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Information Technology INSIDE THE Tourism Government

Involving information and communication technology on a range of modern methods and techniques used to simplify a particular activity and lifting tool, an organization gathered the required equipment to process information and blood circulation of pcs and software and hardware for conserving and retrieving and electronic transfer across wired and cordless means of communication in every its forms and different types: written, music and video, which allows two-way communication and teamwork and offer transmission of the communication from the sender to the recipient; through shut down networks and wide open; and globalization has allowed information and communication technology to reap the benefits of services a four-Twenty hours (24 h / seven days), from any point on the planet, especially with the pass on of electric financial settlement of transactions on Line.

Nowadays technology includes every aspects of life. One of these aspects is travel and leisure. Individuals who work in tourism sector use technology to execute their work. Technology helps to disperse information about different places for tourism. Travellers can gain information from the internet and know the correct things to decide the best places to go to. Technology makes the work easier related to the vacationers need like hiring cars, getting rooms and seat tickets. It becomes very easy register your information online. Tourists will have more time to take pleasure from themselves because their information has recently been registered online. Tourism use technology to make information about their normal customers to learn a common food, places and activities to attract them to come again.

Briefly this matter will discuss the concept of It in travel and leisure industry and will cover those details:

  • Concept of information technology.
  • E-Government.
  • Information Technology and Tourism.
  • E-Tourism.
  • The need for e-tourism and its own impact on nationwide economy.
  • Tourism applications.
  • Government internet website

Information Technology?

Information technology mean possessed the manufacture and storage space and dissemination of information by a microelectronics-based computing and communications. When we say It that means, education, internet, computer executive, and technician and so forth. All that make big change in tourism industry so; the federal government should utilize this technology to be number one in this sector.


The common definition of e-government as a network of computer systems that enable general public access to a large number of federal services and deals automated, online or through other digital words. The intellectual and politics content of the e-government, and historical and ethnical context that led to it.

The idea e-government integrated indicate the effective use of most information and communication technology to be able to facilitate the daily administrative functions of the government sectors.

We can say in light of this that the electric government in terms of the idea is: the surroundings where it is information be for simply by easy way

IT and Tourism:

Because the travel and leisure industry is speedily changing and changing. It was necessary to use information technology to keep speed with the progression on earth and is mentioned on this basis that the travel and leisure market has been afflicted a lot of this technology over modern times has been known an exponential progress in e-tourism Through the web.

The countries that used the e-government and considering travel and leisure as one of main economic recourse faces to utilize technology in this sector which helped to appearance of the concept of E-Tourism.


Appeared a couple of years ago the idea of e-tourism, and handled many international organizations of different applications and their effect on increasing tourism expansion, especially in least developed countries, which constitute the tourism revenues, a large proportion of GDP. Has added to further spread the concept and applications of various factors such as high percentage of the contribution of e-tourism in the full total international e-commerce, and the resulting integration of the concept in the institutional set ups of the systems involved in travel and leisure from the reduction in the price tag on travel and leisure services provided and so prices, and the development of tourist product submitted in the development of new touristic activities constant with the several segments of travelers, as well as increasing the competitiveness of travel and leisure corporations, and the consequent upsurge in the worthiness added of the tourism sector in the countrywide economy.

We can say the e-tourism is "Design of tourist orders are executed through the use of information and communication technology.

The need for e-tourism and its own impact on nationwide economy

The importance of e-tourism, which provided huge benefits for both providers of tourism services for holidaymakers or visitors themselves, which donate to overcome traditional barriers in the normal tourist transactions, & most important of the benefits :

1. Facilitate the provision of information, which depends on travel and leisure industry.

When we use the technology it is will be easy to get information about tourism destination.

2. Reduce the cost of tourism services provided.

Because the services provided online with lees price and time.

3. Ease of product development, travel and leisure and the emergence of new tourism activities in accordance with the different sections of travelers.

That happen whenever we use the technology to really know what vacationers need and what his\ her view about certain destination.

4. Raise the competitiveness of tourism enterprises.

That depends for how we use the info technology in our work.

All of this helped to boost the benefit of tourism in national income so; the use of information technology is strategic choice and necessary.

Tourism applications:

Before tock about travel and leisure applications in IT sector we ought to know who use the IT. Generally we can divide those to four groups that are:

  • Tourists:,
  • Travel real estate agents.
  • Service providers. .
  • Tourism office buildings.

In tourism we use it in airlines, hotels, car rent, Tourism office buildings and travel businesses.

The federal government use information technology in a number of way s for example, marketing research, promotional plan and exchange the information between the countries and so on.

Also the government use computer systems, Mobil phones, and satellites to control and administration the personnel and the procedure in easy ways.

Government Internet Website

It is the biggest and useful part of information technology and the government make use of it to promotional the united states and market it in good ways.

This website provides all information for everyone and it accessible and get what you would like about the united states so, which will be increase the volume of visitor.

Moreover the government uses the internet to provide immediate services like, booking, tickets and other activities.


In conclusion, I can say the information technology impact the tourism industry in various ways and change day by day. Also the precise impacts are far from clear, the future of e-tourism. In the end of this record we can easily see the important of it in tourism sector and who it is affect it. In my own opinion the information technology becomes the top issue and I've the to say no live without information technology.

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