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Information technology in our daily lives

The most drastic alteration inside our lives since the past couple of years is the penetration and considerable progress of the info technology which has become more of essential for all of us now rather than a center. These drastic changes that information technology has introduced in our lives have completely changed our lives as well as perhaps our standards of living. Life has become significantly less manual and a great deal hassle-free for individuals all around the globe that have productive access to the improvements of it. (Baweja, pg23)

According to Marshall Mcluhan "the globe is fast learning to be a global town" and the thirst for much more knowledge and information is a driving push for the drastic changes in Information Technology round the world, these changes are what people have termed as the "third industrial revolution". You can see the basic styles in the I. T trend in terms of its structural changes, from telephony to the internet, set to mobile telephone and from narrowband to broadband. The development in it has left the feeling on us as individuals not only in the western world but generally. It today has a totally distinct fact to it in comparison to how it was identified to be back your day. The drastic changes that information technology has introduced inside our lives have completely changed our lives and perhaps our lifestyles. Life has become much less manual and a great deal hassle-free for individuals all over the world that have productive access to the improvements of it. (Baweja, pg23)

It is common location to say that nowadays we live in an information world, that is, a world of mass media saturation which is heavily influenced by information technology, instantaneous movement of information across time and space, that can come under communication in information technology (Webster, 2004, pp9).

In this article I'd explore the riddle, that is 'information technology' as the most subtle factor and a decisive element in the effective running of our daily life, this means looking at just how we consume information technology and the finish uses, from Communication- Security - Financing industry - Medical field and even Leisure. Were constantly been drenched by one form of information technology or the other, when the scientific revolution commenced the question on our brains back then was "Does information technology shape human communication" however now this has transformed, we have now ask under what circumstances, in what way and to what extent does information technology shape our lives ( Herring, 2004, pp 26). Also in this essay, I would check out "Everyday routine" as the lifeless workout, ongoing go-to- work, pay the bills home trudge of presence, it can be conceived as a constant cultural work through which individuals constantly produce the meanings, framework and social firm of the worlds as well as communal identities and the ones of individuals they connect to or discuss (Letizia quoted by A long way, 1988). I will then measure the proposition that IT has become part and parcel of our every waking life, sketching on theorists such as Herring, Lyon, Miles and Webster, concentrating on close readings of information population and their relation to broader ideological discourse of day-to-day live. My hypothesis is that the world has been subsumed under information technology thus resulting in the implosion of different types of information/communication gadget which has taken over our daily life.

Understanding Information Technology

Information technology is so closely attached with this lives today because half the efforts that people have to make in our daily lives in order to sustain and expand are now done and completed by technological devices and machines. For example, the progressive I Phone that makes it possible for a person to browse through the internet on the spot whenever he/she may need it for assistance and relevant information. Information Technology is a term that includes all types of technology used to generate, store, exchange, and use information in its various varieties (business data, tone discussions, still images, motion pictures, media presentations, and other styles, including those not yet conceived). It really is a convenient term for including both telephony and computer technology in the same word. (Mls, 2002: pp29).

Information technology virtually refers to any development that mainly involves computer-based information systems comprising of software applications and the computer hardware. A more regular and perhaps modern meaning of the info system is the utilization of digital systems that can help towards retrieving the mandatory information. Information technology in the modern day and age has too much to do with communication and accessibility which is mostly why the utilization of technology (computer systems) is associated with information. Nothing is the same with the enlargement and deeper penetration of it; let's take an example from our day to day lives to realize the magnitude to which technology has turned into a part in our usual lives, we take an instance of the elevators that people take every day to reach swiftly where you want to without having to waste any time.

Communication covers a huge part of what it is ideal for the folks of the modern years since when we think of ease of access and an easy life, we automatically point towards technological innovations including the Internet and the mobile phones plus a thousand other inventions. There are numerous ways by which information technology is becoming such as integral part of our day to day lives; we have contained it into our lives as part of routines. For example, we plan our busy schedules on our personal laptop computers or on our cellular phones. This shows how much we rely upon information technology that people have even started planning our lives and goals by the help of computer. (Chandra, pg39)

Indeed, it has made life extremely prepared and organised but at the same time we have failed to acknowledge the dangers and dangers it brings along with it. We cannot ignore the truth that there are over thousands of cyber intrusions every day which has finished up influencing the lives of individuals in an unfavorable manner. For instance, online banking systems have allowed hackers to take money and many awful incidents took place because of this technological improvement and service provided to the people. Therefore that with an increase of and more technological growth and information accessibility, the probability of the exploitation of technology and information expand.

Without an individual doubt in your thoughts we can say that it has given us an opportunity to lead better lives as it pertains to the product quality but we can also say this confidently that we are a lot more mindful and careful now because of the dangers attached using its expansion. Moreover, this unnecessary dependence upon it is making us as individuals less productive when it comes to availing our natural strengths and capabilities. For instance, easily available and well organized information which is available on the internet has allowed people to plagiarize and stop their minds when it comes to personal effort and contribution. (Forester, pg84)

Enhancement of the quality of life

Is the most noticeable facet of attaching it so closely with this daily lives but it seems as if were ignoring the problems that it's bringing along with the much-needed enhancement. For example, The Global positioning system (Global positioning system) which was actually developed for military-use but eventually it became an integral part of our daily lives by means of car navigation system. Precisely the same GPS system is now being utilized by terrorists and in other illicit activities which clearly task the dark aspect of having information technology accessible.

The most pragmatic yet optimistic side to presenting information technology at hand is less consumption of your time and a much better quality of life. For instance, we can reach out to our family and friends residing a long way from us through cellular phone, internet, computer and web cameras. It is worthy of mentioning here that each sphere of work and analysis is rolling out and excelled in this point in time due to technological advancement. Technology has provided every sphere with an chance to make their work a lot easier and organized. For example, spheres such as entertainment have become so significant in our daily lives because of Multimedia which revolves around many scientific widgets like the satellite system. The main reason as to the reasons information technology has become so proximately attached to our day to day lives is the actual fact that our daily lives now revolve around the technology and we feel incomplete or void with no it around us. ** In talking about about It under communication, one of the key forms of communication in 21st century is the mobile phone. They have infiltrated the planet, both young and old now take part in the use of cellular phone on a daily basis, though it is popular amongst young adults. Without its presence we feel that a significant part of our own usual life is lost or we are not in pace with today's world, from recent studies, an average teen would send about 42 text messages, receive and makes cell phone calls of about 120 minutes daily and in essence spends half your day fidgeting with a mobile phone. A typical day in the life span of a teenager would be centered on mobile phones, tv and the internet using the metaphor relating to food, this might be considered a "balanced diet". Even 4 years ago, 50 % of the 12-to-19-year-olds offered themselves good grades for focusing on how to handle hardware and software. Today, four out of five young people utilize a PC. During the last 4 years, the margin between children in the utilization of computer systems has been halved; meanwhile, 79% of females and 87% of boy's declare that they use a computer at least one time a month in their free time (see JIM-Studie, 1999). Specifically in the age band of 14- and 15-year-olds, female computer users are available nearly as often as their male counterparts. In addition, 60% of children record they have repeatedly used a Laptop or computer, and 30% record they have repeatedly used the web (KIM-Studie, 2001) **

Surveillance plays a huge role in it, it denotes what's going on as today's bureaucratic organizations try to keep track of increasing complex home elevators a variety of populations and group, it is strongly bound up with this compliance with the current public order (Lyon, 1994: pp4). The term monitoring comes preloaded with imagery and thoughts, George Orwell, Big Brother, FBI, space era future where implanted potato chips will monitor our thoughts. The lady has embraced monitoring, go to the ATM your image is recorded, if you walk into your local Tesco's to but this week's groceries, you are been trapped on tape by several Close Circuit Tv Cameras (CCTV). Seeing your every move, they were originally installed to prevent shoplifting but in the new information culture additionally it is used to examine workers performance and how they treat customers in addition to keeping an eye on internal robbery (The impartial: Nov, 2004).

The extending role of information technology inside our daily lives has allowed each one of us to remain aware and ingest all the information even as possibly can and sometimes a lot more than required. This implies that the frequent bombardment of information makes our daily life in this point in time extremely stressful; for occasion, wherever we go we have a method of communication along with us which includes the multimedia that comprises radio systems inside our cars, tv set and internet. However, at the same time we are a lot more aware and useful through these solutions as compared to this when these technologies were not as widely available to the overall population. (Wellman, Haythornthwaite, pg 66)

It would be a mistake to feel that it only add incentives to everyday life since it has many disadvantages as well which make a difference our lives greatly. For example the soaring volume of cyber crimes each and every year. Therefore, we cannot just say our lives are simple and hassle-free as a result of widening role of it in our daily lives because at the same time it has made us feel insecure towards our security and personal privacy. The development of it should be prompted but the issues that it brings along with it should always be attended to and highlighted. With such speedy expansion of information technology ethics of heading about its use should be applied upon strictly. It cannot just make our lives much simpler collectively however the actual reason for the extension of it in our daily lives can be accepted. However, we cannot always blame the technology for its accessibility because the idea of concern should be the people who actually finish up misusing this center being provided to us for a much better life. For example, the use of communication technology such as walkie talkies (Portable transceivers) which may be used for immediate and regular interaction can be utilized for appropriate purposes but at exactly the same time they could be used for unacceptable and illicit purposes. This implies that the aim of technology is to offer an individual with a better and much easier life somewhat than giving ways to perform their illicit intentions. Therefore, we cannot always blame the technology because of its inappropriate usage because we will have to agree on the actual fact that it's man who uses technology to execute his illicit ideas and motives.


In conclusion, we can imply there a wide range of merits and demerits when it comes to the usage of it and people can differentiate that. It is bliss generally with such a gigantic effect on our daily lives but it ought to be used responsibly while knowing the importance of personal struggle and effort. We cannot deny that information technology is just about the most significant part of our daily lives while making our lives much more hassle-free and swift. Take an example of e-mailing and online shopping which both identify how deeply information technology has penetrated into our daily lives and exactly how technologically accustomed we are actually. ** In Britain today, ask the average citizen showing a form of identification and you simply get: credit/debit credit card, Oyster card, travelling license and Commitment cards, this is the result of the advancement of it, we can almost not do without them and this also is to our detriment because the it could lead to individuality theft, it can be used to track your movement.

Precise details of our daily lives are accumulated, processed, stored, retrieved everyday within huge computer repository which belongs to big companies, federal departments; that is it by means of surveillance system. While you wake up, very first thing you need to do is check your cellular phone for missed phone calls or texts and check the internet for new email messages or latest reports or being neck deep in cyberspace activities like having another life, making friends, doing and achieving things in a electronic community that will not can be found, only that you wished you had it the truth is, that is information technology saturating you everyday life by means of communication.

The increasing saturation of household with Information Technology has resulted in many people eating several technologies at the same time, like: listening to music and browsing online, switching between research on computer and communicating with friends, zapping through stations on the television by using a remote control**.

Admittedly we can conclude that information technology is perhaps the most important part of our daily lives now and it includes taken human life to whole new and an intellectual level. Furthermore, it offers opened infinite routes of receiving information anytime anyplace allowing us to reside in a much certified and prepared life.


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Experts have indicated their opinion on the nature and magnitude of the changes likely to result from the diffusion of the new information technology. In the centre of the technological revolution is the every appearing occurrence of informediation- the interposition of the information machine in a individual activity. Here it is seen that information technology has taken over almost all types of activities that have been once actively engaged in by individuals. Among the effects of this revolution is 'fact blur', heading by baudrillard's theory of hyper- reality (Hyper reality is an inability to tell apart between what is real and what's not, it can be described as increased fact), the space between certainty and fantasy is nearly negligible. While using development of high technology press, the fiction-is-truth idea has achieved heights, which sometimes can lead to legal activities, using the 9/11 attack; Israeli brains operatives observed and made video recordings of the 9-11 episodes as they occurred. Located at a safe distance from the twin towers of the World Trade Centre, five Mossad realtors were captured filming the complete event (Sunday herald, 2001). In cases like this it was extremely difficult to discern the reality from reality because so many entertainment industries before had made motion pictures on problems, and the actual fact that as this event was carried out it was been filmed and broadcasted live made it even harder to trust what was true. This is the power of information technology today.

Shopping acquisitions, leisure activities, move and communication are the activities that are most sensitive inside our lifestyle and they are the areas which have been targeted recently by manufacturers of new information technology gadgets.

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