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Installation Of House windows 7 Computer Science Essay

It choosing an operating-system operating system, one should never only consider the features of his/her PC pc but also the compatibility of that Laptop or computer with the Operating-system of his/her choice. Windows 7 is compatible with almost all modern computers. The installation of Windows 7 is a lot easier and requires a shorter time than many other operating systems. Glass windows 7 comes in several editions including Venture, Ultimate, Professional and Home High grade. The set up process for all the versions is similar. However, one should choose the version that suits his/her interests to the fullest. The concept of installing Glass windows 7 can be broken down into steps that guide a end user through the procedure. A clean assembly will produce the best for just about any user who is considering using House windows 7.


Performing a clean set up should not be viewed as a hard task. Before a consumer starts installing the OS, he/she should first check the system requirements for windows 7 to ensure that the PC's hardware is compatible and is recognized by the Operating-system. Johnson (30) notes that it's essential to download all the required drivers essential to Windows 7 from the manufacturer's websites. The motorists can be saved in a USB drive or a CD-R before the installation begins.

The operating system is usually available in a bootable DVD. For one to boot from the Dvd and blu-ray, he/she needs to deal with the boot collection. The boot collection shows up under the BIOS setup. CD-ROM/DVD-ROM is the preferable boot device a user should choose. Johnson (33) also notes that there has to be several other arrangements that a end user ought to make before putting in the OS. In case a user will not want to reduce the data already stored in the Computer, he/she should back again it up in a detachable device to avoid overwriting the data accidentally and irrecoverably. He brings that an assembly key is necessary (Johnson 34). Without the set up key, a consumer cannot install this operating system.

The first step in the unit installation process involves inserting the House windows 7 Dvd and blu-ray in the Dvd movie holder then booting the device. Since the boot sequence has already been selected, the user should click on 'Enter' and continue with the process. Once this is done, the OS will start loading files. After the files are fully loaded, one needs to select the terminology of his/her choice and click on 'continue'. In the next process, an individual is permitted to install Glass windows 7 or repair the earlier version in case it was busted. As Andrews (114) asserts, it is essential for a consumer to learn the license terms to avoid future difficulties that may arise if one realizes that the load up is not compatible with his/her machine. .

Since this is a clean unit installation, a individual should choose Custom (Advanced) instead of Upgrade. Additionally, a customer should choose the drive where to set up the OS. According to Jimmy Westwood, an IT tech at Microsoft, it is essential to delete the earlier version of the Operating-system before installing a new someone to avoid extreme and needless allocation of disk space during clean set up (Bott, 49). In the event a Personal computer has one hard drive, a individual might want to partition it by clicking on the Drive Options. Bott (51) notes that Glass windows 7 requires not less that 16GB free hard drive space. However, the operating-system will take only 7GB of this space. After satisfactorily allocating the area, click on 'Next" and continue with the process. During the set up process, the PC restarts many times.

Eventually, following the installation process is completed, the user is meant to provide the username and computer name before continuing. Andrews (115) provides that, for security purposes, a password is highly essential. The next phase will involve the activation of the operating system. Glass windows 7 activation is vital to avoid expiry of the OS. However, a customer may choose to continue without joining the activation key, however the OS will run for a trial amount of thirty days. Therefore, one must trigger the Operating-system within the 30 days, and he cannot gain access to his/her PC since the Operating-system is expired. This means that a distinctive difference between Glass windows 7 and Windows XP installation. In XP, a customer cannot continue with the unit installation process without providing the activation key since XP doesn't have a trial method. After effectively activating Home windows 7, the load up is nearly ready for use. One can choose to configure the posts, although Johnson (36) shows that this should be done after the OS is completely installed and working successfully. The rest involves the setting of your respective time zone and location. Home and work networks are highly recommended while configuring one's location. General population networks aren't trustworthy generally.

Comparably, the installation of Windows 7 is much easier that installing Windows XP. Additionally it is more user-friendly and streamlined than the latter versions. However, House windows 7 is associated with some constraints such as portioning that are not there in OR WINDOWS 7 and Vista. Nonetheless, the procedure should take only one hour considering its simplicity. Additionally, the shift from Windows XP to Home windows 7 is technically easy as a result of in-place upgrade provided in this new version of House windows. The installation process of Windows 7 and Windows XP tolerate some similarities. In both os's, a consumer can choose for dual boot unit installation. This allows a user to operate his/her Laptop or computer using two os's. However, the process needs good care since one of the os's may delete the other (Bott 49-51).

Furthermore, once installed, Glass windows 7 offers a multiplicity of advantages to its users compared to Windows XP. House windows 7 offers integrated and secure Virtual Private Network support through DirectAccess software. This implies that servers can be manipulated effectively through the software. Second, the Operating-system offers prior integration especially for the Windows 7 Venture and Ultimate Editions. This feature is absent in earlier versions. Third, the OS offers easier and less invasive user profile control than windows XP (Andrews 121).


The switch from windows XP to Windows 7 requires a clean set up for a customer to get the best benefits. The set up technique requires several arrangements such as the acquisition of drivers, activation key, as well as a check on the compatibility of the hardware with the Operating-system. Although a consumer may function with the trial mode for 30 days, it is essential to provide the activation key to steer clear of the expiry of the OS. Conversely, XP unit installation requires the key and one cannot continue with the procedure without providing the main element. For both XP and Windows 7, a user can do a dual boot unit installation to operate with two os's. The installation process for Glass windows & has been known as easy as and better than that of OR WINDOWS 7.

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