Intro to finance Essay

A fresh bank offers offered to refinance the remaining balance on Jingfei's bank loan and she will have to pay $1, 900 a month for the next 5 years, nevertheless the total charges she will need to pay today to get the new loan is $1, 000. Should she take the new present? How much can she gain or drop in today's dollars in the event she will?

Annual interest rates are still 10%. (yes, gain 324) (iii) Purchase the car from Dealer C who will lend you the entire purchase price of the car for a no interest 36-month bank loan with monthly obligations. The car price are $15, 500. Suppose the industry interest rate is definitely 6%.

Precisely what is the net expense today with the cheapest choice? (Enter only the number with no $ indication or a comma; round off decimals. Since this asks for an expense, you just your number without a negative sign. )

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