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Improving segmentation and setting strategies

DiGi's main customers come from almost young portion of society. It might be wise for DiGi to improve on segmentation and positioning strategies.

Customer relationship in DiGi Telecommunication is use frequently, with this it helps bring the relationship towards DiGi customer. For instance, during DiGi's customer birthday, DiGi will dispatched a Birthday Wish through Text message, or some extra benefit such as extra reload reward, free call during that particular day or throughout that particular month.

Reloading prepaid for DiGi customers is simple now, because DiGi customer can buy the reload No. everywhere at their convenience. It is located anywhere, 7-11, newsstand store, ATM, e-banking, and even through DiGi website beforehand. With this, customers can reload anytime, everywhere without fret.

It is very important to DiGi to identify its product by technological and performance characteristics, especially network coverage, to stay competitive in the telecommunication market. In the TOWS matrix, several strategies have been suggested, including technology improvement, low priced strategy, marketing communication strategy improvement, controlling between post-paid and pre-paid clients, and backward integration as well.

From the aspect of offensive strategy, DiGi could utilize its financial strength to adopt technology improvement that post introduces the 3G and Border technology and low prices strategy on the market in order to secure DiGi an improved standing in the near future as people nowadays will be more educated and are beginning to seek better solutions to improve their lives.

DiGi realizes that commercial responsibility is not just the preview of 1 single department the business to do "good". The duty lies in each of them to produce a positive difference in the world they live and work in. Each individual in his or her capacity as an employee, an company, a parent, a person, or a person, can contribute in the easiest way that can decrease the environmental impact, for illustration, and be an example to others. Our commercial responsibilities are tailored to satisfy at least one of these three objectives that happen to be driving integrity & empowerment, interesting with community, and minimizing our environmental footprint, with the aim to engage as many as our employees and the neighborhood community as is feasible.

Multi-language customer support was established within Digi drive to embrace diversity, and also to better facilitate need and concerns from DiGi subscribers of different ethically, empowering those to have an improved knowledge of the latest special offers and to allow them to air their concerns effectively. The customer support call centre addresses the following language-specific needs of the community: English, Malay, Mandarin, Indonesia and Tamil dialects. To further increase CUSTOMER CARE, DiGi launched D'Chat, a 24-hour real-time Online Customer Service, bringing CUSTOMER CARE to a more personal level.

DiGi brings everyone an increased insurance coverage at affordable prices. At 4th June of 2009, Digi has broadened its insurance offering by giving customers the option to buy higher value insurance coverage via easy Text message activation. Unwritten by AIG General Insurance, DiGi has created two additional programs on top of the free Personal Automobile accident (PA) insurance that will continue to be wanted to DiGi customers. For RM2, a person will be covered for accidental fatality or everlasting disablement at RM50, 000 valid for thirty days. Customer can also decide on a higher coverage of RM100, 000 at RM6 for thirty days. This is suitable for only DiGi's customer, up to now other Telecommunication haven't have this.

In last September, DIGI launched the new "Relatives and buddies" from beyondTM prepaid, permit their customers to call their loved onesBesides that, MMS was launched by DIGI on 27th August 2003, offering Text with photos, computer animation, words and music. Latest additions to its line of services DiGi launched its mobile credits reloading via Text message and Internet in Oct 2003. This service also permits users to maintain touch with DiGi services through an extremely secure system, which deploys the state-of-the-art security features.

With DiGi Campus that was launched recently, now all the students are able to call, SMS and browse the internet for free. Students can discuss till they drop with free cell phone calls to any DiGi amount after a complete daily consumption of only RM2, surt the internet whenever, wherever for free after a total monthly usage of RM30, and dispatched SMS with their preferred people anytime of your day with free Text to 11 Friends & Family amounts. It's very easy in which to stay touch, just stay dynamic by reloading any value one per year. That will everyone connected to their friends and family for the next four years after activation. When customer buys a DiGi Campus Pack at the participating retailers, they will obtain Rewards & Privileges when they sign up, including the Fresh Grad Plan.

DiGi's present and targeted customers DiGi functions an comprehensive market comprising corporate and business, corporate, authorities and individual areas. Although DiGi launched its Beyond pre-paid service, it has additionally prearranged several packages to focus on the post-paid market portion, its current emphasis.

The Perspective of DiGi based on DiGi's technique to become the preferred telecommunication brand, the company will focus heavily to reinforce its overall market talk about. All this is made possible by the sturdy and saleable structures of the program to keep up with the strong expansion of DiGi's business. This exercise were only available in 1996 has been successfully executed with several mergers and take-over and the scene now has only 3 major players specifically Telecom Malaysia, Maxis and DiGi for preset line.

Product strategy for DiGi Telecommunication is by advertising campaign appeal and press the most impactful advertisements on the TV lately You'll definitely keep in mind this Yellow DiGi Man by Digi Telecommunications Sdn. Bhd. This Yellow DiGi Man symbolizes the transmission of your hands mobile phone and DiGi is with them to tell people how good is their coverage area is! By the end of 2006, DiGi re launched its brand marketing campaign after 18 months of absence with Yellow Coverage Fellow (or more officiously called, YCF) through some television commercials. Formerly called Yellow Man, until renamed by DiGi's marketing team, YCF was created by Naga DDB, DiGi's advertising agency.

Entitled "DiGi Yellow", and tagline "DiGi's WIDEST Coverage. Always along with you. ", the advertisements contained an upbeat theme song "I AM GOING TO Follow You" that is based on the 1963 Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 melody "I'LL Follow Him" by Little Peggy March. General population reaction to the marketing campaign was very positive as "I AM GOING TO Follow You" had become a catch phrase among the Malaysian public.

The Brand plan gets the top unaided recall presently in a Malaysian Q1 2007 study conducted by Research International and it is one of the very most successful brand promotions in Malaysia.

I'll follow you.

DiGi is still actively chasing its Universal COMPANY (USP) obligation by providing communication links in the 5 Government-allocated most remote areas. The number of subscriptions has increased close to 2, 000 households, connecting hundreds in the Malaysian society. DiGi was the first telco to provide USP service via cell phones (based on GSM), i. e. fixed call USP rates made over mobile phones to enable increased range of motion within the area for rural users.

Customer romance in DiGi Telecommunication is use frequently, with this it can help bring the relationship towards DiGi customer. For instance, during DiGi's customer birthday, DiGi will dispatched a Birthday Wish through Text message, or some extra profit such as extra reload bonus, free call throughout that particular day or throughout that particular month.

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