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Innovation Tasks And Economic Return

1. Why do you consider innovation projects neglect to generate an financial return?

In Innovation projects it's always an activity of learning a fresh thing or new outcome. For the reason that point throughout the job only the costs and expenditures are from the project. For example research and development, material cost and etc. as we can easily see only the bills are made up to the final point of the job where the final outcome appears. For instance if the company operates a project with an innovation job which is about new fairness cream until last product, the fairness cream only the bills and costs are associated for the areas such as research and development, materials for the cream, pay and etc. The making of earnings or economic come back starts when the fairness cream reach the marketplace place and when there is the start of sales and marketing process of the company. Therefore to attain the breakeven point it takes some time after the task. Therefore only task itself will not generate any financial go back as it only produces a final final result which is a product or something. In that point economic come back generation is a process that i s always after the invention process, that's the primary reason why all the technology projects fail in economic return generation.

2. What exactly are some of advantages and cons of

Individuals as Innovators,

Firms as Innovators,

Colleges as Innovators,

Government Companies as Innovators,

Nonprofit Organizations as Innovators?

Individuals as Innovators


- Many creative and impressive ideas can be derived from a person.

- People will definitely understand their own uncounted needs

- Users may have good inspiration to solve their problem


- Limits may be there when spending the capital.

- Permission to resources is likely to limitations

- Improvements demand, better knowledge than what the average person knows.

Firms as Innovators


- The organization is in possession of a huge capital for investment.

- If complementary products are developed there are better opportunities.

- To encourage motivation especial organization is vital.


- Higher emphasis is given on tasks that bring immediate economic returns alternatively than assignments which are advantageous to the world.

Universities as Innovators


- Wide variety of knowledge and resources may on universities.

- You'll be able to invest on long term projects which give attention to scientific advances somewhat than tasks on economic dividends.

- There's always a link between federal and non profitable organizations.


- May concentrate on doubtful projects somewhat than ones with instant applications.

- Innovations might not always reach the market.

- Undisciplined financial management could cause less efficiency in development process.

Government Organizations as Innovators


- Wide variety of knowledge and resources may available on government.

- You'll be able to invest on permanent projects which concentrate on scientific advances rather than projects on financial returns

- Has an effect on other innovators such as universities, companies and non-profit organizations


- If there are no complementary products, enhancements on the market may be hard.

- Undisciplined financial management may cause less efficiency in development process.

Nonprofit Organizations as Innovators


- They have got links with other get-togethers such as government, colleges and nonprofit organizations.

- Acquiring the support of exterior get-togethers is a in close proximity to possibility.

- Mission based focus may permit the organization to go for long term risky tasks.


- Relying on donations and cash may bring about limitations in capital resources.

- If there are no complementary products, enhancements in the market may be difficult.

3. What are some of the ways a firm can make an effort to raise the overall value of its technology, and its odds of becoming the prominent design?

The overall value of the firm's technology can be incremented by employing needed strategies. More the technology is used, the more earnings it comes back to the organization. To improve the overall value with their technology and become the dominating design the idea was provided below.

To make it through in the innovative business world and to obtain the superior product standardization and also to dominate the market, the firm's technology should have a huge installed base. The Main focus of the organization ought to be to appeal to the consumers by increasing their installed base. Growing complementary products or by motivating other developers to generate products for his or her technology will enhance the performance of the company. Complementary products will enhance the technology more efficient and attract the consumer base. As the incremental expansion occurs on complementary products, the technology will capture the market and you will be the dominating design.

The firm must penetrate the market by closely increasing the understanding among consumers. They need to conduct eye catching adverts by promoting their product to the exiting market using various varieties of medias and marketing channels. And make ground-breaking awareness that their products have a great place in the market and the technology behind which has a high demand and the firm has an enormous installed foundation. Therefore when market penetration occurs more consumers will take up the new technology which can help the technology to be the prominent.

It's important to the company to mainly give attention to the technology which is much appropriate for the complementary products which will be produced by other competitive organizations. Incompatibility of the complementary products will discourage the consumers from consuming or adapting to technology. So the organization should always power and encourage the expansion of the suitable complementary products to make their technology dominating.

By providing enhanced working products for the consumers with a reasonable price who is highly adapting the technology the business can raise the customer bottom part. As there are high selection of competitors firms must market their product with a price which the consumers are able easily. Which means technology deliverable should be guaranteed by the company as to the customer prospects.

By implementing these strategies the installed basic can be increased which means overall value and odds of their technology would be the dominating design.


Melissa Schilling, 2008, 'Strategic Management of Technological Innovation', The McGraw-Hills companies, India.

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