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Individual Critical Reflection On Learning Outcomes Marketing Essay

Tag Games is developed in 2006 as an independent game development studio room and publisher by 3 game producer veterans wanting to bring new activities to mobile gaming mostly, and then to further platforms.

The 1st heading "Dead Water" premiered on J2Me personally cell phones in Sept 2006 to intensive very important praise. Since then the studio is rolling out a desirable status for modernization and brilliance, structure tactical partnerships with several main video games creators and development studios all over the world.

Having achieved success initially period 2007 Label raised seed package from successive Scottish technology industrialist Costs Dobbie plus they funded in midsection of 2007 to enlarge manufacture ability and allow a more hostile move toward the licensing and publication activity.

Tag Game titles was included as no. 23 in the 02/ Real business 50 in 2007 to view in Mobile listing, a greeting acknowledgment of the superiority of the studio's game titles and probable of the business strategy.

Marketing Arrange for "Rear on the saddle game".

Most of the mobile games developers develop the games basing on the news events. Marketing plan illustrates the market segments and strategies, which we could utilizing to get customers and create good earnings stream. We always develop the game titles with true to life twist, which always give edge over our competitors by giving customers a new outlet to enjoy mobile games.

We will account development of our own game by giving consulting services to create similar game titles for companies who want to make mobile game titles for promotional purposes. The consulting project should come from advertising sponsorship connections that we will create with companies who are enthusiastic about embedding their brand and offers within our other games and would also like something more custom that they will offer as their own game. In first couple of years of the business, we expect consulting to constitute a big portion of our earnings stream.


Our Eye-sight is to provide people with a fun over the course of their normal day. We create game titles that are easy to play. We develop video games basing on the true life situations and on life-style of different country people. This original feature always helps us in being successful the clients. We also help the clients in understanding the many cultures.

Our software development team has experience to create timely game titles quickly. Our marketing concern is to get visibility quickly and we intend to make this happen by leveraging a multi-pronged approach that involves communal media, e-mail marketing and search engine marketing strategies to gain market talk about. Even as we gain traction in the marketplace, person to person will lift our game downloading significantly


Boost sales by 100% by the end of time 1.

To be considered a mile stone in traditional game development within two years.

To set up reliability among the customers.

Our goal is to determine a reputation for game titles that poke fun at what many would consider funny actions by well-known people.

Our purpose is to produce the most progressive and fun informal games in the complete huge world!

Target Customers

Ideal customers is between your age groups of 15 and 25 who looks forward to playing video gaming and has a mobile phone that allows applications to be downloaded, including the moderate to top quality mobile phones. Customers usually have play stop or TV-based gaming unit at home. Some of the even have a portable game playing unit including the DS/DSI and other lightweight gadgets. A lot of the customers get access to a home computer, pc or Mac pc. A lot of the customers are teens living at home, others are school students or who've joined the labor force within the last 6 years. They may have an array of throw-away income.

Market Meaning and Segmentation

We concentrate on two segments:

Mobile game users.

Organizations that want to reach them.

In the aforementioned segments, customers enjoy creative activities and computer and cellular phone savvy.

Free mobile game titles:

Some features of free editions are impaired and advertising is exhibited in some proper locations within the overall game so that users are not bothered or sidetracked by the ads. For instance, a shoes company will pay for a sponsorship and we may embed their name as a tappable billboard that appears as though it is area of the game itself.

We offer trail editions of our video games for free so that users can get a flavour of the entire game without committing any money in advance.

Paid mobiles games:

Paid mobile video games include a broader set of features. The purchase price was fixed to create suprisingly low price level of resistance for customers.

Games are accessible via instant download on the mobile systems. Paid game titles are monetized via clickable ad sponsorships inlayed within the video games.

Organizations that are looking to reach junior:

There are customers who acquisitions custom mobile game development services. Their intent is to promote their brand and products to the demographic that overlaps with mobile game users.

Target Market Section Strategy:

Strategies concentrate on developing an initial group of libraries filled with game attributes that can be combined to make new game titles. After launching the overall game, we will stay in regular contact with our customers via numerous online methods, including communal media and e-mail marketing. After creating these libraries and game titles, we are able to market fast-turnaround consulting services to organizations who like their own promotional video games.

Target Mobile Game Users:

Our mobile game titles have a well-timed connection to current news occasions. Because of which we release new games basing on previous and present reports. For example, we created a cow youngster character in back again to the saddle game. And we create the new versions taking into consideration the latest political scandals, celebrity comments. The mobile game users enjoy interacting with games that provide them a feeling of ability and enthusiasm, allowing them for some reason to live vicariously through the overall game. Most of our games are help in increasing the user's amount levels.

Needs and Requirements:

Mobile games users always get fatigued quickly and are constantly looking for new video games to play. We target the news headlines media so they discuss video games related to the reports they can be covering. Our aim for stories are extracted from all around the World.

Generally teens get money from their parents to acquire games, which can be from low paying jobs or allowances. Teenagers likewise have limited financial capacity yet choose to spend part of their disposable income on game as you of their sources of entertainment. Most of the mobile users have limited financial capacity. Customers always talk to each other about which game titles they enjoy, including approaches for playing and winning. They also participate in online forums and discourse group to gather tips and other information to help them play or to find new issues. Most of the customers enjoy being posted as the "high report" when there's a public setting designed for players. We intend to offer this open public environment by allowing the client to publish their score to your web site for each game. The best scores will be put up, giving the participant worldwide "bragging rights". As a result, the term of mouth potential for timely video games is explosive.

We emphasize more on concentrating on creativity along with impressive service and speed of development for our consulting clients. It's important for us to access market quickly in order to capitalize on the news event that is associated with game. The longer the delay between game conception and game release, the less the penetration of this game.

Distribution Stations:

Approaching mature marketing executives is typically done through a number of means. Our money and resources are limited, so we need to manage them effectively.

We give attention to two aspects:



The advertising will mostly be online via internet search engine ads so we start to see the results within days instead of being unsure of whether a print ad has result. We have discovered 4 trade shows and 3 meetings that these professionals typically attend over the course of a year. Part of our marketing plan is to wait these situations to network with these audience. We will submit respond to calls for documents to be sound system at a few of the incidents when possible.

Blackberry applications are controlled by Blackberry through Blackberry App world. Their users have a tendency to be older plus more centered on business uses for his or her mobile devices. Because of this, we will not focus our first initiatives on Blackberry. However, we do possess the expertise to create Blackberry applications and will create custom game titles because of this device for consulting clients who would like them.

iphone video games are sent out through the Appstore which happens to be controlled by Apple. Among the obstacles we must get over is the swiftness with which apple approves applications for downloading, which is very important to us since our video games have a time sensitive character to them as they will be popular so long as a new tale is in flow.

Google's Android provides an wide open source model so they'll likely surpass the iphone in the amount of applications available soon. This also minimizes the need for review and allows us to post new applications quickly. As more applications turn out for this device, it will gain market show. You want to be placed so that people provide excellent game titles for the community.

Competitive Makes:

There are many mobile game builders. Most game titles are produced by one person who does not have the marketing savvy to incorporate advertising sponsorships into their games as we have layed out in this marketing plan. Our unique twists on the kind of the games is also an advantage because we will not have to invest as much time and energy thinking of the game themes. The news of your day provides that folders so our efforts can be focused on growing that real-life account into a casino game.

There are numerous software developers targeting organizations to develop custom video games. Some are growing games abroad at less expensive. Even some bigger local companies outsource helpings of these game development. To keep up with prices pressures, we've proven ties with one international organization to help us with game development even as we release new game titles and create the component libraries.


We leverage person to person and social mass media for almost all our marketing using programs such as Twitter, Facebook, and Orkut. These programs are widely employed by the customers inside our demographic market. We can make announcements via regular tweets and improvements to our enthusiast webpage on Facebook. We also use email marketing list which is comprised of individuals who have portrayed affinity for knowing when we release new video games. We have segmented our email list so that we can send appropriate e-mails to media and different ones to real gamers, our customers. We also develop a web based ad marketing campaign with landing web pages containing lead generation forms that guests can fill out to get whitepapers on using mobile gambling to entice customers. We also networking at major industry events and meetings, including obtaining engagements where we can discuss case studies to expose our ideas and strategies to the right level of buyer.

Each game will include a connect to our web site where users will get out about more games and subscribe to our email list and follow us on Tweets and Facebook. To greatly help promote game titles via word of mouth, each game has the option to notify a friend. So, a customer can send a text message to a pal instantly to talk about their exhilaration or advice about the overall game.


Marketing expenses are typically for staff necessary to do the marketing activities shown. Almost all the program tools had a need to implement the actions, such as analytics and landing page creation, are available for free. The exceptions to the are for specific tools like e-mail marketing and discussion boards. We do not be expectant of a rise in marketing staff requirements during year 1 because one person can actually do a lot of the activities. After they have put marketing plan steps into place, the marketing activities maintenance gets easier and are designed for by junior personnel. Below is breakdown of marketing bills by month for calendar year 1.

Keys to Success:

Many companies leveraged the energy of mobile games to reach their market, however we will show case studies which is the primary key to success. This is tracked using metrics like the number of times a gamer clicked on an advertising embed into a casino game, the number of times a custom game was downloaded or an increase in sales of the product being advertised. Success can even be monitored by industry buzz.

For example, fast food chain burger king created a Facebook program that allowed users to earn tips for "unfriending" one of their friends. This application would show the image of the friend burning. Upon getting rid of 10 friends, an individual would be eligible for a free of charge burger. This software spread very quickly and a number of Facebook users liked participating.

This campaign performed two things: produced traffic into restaurants and produced a tremendous amount of advertising buzz. It cost significantly less than a paid advertising campaign involving television time buys.

Our posting to social media sites includes a trackable website link so we know how many people click on each post. Using online tools like link redirectors. We are able to also see how many readers repost or onward such links. We will also include trackable links within our email marketing emails. People who want more info about the overall game will be aimed to landing internet pages, which are webpages that contain more information about the game, which includes information regarding the game and the links to download the overall game. These landing web pages will be optimized for search engines so that when internet user search on various keywords, our pages will get ranking highly in their serp's.

The consumption of online analytics tools really helps to enable to observe how many people click on various links in our media campaigns to visit the landing pages and how many clicks to download each game. On the other hand, online clicks cannot keep tabs on users who use their mobile phones to download the programs directly, which may comprise the bulk of our downloads. For those, tracking of downloads is provided by the system such as Appstore.

We estimate that one of each ten people who go to the squeeze page or see a tweet or Facebook post will download a game. The average sales price estimated based on paid downloads as well as sales of advertising sponsorships and custom game development.

Sales Forecast:

Sales forecast is a difficult region of management.

We have three sources for sales:

Custom game titles development: This can be consulting tasks to build up promotional video games.

Game downloading: This consists of free and paid downloads. The free downloads are monetized from inserted advertising sponsorships.

Embedded advertising sponsorships: advertisements embedded in both free and paid video games.

Sales Monitoring:

Sales must be constantly monitored to ensure that goals are being reached and revenue has been generated. The ultimate way to do this is by evaluating sales against pre-determined focuses on which we have. The revenue made from sale should also be monitored against the company's budget.

Sales achieved should be reported frequently so monitoring can take place. It is sometimes not always obvious when a deal has been shut down, so a reporting template to record sales may be helpful in this technique. This template can also record prospects that are being done so there is certainly overall view of the sales pipeline.

In monitoring Process, it is good to understand why a sales has prevailed, and why a sale had not been made. This can help us readjust our approach or learn about competitors so that the deal can be earned next time.

Progress Monitoring:

We created a variety of key metrics that will measure on a regular basis, to ensure we could on the record. These require many adjustments and fine tuning even as we progress.


The Tag Games Company pieces forth a clear mission assertion that is outlined with three major principals at heart that outline the company's values and motivates its employees. Their mission statement is divided into two parts:

Product mission

Economic mission

Social mission

Further defines the company's outlook how they ought to impact the entire world. Through the use of clear energizing goals and communicative goals, the mission statement of Label Games provides a motivating ideal that its employees can shoot for. The Tag Games Company has a objective assertion that motivates its employees to want to produce a good product.

The Tag Games mission affirmation is split into three subsections that make it better to see what the overall goal is. The subsections are product, economical and sociable missions. Each area addresses energizing goals as well as communicative goals to provide a clear and motivating quest statement. Energizing goals state the objective of the company and what goals the organization would like to achieve.

Under the merchandise objective, it is stated that their goal is "to make, disperse and sell the finest thought provoking games". This is the primary quest of Tag Video games because they're available of selling game titles. It is also the first subsection in their quest statement, they say that is who we are and this is what we do. Label Games is a games company, so the first line is practical since it simply suggests what the primary goal of the company is to make video games. Along with this line, there are definitely more lines about offering the contemporary society and using the morals. These statements add a type of validity to the business enterprise of making Game titles.

These statements put in a type of validity to the business of creating video games. Employees scanning this might feel like they are really doing the globe something by working for Tag Games. These sorts of statements are designed to make the employees feel like they can be making a much better product, better for individuals who play the overall game and better for all of those other world too. Some of folks that work for Label Games and a part of their customer's bottom part will place great importance on the business's outlook on the style and creative imagination of the games. The goals in the first paragraph are clear organizational goals and will make some of the employees that work there feels good about working there.

The next portion of their mission statement goes into their economic quest. The economic objective state governments that part of their quest is to expand opportunities for development and development because of their employees. This is sort of communicative goal. By causing expansion an integral part of their economic objective for the purpose of providing opportunity, it becomes in the interest of all employees to work hard for growth. With the addition of this section into their mission statement, Label Games is connecting to every staff that it's their responsibility to help broaden the business to generate even more chance for current and future employees. Every employ benefits from the financial quest includes increasing revenue for traders and making income. Most companies includes income making for buyers and increasing earnings because proclaiming this in the mission statement can draw in investors.

The last area that is roofed in their mission statement is the social mission that Label Games has discussed for its organization. They state that because business performs a essential role in contemporary society that they have to initiate ways to boost conditions locally, nationally and internationally. This paragraph in essence outlines how to be a good citizen or neighbor within the city. A certain part of the employee human population will feel motivated by this part of the mission assertion and get increased job satisfaction from working at Label Games. Employed in the city and coexisting with neighbours is good for the business as well as being good for the employees.

When the whole picture is come up with, the worth that Tag Video games is wanting to force in their quest declaration is clear. Value for nature, supporting each other and being good neighborhood friends to the other person sums up the Tag Games objective statement. Their quest affirmation is very idyllic, but it may be beneficial that many people would try heart. The mission statement of Label Games pieces the tone for everyone employees and creates a positive impression of their company. The employees of Tag Games are probably very motivated to improve a corporation that has a whole lot cultural conscientiousness and basic love for fellow man. It is certainly a "feel great" kind of mission statement.

I always experienced that marketing play a major role to advertise something. However I never really had a specific picture of importance of growth of the business and ideals.

Tag Game titles, successful employment relationships has seen the business become a innovator within the gaming and development industry. Marketing and occupation relations are evenly important aspects to the successful procedure of most businesses, through correct marketing businesses can get to expand and develop, both in proportions and profitability. Label games have hired a range of ways of accomplish its seeks and become a more competitive player within the aviation industry. With all the development of new game, individual strategies will need to be used to help the business succeed.

Role of marketing in the growth of the company

The role of marketing is to hook up the business with its target market. Marketing is the major hyperlink between the business and its customers. As the market changes and becomes more competitive, the business must know and understand its marketplace so it can provide better service to its customers. Successful marketing will identify customer's needs, and then, plan price, promote and spread the products and service that will gratify these needs. In this manner the business enterprise goals of increased profit and greater show of the market can be achieved. But continually exploring customers and monitoring the business environment, marketing provides the information the business needs to be able to change route on modify its tactics by providing new product or changing existing products. The aims and strategies of the marketing plan are being used to determine the plans of the other functions such as operations, employment relationships, and accounting and money. Management has identified the role of marketing running a business success therefore continually studies its market and modifies its marketing ways of meet customer needs and desires.

Setting Marketing Objectives

The next step in the marketing planning process is setting up the marketing objectives. The goals establishes in the business plan will be the guide for the marketing goals. Tag Game titles main target is to make a profit, both in today's and long terms. The entire goal is to provide a satisfactory return to investors and also to generate enough revenue in reserve to fund growth and the introduction of the new video games. Tag Video games main purpose is to sell its games at affordable prices that will ensure enough demand to support its profit goals. However there are other goals, Such as increase sales, increase customer support, cut down operating costs, increase market show.


Planning is essential for successful marketing. To be able to perform the marketing program, a company needs a plan that will assist it to attain its objectives. For each business marketing plan is likely to be different depending on size and aspect of the business. The marketing plan requires 5 levels these includes:

Marketing mix

As the video games industry has become more competitive, the rivals have centered on product planning. Tag Games designs products to be attractive and maintain customers from a particular market segment and to achieve this task profitably. This implies using its comprehensive understanding of the needs and requirements of its different market segments. Such understanding is bought through general market trends.

In gambling industry customer always get bored stiff after concluding the levels in the game. They always want something new which is not present in the market. To do this Tag Games always comes with creative ideas to build up new game titles.

Price is an important element in any marketing plan. Approaches for advertising the new game.

Image of Tag Video games in the culture.


Sales promotion

Strategies of Marketing

A business may use a variety of strategies to reach the same objective, and a mixture of different strategies can be used. Whichever strategies are used they must meet lots of basic things.

Meet the goals of the business and marketing plans

Satisfy the needs of the mark markets

Work jointly in reaching marketing objectives.

Tag Game titles uses market segmentation to better meet the needs of all its customers, to compete more effectively, also to attain financial goals more quickly. Tag Games is launching new game called "Back on the saddle" which is targeting on youngsters and teenagers. Positioning is the image that Label Games projects in relation to its competitors. Label Games brings focus on its games by utilizing a variety of positioning strategies.

Situational Analysis

The situational evaluation looks at the market n terms of size and growth, needs of the mark market and developments in buyer tendencies. The performance of the products or service in conditions of sales, profit margins and level in the merchandise lifecycle are reviewed. Major opponents are identified and analyzed in conditions of marketing and level in the product lifecycle is examined. Major competition are identified and examined in conditions of marketing strategies. A significant part of such as market show, loyal customers, level of client satisfaction and product quality.

Marketing Plan Implementation

Process of implementing Tag Video games marketing plan into action. The marketing section of TagGames continuously monitors, control buttons and changes its marketing activities using the next tools;

Comparing real and organized results by using a amount of tools.

Revising market strategies and taking corrective action where appropriate.

Developing a financial forecast of income using models, past sales data, professional judgment and surveys of customer trends. It then quotes costs such as market research cost, promotion costs.

Tag Games marketing plan and strategies are effective because of the following:

Focus on general market trends.

Identify and satisfy customer needs.

Encourage new product development.

Comprehensive marketing plan and strategies.

Apart from these, focusing on various tasks has given me assorted experience based on which I have decided that marketing is where I would like to starting my future. A career in marketing would give me an opportunity to work across boundaries of industry explanations with a number of industries ranging from consumer goods to progressive communication and hi-tech markets. The task helped me gain subjection, information, knowledge and hands-on experience as time passes environment. The Project also helped me in understanding consumer buying action entails marketing, interactions, and consumer action. Consumer behavior comprises all the consumer decisions and activities connected with the choosing, buying, using and losing goods and services. I learned that marketers must pay very close attention to consumer behavior that occurs before the purchase and following the particular product has been used. Learning consumer behaviors is one of the steps in marketing search and research. In addition to other basics of consumer buying patterns, marketers also have to study your choice and activities of real people.

If companies does not have the right or necessary data about the rivals and market, bad business decisions take place, leading to companies not making marketing decisions without knowing specific information regarding their customers.

I have recognized and learned the planning and applying marketing promotions to fully capture the marketplace, within given budget constraints. And various methods of nearing companies marketing head for agreements or business bargains.

The important thing of my experience is, every business is to draw in customers continuously. It requires more than a good product or service; it requires serious planning and devoted people working the program.

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