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Independent Learning For Medical Nursing Essay

Reflection is a way to look back again on just what a person experienced on a certain event. The purpose of this reflective article is for me to mull over on what I've discovered from my immediate experience on positioning. I choose to utilise upon this reflective article "A Model of Structured Representation" by Driscoll (2007). This Model has three questions, 'what', 'so what' and 'now what' for me to answer and at the same time to ponder about my practice experience; hence I thought we would make the most on Driscoll's model as it's very handy to apply even with or with out a newspaper and pen, as all I need to bring to mind is the above aforementioned three questions. I will tackle what I think it matters if you ask me most from my fourteen days practice placement, show some learning needs from the training plan and analysing whether I gained knowledge and understanding that can be applied in a new situation (Howatson-Jones, 2010).

I was in the ward on my fourteen days introductory period of practice experience. On my first day, the Ward Supervisor introduced me to her team. She got told me that my coach had not been around at that time; hence she handed me over to one of the nurses' in-charge. As I came on an early shift, I've discovered the patients hand over from night personnel (Wywialowski, 2003). They paper out a handover sheet for each one of us. At first, I was a lttle bit muddled up on how the night time nurse was endorsing the individual, maybe because I am new, and not use to it. A couple of acronyms that they often use, and I was telling myself that I must familiarise the medical conditions used therefore i could understand and understand, even I am supernumerary I want to participate the team whilst learning (Jelphs and Dickinson, 2008). Following the handover, the nurse asked me to be with the Health Care Helper (HCA) at the moment, for me to be familiar with the patients and adjust with the day to day routine. I am fortunate that the HCA was helpful, and she taught me a whole lot about how to aid patient on personal hygiene. She proved me how to use the Blood Glucose monitor and story it down on patient's chart (The Global Diabetes Community, 2013). In addition, she trained me that they often take the observation every four hourly if the patient is not on close observation. The days have eliminated by so quick; I was fruitful on my daily experience as students nurse. I never squandered my time just position there without accomplishing anything at the end of my shift. With my love of caring to patients, I become accustomed on coping with the patient, assisted to go to the toilet, provided a hands to those who are unable to care for themselves, especially the immobilised patients. I became certain on recording the nursing health care plan of a patient (Lloyd, 2010), discovered the Nasogastric pipe (NGT) (Macmillan Cancer Support, 2013) and Electrocardiogram (ECG) techniques done by the staff nurse and HCA respectively (English Heart Basis, 2013). I volunteered myself as well to get the eliminate medication of the individual in the Pharmacy. Furthermore, I've learned how to fill the Nursing Examination forms for a fresh patient admitted; I have done the said forms by means of communicating with the patient and family. I've mentioned the word communicating as there is a non-spoken British patient accepted because of back pain. In complying with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) Code of Professional Do (2010) about confidentiality, I will be using a wrong name on her behalf. It was give to the day staff that English is not her first vocabulary; hence, Mrs. C cannot speak and understand well. ONCE I visited her bedside for taking her vital symptoms, I asked if she's any pain at the moment, she nodded her mind and handled her rear (White, 2005). I've seen the grimace brought on of pain on her back again. I reported to the nurse straight away that Mrs. C is pain, and she is anticipated for another dose of pain killer predicated on her Drug Graph; as a result, Mrs. C has used the said medication. I prepared Mrs. C with the use of verbal and non-verbal gestures that she'll undergo Colonoscopy to check what's leading to her pain (Sully and Dallas, 2010). We waited for her nephew before accompanying them in the Gastroenterology Section as she needs somebody to translate the conversation on her behalf behalf. Since it was my first-time to watch an individual doing the task, I grabbed the possibility to request from the Specialist Nurse easily can go inside and observe the process which she willingly accepted. I also asked authorization from Mrs. C through her nephew; I used to be grateful when he told me his aunt wished me to come with her in the colonoscopy room. During the technique, I sat next to Mrs. C whilst positioning her hands as she was being uneasy with the endoscope placed into her anus. The Specialist Nurse has given me a few insights with regards to what she was endeavoring to look inside the digestive tract of Mrs. C. I got privileged for having a perfect time of basic understanding about Colonoscopy (BUPA, 2011). After the technique, Mrs. C has given me a hug and was thankful. I smiled and responded that it was my pleasure to help her. We went back to the ward, and before I leave Mrs. C on her behalf bed with the confidence that she was comfortable and safe, her nephew expressed his understanding for looking after his aunt whilst he had not been around. In addition, Mrs. C told him about me being there rubbing her when she was at agony. I had been overwhelmed on how they accepted my occurrence of comforting her for a short span of the time and without much verbal communication.

On these scenario, I have achieved one of my learning needs, the effective communication between patient and me as students nurse. Despite the failure of Mrs. C expressing herself verbally, I was so sensitive watching her gestures and actions thus I can extend the correct good care and assistance she needed. By intently considering her countenance, I could interpret what she was hoping to convey to me; henceforth I could addresses her needs. I've realised how vital is verbal and non-verbal communication in nursing. As a student nurse, I will be delicate to the patient's nonverbal message. I should not let terminology be considered a hindrance in presenting the nursing intervention for the patient to recuperate and come back in optimal health (Andrews and Boyle, 2008). Care and attention of folks is the priority of all nurses; this is one of the four concepts of NMC Code (2010). The provision of care for the individual should be done in a alternative approach that includes the activities of the everyday living (Newton, 1995). A simple act of attention means too much to the patient; subsequently, I will put into practice again what I have learned from this in the future.

Another learning need i partially accomplished was being able to observe how to perform the Colonoscopy method. I partially achieved it because we have no time to explore the technique used to find any abnormalities or infection from the individual; however, I did some informative readings about the task.

To summarise what I've discovered on my location, I was able to see the nurses' responsibilities. That they manage to supply the best medical interventions in a busy ward. How they collaborate to other health professionals for updating the patients' care and attention plan. I've turned out to myself that most patients usually be based upon nurses as they are the main one who provide immediate care on them (Altman, 2010). I do believe that medical is a never ending procedure for learning; thereby ensuring that nurses are up to date with their trainings and education; otherwise optimum look after the patients will not be met. As students, I must be dedicated, motivated and inspired to attain my ambitions in life (Maslow, 1954); regularly accepting any troubles for my own development. For the meantime, I am going to set my goals on what I want to learn; recognising any learning outcome on my learning plan as this will bring me nearer to my aspiration, to be always a Competent Nurse (Peate, 2006). My fourteen days practice experience was superlative. The Faculty of Medical in a healthcare facility provided teaching classes that will establish us to be capable (McNiff, 1993). All the staff in the ward where I caused were supportive and compassionate. I am looking forward for my next positioning, for me personally to apply what I have discovered from my earlier one, and also identify new learning opportunities. To conclude, practice placement is each day of experience, every day of new learning.

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