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Indian Removing Act Of 1830 Essay

Indian Removal Action

Word Count: 1203

Joshua Shaw


History M

Mr. Morse

The Of india Removal Take action of 1830 was exceeded to remove all of the Indians off their land to provide to light settlers whom wanted the land, it had been fertile and cities had been getting also crowded. The government figured that it would be great for the Indians if they relocated all of them because white wines were taking place Indian reservations and sometimes eradicating Indians.

A soldier in the removal acquired this to express in a notification to his child in the eightieth birthday "I found the reliant Cherokees arrested and pulled from their homes, and motivated at the bayonet point in to the stockades. And the relax of a drizzling rain with an October morning I saw them loaded just like cattle or perhaps sheep into six hundred and forty-five wagons and started out toward the west. " This military statement simply proves to demonstrate how vicious the United States was being to the Indians. This troops account on this is very important intended for he tells a truth behind what happened during the severe removal. Various true accounts of this celebration do not are present they are changed just enough for making them appear not as bad as it was. Several documents say things like it had been "for their own" or "it was your only alternative we had". America's genuine reason behind this kind of act was out of greed, they wanted their very own fertile area.

The us government itself stated they were doing this for the survival of the Indian race and if that was the case they wouldn't have moved them to an area they had hardly ever been, a spot they didn't know anything about, location 1000s of miles away that they couldn't survive, a smaller amount thrive in. Instead they will, moved them to a dry desert like land that they did not want. The government declared they would purchase...

... stood out more soon than they previously did. What we did to them had not been nice and that could never change. Some of them made it through and their contest is now almost one with our own, but it could happen once again it may not for a long time but it is possible. We can do what we think is best nearly all time and for those who have something we want be prepared to get it taken once we need it.

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