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Introduction Of Conflicts In Middle East Politics Essay

The Middle East is an area that composed of the countries that are mainly within the western Asia and some elements of the north Africa, this region established fact for its abundant supply of Essential oil the most important commodity on the planet (Shah, 2011). This is because this product is the backbone of each activity in the world today ranging from economical, technological and vehicles amongst alternative activities.

The Midsection East has always been at that moment light either on the neighborhood and international information sources for its constant conflicts that contain been struggling to end even after having a lot of intervention from the local and international market leaders who target at restoring tranquility in this region. A larger section of the Middle East is major made up with a inhabitants that is Arabic, but that doesn't imply that all the nations in the middle east are Arabs but there are some small ethnic groupings like the Jews, Kurds, Greeks, Assyrians, Mandeans and Armenians that are ins some countries like Iran, Israel, Turkey amongst other non- Arabic nations.

The discord that is being experienced in the middle east is nothing that is recent it's been in existence because the 1980s which is still being encountered nowadays, it is because the previous and current ultra powers are involved in this conflict in order to satisfy there self passions (Hersh, 2010). The conflict is resulted when the breakthrough of Engine oil was known in middle east and the petrol is the main source of energy this is the backbone of western economies, therefore countries like Britain, united states of America, Russia, Germany, France amongst other traditional western countries in try to bargain and control the movement of oil in to the international market (Shah, 2011). This indicates the selfish mother nature of the european countries to benefit from the natural item of the Middle Eastern countries; this can be traced pre-colonial time when the Europe managed all the cost-effective and politics activities of the countries.

As I had developed said earlier in the newspaper the countries that are in the Middle East have different religions and ethnical routines, this is what is seen as the greatest setback that affects that has made it problematic for this region to have the peace. On the other hand the countries which aren't doing Islam as there core religion are rising up against one another. A good example of these countries is the discord of Israel and Turkey a conflict that is growing as days pass and at the same time this turmoil further stalls the previous efforts targeted at restoring peace in your community that is constantly facing violent disorders (Shah, 2011).

The history of the relationship between these two countries

Turkey and Israel has in the past relished a peaceful marriage, that targeted at restoring peace between both of these countries and also through out the complete of Middle East, the fantastic friendship between both of these nations can be followed from in the past in 1949, this is when Turkey recognized Israel as an independent nation, which makes it the first region that with Islamic bulk to recognize it as a nation. This good relation between these nations motivated trade between both of these nations as Israel became the major supplier of weapons to Turkey. Hence, it provided a strong bottom part for the governments to indulge in tactical, management, diplomatic and military services cooperation and the federal government indulged in this in order to ensure that the circumstances of instability and conflict in the middle east are least (Kibaroglu, 2009). This is when Turkey enjoyed as a mediator in the majority of the conflicts that included Israel and other Islamic countries in the centre East with the latest case of the mediation that Turkey mediated being between Syria and Israel which was a way in which these two countries were able to maintain there strong romantic relationship.

The turmoil between Israel and Turkey

The pressure between these two countries that is Turkey and Israel can be dated in the year 2010 from the strike on the Turkish vessels by Israel military as these boats were aiming to ferry against the law Turkish immigrants into Israel. The Turkish federal government was seen by the Israeli federal government as a stumbling natural stone in fixing the discord that was between Israel and Palestine in matters regarding to Gaza strip, this is when the government of Turkey decided to develop a frosty stand on the actions of Israel in the Palestine- Israel warfare. Therefore, this definitely made the Israeli federal believe that the companionship that existed between the two country is long gone and Turkey was taking factors with the rival Arabic countries which were its main foes this resulted to the Israeli federal government to expose there thoughts to the Turkish country and ensure that it's about time they announced there stand on the Israel - Palestine warfare (Hersh, 2010).

The discord that resulted to the breaking of the communication between your two nations Turkey and Israel is the sinking of the Turkish sail boat that was seen in the seacoast of Israel by the Israeli soldiers (Sadoun, 2010). Which, the Israeli administration claimed that the boat contained terrorists that were being ferried by the Turkish administration into Israel as a means of turkey demonstrating its unhappy aspect with the way in which Israel troops reacted in the Gaza remove war which said the lives of 1300 Palestinians, 13 Israeli and 10 troops that were all wiped out in the issue between your Israeli and Palestine military in the struggle for the Gaza strip.

The discord between Turkey and Israel was therefore of the close alighted that been around between your two countries was due to close romantic relationship between both of these countries it should be noted that these countries were from different ethnical organizations in that Israel were Jews while Turkey was a country the had Arabs (Hersh, 2010). These afflicted the relationship between these two countries because the center East is mostly occupied and bounded with a lot of Arab speaking countries, which was a great task for Turkey which can be an Arabic nation and its long connection with Israel made it develop enemies amongst these nations in the centre east who feel that Turkey is betraying them and doesn't support the hobbies of the Arab nations but only needs to fulfill its own hobbies this made Turkey to cut down its romance with Israel in order to fit in the demands of the nations in the Middle East.

The warfare of words between both of these countries is also seen consequently of the discord of the countries. That's where the political leaders of these countries are seen insulting one another in public and annual general conferences on the maters that pertain to the for the sources of Israeli attacking the Gaza remove thus creating a great deal of alignments that is now being experienced in the centre East region.

Hence, the Turkish chief executive Erdogan is listened to loosing his tempers during an united country conference on the matters regarding the Gaza strip disorders this is when Chief executive Erdogan advised the Israeli leader "When it comes to killing, you understand killing very well. I know the way you hit, destroy children on the beaches"(Cable Information Network, 2011). This is one manner in which the Turkish administration will show the Israeli nation that they aren't happy with the way it offers conducted its armed service activities in the centre East this is because it affects the relations of the countries that are neighboring it and at the same time, this is especially from the disorders of the turkey ship killing 10 Turkey civilians and 1300 Palestine civilians in the Gaza remove war.

Possible Solutions of the discord between Israel and Turkey

The conflict between the Israeli and Turkish countries is the most recent issue to be encountered in the centre east, this is because it could be dated to the year 2010 the month May this is because the Israeli military were involved in the attack of a Turkish sail boat in the Israel coastline shores, the motorboat comprised innocent Turkish civilians who have been illegally moving to Israel to search for a better future (Hersh, 2010). These were wiped out by the Israeli solders and the Israeli administration stated that they were terrorists that were sponsored or directed by the Turkish authorities to come and stall each and every parts of the Israeli land, this boasts were negatively considered by the Turkish administration which insisted that these were innocent Turkish civilians who were not involved in any terrorist activities as is stated by the Israeli officers.

There are a whole lot of speculations that are multiply through the electronic and print advertising on the issues between these two countries stating that these two countries can not be at peacefulness with each other again this is as a result of animosity that exists between these two countries (Cable television Reports Network, 2011). However, I've a couple of solution that I believe will aim at restoring tranquility between both of these countries, the first proposed solution because of this conflict between your Turkey and Israel will be became aware when the Israeli build down its stand on the folks who were in the motorboat that was sunk in there coastal shores. Relating to (Sadoun, 2010) these were not terrorists but were civilians and therefore it could do there families a great favor and this favor would be by compensating the families of the deceased, this will for some point boost the marriage between these countries thus making these two countries develop trust in each other once again.

The other solution for the conflict between these countries would be realized if these countries politics market leaders stop attacking the other person verbally in public areas and international congregational conferences (Kibaroglu, 2009). These verbal attacks will, not only make the united states that insults the other more increased but it will result to increased hatred between these countries and this will alternately result to military attacks that'll be as a the hatred that is slowly building up between the countries, thus these market leaders should be In a posture of indulging in closed door discussions that will purpose at enhancing the relations between these two countries which can help a lot in achieving peace between these countries.

The other way of resorting calmness between these countries is by the formation of as middle east union this is where all the countries in the middle east will level there wants to the union and from the union. This will help the organization in this area to comprehend each others hobbies and they'll strive at gratifying these requirements and each country in this area that fails to heed to the needs of the union will be greatly fined and so in reduce the rates insufficient esteem between these countries (Hersh, 2010). Thus, resolving the whole problem of instability that has been experienced in the centre East at this time and solve it completely.

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