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Introduction To Business Environment Business Essay

Introduction to business is a course made to expose the students to the rules and functions of business. Also, it is to provide the students with a simple overview of the business environment. Others than that, it is employed to present the students to the principles and terminology of business and economics. Analyzing and learning will be supporting by the students with a providing background. Besides, it is to acquaint the students with the various functional areas of the companies: economics, management, marketing, human relations, financing, business law and how these interact.

2. 0 Introduction to Business Environment

The business environment contain the surrounding factors that either help of prevent the introduction of business. It requires living person, natural resources and places and what to exist. The sum of most these factors and makes is called the business environment. There will be the five elements in the business environment; economical and legal environment, technical environment, competitive environment and the previous is global environment. Marco environment is the push and institution outside of the organization that can potentially influence the performance of the business come under the external environment of business consist of the economic demographic, natural, cultural and political causes.

2. 1 The Economic and Legal Environment

The economical and legal environment the area of the entrepreneur's risk entails in the financial system and how the government works together with or against business.

2. 1. 1 What can government do?

Government can do a lot to lessen the chance of starting, businesses and thus to increase entrepreneurships and wealth. Also, another method for government to actively promote entrepreneurships is to permit the private ownership of business. Nowadays, administration is retailing those businesses to private individuals to create more wealth. A very important thing the government to develop the country is to reduce disturbance with the free exchange of goods and services. Furthermore, the government can reduce entrepreneurial risk by passing laws that may be enforced in court. The government can also create one currency is traded in the world market. That is, we can buy and sell goods and services all over the world using the currency. The system depends on the integrity, integrity and high honest standards, and it is easy to see the damage induced by poor moral tendencies and ethical business number.

2. 2 The Technological Environment

Since prehistoric times, human have left the need to create tools that produce their careers easier. Few technological changes experienced a more detailed and lasting effect on businesses than the recent introduction of information technology (IT) that are personal computers, modems, cell phones and so on.

2. 2. 1 Technology and Productivity

Technology means everything from cell phones and computers, a number of software packages that can make business processes more effective, efficient and beneficial. There are lots of effective way to create the desired results. Efficiency means producing goods and services using the least amount of resources. Efficiency is the quantity of output you make a given amount of input. Technology influences people in every companies, including agriculture. Because, they have access to technology, it allows then to become more productive and make more money working.

2. 2. 2 The growth of E- Commerce

Apart out of this, a recent change in the most important environment is the progress of e-commerce, investing goods on the Internet. A couple of two main types of deals E-Commerce: Business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B). (B2C) is a small business that produces something to sell right to consumers and (B2B) is a small business that produces something to sell directly to other businesses. (B2B) E-Commerce reaches least five times as large as (B2C) E-Commerce. The rises of the internet marketing are come so fast and furious which it attracts a huge selection of competition in to the fray.

2. 2. 3 Responsiveness to customers

The way of traditional vendors can respond to the Internet trend is to use technology to be more attentive to customers as a small business marked the items with UPCS Product Code (club code) General, their group of lines and volumes you observe in most of the packaged consumer goods. The database is an electric storage document where information is stored. Use a database to store large amounts of information about the user.

2. 3 The Competitive Environment

Competition among businesses has always come out, but it hasn't been greater than today. Competitive advantages has been found by lots of companies with a focus on quality. The target for most companies is zero problems no mistake to make the product. To provide value to customers, companies need to provide both high quality products and excellent service at competitive prices.

2. 3. 1 Customer motivated Organizations

Customers nowadays are extremely demanding and they do not merely want good quality at low prices, nevertheless they also want great service as well. Big businesses and smaller businesses rely on the customers back again and therefore should turn out the way to make customers feel because they are the kings of them, and theirs will and needs to be emphasized. Successful organizations now need to pay attention more closely to customers to determine their wishes and needs, and then tailor products, guidelines and tactics of the firm to meet their requirements.

2. 3. 2 Staff Empowerment

Empowerment is reaching the needs of customers; firms must give their frontline workers the responsibility, expert and flexibility to act in response quickly to customer demands. The firms must reorganize to help their employee's become more effective than they are now. Also, empowered employees need to be treated as partners in the firm.

2. 4 The Community Environment

Demography is the study of population statistics in regards to to size, denseness, and other characteristics such as age, contest, gender, and income. The U. S. society is undergoing major changes; impact how people live, their current address, what they buy and how they spend their time.

2. 4. 1 Taking care of Diversity

The managing of diversity can be an important concern for business people. Businesses are worried about using a diverse, workforce for two main reasons. First, a business can better serve customers with a diverse labor force. Second, a diverse work environment results in new, fresh ideas and perspectives. All of this affect each of everybody because each of us need to utilize people of various age groups, races and backgrounds to become successful where we work.

2. 4. 2 Ageing consumers

Another social concern and concern is the actual fact that the baby boomers are getting older, and as they retire there will be more jobs than qualified visitors to fill those careers. Businesses that cater to aging seniors will have chance to exceptional growth soon.

2. 4. 3 Two- income families

Dual- income families play a role in the societal changes. One consequence of this pattern is a host of programs that companies have applied in response to the needs of bust two-income people. With an increase of dual-income households, in the workforce, many employees provide child care and attention benefits of some types. Many companies are increasing the amount of part-time workers which the children can earn income.

2. 4. 4 Solitary parents

The rapid expansion of single-parent homeowners has had a significant influence on businesses as well. Many single parents struggle with the work-life balance, plus they have encouraged businesses to implement programs such as family leave and flextime.

2. 5 The Global Environment

Two important environmental changes lately has been the growth of international competition and increasing of free trade among countries. Free trade is the reduction of trade barriers, including the elimination of tariffs on goods brought into other countries. Cooperation among businesses gets the potential to create speedy growing global market that can create success beyond the goals of all people. It is very important to note that all size businesses be competitive in the global market.

2. 5. 1 Entrepreneurship vs. Working for others

There are two ways to succeed in a business, an example may be to benefit others, get experience and skills, and rise up though the rank, the other riskier path is to start your own business.

Working for others businesses: As you may graduate from college and choose a company, large or small, to be employed by; you may be happy to know that the earning electricity of a school graduate much outpaces that of less- educated individuals. Once you have the experience, you should have the power and opportunity; you can start your own business.

Entrepreneurial concern: Millions of people from around the globe took entrepreneurial concern and succeeded. Girl likewise have the same opportunity to take part in entrepreneurship is an attractive career journey for a growing range of women.

2. 5. 2 Nonprofit company or Authorities agency

Nonprofit group: A non-profit company is an company that goals do not include making a personal earnings for the owners or organizers.

Government company:Government Agencies can be an organization accountable for overseeing the functions of the government clarity. Principles and ideas that are making companies are more efficient and are being used in government firms and nonprofit organizations as well.

3. 0 Realization to Business Environment

As my final result, the business environment contains five elements which each have different facets of developments.

4. 0 Introduction to Entrepreneurship

An entrepreneurship is for anybody that wants to start a business. It really is a good way for everyone to apply their own business skills to make a business out of a spare time activity and also can turn a enthusiasm into a company. It requires to be an entrepreneur because of the concern that facing is the necessity to create more jobs. There are a few common characteristics that business owners have in common; self-directed, self-nurturing, action-oriented and tolerant of doubt. Besides that, there are many people decide to take the chance of becoming a business owner because of the opportunity, profit, self-reliance and obstacle.

4. 1 Types of business ownership

There are three major kinds of business ownership; only proprietorships, partnerships and firms.

4. 2 Single Proprietorship

A single proprietorship is the easiest kind of business to start out and a person who starts is an entrepreneur. The owner of a sole proprietorship is called a only proprietor. The sole proprietor is obligated to hide any payments caused by the loans but does not need to share the business enterprise profits with creditors. They must display strong management skills be well-organized, and converse well with employees.

4. 3 Partnership

A business that is co-owned by two or more people is referred to as a partnership. The co-owners of the business are called partners. There are several types of partnerships: general partnerships, limited partnerships and grasp limited partnerships.

General partnership:A relationship in which all owners share business and obligations of the business enterprise. All companions have unlimited liability.

Limited partnership:Can be a partnership with a number of general lovers and a number of limited companions.

Master limited relationship (MLP): A firm in that is act like a corporation and is exchanged on the stock exchanges but it is taxed such as a partnership and therefore avoids the organization income tax.

5. 0 What should I prefer?

I prefer sole proprietorship just because a sole proprietorship is an unincorporated company managed by a single individual. Also, it is fairly easy to establish and the procedure of working then is rather simple. It does not need to share the business gains with lenders. Besides, only proprietors must will to work versatile hours. They are on call whatsoever the times and may even have to replacement for sick employee. They must exhibit strong leadership skills, be well-organized and communicate well.

5. 1 Benefits of Sole Proprietorship

The lone proprietor types of ownership have the next advantages over other forms of business possession:

Easy of starting and concluding the business enterprise: If you want to get started on a singular proprietorship is to buy or lease the needed equipment and set up some announcements stating available. Also, additionally it is easy to get out of business if you just stop it. There exists no one to seek advice from or disagree with the decisions making.

Pride of ownership: Individuals who own and take care of their own business are entitled to delight in their work. They have earned all the credit for taking the risk and provide goods or services required.

Leaving a legacy: Business owners have something's to leave behind for future decades.

Retention of company profit:The pleasure of realizing that you can generate as much as possible and don't have to share that money with other people aside from the payment to the government of the fees.

Lower taxes:As the revenue in a proprietorship are considered to be personal income, they could be subject to lower taxes than those imposed on some other varieties of business possession.

Total decision-Making Specialist: The sole proprietor is altogether control of procedures, so that it can allow person can respond quickly to changes, have the freedom of fast, adaptable decision making, which can be an advantage in a swiftly shifting market.

6. 0 Final result to Business ownership

As my final result, the sole proprietorship is simple to be organizing because the legal requirements are nominal. Also, the earning all are goes to the only real proprietor because the dog owner doesn't need to talk about the firm's income with others. For partnerships, this is a business that co-owned by two or more peoples. There are many types of partnerships. For basic partnership, all companions have unlimited liability. For limited collaboration, a firm that has some limited associates.

7. 0 Conclusion

As my conclusionfor Question 1, the business enterprise environment involves those factors such as strengths, weaknesses and etc. A couple of two types of environment that are internal factors and exterior factors. The surroundings refers to all external pushes, which have a bearing on performing of business. The business environment poses hazards to a company of offers enormous opportunities for potential market exploitation. The answer of the environment business will give way to the environment business opportunities. There are five elements in the business environment; the economical and legal environment, technological environment, competitive environment, public environment and global environment.

As my bottom line for question 2, firstly, we have to know that to success in starting a new business is to understanding the way to get the resources you need and also find others ways of obtaining money. The best way to form your business can be success for long-term that is using the major types of business ownership. One of the major varieties is exclusive proprietorship, which it could be easy to begin with within your own business. It is a company that supervised by one person and retraining all the income. You will find no special federal taxes to be concerned about. Another major form is relationship. It is thought as a legal form of business with two or more owners. It has more money and pooled knowledge in the business. But, the issues among companions and unlimited liability for each general partner will occurred.

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