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Innocent Product Consumer

Innocent Product Consumer


1. Innocent as a product orientated company

I highly believe that innocent is something oriented company due to the fact that is activities are centred toward the necessity and the necessity of the consumer. The products from innocent are inclusive and totally attractive to the consumers in that, its interesting dynamics makes increased sales (Broda & Weinstein 2006).

The concentrate being on the merchandise, innocent produces the new fruit juice. With this thought the consumers consider the value of the merchandise in relation to the quality and since this is only fruits exclusively as depicted. Innocent possessed to carry out the product research since by the initial founders departing their job because of the making of the services and carrying out collection of the data using the samples of the products; the founders were doing product research (Romalis 2004). Because of the substantial answer the consumers plainly gave them a go head depicting how their product was fine.

This aspect also depicted product trials; this came into being consequently of the samples given to the consumers having positive reactions. Being product focused innocent evidently depict how targeted it is in the provision of total super fruit only products that are able to satisfy the needs of the consumers. this comes about since even though other producers tried to persuade them of shifting to the utilization of preservatives and other sugar they clearly managed their stand. Being product oriented, innocent tested its product in small market segments before embarking into wider marketplaces focusing about how the products quality had a direct effect in the total population that used it. This shows the competence in the organization.

2. Making use of the 4Ps by Innocent to produce a marketing blend.


Innocent is targeting the right product in that what the buyer wants is what they are getting. The consumers have a complete satisfaction with the fresh fruit juices being produced by innocent therefore displaying that the company experienced aright product focus on tom the right inhabitants. The top features of being entire in the product give a popular for the product because of its health aspect. Innocent has tried out to build up and enhance services and the various ways in the introduction of the products. Through this it sorts a groundwork of the target at which a clear distinction between your other products from different companies is placed. The line of development by this company has also been clearly create on how to make the product therefore enhancing a smooth movement of operations within the company. The company's production is well concerned with this is of the merchandise to the consumer.

In the span of the addition of the marketing combine, the product suits the overall market need since it is well loved by the consumers for it advanced qualities. The looks of the merchandise. Good requirements of the marketplace and in order to incorporate full into the marketing matrix innocent has broadened the range of its products from smoothie's fresh fruit juices to deserts. The purpose of the number of products is to match into the market to the new growing consumers'. in this context, the smoothies and the fresh fruit juices are the new products it is therefore the consumer's notion clearly outlines the costs of the products because the market energy focuses on the success of the products.


Even though the price of the product are incredibly high, innocent still has much larger sales owing to the fact that the consumers have loved the quality of the products. The conception of the consumers sometimes appears by the large sales created by innocent. this shows how much appreciation has been focused on the quality of the products. in innocent, the costs coverage has been changing from time to time as it retains on increasing since the value of what's being used in terms of health has been related to the quality of the same products( Romalis 2004).

In the right place

Meeting the high needs and sales of the merchandise in innocent came into being since they were in the right place at the right time. This means that the target inhabitants is clearly carted for. it has been depicted in innocent since the acknowledgement of high sales has been achieved. In the beginning of these business, innocent focused on the prospective group for the reason that they needed the examples to where an appeal would be their fast catch. The consumers were made know of the new product on the market enabling the cost to be distributed over a sizable output through the promotion. Selling of the merchandise in the companies' inexpensive shop before embarking on the distribution somewhere else was to determine then place where there would be effective sales of the services.

The promotion

Advertisement has played an integral role in the campaign that has been depicted in its website. by allowing the consumers to go by its company the promotion matrix boosts since everybody will feel free to visualises the new products. advertising by innocent is also improved when it takes part in the community projects, through evaluating quality recipes on friends and family members, talking to potential suppliers and negotiating with sellers innocent was forming a advertising basis because of their product. Innocent applied effective communication systems by addressing on the fact that their products were of high quality fresh fruit juices and smoothies. These details allowed the consumers to make more logical choices on their product purchase permitting them have quality products The cost associated with advertising or advertising goods and services often represent development of new brands has facilitated an increment in the advertising matrix in that better healthy products have emerged from innocent that focus mostly of medical issues. It has increased the sales of the new brands.

3. What potential problems do Innocent face in stretching its brand into?


These are particular in satisfying to the attention style and flavour without tackling medical advertising issues. The difficulties that will be observed in this case will be the proven fact that the deserts are not health promotional foods unlike the fresh juice and the pribiotic yoghurt. The consumers in the first instant focused on the products since they possessed high quality and were appropriate for proper health unlike in this case. This brand will also require more promotional marketing mixture which might conclude lowering the dividends in the market therefore reducing the full total sales that could have been made.

(b) Cosmetics

With innocent embracing in the cosmetic sector it will surely have minimal consumers since they are always affiliated to women unlike the other society that is dominant and with this it will have to engage too much in the advertising and advertisements or the merchandise prior to the margins of results are cubed.

(c) Holidays

The problems encounter in vacations will be that during this time period the firm needs to have delivered many convincing deliveries like mailing credit cards and sometimes personal sessions to be able to influence the consumers of their products. this seams a tiring work and on the other palm additional costs will be came across.

What advise do you supply the company on these proposed brand extensions?

The main advice is always to understand the true need of the consumers through undertaking the extensive product campaign and foster the value of the new proposed ideas. Then main people to be targeted by the new brand will be those who find themselves clearly in a position to provide a good insight on the relationship that exists between your brands and the new products this is because the early usage of people with the data of the merchandise will be an avenue of its future development.

To evidently promote the proposed brand, the firm ought to create metaphors or headlines that provoke the consumers to be more challenged on the prevailing relationship that is out there between your product and the brand. This can make them understand more of the merchandise being introduced in the market.

The company should concentrate much more in the promotion of its original products before venturing in to the launch of other brands in the market to be able to accomplish effective acceptance. For effective brand distribution innocent must use consumer trust to capitalize on the popularity of the brand. The business can gain potential interest through the decreasing of the price to attain more sales. When all the economic risk is imperfect the exchange speed will accelerate as a result of the various products promoting one another for example when the fresh fruit aid in the advertising of the desert and the makeup products, income will be added relatively quicker. Lastly the company has to concentrate on the competitive advantages that are within. Competition from all the sources has to be considered (Brassington 2000). Tropicana brand provides itself in the same way owing to the actual fact that its products are berry founded. Frito, Pepsi Gatorade Quaker Brands will be the companies with similar marketing requirements.

What are the risks and reward carrying out this?

The rewards entail potential high sales from the products being sold. When a product attains sufficient support, the likelihood of another r bra d growing from the same company aggravates the consumers with an urge of determining the new product in the market therefore increasing the sales. The potential risks here outshine the benefits in that once the loss in the costs have been experienced it is very difficult to coupe up to the original expected capacity.

Snodgrass (2002, pg. 113) asserts that the chance of ongoing with such attempts without total experience on the market is that losses can be acquired within a short period of their time. Therefore all the workers's should concentrate entirely in the provision of services deliveries to the client that will enable effective dividends to the organization. Another risk is usually that the brand if not well advertised in the proclaimed orn applied with better market promotional mix will not be credible to the consumers especially if the original brand shows sings of discontent by everyone. The market regular determines the key players with the amount of value to the immediate impact to the merchandise at hand.


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