Integrated Marketing Communication Plan Hong Kong Disneyland Marketing Essay

Walt Disney's Parks and resorts section roots go back to December 16, 1952, when Walt Disney developed WED Enterprise to build up Disneyland in California. Walt Elias Disney, Enterprise was privately owned or operated by Walt Disney until 1963 when it merged into Walt Disney Productions. Through the onset of the Disney parks and resorts with the development of Disneyland in 1955, Walt Disney clearly defined Disney's marketplace as becoming a primary travel vacation spot for families. In the adaptation of the Disney parent or guardian company's mission assertion "To create people happy, " Disney's parks and resorts department has continued to develop to make increasing numbers of people happy (Disney, 2010).

Marketing marketing communications, known as "Promotion" in the 4Ps model, is thought as the process giving the persuasive information to the target consumers (Frazier and Summers, 1984). Furthermore, marketing and sales communications are some tools employed by companies to converse, advise and continue to be consumers with the change of the information on products, brands and service (Kotler et al. 2005). However, along with relationship marketing paid closer focus on by scholars and experts, during the procedure for utilizing marketing communication, reviews is more important aspect for companies to track and meet consumers' needs and assist in the marketing strategy formulation and execution. Duncan and Moriarty (1997) and Zinkhan et al. (1996) mentioned that the two-way marketing communications based on the interactive relationship between marketers and consumers can further improve and keep maintaining the closer and health relationship. Marketing communication predicated on two-way communication between marketers and consumers can identify, develop and keep maintaining this romance benefited from by marketers and consumers (Gr¶nroos, 2000). Marketing communication not only is an activity of informing and staying consumers, but is an interactive procedure for two-way communication between marketers and consumers.

Kotler et al. (2005) argued that marketing communications mix for obtaining companies' advertising and marketing goals involves advertising, personal offering, sales promotion, pr and immediate marketing. Compared with the previous mix, marketing communication combination includes some main aspects including advertising, general public relationship, sales promotion, personal selling, sponsorships, occasions and immediate marketing (Shimp, 2003). Sponsorship, as the influential route of marketing communication, can improve the performance of sales, adjust consumer behaviour toward the specific products and service, sharp the image of corporation and brand and develop and keep maintaining the closer marriage between marketers and consumers (Shank, 1999). Since sponsorships and occasions marketing can accomplish the execution of online marketing strategy and lead consumers to point out on the aspects pressured significantly by marketers, these two marketing communications channels are put on developing marketing communication by most marketers.

From the sensible perspective, sales team, retail showrooms, catalogs, print out advertising, television set advertising, sampling by email and word of mouth are the common marketing and sales communications programs and tools (Wernerfelt, 1996). Furthermore, under the circumstance of the interactive marriage among marketing, advertising, marketing communication and pr, practical marketing communications tools contain four aspects in the next table.

This section gives the detailed examination and knowledge of the question of how Hong Kong Disneyland plan and use marketing communications strategies to approach the precise given target market segments. In this report, China (Hong Kong) and Singapore will be chose as both of these specific target market segments. Since Hong Kong, located on the south coast of China, gets the difference cultures differentiating from China mainland, this record will choose this special territory as you of two main focus on market segments. Singapore is a unique country on an island in Southeast Asia and between Malaysia and Indonesia. Furthermore, in order to better analyze the process of marketing and sales communications and the similarities and distinctions of marketing communications between Hong Kong and Singapore, this statement will consider choosing some specific marketing and sales communications instances of Hong Kong Disneyland.

When designing the marketing communications strategies, Hong Kong Disneyland will significantly consider the mark marketplaces needs and characteristics for transmitting the proper announcements to these focus on markets through marketing and sales communications channels. For instance, Celebrating Disney Princess Academy, as the special promotion of Disney Princess Collection, and Celebrating the Magic of Hong Kong Disney are chose as research study for interpreting how Hong Kong Disneyland understanding the prospective markets needs and characteristics and informing appropriate information through marketing communication tools and programs.

Celebrating Disney Princess Academy is considered as one special promotion of Disney Princess Collection including Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella, Jasmine, Belle and Ariel. This blend will exert stronger effect on consumers than one princess does. Based on the characteristics of this celebrating, Hong Kong Disney considered young girls (4 to12) and office gals, mothers and family members in Hong Kong and Singapore as both most important focus on markets (HKILS, 2010).

As regards both of these significant target markets, an effective promotional communication is important for Hong Kong Disneyland to get and retain target consumers. With this campaign of Celebrating Disney Princess Academy, the note of "Join the Disney shopping mall event and get the chance to experience how to be a princess who once in a life unique experience for both moms and daughters" was created and employed by Hong Kong Disneyland to Hong Kong and Singapore. This communication emphasizing on unique experience of being a princess in a life time motivated most aim for consumers' child's beautiful dream of becoming an elegant princess. From your point of view of consumer patterns, an appropriate communication will enhance the degree of consumers' involvement. Hong Kong Disney creating this message is dependant on the thoughtful knowledge of consumers' needs and promotion's characteristics and features.

As the prior discussed, community relationships can increase the efficiency of marketing communications and accomplish the positive source of person to person. Hong Kong Disney stressed that community relations and communication, as the important part of commercial culture, was considered as the significant strategy to undertake corporate public responsibilities and enhance the corporate and business and brand image among others (Hong Kong Disney, 2010). Some program, such as work experience and training for students and external volunteers, environment safety, green purchasing and sourcing, community service, not only offer better service for community and company, but also give an important opportunity for employees to understanding and respecting consumers yet others surrounding them. Furthermore, this is a opportunity for consumers and areas cognize and understanding Hong Kong Disneyland deeply. Community relations and communications employed by Hong Kong Disneyland has improved and improved the partnership and marketing and sales communications between Hong Kong Disneyland and its consumers.

The key similarities and distinctions of the marketing and sales communications in Hong Kong and Singapore will be indicated in the development and delivery of message under cross-cultural scenario. Beneath the cross-cultural environment, different civilizations to a certain extent may affect the efficiency and quality of marketing and sales communications. Furthermore, cultures will exert a considerable impact on four dimensions of communication including mission, proposition, strategy and execution (Van Raaij, 1995). When contemplating employing marketing and sales communications with consumers in Hong Kong and Singapore, Hong Kong Disneyland will importantly concentrate on the different civilizations affecting the product quality and performance of marketing communications. Because the Walt Disney Company considered oversea marketplaces as the utmost important market for more than 75% of its earnings from overseas market segments (Marr & Fowler, 2005), Hong Kong Disneyland viewed Hong Kong and Singapore as two significant target markets. Furthermore, Hong Kong and Singapore are considered both important leading international holiday destinations in Southeast Asia. The similarities between Hong Kong and Singapore in culture support the common traditional custom and the individuals closer romantic relationship and family. For instance, in this Celebrating Disney Princess Academy, Hong Kong Disneyland focused on the mark audiences of mom and daughter. However, the variations between Hong Kong and Singapore in culture contain freedom and insecurity (Teo and Chang, 1998; Mok and Dewald, 1999; Henderson, 2002). In Hong Kong, celebrities were asked to take part the marketing communications for releasing the simple and relax atmosphere.

When planning and making the integrated marketing communications, Hong Kong Disneyland needs employees to use this strategy. However, because the Walt Disney Company increased and improved the quality of Disney service under the environment of cross-culture, the employees in Hong Kong Disneyland often are been trained in other Disney resorts (Boldt et al. 2008). This training program made most employees weaken the quality of marketing communications because of different cultural qualifications. Furthermore, in conditions of Boldt et al. (2008), Disney cannot focus on and attract increasingly more families. Quite simply, significant amount of families don't have enough affinity for Disney. These two key issues will weaken the performance of built-in marketing and sales communications.

However, Hong Kong Disneyland utilized integrated marketing communications through the use of traditional media, internet-based press, new creation of press, shows, exhibition and the precise understanding of communication. These things will strengthen the quality of included marketing communications.

In the truth of Celebrating Disney Princess Academy, Hong Kong Disney designed messages, developed and integrated marketing and sales communications tools and the analysis of multimedia coverage to indicate that integrated marketing and sales communications are produced by Hong Kong Disneyland. Integrated marketing and sales communications is thought as a tactical marketing process that design, develop, use and determine marketing communication programs of goal audiences (Schultz and Schultz, 2004). The following will use the framework examining integrated marketing and sales communications. The framework comes from Schultz and Kitchen (2000)

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