Internal Opponent

The interior Enemy

An excellent novel's theme is often verified by the character's actions.

A story in which this occurs is definitely Lord in the Flies by simply William Golding. In

Master of the Flies Golding uses various characters to represent that guy is

quite simply evil because of his assault and irresponsibility.

One can see that Golding's concept of the the novel is that guy is

essentially evil due to his assault when the savages steal Piggy's

glasses then when Roger kills Piggy. If the savages come to steal

Piggy's glasses that they start a battle. Instead of quietly stealing the

glasses the savages lash out on the boys leaving them bruised and

bloodied. The combat that the savages provoke is usually an example of their

physical violence which allows prove that the theme of the novel is the fact man is

basically nasty. A second method by which Golding illustrates this, is definitely the

incident wherever Roger kills Piggy. Roger seems to destroy Piggy, certainly not

because he is actually a threat, nevertheless because Roger seems to knowledge a

simple desire to get rid of. When Roger kills Piggy he performs the task

thoughtlessly and does not experience any remorse. The fact that

Roger gets rid of Piggy again shows man's violence, proving that the motif

of the novel is that person is basically nasty. The above illustrations have

helped prove Golding's theme.

Yet another way in which Golding portrays person as being fundamentally evil is usually

their irresponsibility when no-one helps Rob build huts and when the hunters allow the fire step out. The young boys voted that

building huts was important and that shelter was obviously a necessity, yet none

of these helped Ralph and Sue make the huts. This demonstrates that they

are certainly not interested in surviving in a civilized society. When the boys will be

unwilling to generate huts they show that they are irresponsible which

the subject of the novel is that man is simply evil. One more way

which the boys display their irresponsibility is when the hunters allow the fire

head out. Although they thought that all it was essential to be preserved

they were unwilling to help with the fire, their only expect of recovery.

They are really more interested in eliminating than in being rescued. It truly is evident

that Golding shows man to be basically bad because the young boys do

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