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Integrated Marketing Communication Goals Marketing Essay

In this team assignment report, we had chosen Starbucks Company as the subject for Integrated Marketing Communication research. An Integrated Marketing Research strategy will be included to promote the business, product range or product and improve on the current strategies used. The Integrated Marketing Communication programs include creative strategy, press planning strategy, broadcast media strategy, print multimedia strategy, sales advertising strategy, public connection and publicity and etc. A situational evaluation of Starbucks Company plus some of the targets of IMC strategy should be included in the report. Nevertheless, monitoring, evaluation and control are included for Integrated Marketing Communication programs to meet up with the objectives.

Starbucks is regarded as the most successful caffeine chain store in the past few years. It has run its business from a coffee bean seller to one of the world's most familiar coffee houses. Throughout the years, Starbucks has widened its business in both locally and globally. Starbucks has grown into a business well-known for its coffee properties, where customers can purchase food and beverages as well as packaged whole bean and espresso drinks. The instant caffeine market in Malaysia is an attractive industry to go in to the growing caffeine culture locally and Starbucks has introduction a new instant espresso product that is uniquely placed against its challengers.

There are thousands of people round the world thrives on the morning, afternoon plus some evening because of their sit down elsewhere by walking in to Starbucks. Although pricing of an Starbucks coffee is recognized as an overpriced coffee but it brings visitors to Starbucks stores around the world in day and after day. Starbucks happens to be one of the top contenders and stiff competition in the coffee industry. Starbucks has expanded into numerous markets recently and has succeeded greatly in doing this.

Situational Analysis

Company Profile Analysis

Starbucks Company tale commenced in 1971 with an individual store in Seattle's Pike Place Market. The Seattle-based firm name is comes from Herman Melville's Moby Dick which is a classic American novel about the 19th century whaling industry. This name is created that shown the quirky aspect of the business's founders. It is seems to be befitting a store that imports the world's finest coffees to the frigid, thirsty folks of Seattle.

Today, there are usually more than 17, 000 retail stores in 55 countries joining with customer everyday with the exceptional products. Starbucks is within a growth market of the area of expertise espresso industry, it has a good relative overall position that it's participating in now. It has generated itself as the world's leading shop, roaster and make of specialty coffee in this industry. The top roaster and dealer of Starbucks niche coffee on earth strive to bring both our history and experience to life.

Starbucks, the company which ranks amongst the world's top 100 global brands comes with an impressive record of sales and profit growth. This may refer in appendix desk 1. Within the stand 1, shown that this gets the highest total net revenues, operating income and total stores opened up in the year of 2006 as compare among yr 2002 to 2006. Starbucks achieved a sales turnover of $7. 8billion, an increase of 22% compare on 2005, and working margin of 11. 4%.

Starbucks in Malaysia of the called of Berjaya Starbucks Coffee Company Sdn Bhd is a company that jointly had by Starbucks Caffeine International and Berjaya Company Berhad. A couple of Starbucks stores functioning throughout Malaysia which is focused on offering customer the world's finest coffee while enriching Malaysian's lives one cup at the same time. On 17 Dec 1998, the first Starbucks store is exposed at KL Plaza in Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. There's a Starbucks stores listing in the Starbucks Malaysia website.

Starbucks started out operate to provide consumers some other kind of feeling about drinking espresso. People can get some other kind of experience that a person a normal barista would expect. Starbucks physical store environment is made around brightly lit cafs with comfortable seating, the aroma and style of coffee. It is also being regard and differentiate itself as more than only a coffee shop. The friendly staff of Starbucks, bustle of customers and the enjoyable vocals in the shop has make them position its brand as a lifestyle of preference that people prepared to spend time in that from work and home. Starbucks is the 3rd place between work and home where most of consumers agree because of this statement. It is also a great place visitors to achieving up for chat and a feeling of community.

Starbucks set to be an outstanding and various kind of company which not only celebrated their caffeine and the rich traditions but also helped bring a sense of connection between people. To inspire and nurture the individuals spirit by one individual, one cup and one community at the same time is Starbucks Company's objective. This is actually the principles of how exactly we live that every day. A lot of the customer walk in to Starbucks store to talk or hook up more than work. It is because it is a neighborhood gathering place that is become a part of the day to day routine inside our life. Quality is the key goal for Starbucks company that both in product and experience. Starbucks is passionate about ethically sourcing each of the finest coffees, roasting them meticulously and bettering the lives of men and women who grow them.

Starbucks corporate goal is to be the most recognized brand of espresso in its market and industry throughout the world. In order to accomplish that goal, Starbucks Company increase market talk about in the existing markets and open up new stores in new markets. Becoming a leading shop and coffee brand is the Starbucks retail objective by selling their first quality coffees and related products to their target markets. Starbucks also offers a superior level of customer service with their customer therefore a higher amount of customer commitment can be build between Starbucks and customers.

Product Analysis

There is an array of products selections in Starbucks Malaysia stores. Drink is the key product in Starbucks store. Coffee, espresso wines, tea, blended drinks, caffeine mugs and other caffeine accessories are available in Starbucks stores. Starbucks comes with an innovative idea because of their coffee creations, from a hot Caramel Macchiato to a Java Chip Frappuccino. This is one way they identify themselves from the competition. Tazo Tea drinks, hot cocoa juices and bottled water is offer for the non-coffee drinkers. Starbucks offers seasonal specialty beverages to be dished up during the vacations such as the Gingerbread Latte and Peppermint Mocha.

Starbucks also serve an incredible variety of handcrafted coffee and espresso drinks. Espresso, caffe Americano, caffe latte, cappuccino, caffe mocha, caramel macchiato and brewed caffeine are under basic caf latte category in Starbucks store. Furthermore of the drink order, customer can modify their own drink by adding foam, dairy, espresso photographs, syrups and whipped cream. Customer can also let the staff know what temps they want for his or her drink like latte somewhat hotter and so forth.

Furthermore, cool and chilling delicious beverages also selling in Starbucks store. This can help to quench customer thirst and find the refreshing relief in one the beverage. Some special cool drink are iced caramel macchiato, iced caffe mocha, iced caffe latte, iced Americano, iced caffeine, tazo iced tea and iced chocolate. All this drink is manufactured with different kind of the elements and mixed along become another scrumptious beverage to be served for customer. The stimulating treat of beverage creates smoothness result to customer.

Another refreshment drink where can find in Starbucks store is Tazo Tea. The beverage includes chamomile, mint blend, English breakfast time, earl grey and green idea. Frappuccino blended beverage is a particular drink in Starbucks store where customer can pick their favorite combined drink in coffee, crЁme or tea. Raspberry blackcurrant Frappuccino combined beverage and mango love fruit Frappuccino blended beverage are the blended drink that with a stimulating combination of juice and Tazo Tea combined with snow.

Moreover, donuts, muffins, cake and other snacks that are as well are being screen and offered in Starbucks Malaysia store. All of this products are quite popular that ordered frequently by customers to go with a glass of Starbucks espresso. Healthy sandwiches and salads are offered as lunch break. Starbucks products, like espresso mugs, and coffee in packages will be the products that aren't immediately consumed at the spot. A regular Starbucks customer normally will buy a coffee mug or tumbler at the Starbucks store. This is because it helps the client to save lots of RM2 whenever purchase any beverage with the own tumbler at any Starbucks store. It is also create the same kind of espresso at home to get a usage experience that matches the one at Starbucks.

In addition of products, Starbucks also offers services beyond the stores such as Cordless Internet services and newspapers designed for customers to enjoy while calming in the store. Starbucks services likewise incorporate the creation of an extremely warm, home-like atmosphere that invokes cultural interaction. This tranquil and friendly atmosphere in Starbucks store improved by the way customers are treated by Starbucks staffs.

Current IMC analysis

Starbucks more emphasized and focus their advertising on "person to person" strategy. This is also called as viral marketing. It is means that customer got put on the Starbucks drink and propagate it with their friends, family and etc. This let the high quality of Starbucks products and services speak for themselves. Starbucks believe that connecting using their customers and concentrating on their in-store experience is more valuable than any advertisements or mass marketing. Once a person is satisfied with Starbucks drink, it works more effectively when they in my opinion promote their brand. This is because a satisfied customer who'll return and can remain their devotion to the brand. Starbucks centered on utilizing their current customers to attract new ones.

Next, Starbucks focused on promotion strategy that has seductive communication strategy relates to consumers at an individual level. In order to maintain a romantic relationship with customers on an individual level, they remained away from mass marketing and media stores those strategies. Starbucks avoid tv set commercials, radio stop commercials, magazine advertisements, banners advertisements and etc. Starbucks didn't have any roadside billboard banners that advertise their products and services.

Furthermore, really the only form that Starbucks using now for his or her advertising of IMC strategy publicly is press release on their website. It is one of the public relations or mass media that Starbucks provided online their information and kept up to date news. A lot of the Starbucks news are released or given three months before the product is launched. This is the way Starbucks tell their customer the forthcoming new drinks, foods, services and etc.

Starbucks also utilizes direct marketing as their current IMC strategy. Advertising on Facebook, twitter, waiting for you posters or chalkboards and mailing out emails are the types of Starbucks direct marketing. Starbucks also has a occurrence in social mass media. There is a community website like Facebook is established by Starbucks. It really is a location where Starbucks can gather suggestions and feedback from customers. Starbucks can also revise their latest promotion, products, services, merchandise and etc in Facebook. That is can create a two way communication between Starbucks and customers. Additionally it is build a "community atmosphere" among premium coffee fans.

Starbucks introduced the Starbucks card for the customers. It is a stored-value cards for customers to use and reload. This offers customer better and increased convenience when they make a purchase at any Starbucks store in Malaysia for their beverages, foods and etc. Customers simply need to quick swipe the credit card when they purchase anything. This Starbucks card provides customers a great deal of benefits and it can refer in Starbucks Malaysia website.

Besides that, sales special offers such as coupons are sent using online mailing list, as well as provided with their customers in Starbucks store about the informational pamphlets, brochures, flyers and cards are also included. The e-mail marketing communications between Starbucks and customers is happen regularly where messages are properly paced, visually oriented and interesting information about the merchandise Starbucks offers.

Integrated Marketing Communication Objectives

The Starbucks main IMC aim is create brand recognition. Although the mark market of Starbucks involves middle-age men and women, usually middle to higher class. This is because this group of customer more happy or likely to get Starbucks caffeine compare to the other. Starbucks need to increase their marketplace by letting more folks know and aware of this brand and purchase the merchandise. Starbucks should not only concentrate serving their existing customers but also come out with some marketing intend to attract their clients. This also helps Starbucks increase their market in this industry.

Another IMC aims are create and boost the brand loyalty toward Starbucks. There is a stiff competition in this caffeine market and industry. Customers can simply switch to other brand when a very important factor becomes them down. Starbucks should be better than the competitor. The relationship between customers and Starbucks should be long-term and keep hooking up it by get all the kept up to date information, campaign and etc. Starbucks card is a great start for Starbucks customer continues purchase their products because of the benefits a customer could get from it compare to other Starbucks opponents.

In addition, improve the sales of the Starbucks company is one of the IMC purpose. Starbucks used a few of the IMC program to push the sales of the stores throughout Malaysia. When more of the IMC program being release, the greater possible of higher sales earnings to be achieve. Although Starbucks is in the market or industry for a while, but sales of every of every stores is their main target to success. The gains that make from the sales could create a benefit for Starbucks personnel as well.

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