International Strategic Plan: Chocolate Product

The topic of the article is advertising Camel Milk Chocolate abroad and in this specific article we have considered USA for retailing Camel milk chocolate. Camel milk is the dairy which is utilized for most purposes. Al Nasma is the business which launched the first camel dairy chocolate and in this article conversations are done which are based on the development of this company in USA. Camel dairy chocolate contains vitamin supplements C which is your best option for the individuals who are suffering from Diabetics. In this specific article we have mentioned about product research and also about environmental assessment that company should do before entering the market. Product analysis has the characteristics of the product such as efficiency, design, style, color.

Environmental assessment consists of many pushes like socio-culture, monetary and socio-economic, legal, political and also the labor makes.

Socio-cultural forces are the forces that influence the thoughts, feelings as well as the behavior of individual. Economic and socio-cultural causes include the interest which is countrywide and global and the main is the fiscal policy. Legal forces are the forces that are related to the federal government, rules and laws. Here conversations are also done on various strategies like market entry strategy, marketing, costs and also promotional strategies that Al nassma have to make before getting into the USA market with a bang. In such a we've also done SWOT evaluation which means conversations are done on the strength, weakness, opportunity and dangers of the Al nassma chocolates and this all is done with the reason to check on whether the corporation is with the capacity of entering the united states market or not. By the end of this article conclusion is made based on factors discussed whether Al nassma will get success or not in USA.


Camel milk is the dairy which is necessary for many purpose like it is used in the medical studies. The treatment properties of the milk give advantages to folks in the whole world but in this information we will discuss about the advertising of camel dairy chocolate in international market segments like in USA. The company which launched the first camel dairy chocolate is Al Nassma and in this article we are going to discuss about the procedure and other aspects that the company must use to market the camel milk delicious chocolate in USA. Al Nassma is the first company on the planet which sells the best quality camel milk chocolates with facing all the bottlenecks, environmental factors that comes in the road of reaching goal and success in depends upon. In this article we will discuss about the goals, quest of company, about the analysis of products, some environmental factors present in USA that this company is going to face and also about the marketplace and the competitive strategies to be employed by Al Nassma Company in selling camel milk delicious chocolate in USA. (The usage of Camel Milk in Medical Studies, 2010)


Al Nassma chocolates LLC is the world's first company that produces camel dairy chocolate which is also going to expose its exclusive products in the USA. Camel milk contains vitamin supplements C which is 5 times more than the dairy of cow which is the best option for the people who are suffering from Diabetics. Al Nassma is the company of Dubai which is working from 2 years and for noticing this original Arabian product it is working with a team of international experts. Al nassma produces this extraordinary chocolate of camel milk and they have its origins in the terminology which is Arabic and a seasonal breeze is depicted which also provides relief to the people in desert. The primary aim of Al Nassma Company is to engage the senses of the people with the camel dairy chocolate made by them. The people who are focused on the make of chocolates that happen to be finest have created the Al nassma and they have made the group to make the sensational delicious chocolate superlative for Dubai. The objective of Al nassma is to supply the camel milk which gives advantages to people in many ways by means of chocolates made from the dairy of camel.

Company will take up e-commerce model to capture the marketplace as US is very used to of online purchase.

The product line of Al nassma involves 5 different flavored 70gr bars send delicately flavored with schedules, orange, some amount of cocoa and dairy also. Al nassma have many business goals and all their goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based goals. One of their goals is to capture the market where their product is preferred and for repeating this they are determined to produce a farm shop in Umm Nahad which is nearby the plantation Camelicious camel as there is absolutely no farm situated at that place. Another goal is to make their product popular in international market and especially in USA. Another goal is to earn the hearts of the people by giving them the best quality of chocolates. The company Al nassma works very hard keeping their objective and their goals in the mind.

PRODUCT Examination:

For setting the business enterprise in USA the primary aspect to consider is the merchandise and the examination of the merchandise is very necessary before introducing it in the international market. Product examination includes the characteristics of the product such as operation, design, style, color etc. Al Nassma is the first and the best chocolate consisting of camel dairy and it is very a gift idea from the deserts. It's the unique quality product and it symbolizes the present and unique preference of the Arabian world. For the people who are travelling this chocolates is the treasured memento of Arabia and for the other folks this is a gift which ultimately shows appreciation and they are considered as the function of this chocolates. These chocolates are the flavored 70gr pubs such as the taste of Dated, Macadamia nut that is orange and also 70% cocoa. Another product is the hollow delicious chocolate camels which are available in two sizes of 130 and 730 gr. The camel caravan has top features of camel milk chocolates which can be neatly carved in the shape of camels. The style of this chocolate is completely different and very attractive also. It is gold wrapped delicious chocolate camel embodying the source of Al nassma, the camel and also its milk. The color of this chocolate is darkish because cocoa is present in it in large amount. (Al Nassma launches world's first camel milk chocolate, 2010)


An offer which describes the quant stand benefits that the specific or company making an offer assurance to deliver. Value proposition of Al nassma is based on the benefits, cost and the vale that may be delivered to customer by the company. Value proposition is the inner file and it functions as the blueprint for the business. Al nassma is tiny bit costly and the rate of this chocolate is around $ 50. For establishing business in USA Al nassma can use the value proposition to position value to the constituents like customers for detailing why a customer can purchase this from distributor. For inner departments of the business to influence the outcomes of your choice of business and employees it could be used for motivating and keeping the prevailing employees and also to explain the distributor that why should company desire to be a dealer to customer. Al nassma uses the model known as Value proposition builder for creating a value proposition.


As the Al nassma is planning to start their company in the market of USA but the most crucial thing that each company should do before starting is environmentally friendly assessment. Al nassma have to evaluate the environment of USA before joining their chocolates business the market of USA. Environmental assessment includes many causes like socio-culture, financial and socio-economic, legal, political as well as the labor forces. Firstly we will discuss the socio ethnical pushes that company is going to face in USA.


Socio-cultural forces are the larger scale forces that have an impact on the thoughts, thoughts and also the behavior of specific and these makes are within the cultures and the societies. It is vital for the Al nassma company to know the thoughts, emotions and tastes towards the product which they will establish in the markets of USA because then only they can anticipate that their product will be preferred on the market or not. Some of the socio-cultural factors within USA and also have to be evaluated by the delicious chocolate company are:

The first one is the change of culture which includes the whole understanding of the type of changes that occurs in culture. Some other socio-economic factors for the business are ethnic personal information, ethnic beliefs and the local differences. Study of all these factors in detail may help the Al nassma company to type in the united states market also to gain so much of success. (Socio ethnical factors)


Each and every business is afflicted by the monetary factors which can be both nationwide and global. Al nassma must go through the economic plan of USA which include the interest rate which is nationwide and global and the main of this company is the fiscal plan. The forces in the economy that Al nassma have to discuss before entering the USA market are tough economy in the economy, low stakeholder self-confidence etc. For instance 2 years ago the economy of USA was facing the huge issue of recession and getting into the market during this time can be worse thing for just about any organization. So all these factor is going to come in the road of Al Nassma Company. Socio-economic pushes are the pushes which are public and economic activities and also the realities that helps in showing the attitudes and lifestyles of the people. Before entering the USA market the Al nassma must research the factors like attitudes, lifestyle of the people of USA that are socio-economic factors. These factors help an organization in making decisions about the success of product.


These will be the forces which can be related to the government, rules and laws and regulations of a particular country. In USA legal pushes play a very important role in establishment of business in their market. One of the legal problems that Al nassma could face in the USA is the agreement of permit by the government of USA. Because every new company specially the international company faces an enormous problem of license and the rules and legislation of the government, The main thing that Al miasma has to keep in brain are the laws and regulations and rules of USA authorities on the offering of chocolates which also includes the fees and obligations on export and transfer of products and services. For coming into and starting the business of camel dairy chocolate the Al nassma have to get approval from the government and firstly they have to get two licenses particularly the product and service license which also contains the certificate for the equipment used in the development of chocolate. Along with the other license is the license of infrastructure. So each one of these legal forces can be found in america market and Al miasma will face each one of these makes while establishment of business.


Political forces will be the forces which can be found in the marketing environment that are manufactured and appointed by the officials that have impact on the decisions made by a business corporation. In USA also there are numerous political forces within the market which Al nassma have to undergo them before coming into the market. By way of example couple of years ago the federal government representatives of USA enacted the law which prohibited the food companies to export their products so all of these things Al nassma must take into consideration and also have to retain in main that Government representatives can enact some lawful restrictions which could cause huge injury to specific companies. There are a few political factors that have to be assessed by the Al nassma before joining the USA market are:

Various laws and regulations like minimum wage or anti discrimination laws.

Market legislation which signify the changes taking place on the market.

The most significant is the trade contracts, tariffs or limitations.

One factor that Al nassma must consider is which type of federal government whether communist, democratic etc is presently within USA. Political factor is one of the external factors which no one can change but these factors can create benefits and opportunities.


The causes which are present in every market and especially in the market of USA are labor makes. As Al nassma will establish in USA so before creating, assessment of forces like labor is very important to place the step in the market. Analysis of labor causes includes the kind of labor within the market which means whether the majority of labor is skilled or unskilled. Skilled labor means almost all of the employees are totally trained and have some experience with them while unskilled labor means in which the employees are not totally trained and most of them don't possess experience of working. These employees aren't given the long lasting job and are used temporarily or used in the projects that are not technical. As most of the work of Al Nassma Company is regular and little bit technical which means this company needs almost all of the skilled employees than the unskilled employees. So this company must look at the factors like how many labors are for sale to their work with what market price before entering the marketplace of USA.


The first step for every business to get started on their business is the entrance on the market whether it is countrywide or the international market. For entrance in the market every organization needs to make strategies to enter in such a means that it has impact on the prevailing companies of the field. Al Nassam has also made a few of the strategies to enter in the USA market plus they have made all these strategies remember all the factors that we have reviewed above. One of their strategies is the fact that they would take in account today's marketing conditions and then they would outline an approach which is affordable for building the brand consciousness in the US market and this strategy would also help them to make their product that is chocolate made with the camel milk in the markets of USA. For example they would look at the initiatives which also include the focus groups in USA and this is utilized for testing the popularity of the idea. Another strategy made by the Al miasma company is the e-marketing strategy which include the internet retails and also the search engine optimization. They have the strategy of highlighting the unique characteristics of their product like medical factor using its lower fat and vitamin content which is high could get the consumers of the united states. Before entering the marketplace they also have made the strategy they are going to provide the discount strategies like buy 1 big club of chocolate and get the small pub free with it so as to increase the needs of their chocolates made of camel milk. They are the marketing strategies of Al nassma to go into the international market. (Ajami, 2006)


MARKET Examination:

The analysis of market includes competitive analysis under which the search is performed on the rivals on the market. While doing market examination Al nassma have to get knowledge about the type and quality of chocolates sold by the opponents as well as the power and weakness of the rival. Al nassma also have to examine the segmentation of market in USA and also about the target market. Target market means the market where they have significantly more likelihood of getting success.


The strategies which are created for the products of a company to type in the market are called as product strategies. Product strategies derive from the quality, quantity, price etc of product like Al nassma have to make strategies of their chocolates and for that they have to take into consideration the quality, variety and price of product to be provided in the market of USA. Product strategies also include difference in the features of product to be launched and existing product in the market.


Before entering the marketplace your choice of place is also very very important to Al nassma. Selection of place for the release of their chocolates would also help them by minimizing the chance of failure. It also includes the distribution strategy of the product. Syndication of product like delicious chocolate needs a great deal attention and effort by the suppliers as the main work of distribution of products to the customer is performed by the suppliers. Selection of perfect suppliers would help Al nassma to increase in the US market.


The demand of the products mostly depends upon the quality and price of the product on the market. So every company must make approaches for charges their product which pricing depends upon the total cost, quality and also on the price of the product of rival. Al nassma would make the approaches for pricing their chocolate by calculating the total cost plus the profit they need but before declaring price the business must keep in mind the price tag on the rivals delicious chocolate as there are so many brands of chocolates that already are existing on the market.


In today's world promotion plays a very important role in the kick off of new product looked after assists with the success of that product on the market. Promotion can be carried out through TV advertising, posters, magazines, papers etc to make product popular among the majority of human population. A great way that Al nassma might use to make its chocolates popular in market of USA is the selling of few free chocolates to the youngsters and the children. This could help them to make their product popular in the market. The strategy the company is likely to use is advertisements through television, journal, newspaper, posters etc for excellent starting of these business on the market of USA.

Competitive Strategy-

Competitive strategy refers to the competence given by the company in neuro-scientific their business. In todays world of Energetic markets and technology that have lifted the question of sustainability of competitive advantage. We have been discussing about the camel dairy chocolates which is produced in United Arab Emirates and the chocolates are being exported to US. There is already too much competition on the market of United states beside that we have to adopt various strategies. A plan is basically set up to compete on the market which is created and evaluated after checking the talents and weaknesses to people of its opponents for example there would be many companies who would be providing chocolates from a long time but the newly getting into company should rethink about his talents and weaknesses after watching their opponents weaknesses and advantages, for example a meatpacking company can decide on the special niche product in the limited areas as it might not compete with the major opponents.

The company should adopt a procedure for the competitive advantage so as to maximize the earnings in the earlier stage of their entering into this market. For example we can discover that Microsoft has set up a seven part competitive strategy in their company so as to compete with the other software company. Now, if we talk about the Al-nasma which is a UAE based mostly company making Camel dairy chocolates must present a peculiar property in the market folks which can give them space in the growing market of chocolates often there are a large number of chocolate firms fundamentally would you not comprehended the strategy of the competition in the market folks.

Human Tool Strategy-

This kind of strategy is totally predicated on the mission, eyesight and overall strategy of the business enterprise. Mainly the company concentrates on the objective of the business which basically involves all the earnings and purpose which in simple terms identifies the maximizing in the profits on return that could be only achieved through the individuals learning resource management strategy. The Al-nasma company generally must focus on its purpose which helps in developing the perspective and mission of the business and provides company a course through the living strategy process. It essentially creates a highly motivated and ground breaking company which in essence supports more ground breaking organizations such as Al-Nasma which produces Camel Milk chocolate.

When the business decided to perform an international business, it implements an international human tool strategy which manages the change effectively. Mainly the human resource strategy encounters the new difficulties as business strategies change with the passage of time. There's a requirement of a specific human tool strategy in the delicious chocolate sector as there are many companies who are contending with one another from so many years and there is very hard competition present in the market of US which can drive the Al-Nasma to adopt a sure success strategy in order that they does not feel a set-back in their business. Company will apply regiocentric approach. (W. L. Hill, 2008)


Risk exists in every business but for every company or corporation especially those that are going to begin their business in the international market have more hazards and similar case has been the Al nassma company. Risk can be reduced by SWOT research and in this research S means talents, W for weakness, O for opportunities and T for dangers.

The biggest power of Al nassma is that it is the world's first and the largest maker of chocolates made of camel milk so it has less challengers. Strength of this chocolate is that it is rich in supplements and can be used by diabetic person.

Biggest weakness of this chocolate is that it's little bit costly than other chocolates and yet another weakness is that it's not popular in many countries which lower its demand in depends upon. This chocolates is very less popular in the USA where they want to go into.

Al nassma have so many opportunities not only in Arabian country but also in depends upon since it has a unique feature that it's made from the dairy of camel. They have great opportunity in USA because the people of USA choose the camel dairy.

Though Al nassma involve some features that other chocolates don't have but this delicious chocolate have hazards from the existing chocolates of USA as that chocolates already are existing and popular and it includes another threat because some people don't even touch the milk of camel.


After speaking about all the items about the establishment of Al nassma in the United States of America and doing research like risk, product evaluation and also the diagnosis of environment, market etc, it is concluded that Al nassma will definitely get success and appreciation by the people of USA. After talking about the strengths, weakness, opportunities and dangers the final outcome comes that the talents of this chocolates are so strong that its weakness are protected and every step seems possible for the corporation.

In future this chocolate may capture the complete market and it may become the head of chocolates which gives so many advantages in the whole world. One thing that company must check is the price of chocolate and the other thin is the campaign of this chocolates in the international market segments.

The final final result is the fact Al nassma is a successful chocolates company in USA and after some time in the complete world.

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