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International Management Competencies |Reflection


MSc International Management was my chosen area where to review after my BA honors in International business management at Oxford Brookes and I was presented with the opportunity to complete a Masters Degree in the same line of research. The semester classes began on the 28th of September 2009, where I got to be a part of International Management Competencies. The sessions would give me the possible additional possibility of becoming a first-class international business director. To be engaged in a global business concerning blended civilizations, overall integration and examination for changes that impacts globalization by interacting cross-culturally. (Thomas, 2008). The course where I took part in included 23 students from 17 different countries of source, which meant I would be having connection with individuals which have the same interest of subject with different backgrounds and activities to offers with diverse civilizations which most definitely could give me an insight into different ethnicity and cross-cultural factors. These may potentially overlap between one another while interacting. With this in mind, understanding culture it is usually to be associated with the aim to identify common people problems that happen to be shared between groupings. (Schneider, 1997). The module itself would also give me the initial opportunity to improve my mangerial skills by learning form my activities and engaging into the activities that could bring further education in developing my fundamental procedure for learning. I started out to understand that the classes would give me a huge ability to build up my skills on a regular basis by getting together with all the people of my category and group that I was located in, also while working on the reading materials and keeping a weekly diary (see Appendix A) it appeared to be interesting and would most definitely go beyond my knowledge about them in question, to understand that International managers hold the responsibility towards an organisations success by handling with their recruiting that are related to their cultural variations and backgrounds (Groseschl, Doherty, 2000).



The most significant task which i had to attempt this semester was associated with a blended band of individuals form the same department to then explore the core case study given by our module leader, "The case of the Floundering Expatriate", in which it involved diversity in cross-cultural groups concerning a business that tries to manage these mixtures effectively to try accomplish great performance and success.

The role for the task is always to analyse Bert Donaldson's managerial methods and to addresses the key issues with his team, and activities he could take in his own cultural development. The final results would then to be shown to the peers in weeks 8 (trial mock, see diary Appendix A, week 8) and week 10 (last assesed, see Appendix Weekly, 10), with also a group report demonstrating all the content and knowledge of the case. The group i got allocated to contains 5 folks from different countries with mixed culture backrounds, knowledge and activities to offer (Appendix A, week 2-3), of which Shirley emerged form Venezuela, Konstantin from Bulgaria, Judith form Germany, Moses from Denmark, and me from Italy. The process in which all these events happened has been documented in journal format shown in the appendix (Development through the weeks of the semester) demonstrating overall actions considered during the original process in which it initiated, where i had to change to another team (Appendix A, week 2 and 3). The group was presented with the opportunity to be fully self-employed, and we had the power to choose when to plan as there was no pattern or organised composition to follow, therefore we're able to procede as best as we're able to, to optimize the task, which would be critical for the effect. As referred to by Robert Harris, (2004) the synergy within the team needs to be promoted by bettering strategy that creates enhanced quality of work, autonomy control, improved upon communication, which then results higher performance, output and much more research and development. On first startup there was a lack of corporation and indeciciveness to whome should be the leader, to discover a comprimise to work consistenely, but Shirley became up to the part and exhibited great ability to start and organize a programme to check out (see Appendix B) related to meeting times and place, and a innovator was found, persuing the role as the motivator and director of the procedure through the use of her human source of information skills and course of the universal scope that are crutial for a successful leader by creating a sense of purpose composition and clear defenition of purpose (Emirates Centre, 2002)(Appendix Weekly 5 to 6). The role where i could symbolize myself would be as a team employee and finisher, a relevant role that could need to be skilled in the weeks to come. As stated by Harris, 1998, a team employee has the key priority to place people together with his list, relating to thoughts, needs, and has a strong observing ability of the advantages and weaknesses of the group. Also he plays as a facilitator minimising any possible frictions that could arise.


I was very content to be in the given group and prepared to combine all our ideas along to then put them into practice. By using different prespectives on civilizations and authority which are crucial to have the ability to learn the essential skills for managing its organization successfully and create an operating environment that can form its skills and training through time. Managers are confronted with one of the primary tasks to encourage and lead individuals to different civilizations by understanding their behaviors, as motivation has the need to achieve and dominate in its class (Mc Cleland's, 1981). I had an amazing feeling that the entire experience would bring me insight into team working and learning other cultures by getting the possibility to assimilate and develop skills needed in working life environment, relating decison making process, solving problems, and being able to perform required jobs. Furtermore a complete importance to the way in which you present your skills and ideas is crutial for the success and undestanding you bring across. As discussed by Tjosvold et al (2003), mix ethnic management is increasing anticipated to expatriation and international trade, signifying that folks from diverse civilizations must work together in the global market. Societies change in characteristic ways of thinking, thoughts and operating through effective methods derived from their values which portrays stereotypes and anticipations which come from these specific situations. Finally by analyzing my teams diversity there have been some disadvantages towards lack of cohesion(Appendix A week 7-8), and misscomunication through language as none of us were native spakers, but there were several advantages thatour merged creativity gave a wide range of prespectives, better ideas and less groupthink, that led to better problem description when it comes to finding solutions for efficiency.


As our first getting together with started on the 16th of October many thoughts ran through my mind and I was considering if the group would be able to interact, merge producing ideas and fuse past encounters (work related and life occurrences) with knowledge to minimize any potential cross-cultural conditions that may arise. Through the meeting everyone recognized their role (Appendix A, weeks 3-6). I got motivated to increase and broaden my thoughts by inspecting the situation at hand for the development plan needed. I was starting to feel very comfortable and was pleased to share my thoughts and ideologies of the case, by describing as best as I could what I thought we have to include for the report to analyze it based on the prerequisites. I stared to realize that we was changing as time offered, as I grasped that my preferences where towards dealing with others and taking ideas and combining concepts to reach an evaluated criteria for fluency. I commenced to apprehend that we function correctly as a team employee by constructing an operating composition with appropriate skills and resources as advised by Western world (2004), but there was a necessary need for change towards the way I exhibit myself and produce ideas. I'd have to be more assertive and confident in myself. As for as an expatriate from Italy it brought additional difficulties for working in a new cultural environment. Haour-knipe (2001), argued that to become successful through the integration of a new society there has to be an adaption towards learning the new vocabulary, making new friends and getting occustomed to the the new surroundings and local culture. Nonetheless I noticed different insights into people's different styles and means of achieving a process where I could take into account additional practices to develop myself towards variety and the power a team can generate, as stated by Essed (1996), variety can be recognized by experiencing incidents that are in keeping with the people from the team, where these beliefs, principles and theories come with an important effect on the opportunities for success. Not merely would this be developed through practice but also the assigned reading would help me to grow the ideas and understand further ways to think globally and share myself.


Through team working I comprehended different aspects of behaviors towards work commitments and limitless encounters that could affect the task process. With this in mind i can understand that culture influences patterns as its a process about people or occasions they carry out, by considering ethnical norms (appropriate behavior and influences of past experiences, Francesco, 2005) shared in an organization, with selective understanding, stereotypes, expectations, cultural dominance and various attributes for reaction (Usunier, 1998). A good example illustrating this may be the lifetime within the group people of both low and high context cultures of which everyone except for me was low context. Meaning that there explanations are done through words or verbalization rather than context, while I was the only person of high framework mainly the opposite of these. Therefore by looking towards my experience i've noticed the many advantages that brought me to seek my role, not just that i understood what i needed to do but also it was proved by Belbins personal understanding questionnaire (Appendix C) that we was an implementor and team staff member. These implications are the essential features for my team, that are in need for improvement towards my communication practice and demonstration style that would have to be fully prepared to illustrate content coherently and right to the point. By developing these aspects it brings me a step closer to becoming a successfull specialist in the field of international business as Brooke (1996) defined the process to become an effective by 3 periods affecting observation, experience and theory, thereon analysing them to understand the relevance of every to learn the theoretical side.


The potential cross-cultural problems related to the topic of the period were abundant, where there have been issues relating to team jobs, working skills, and decision making. There were also variations in communication style (verbal and non-verbal) and doing practices among civilizations. Furthermore there are diverse tastes towards leadership performance (skills), decision styles, and anticipations with a need of cross social adjustment towards a new environment. Consequently it is necessary to know ones skills to be assertive; portraying what you might offer when getting into in UK showing all the benefits you may bring to future profession.


Managers need to in a position to consider all the regarding circumstances mentioned above to lead Individuals form their team towards working as a device to increase efficiency to reach focuses on (Thakur, 1993). What needs to be understood is that globalization is a significant factor affecting civilizations all around the world, where everyone has to work closely mutually and need each other's support to build up to required targets and competencies. This factor entails the rapid development of market in relation to social, economic and technological problems (Kavous, 2009). This component gave me the opportunity to question, analyze and improve my managerial skills, as the reflective assertion and diaries give a broad put together of the experience exceeded. Furthermore the professional development plan below will format future areas for development. The overall project provided me an chance to discover my interpersonal skills as well as weaknesses that I have to overcome to build up sufficient international managerial competencies, the most crucial of which are communication, decision-making, control, display skills and team working.


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DATE: 29th of Sept 2009

EVENT/ACTIVITY: Introduction of the Component and Key Competencies of a global Manager. Debate of a RESEARCH STUDY, Exercise 3 "Spanning the world".


This was my high grade where a quick presentation was presented with on how the component would grow to be and that which was expected form us with course objectives and learning benefits. During this category we received a specific task to work on, the research study "Spanning the globe", to be worked on as a team with people that were assigned alongside one another to work relaxing on a single table during the lecture break in the action that was give to us.

During the given time the whole group decided we ought to read the case study separately and then discuss and go through the question given, therefore everyone got a specific task and to incorporate ideas along.

The overall end result of the duty was to see how everybody would react to team work under a stringent time management and also to incorporate personal ideas with other participants of the team.


My initial emotions of the duty were orientated toward overall successful performance to attain what was asked from me, I thought the group was well-organized and ready to come the exercise to come up with merged answers and ideas. Time management was also dived in 3 sections, the first towards reading the case study, secondly reviews thoughts of members and lastly to write notes down for your final answers.


During the whole experience I thought I was learning throughout and learning different people and other ways of working as an organization which made me happy and encouraged to keep with the module launched to us, where I realized that I would learn a good deal from this module that would most surely improve me as a potential fine director.


What I possibly could study from the first group talk was that folks are different and this everyone has a different way of performing and achieving a process, therefore we must accept to learn to interact and combine all ideas and conflicts to generate something unique and also to use individual's talents to help the procedure. Also I had a rough look at the content of the module and realized that a variety of reading material had to be researched, also by using as core wording booklet Cross-Cultural Management essential principles by David C. Thomas 2nd release, and others such as this.


The potential cross-cultural problems related to this issue of the session are the following:

  • Time pressure (35 min)
  • Different knowledge of the content
  • Different views about approach
  • Different perspectives of circumstance study
  • Working along effectively (constraints)
  • General conversations to agree on a certain point

In order to enhance these potential dangers it should be noted that each competencies of members need to be worked on in order to be a successful administrator and improve mix cultural team work by receiving different skills and conducts that might come into practice.


DATE: 6th of October 2009

EVENT/ACTIVITY: International Team Working. Work group vs. Team. Section into teams for Project 1, Discussion of the Case Study 0. 1 "The Thames Pump & Valve Company" and various activities about team working rules, reflections about advantages and disadvantages of employed in groups, increasing long-term performance of leaders of your multicultural team and personal recognition and skills exercise. The group which i was in included me, Julius, Roman, and Pimita, but one member was absent as she didn't attend the school. (Which we were assigned to be group 2).


During this course our team explored the performance and potential of multicultural teams and the key barriers to attain high performance and which ways of consider to address these issues. The first talk was about the research study of "The Thames Pump & Valve Company". This case study was part of our homework for your day and the dialogue in my own group was effective in the long run. During the course we experience even alternative activities such as the exercise about team working recommendations where different ethnical background turned out even different rating of the list of provisional guidelines. The next activity consisted in creating advantages and disadvantages of working in groupings and the other one was about increasing the performance of leaders of your multicultural team in the long-term. During the session we reviewed on realization of the role of do it yourself analysis to find each participants choice and role within the group by concluding Belbin's team role job to see each other differences.

Finally we received the research study of "The case of the Floundering Expatriate" of which we would be studying with an organization for the rest of the component to then give an oral presentation of the conclusions and solutions asked for.


I felt happy to access know my associates and find out if we would work efficiently collectively, understand there various ways to do and achieving a way, our group contains associates from Germany (Julius), Russia (Roman), Italy (Eugenio), Pimpta (Thailand). So there have been certainly potential for different ethnic issues and idea technology. Overall there is a sense of enjoyment for the start of a new relationship.


While we were getting to know one another I was pondering the type of benefits they might bring to the team and what may i study from this experience and give towards making the group work. With this in mind previous weeks activity for homework help me understand potential personal preferences that I would be involved in, I evaluated myself development by completing the questionnaire directed at us to correspond towards characteristics for an effective director where my strong factors found were towards:

  • Relevant professional knowledge and understanding
  • Proactivity, inclination to reply purposefully to event
  • Social skills and abilities

Secondly I appeared towards personal awareness and skills exercise between your roles that an international manger considers, by organizing the main roles that adhere to you to be successful, the most important ones for me where:

  • Team leader/ Judge/ Challenger/ and Innovator


While participating in the time I learned that I would almost certainly be considered a team staff member as I got along with my users and I was determined to bring great ideas and concluding the task allocated to us. Currently in time there is no evident head so positions still would have to be assigned. Finally we all decided to meet up with the following Monday to discuss the research study of "The floundering Expatriate", for an over-all review. Finally I was also critiquing the material that had to be red, the initial chapters of the central text book and more advised by the component leader.


The cross social factor which were influenced in this time were that there might have been a language restrain between each other and this clear ideas didn't seem to be to flow sometimes, therefore an improved firm was needed.


Date: 16th of October 2009


Culture and Values and Managing variety. I began to feel unwell, which resulted in getting the flu. Therefore I could not go to the First group assembly as I was struggling to for health reasons and I was therefore changed to group number 1 1, as another member form group 2 attended and course innovator suggested I proceed to the other group as they were already agreed to work together.


During this week I acquired a temperature leading to getting the flu and I was during intercourse for a couple of days. On Wednesday we'd the first group conference and one of my group mates was really kind to send me an e-mail with all the current details discussed during the meeting. On Thursday night I tried to recuperate from this by firmly taking medicine and relaxing for a couple of days which put my backside on track, sadly I felt terribly that I could not sign up for the assembly and felt very frustrated; also I had developed to connect to my new group and setup new assembly and roles that might be taken


I was very happy to meet up with the other customers of my group and was ready to work with them on the case study of "The floundering expatriate", I wanted to observe how we'd socialize and incorporate all our ideas and put them into practice, but as I was ill I could do that, so that it made me unhappy that I allow team down, and I had to tell them that I couldn't be present at.

The group I got now given to comprise from Shirley (Venezuela), Konstantin (Bulgaria), Moses (Denmark), Judith (Germany) and me (Italy), a beautifully well balanced group from different roots.


During the time I didn't spend with my group I though what I possibly could offer my team, and I began to think towards my potential property that they could reap the benefits of. One task that helped me realize what I could offer involved in completing Belbin's team roles self assessment by looking toward contribution, shortcoming occasions, involvement in projects, characteristic procedure towards work, satisfaction, difficulties that may come up, and issues that can be dealt with. With all this taken into account, the final verdict showed that we exceeded towards being an implementer and team employee. Another manner in which I understood which i was starting a general development of my life towards a working life was credited to understanding wide-ranging tips of view and principles of cross-cultural management from Francesco and Silver, Thomas literature that gave me a money saving deals to think about how exactly my performance would influence the group and how I would interact with fellow associates.


Unfortunately I couldn't learn anything from the group conference when i was absent, but I read the research study and was prepared to reveal my views and view about how to happen answering the questions that were given to us. Also I had been up to date form other member to meet my new group on the following Monday to review question 1 and 2 of the research study, to bring my ideas and thoughts to another session.


The cross cultural factor which were influenced in this period were that the group might have thought that I got unorganized and not willing to are I did not sign up for and hoping that would not happen again.

Additionally when you are and implementer it supposed that I'd be reliable, disciplined, conservative and successful and mainly to turn ideas into functional activities and work successful in a team with a simple flow, understanding that I possibly could bring these positive features to my team the following week and for the rest of the semester to complete the task given to execute a demonstration on possible ways of developing the research study of "The Floundering Expatriate" by looking towards the:

  • Cross cultural issues that arise
  • Action intend to develop Bert's Team
  • Steps in which Bert need to take into consideration to develop his discussion skills
  • Finally followed by our communities performance in concluding the task


Date: 19th of Oct 2009

Event/Activity: Second group getting together with: Demonstration of process 1 and 2


The group made a decision to review question 1 and 2 on Mon at 12. 00 with a meeting point in the catalogue in Wheatley campus, so we're able to discuss and review the work done the week before for the duties and find out if any progress was made since their previous meeting.

SECOND Experience: 22nd of October

This week's category of IMC was divided in two parts; the first one acquired a guest lecture who talked about instruction and mentoring and the second one was about leadership.

During the first part we does a test called 'International Mentor Federation Professional Instruction core Competencies' to get a view about our coaching abilities.

Also an article about coaching was distributed in class, entitled " Accessing ethnical orientations: the web Cultural Orientations Framework Assessment as an instrument for instruction" by Gilbert and Rosinski (2007).

The second part was about Administrator as a innovator where we reviewed the characteristics of global business command and cultural effect on leadership in various counties.


I was happy this week to learn about mentoring across cultures and control which are essential needs for a global supervisor to learn the basic skills for taking care of its organization successfully and create a working environment that can form its skills and training through time, as professionals are faced with one of the biggest tasks to motivate and lead individuals to different ethnicities by understanding their behaviors, as motivation gets the need to accomplish and dominate in its school (Mc Cleland's, 1981).

While on the other hand leadership has the ability to motivate individuals to influence organizations users towards goals and goals that need to meet.


As the lesson progressed I got thinking what kind of role would I seek to pursue during a managerial task, and when reflecting I had been brought to understand that I'd have a great potential to be always a leader by having the ability to see members potential belongings for the team and activity at hand and by leading them to enhance their skills steadily by making them feel safe with what their attaining.


After the past experiences I started to realize that I might want to build up my command skills in my own team, but as time progressed we pointed out that Shirley had taken the role of innovator immediately by arranging schedules and offering tasks to execute on a every week basis and found myself in the situation to comply with her requirements as she was very organized and everyone experienced the chance to accumulate and deliver any ideas which may be relevant for the case study. Also through the lectures I learned all different styles that a manager can adopt or are powered by, that can bring a multitude of solutions.


The cross social factors afflicted form this period and that worried me the most were:

  • A leader was found and had to cope with the to be a team worker
  • Time constraint arose and found ourselves to rush through a few of the work
  • First consultations were formal and customers from the group felt discomfort
  • We need to establish a greater bond to flow in an organized way
  • Different styles for expressing their ideas
  • Different methods to understanding and discovering ideas


DATE: 26th of Oct 2009

EVENT/ACTIVITY: On Mon we had our third group reaching. On Tuesday, IMC course, where we had a guest lecture about International Employment opportunities and Development.


This group assembly took place at the same time and place as prepared and chosen, were it was effective and we continued increasing our ideas and development for the job and started to become more prepared and coherent.


DATE: 29th of November 2009

EVENT/ACTIVITY: On Mon we'd our forth group and on Tuesday's we had IMC class where we talked about "Problem examination and decision making in an international environment".


As every Mon we'd our regular group appointment in the catalogue the difference this week was that I had been the only one to show through to time. During this class we reviewed a case study "Pinpoint executive playthings; the culture is important and can be said to be structured!" where we have to put ourselves as professionals of this group and make some important decisions. While we were talking about the case study and look for a solution to all or any the questions we found ourselves to work perfectly and in tranquility together.


The guest lecturer gave me more understanding into what my future ideas would be and ideally were I would like to take my knowledge and skills into which sector of work, this gave me an understanding into thinking deeper into where I would like to work, where to stay in England or go abroad, working in a business or company, and also what areas would I be thinking about.


This week I had been slightly de-motivated as I felt i had to catch up with other modules and the task started to weight on me, therefore I pointed out that I was missing towards creating new ideas and doing tasks, but I came across the will and durability to review more, which demonstrated I was increasing more perception into enhancing my own skills as I wanted to achieve increased advantages to apply in future careers or personal situation that might need particular assistance with.


During the week I completed the homework given to us towards assessing ethnical orientation for tools used as training, relevant to towards dealing with others and respecting each member of a team by achieving ethical guidelines and understanding how culture works in different ways differently matching to a person's past.

Culture influences action and is a process about people or events the way they are completed, looking towards cultural norms (suitable behavior) distributed in a group, selective notion, stereotypes expectations, public dominance and various attributes for effect.


The cross cultural factors damaged form this procedure and that worried me the most were:

  • Motivation in studying
  • Cross cultural dissimilarities between members ways of doing and achieving
  • Future potential customers of life are confused
  • Affected by the sense of disorientation towards which job to get for


DATE: 5th of November

EVENT/ACTIVITY: Problems analysis and decision making within an international environment, for an over-all understanding of the framework of problems and the different types that will tend to be came across as a administrator, also the capability to select basic problem skills to resolve the issues by understanding the main element decision making concepts referred to to us through the lecture. Furthermore with all to mind use the ability to apply these basic steps and decision making tools to a number of situations that will come into framework for a global manager.


Main experience through the week handed was made through our group getting together with were most of us realized that time constraint acquired come after us, we only has 2 more weeks prior to the mock demonstration and really need to concluded the research study and our circumstance examination, therefore we were encountering some problems between dividing the work accordingly to finish.

Also through the lecture numerous things were said about problem dealing with which gave and skills had a need to attain goals, mainly to be organized and set up well to operate under all types of circumstances, being able to be prepared to get over any potential risks that may arise, and as an efficient manager to be able to display solve as best as you possibly can all concerning issues.


I thought very frustrated that week the group was lacking towards corporation and motivation even as only had a basic 2 weeks to finish the duties and present our results to all of those other school and our professors, I got needs to also get worried that we wouldn't be able to finish promptly, therefore influencing our efficiency and creating pain.


I was looking for an alternative path towards making the group more enthusiastic and I delivered an email to everyone hoping to raise moral and making sure everyone tried to finish and refine their be employed by the next week to have the ability to put together their part consequently, of which I put for question 2, towards an action plan that Bert should adopt in order to improve his team.


I commenced understanding the role of a global director as weeks progressed and they suffer from numerous factors towards ethnicities, problems, acting on their own legs and being responsible for actions that arise within clubs that can affect the organization. The international director is said to involve an enterprise to be global and interact cross-culturally in the working environment.


The cross cultural factors afflicted form this procedure and that worried me the most were:

  • Time management (time still left for research study completion)
  • De-motivation of the group
  • Leader was without performance
  • Overall group performance declined
  • General disagreement of decisions to be produced to finalize work


DATE: 10. 11. 2009

EVENT/ACTIVITY: IMC with Joanna on Wednesday afternoon.


Learning communication process and defining cross social issues, also to understand how languages influences communication and how different ethnicities use varieties of verbal communication and can face issues that might impact them form expressing themselves. This mainly looked at the effectiveness of team work with their cultural group for quality, framework, effectiveness, reliability and any influences that might have affected the procedure positively or adversely within the time spent.


I was very stressed this week as we only had yet another week before the actual mock presentation and I stared to be concerned as the research study research wasn't 100% totally finished and I have never been self-assured in presenting before a audience because I get the feeling i am not in control of the situation sometimes and become very nervous and begin to read of my notes. Overall I was trying to get over this fear and make an effort to develop this skill that will definitely be asked to be a global manager to express suggestions to your team or teams that require your leadership and instruction.


Many thoughts ran through my head if I could ever fulfill the job of expressing myself with comfort and coherences to bring my point to the concerning members that'll be hearing our presentation.


During the week I commenced understanding the meaning of presenting and making yourself comprehended by others by providing across your point, also started to see the stressful aspect of completing an activity under time constraint and making sure that all members of the group were prepared to perform on the day and an over-all flow of job should be obtained.


The cross cultural factors afflicted form this treatment and that worried me the most were:

  • Time constraint
  • Presentation performance
  • Overall performance just as before lacked in organization
  • Cultures achievement afflicted the means where presentation approach would be performed anticipated to different styles and ways of doing.
  • Different methods to point out their verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Different ideologies and commencing process


DATE: 16th of November 2009

EVENT/ACTIVITY: Previous Group conference before week 8 presentation


This was our last getting together with of the group in order to place everything we do together and perform a few works through of the presentation, but sadly Judith could not attend the conference as she acquired another responsibility to be present at, so we found ourselves to rehearse the trial version just between your 4 folks, so we would only be able to tell you the task only before the real mock day thirty minutes before.


Unfortunately I had been still feeling nervous for the next day to provide even though the group was well prepared and ready with all the questions covered with a PowerPoint demonstration and everything divided to the other person needs and wants.


General thoughts came up through my head on how to find any potential faults or problems that may be came across during the presentation, to become ready to offer with them and having the ability to continue with the actual fact of showing our suggestions to the peers.


As time transferred by I began to realize that I was learning a great deal towards understanding each member's preferences and styles by considering their culture, overall working with a group were everyone has an activity to perform effectively, also I started to be more organized and quiet towards showing my ideas. This was due to the fact of researching over a variety of options that helped me to comprehend that there are various ways of thinking and understanding and mainly every individual represents its own culture and means of achieving.


The cross ethnic factors afflicted form this session and that worried me the most were:

  • One member could not meet us because of another meeting
  • Constraints on rehearsal (1 person missing)
  • Time constraint
  • Cross cultural obstacles towards presenting (different styles that didn't match until we configured a way of flowing all together)
  • Organization was still not perfect and things might be damaged by this for the style and performance that will be shown on the day

DATE: 17th of November 2009

EVENT/ACTIVITY: IMC Presentation day


I woke up today feeling confident about your day that lied in advance and acquired ready for the final meeting prior to the mock demonstration and was pleased to understand this over and finished with. Judith was present for a mock trial before the last mock, which made us all convenient for the demonstration as we'd a chance to go through the whole presentation altogether.


Confidence grew in me and was prepared to present, through the presentation we were outfitted smartly and were prepared with our ability point presentation, we all carried our records with us in the event we forgot something, Shirley unveiled the group and Konstantin followed by introducing and explaining the case study with general combination social issues and possible alternatives, secondly me and Judith continuing with the action plan towards the team, with methods to enhance the tasks and solutions to apply to be at the top, thirdly Shirley prolonged with the action plan that Bert should take up for himself to work and finally Moses finished by talking about the group performance and interaction through the following weeks working together.


Overall I thought that the display travelled well, were we were arranged, right to the point and motivated to perform appropriately to peers satisfaction. Although when showing I was thinking about ways to attain better performance for a smoother flow plus more elegancy to be present.


A better understanding of the situation was grasped, and I saw different perspectives of what can be achieved when a group is effective together as many ideas are drafted and chosen carefully to answer the question totally and determine the circumstances it requires for conclusion.


The cross ethnic factors damaged form this treatment and that worried me the most were:

  • Reading from records made the display lack a little percentage but the mock presentation was there to get us ready for the final one
  • A general feeling that we need more time for the assignment
  • Final member was there for your final run through, believed like she was ready and built in with this style so resulted in a good expectation
  • Not many factors affected us even as we were ready for what was asked for us.


DATE: 23h of November 2009

EVENT/ACTIVITY: Last Group meeting to use any additional changes brought to hand form peers in order to develop and reorganize for the ultimate presentation that would be marked at a value of ten percent10 % but then we would also have to hand in a report of the case study outlining all factor protected n the demonstration for week 12 that could carry yet another 20 % for the module.


On Monday we'd the group appointment for last details for the demonstration. After we browse the final verdict on the how we presented the week before, and there were recommendations given: never to read from the records and generally become more exact with details and reference in the direction of being more correct as a whole.

We fixed and done that which was asked from us and ensured it was more planned and precise for his or her taste. Overall the mock presentation was said to be good but can be better with even more work.


I wasn't happy as we had to do more focus on the presentation and also gather all the information for the group survey, which engaged more work and prep, therefore i was feeling a bit de-motivated and unwilling to do any work.


Thoughts ran through my head to get on with all the work which i had a need to do and comply with to be able to cross all the modules, and said to myself as the course is supplying me an possibility to learn different facets of life, and offer with any concerning issues that might slow down the process of achieving


In general I began to realize that I was developing my means of doing and being more mature in what I considered necessary to do and create an improved trust within myself to be more confident in what I really do and achieve in life.


The cross social factors afflicted form this procedure and that concerned me the most were:

  • De-motivation from myself credited to overload of work
  • Time constraint to all meet together to adapt the project
  • Feel of distress from all team members

DATE: 24th of November 2009


Fast approaching final due date for final formal display and general help other modules started to bring me down as I was sense under the elements from all the work that needed to be done and started to become restless towards everything.

DATE: 26th of November 2009


Additional group meeting for IMC class and last rehearsal.


Final small changes designed to the project for everyone to be happy for final piece to be presented after all of the flaws were corrected.

We found ourselves working hard on the task to try to conform all changes and ideas which were made, by which makes it more smooth moving, precise schedules for the action packages for a more credible end result.


I was feeling very motivated even as we were learning from our flaws and correcting the task, we were adapting all changes and following guidelines to achieve the process as effectively as you can.


All the way through I used to be pondering how nice it was that the team was working so well mutually and making amazing progress, just to recognize that team work was great and work very well under pressure and any uncertain effects that came upon us.


There is a lot I learned out of this particular experience that made me reflect on all the beneficial final results the module leaders decision to make us tell you a mock demonstration, by giving us the chance to recover our benchmarks and overall it would give us a probability to get a improved mark that could depend towards our last level that will determine an improved job opportunity.


The cross ethnic factors afflicted form this session and that concerned me the most were:

  • Decision-making process for final piece
  • Understanding of was asked (unclear, the perfect time to reflect)
  • Time-management always repeated but present (tight plan)
  • Finding time to meet together to finish the assignment


DATE: 1st of Dec 2009


IMC group display (Last!)


In the afternoon we had the IMC group demonstration, we were to provide at 3. 30 and where the second group to present. We were changed to another room as the other one the computer facilities halted working so we met in the post graduate building were we had to present in the room chosen by our module innovator.


We were all well prepared and dressed appropriately (suits), we had notes for peers and presented second and was sense a bit nervous and fatigued and generally happy to finish with the task.


Final thoughts came into mind that people developed a whole lot at that time passed together as a group intellectually and were able to interact effectively and tried to cover as best as we're able to the recommendations given to us. Although unexpectedly Shirley started to complain suddenly that she got done more work than the other members and she had not been happy with the situation, rather than said anything before this day, which obviously created nervousness between your group and stress.


I learned much during the last few weeks with techniques towards showing and understanding other's factors of view, aesthetically seeing other folks present and complex your understanding of their ideas they make an effort to carry out, taking a look at the positive aspect that I could study from them to 1 day use for a purpose.


The cross cultural factors damaged form this time and that worried me the most were:

* Shirley began to complain al of an abrupt that she did more work than others in the group

* This factor created discomfort within the group

* Everyone began to get annoyed and stress rose


DATE: 9th of December


Completion of group statement, finalized and binded for submit date of week 12


As a group most of us sat down and complete the article, every single one of us had their part to pay, from then on was done, we put together the whole piece and made sure it flowed and protected everything was asked from us.

Finally we experienced it a few times, referenced all the work and ideas and binded the article so that it would look tidy for our component leader to learn and examine.


Happiness we were able to cover all the factors and complete the record all together.


So pleased to finally complete a part for the component to show our understanding of the case study and work as a team


Finally I learned a lot from my team on how to study, remove most significant information and gain knowledge of from others towards diverse means of doing.


No cross ethnic issues occurred once we were all encouraged to finish and complete the are accountable to submit.


Meeting period: 2 hours

Tentative Action Plan

Meeting No


Topics (T)to be discussed


Monday, Oct 12th

- T1: Research study situational research and cross social analysis (what and why)


Thursday, Oct 22nd

(Going Campus catalogue, 4:15pm)

- Review of T1

- T2: Action arrange for Bert's group (what and just why)


Monday, Oct 26th

- T3: Acton plan for Bert (what and why)


Monday, Nov 2nd

- Group to go over T4: group profile and cross social issues

- T1-T4 Review

- Review group leader collation of T1-T4 into a group report

- Presentation subject areas assigned independently:

Presentation intro and T1 - Eugenio

T2 - Judith / Konstantin

T3/ report finish - Shirley

T4 / demonstration conclusion - Moses


Monday, Nov 9th

(Moses struggling to attend meeting)

- Review group report

- Each matters to be reduced to 1 1. 5/2 webpages and extra appendices to be provided*

- Each section owner to review his/her subject matter and link current lectures records/readings to particular section of report*

- Each team member to provide 2/3 sentences for intro and summary of group report

- Begin working on demonstration slides

- Decide design and structure of presentation

- Each member to generate his/her own section slides

- Final display to be collated by Konstantin

- Team to e-mail individual slides to Konstantin on Friday, Nov 13th.

- Konstantin to e-mail team complete display on Saturday, Nov 14th


Monday, Nov 16th

(Judith struggling to attend)

- Review demonstration slides and make any final amendments

- Practice group presentation


Tuesday, Nov 17th

Group demonstration (non-assessed)


Monday, Nov 23rd

Headington catalogue, 3pm

- Review slides and report

Moses to provide more information for theme 4


Tuesday, Nov 24th


- Review slides and report - incorporate peer/professors' comments


Tuesday, Dec 1st

Wheatley collection, 1pm

- Practice group presentation

- Final amendments/changes to slides and report


Tuesday, Dec 1st

Group demonstration (evaluated)


Tuesday, December 8th

- Group final changes/posts to report


Tuesday, December 15th

Group report established submission deadline


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