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Integrated Marketing Communication Program For Pillow

  1. Executive overview:
  2. Marketing plan plan
  3. Situation Examination:
  4. Marketing objective:
  1. Marketing strategies:
  2. Target market:
  3. Urban personality:
  4. Marketing Mix Strategies :
  5. Internal Process
  6. Explanation
  7. Implementation practices :
  8. Evaluation, Monitoring and Control:
  9. The Integrated Marketing Communication Plan
  10. Situational examination :
  11. IMC aim :
  12. Budget perseverance:
  13. IMC Methodologies
  14. Advertisement
  15. Objectives:
  16. 1. Inform:
  17. 2. Persuade:
  18. 3. Remind:
  19. Advertisement budget:
  20. Factors influencing the setting up of advertising Costs:
  21. Product life circuit stage:
  22. Competition:
  23. Product Differentiation:
  24. Advertising Message
  25. What is said. . .
  26. For example:
  27. How they state it. . .
  28. Television :
  29. Strengths
  30. Weaknesses:
  31. Newspapers:
  32. Strengths:
  33. Weaknesses:
  34. Magazines:
  35. Strengths:
  36. Weaknesses:
  37. Outdoor:
  38. Strengths:
  39. Weaknesses:
  40. PRINT Advertisement OF PILLOW
  41. Sale advertising:
  42. Objective:
  43. Reasons for Expansion of Sales Campaign:
  44. 1. Increasing Competition
  45. 2. Customers HAVE GROWN TO BE More Price Sensitive:
  46. 3. Sales Offers Generally Create an Immediate Positive Effect on Sales:
  47. 4. Products have grown to be more standardized:
  48. 6. Advertising IS BECOMING MORE COSTLY and Less Effective:
  49. 7. Trade Has Become More Powerful:
  50. Promotion Strategies:
  51. Consumer sale advertising tool:
  52. Price deal:
  53. Coupon:
  54. Offer:
  55. Premium:
  56. Sampling:
  57. Advertising Specialities:
  58. Trade sale promotion tool:
  59. Trade Allowances:
  60. Point-of-Purchase Display:
  61. Trade Shows:
  62. Public relation
  63. Objective:
  64. Building Product Understanding -
  65. Creating Interest:
  66. Providing Information:
  67. Stimulating Demand:
  68. Reinforcing the Brand:
  69. Direct Marketing
  70. Objective:
  71. Strategy:
  72. Path breaking strategy byARCIES:
  73. Media Planning:
  74. Measuring and Measure the Planning process:
  75. Reason for measuring IMC performance:

Executive overview:

Various Cushion COMPANIES such as SATYAPAL AND ARCHIES etc. design various built-in marketing program. Although common objective of most IMC program is increase brand recognition, sales and design a unique image in customers brain. To be able to address and entice customer all Cushion companies release various campaigns. To communicate with general population and customers they advertise their marketing campaign on TV, magazine, online and radio. Through their advert they would like to design their brand image in customer head. Besides advertisement, in addition they carried out promotion activity, public relation, direct marketing etc. Direct marketing is although time consuming but most effective tool for communication.

Various PILLOW companies also organize various events to be able to communicate properly with customers. Main purpose of this is to raise the sale of Cushion. Before building IMC program the company carries out general market trends in order to judge customers behaviors toward the merchandise. For research they design the strategy.

Before designing included marketing communication program it's important to judge consumers action toward PILLOW, it is necessary to known customers liking and disliking, these data provide various support during planning of IMC program.

Although there are several media designed for communicating but Print out ads in magazine and news newspaper is seen most effective medium accompanied by tv. After Research study done by various PILLOW companies, it has been discovered that respondents were less brand mindful. There is absolutely no particular trend among customers. "Resilience and "comfort are the major qualities considered by customer while buying Cushion.

Marketing plan plan

Situation Examination:

Every organization encounters a whole lot of problem at present time so it became necessary for each organization that before arranging any objective completed situation analysis in order to recognize power, weakness, opportunities and threat within our organization. According to Sally and John, marketing ideas are "the written file or blueprint for applying and handling an organization's marketing activities related to a specific marketing strategy. An effective marketing plan is able to improve organizations' earnings and growth, uses in objective setting up and screens results.

So to gain an effective market plan it is necessary to understand the current situation comprehensively and developments affecting the continuing future of the organization. A couple of two major reasons to describe why situation analysis plays a vital role in growing marketing plan.

Firstly, strong marketing environment will lead to doubt, threats and opportunities for marketers. Marketing professionals who success to know changes in environment through situation evaluation can lead their companies to capitalize on opportunities and cope with threats created by changes.

Then, systematically inspecting situational environments to be able to recognize our customers and understand their needs. There are certain opportunities in cushion industry, such as increase development of properties, hotels etc increase market and market talk about through included PR, and ad and promotional advertising campaign. Besides opportunities there is a lot of risk that create hurdle for entry in to PILLOW industry. These dangers are as follow:

  • Increasing competition
  • High price and cut down loyalty toward brand

Main target behind situation evaluation is to known analyze customer, rival and there strategy.

Marketing objective:

After situation research we became able to known our company power, weakness, opportunities and threat within environment. It offers a lot of support in environment of objective. There may be a great deal of marketing target, some are as follow:

  • Increase market share
  • Create consciousness among market. Use excessive advertising especially using advertising preferred by the prospective market.
  • Create product owed and position among buyer's mind

Marketing strategies:

To achieve this objective we apply various strategies.

Target market:

Urban personality:

  • High income group
  • Hotel owners

Marketing Mix Strategies :

  • Main aim of cushion companies is to create durable and comfortable pillow in a variety of designs. That is mostly done to fully capture attention. They produce new and ground breaking pillow to fully capture more market talk about. Several cushion brands leap in the Indian market by producing high quality of cushion.
  • Pricing range between Rs 500 - Rs 1000
  • Pillow does not need too much promotion.
  • The distribution stations for Pillow Company are the following.




Internal Process

It is really as follows.





Pressing and labeling


Dispatched to store

Packing and containers


  • The test is first send by the buyer. It's called a gold seal test.
  • In cutting dept, one piece is positioned on the other and in this way a bundle of 50 PILLOW is made. Then the cutter slashes it.
  • In the stitching dept, front end or the higher part is manufactured. Then backend is manufactured and they are assembled together in the assemblage end.
  • Washing can be done by simple garment clean or through the rock clean and chemicals. It really is done according to the buyer's demand.
  • In concluding dept, the grade of pillow is examined and problems are rectified.
  • Then the cushion dispatched to the store.
  • Then packing is done. It really is done in line with the buyer's request. They are delivered to the containers.

Implementation practices :

  • Launch a blind advertisement marketing campaign on billboards and publications in all a class areas of major cities and publication.
  • Heavy advertising on Television, papers and magazines
  • Set exhibits of pillow in showrooms and major seller outlets in every cities.
  • Reduce amount of billboards, tv set and magazines adverts.
  • Continue Advertising

Evaluation, Monitoring and Control:

Goal of marketing plan is to achieve market target that are established before execution of marketing plan. We evaluate and control our proper tactic by assessing our result with standard proven before setting of plan, by calculating client satisfaction and brand devotion. If consequence is significantly less than our standard than there any is default in implementation and monitoring.

The individuals who are responsible for the monitoring and control of the marketing plan requires, the Marketing Professionals, Sales Managers, Advertising Managers, GENERAL MARKET TRENDS Departments, and the Production Managers.

Some activities must be carried out for precisely and closely assessing the effectiveness of the strategies and techniques including the gathering and structuring of data regarding market, product, consumers and the rates trends, then your generation of daily sales report should be retained and then in the long run constant reconfirming of the marketing budget and activities by the managers of different divisions.

The Integrated Marketing Communication Plan

Integrated Marketing Communications is a term used to spell it out a holistic approach to marketing communication. It aspires to ensure persistence of meaning and the complementary use of marketing. The concept includes online and offline marketing channels. Online marketing channels include any e-marketing campaigns or programs, pay-per-click, affiliate marketing, email, banner to latest web related stations for webinar, blog, micro-blogging, RSS, podcast, and Internet Television. Offline marketing stations are traditional printing (newspaper, publication), email order, pr, industry relationships, billboard, radio, and television.

A company builds up its included marketing communication program using all the components of the marketing mix (product, price, place, and campaign)

So Integrated marketing communication is integration of most marketing tools, techniques, and resources inside a company which maximizes impact on consumer brain and which results into maximum revenue at lowest cost. Promotional activities include Advertising, sales campaign, and personal selling activities. It also includes internet marketing, sponsorship marketing, immediate marketing, database marketing and pr. And integration of most these promotional tools along with other the different parts of marketing mix to get edge over competition is named Integrated Marketing Communication.

Situational examination :

First of most we carried out we completed situation analysis to be able to understood problem. In this we identify our competition and their strategy for example Archie's completed competitor analysis and find out various strategy followed by other cushion companies. After situation analysis Archie's find out that the California platinum rush whose brand blue cushion have been an American clothing staple for years, had dropped on crisis by 2004 and needed an alteration in strategic path. After seven consecutive many years of falling sales, income turned to deficits in 2003. Management responded to the decline by moving its processing plants offshore and by producing a new type of discount pillow in showroom.

Under situation analysis we also examine financial position of company.

IMC aim :

There are various IMC purpose set by pillow company after situation evaluation in order to accomplish their goal. A few of objective is really as follow:

  • To Increase deal by 50% in six month
  • To Increase brand awareness
  • To Increase customer loyalty
  • To Increase desire of customer
  • To Increase do it again purchase
  • To solution customer satisfaction
  • To create marriage with customer on personal level
  • To control and monitor public opinion
  • To receive feedback from customer on regular basis

Media objectives point out the impact that you anticipate to have by using an audience in terms of reach and consistency. Objectives must meet up with the following standards:

  • Measurability
  • Quantifiability
  • Realism
  • time-specificity

Budget perseverance:

We need to establish what amount of money will be needed to achieve the IMC aims. Although there is various methods present to determine what sum of money invest on IMC. These methods are as follow:

  • Affordable Method
  • Percentage of Sales Method
  • Unit of Sales Method
  • Zero Budgeting Method

In affordable method we commit money on IMC as soon as we can afford. However in Percentage of Sales Method amount of money invest on IMC tool depend on just how much sale we be prepared to achieve during course of year. These percentages are mainly adhoc and sometime based on judgment. In Device of Sales Method Company allocate a certain proportion of cost of product to advertising. Thus say if ex girlfriend or boyfriend manufacturing plant cost of the merchandise is say Rs 100/ - the business will allot Rs. 10/- toward promotion cost. Hence if company needs sale 10, 000 device of the product, thus allocated IMC budget will be Rs. 100. 000/-. In Zero Budgeting Method, company determine what need to achieve in term of sales and then rework backward in term of what money will be needed to be allocate to deliver those customers. Thus if company assume that in order to accomplish their sales, 10, 000 customers need to purchase their skinny jeans once through the planning period than it probably will work out what variety of possible customers will would have to be targeted through ATL and BTL activity, in order to achieve that result.

IMC Methodologies

There are various component of involved marketing communication that is as follow:


Advertisement is any paid form of non-personal demonstration and advertising of ideas or products by an determined sponsor. Objective of any advertisings is to increase brand recognition.


There are usually three objective of advertisements campaign, that is really as follow:

- Inform

- Persuade

- Remind

1. Inform:

Informative advertising, seeks to tell the market about the pillow, clarify the new quality added in pillow, provide information on rates, and build awareness of both the cushion quality and the company. Such objectives are usually pursued at the start of a fresh quality cushion, or re-launch / up-date of a preexisting pillow.

2. Persuade:

Here aims are to encourage the mark audience to switch brands, make the purchase, and produce a preference searching for the pillow as opposed to its competition. Advertising of the nature is necessary in highly competitive market segments, where a selection of cushion design competes directly with one another. In such circumstances businesses often seek to differentiate their pillow through Comparability Advertising - either directly or indirectly evaluating its pillow compared to that of its rivals.

3. Remind:

Reminder Advertising, is used to maintain interest and knowing of a well established pillow brand on the market, often in the second option phases of its product life circuit. It is often used at the Point-of-Purchase to remind consumers of the Brand.

Advertisement budget:

Having determined advertising targets, the advertising budget must be established. Determining how much a business should devote to advertising to attain the desired level of sales. Commonly, the decision is based on past experience of expenditure on advertising, and the sales subsequently achieved. There are however a number of factors that may be considered in setting the advertising budget

Factors influencing the setting up of advertising Costs:

Product life circuit stage:

New products in the 'Launch' stage of their Product Life Routine, will normally require better expenditure on advertising to create product understanding, and encourage consumers to trial the merchandise. Whilst products that contain reached 'Maturity' in their product life circuit, will most likely require smaller advertising budgets to achieve the degree of sales required.


The range of competitors on the market, and their expenditure on advertising competing products, will impact a business to invest to a similar or higher level.

Product Differentiation:

A product nearly the same as other products on the marketplace may require higher expenditure on advertising to differentiate it from its opponents.

Advertising Strategy:

Developing an Advertising Technique to achieve the aims of a advertising campaign, requires that awareness get to both ˜Subject matter' which will be communicated and the ˜Press' through which it'll be sent

Advertising Message

An advertising campaign, no matter how much cash is spent, whatever media is used, will only be successful if the Communication appeals to the mark audience. Given the level of advertising which bombards the average consumer, a successful advertising concept must stand out among the advertising mess. Thus marketing professionals must be creative, imaginative and impressive in expanding the advertising meaning, both in conditions of what is said, and How it is stated?

What is said. . .

This is often referred to as the ˜Big Idea', and will normally address the key benefits searched for by the target audience, motivating the audience to pay attention. Given the regular seek out new ways to charm to target audiences, it is difficult to categories the content of advertising information which an enterprise may send; below we add a couple of types of actual message strategy.

For example:

Satyapal brand, pillow and clothing:

Satyapal. Keep it Simple.

Satyapal, It's True.

Fashion is nothing without people.

In this example massage therapy that draw attention of children is quality must should be increased because without quality, fashion is zero.

How they state it. . .

During delivery of advertising campaign rub in customer brain take the personality symbol, lifestyle and musical as factor.

In addition the tone of the ad will need to be established, which may be either positive or negative. The advertisement may therefore promote positive emotions of fun, contentment, and enjoyment or undertake a more negative, somber, or even intimidating tone.

Selecting Advertising Advertising: In addition to deciding upon this content, style and shade of the advertising message, the media by which the message will be communicated to the target audience must also be selected. Usually for pillow advert we select mass media such as publication, papers and outdoor. TV seldom used for advert of cushion.

In order to select the most likely media, thought must should be given to various advantages and disadvantage of various media. Talents and weakness of various marketing are as listed below:

Television :


  • Dynamic attention getting multimedia, combining visual, reasonable and animated stimulus.
  • Strong potential Impact & High market coverage
  • Good at demonstrating products


  • Highly expensive
  • Poor at conversing lengthy complex information



  • Targeting can be done through profiling readership
  • Good degree of market coverage


  • Static press, not suitable for product demonstration
  • Potential for poor duplication, sometimes limited to dark and white print
  • Short-life period, i. e. today's magazines become tomorrow's rubbish



  • High quality duplication, of color images
  • Targeting can be done through specialist publications
  • Good pass on readership


  • Static marketing, not suitable for product demonstration
  • Lengthy lead-time between advertisement being located and publication being published



  • High repeat exposure to advert
  • Relatively low cost
  • Low levels of competition, in conditions of advertising clutter


  • Limited audience selectivity / focusing on possible
  • Static mass media, not suited to product demonstrations
  • Difficult to screen effectiveness

"Make them your own is the name of the campaign launched by Archies to boost the sales of pillow. That is one of the very most aggressive marketing and advertising strategy accompanied by pillow to go in the sales. The theme of this marketing campaign is narcissistic junior. It will feature youth who'll check themselves out in pillow. The advertising will focus on the age band of house keep wives. Typically Archie's also select TV, Magazine, and Papers as a media for providing there therapeutic massage about their product in customer mind.

PRINT Advertisement OF PILLOW

Sale advertising:

Sale campaign is assortment of various consumers and trade promotional tool such as rebate, discount, gift, contest, coupons, price package, contest game, sampling etc. to increase sales of products. There are certain objectives of deal promotion. However main purpose is to increase immediate sales because Sales Professionals are under great pressure to produce results quickly.


There are certain goals of sale advertising that are as follow:

To increase immediate customer sale

To increase support among the list of marketer's sales team.

To gain the support of the trade in marketing the product

Reasons for Expansion of Sales Campaign:

There are range of reason for development of company in sales promotion some are as follow:

1. Increasing Competition

Due to increase in competition, companies have found it progressively difficult to be competitive on quality. They can be therefore resorting to more impressive methods of sales promotion. To be able to have a competitive edge over its rivals like ARCHIES, SATYAPAL. JNO, once a year has a grand deal of up to 50%.

2. Customers HAVE GROWN TO BE More Price Sensitive:

The increase price sensitivity is direct consequence of rampant inflation. Financial support this trend further, therefore customers and supplier became more hypersensitive toward price. If the clients get top quality PILLOW at 1 / 2 the actual price, they are definitely heading to make huge acquisitions of SATYAPAL PILLOW because they need value for their money, as they are price sensitive.

3. Sales Offers Generally Create an Immediate Positive Effect on Sales:

Advertising, personal advertising and other ways of campaign produce slower effect on sales in compared to sales campaign. Sales marketing promotions are typically for short duration, for a specified period, resulting in a sense of urgency in consumers to buy now. This creates an immediate positive impact on sales.

4. Products have grown to be more standardized:

In many product categories you can find proliferation of brand or lines extension and me way too many brands. The majority of brand recognized by consumer varies little in price. Because of this it became very difficult for marketer to reposition their product in customers mind. Due to that they focus on increasingly more on sale advertising to get immediate consequence.

6. Advertising IS BECOMING MORE COSTLY and Less Effective:

All the advertising media have become quite expensive. Audio-visual medium, which is recognized as the very best for short-duration advertisements, may cost in excess of Rs. 1 lakh for a 10 second coverage during primary time. In many cases, consumers have reached a spot of boredom scheduled to abnormal advertising on TV. Organizations with small budgets cannot compete with big companies, which spend huge sums of money on advertising. For these small budget firms, sales campaign is a more cost-effective promotion solution to produce sales results.

7. Trade Has Become More Powerful:

At present time Retailers and wholesalers have became better and demand extra facility from company to promote their product. Company has no other alternate.

Besides these there is also various kind reason such as Excess Shares, Impulse Buying Is Increasing, Sales Deals Maximize Revenue etc.

Promotion Strategies:

Promotional strategy is mainly set you back change consumers' habit, to increase brand image, to increase income, to increase deal of various good. You can find mainly two kind of sales promotion, is directed toward consumer and other some may be aimed toward trade such as dealer, supplier, shop etc.

Consumer sale advertising tool:

there are a lot of promotional tool used to increase sale. Consumer sale advertising is aimed toward consumer. It encourage consumer to acquire their product swiftly. There are a great number of tool that are as follow:

Price deal:

Price deal is temporary decrease in price of product. You can find two kind of deal: cents-off offers and price-pack deals. Price offer is given at various times to activate purchase of cushion.


A coupon is typically a printed qualification giving the bearer a stated price reduction or special value on a specific product, generally for a particular period. Various company issue various kind of voucher which contain various discount price, customer get the good thing about this discount and purchase pillow at good deal.


There are various kind of present is offer by various pillow industries. For example the branding publication said that the archives will be conducting a marketing campaign centered on the theory that your chosen songs and your favorite cushion, make the perfect fit. Customers who put on a set of the retailer's new cushion will receive a free iTMS download.

The marketing campaign will be marketed with print out and TV advertisings, and will feature TV advertisements with musicians singing covers of a common song while wearing satyapal jeans. The company will be offering those collected comforters in a Compact disc at retail ARCHIES locations for customers who make a US$60 or more ARCHIES purchase.


sometime various companies like Jno, SATYAPAL etc. offer some present or at bargain price to encourage customer buying.


Some company like American eagle's to known comments from customers provide free simple of various PILLOW according to their preference.

Advertising Specialities:

Advertising specialities also call a promotional product. It mainly given to our faithful customers. It includes various credit card like birthday greeting card, New Year greeting card. It's mostly done to keep old customer.

Trade sale promotion tool:

Objectives of Trade Sales Advertising:

  • Gain/maintain distribution
  • Influence resellers to market product
  • Influence resellers to provide price discount
  • Increase reseller inventory
  • Defend against competitors
  • Avoid reduction of normal prices

There are various sale promotion tools that stimulate trade to promote company product. There are a great number of trade sale promotion tools some are as mentioned below:

Trade Allowances:

Trade allowances are short-term special allowances, discounts, or deals granted to resellers to stimulate reseller to speedy purchase of their product.

Point-of-Purchase Display:

Point-of-purchase displays are usually used at the retail level to call customer focus on a included product. In this company employees monitor every retail shop which retail shop that display more company product will be winner of special surprise or prize

Trade Shows:

A trade show is periodic, semi periodic general public event at which supplier exhibits their Pillow and provides information about pillow quality and price to potential buyer.

After employing these different techniques of deal promotion we keep an eye on result and consider these by contrasting with objective set in place before implementation of plan.

Public relation

Public connection is nothing but creating a good relation for organization and product which is performed through used of various communication channel and tool. So open public relation is mainly done to improve the image of company and build good image in customers head.

So public relationship may be define as "People Relations is a couple of management, supervisory, and technological functions that foster an organization's capability to strategically listen to, appreciate, and respond to those individuals whose mutually beneficial associations with the business are necessary if it is to achieve its missions and ideals. "


like other facet of marketing, public relationship is also used to handle several broad aspect of marketing like:

Building Product Understanding -

When introducing a new product or relaunching a preexisting product, marketers can use a PR element that generates consumer attention and recognition through media placements and special happenings.

Creating Interest:

Public Connection create general public interest to make use of the merchandise at least for once time.

Providing Information:

Through the Public relation we can offer a lot of information about company activity and their product feature and service provided by company. These details is sent to public through publication, article website, collateral material; PR helps in providing information that really helps to public in understanding the product feature.

Stimulating Demand:

A positive article in a papers, on TV, reports show or pointed out on the web, often results a discernable upsurge in product sales.

Reinforcing the Brand:

In many companies like JNO, SATYAPAL PILL Company the general public relationships function is also involved with brand encouragement by preserving positive connections with key audiences, and in doing so aiding in creating a strong image.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is business of offering company product directly to customers through mail order, mobile phone, fax, e-mails, or web selling, rather than through sellers.


You will discover mostly to objective for which immediate marketing is carried out these are as follow:

  • Convert not individual to user. It's mostly done to acquire new consumer. The recognition of new potential clients is very vital as it pertains to recruit new leads and transformed them into your clients.
  • The perpetual commitment of customers. A devoted consumer cost less than new customers.


Various cushion industry like archives', satyapal involved with direct marketing to get more market share. These companies delivered a mail-order catalog to around prospective customers.

100-site catalog, developed in-house, focuses on men and women and also contains 10 pages devoted to home products.

There are various tools for immediate marketing these are as : Immediate mail, Telemarketing, E-MAIL MARKETING, faxing, Voicemail, Couponing, Immediate response tv marketing.

Besides these pillow producing company also used various solutions to promote their product. One technique that archies's has recently taken is Course Breaking Strategy.

Path breaking strategy byARCIES:

This strategy is mostly for that pillow whose cost above Rs. 600. We realize a great deal of thing about EMIs for house, car and other kind of white goods. But these EMIs is first-time used by archives' for skinny jeans. This notion has been conceptualized by archives'. Downturn market, cost slicing everywhere and empty pockets is today's situation; and here to curb all these hindrances, Archie's is currently, for the first time ever offering EMI facilities on its pillow in India. Simply shop for more than Rs. 600 and you could avail this offer. This amount will be set off through your bank card in three identical installments. They also have tangled up with ICICI Loan provider for the credit-based card settlement.

There are certain aims behind this plan that are as follow:

To improve the sales of prime cushion wear category that is worth more than Rs. 800 per cushion.

To ensure sales throughout the year regardless of seasonality: How will this objective be achieved: Indian market for apparels is highly motivated by seasonality (maximum purchase happens through the yuletide season across India). Hence, there is high cash with these garments brands during celebrations like Diwali and Durga Puja. At exactly the same time, there is a cash crunch during off months. Also, a huge ratio of service category people buy products during the first 1 / 2 of the month when they obtain their salary, credited to which sales by the end of the month decline. This further deepens the situation of cash crunch or rather working capital crunch, during off season and second one half of the month. Working capital as we know is the main element to success in any business, especially in industries like FMCG, hospitality and lifestyle (which include apparels). This plan may be to ensure a reliable cash flow over summer and winter, so that the situation of healthy working capital can be guaranteed.

To ensure better transformation proportion: How will this aim be achieved: Two types of customers have been discovered by the pillow which are rough nuts to crack. First being those for whom purchase of cushion and other apparels will depend on impulse. By giving EMI on pillow, archies will ensure that there is an extra reason where these impulses can be made by the business rather than waiting for the consumers to activate and act after their impulse. The second group of customers is not customers by itself but is termed as ˜window purchasers'. Even for this set of customers, archies(through EMI) will make its pillow more profitable and at the same time will not be a big slash on their wallets.

Media Planning:

Various brand like Archies, Jno used largely printing, broadcast and online multimedia to provide their massage. For instance satyapal pillow in 2005 start a print advertising campaign around a style that is bugging consumers ever since pillow were developed, "Perhaps you have found your perfect fit?"

Print ran in regular monthly fashion and beauty publications as well as weeklies such as People and Legend. Ads will appear in non-traditional fashion locations as Parenting and home-decor publication Domino.

Similarly Archies used tv set as media to promote their product, in their TV advertisings, they use no dialogue and greatly reliant on music, supported by a blanket press strategy made to saturate the target 16- to 24-year-old market.

Archies also used various print out media like papers, magazine, core fashion and lifestyle publication to deliver their massage. IT commercial of archies is not varying more than 20 second. So after study various articles, I came across that almost all of jeans producing company used following media, company and media idea.

  • Media used: Television set, press, outdoor, sponsorship, online
  • Agencies: Bartle Bogle Hegarty, Starcom Motive, Poster Promotion,
  • Media idea: Strike the mark audience of 16- to 24-year-olds

Measuring and Measure the Planning process:

Reason for measuring IMC performance:

There are various reason, scheduled to which it became more essential to measure performance of IMC. These reasons are as follow:

  • Since a lot of money is necessary for advertising campaign and promotion and other marketing activity. So that it became essential to examine whether such invest generate any come back or not.
  • After measuring the performance it became in a position to understand where I am. So that it help in choosing the very best alternative.
  • We completed IMC performance evaluation to eliminate unproductive strategy.
  • It also helps in estimating whether goals are achieved or not.
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