural services we need to identify the essential needs of the customers and once their preliminary needs are met than only it will be possible for a client to move to next thing of the triangle. After the need of shelter and food is satisfied than a customer can think to getting directly into work-force or in relationship and care for his/her family and the kids. We press further and additional to excel in our careers, to develop our knowledge, and constantly increase our self-esteem. After achieving all the needs we can maintain a situation where we can help others to over-come their problems and feel satisfied by assisting others.

Bronferbrenner's Theory of Ecology

While dealing with client a communal employee need to measure microsystem that including individual's family, peers, university and neighbourhood "It is in the microsystem that the most immediate interactions with interpersonal agents take place. . . " (45, Santrock). It's important to evaluate the public system of a customer while evaluating client's situation. The circles of the ecology system influences and influence your client and your client does not have any control over it. For example impact of a hard day at work place will impact on the house situation of a client. A kid who did not have a good sleeping yesterday evening due the party at home will be fatigued and behaving difficult at university. Therefore Bronferbrenner's Theory of Ecology is employed and included in sociable work practice to determine client's situation and particular behaviours.


In this article I have discussed my very own life experience, that i really possessed a lot of challenging, moving out my very own country to find better life and secure. It needed while I and my children to recovered the issues that we have witnessed taking place to our own families. There are many theories of real human development that talks about how the expansion of a kid is impacted by their environment and circumstances. I've linked two Individual Development theories Bronferbrenner's Theory of Ecology and Abraham Maslow's theory of hierarchy of needs. Every people is designed by his/her circumstances and situation. It is important to utilize and implement theories of real human development to assess the client's situation by causing sure their basic needs are attained and how the overlapping circles of the ecology are impacting on the situation of the client.

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