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What is the most important of English language essay

Many students in colleges and universities get a task to write the important of English language essay. If you are going to write such essay you can try to answer on questions:

  • What is the role of language as general for you, your family, friends and etcetera?
  • The use of English in the world.
  • What are the main functions of every language?
  • How language helps to improve your skills, save brain activity and functionality?
  • The global role of English.

For every human on the Earth language became the powerful tool for communication and cooperation in society. Just imagine what people will do if they will live without language at all. Even the simplest operations will become difficult if there will be no human language at all. How you can buy something without language? Ask for some help? How can you describe what you want without language? And more important – how can you describe what you feel without language? It will be really difficult in some cases. Language connects billions of people between themselves.

English is one of the most powerful languages in the world. Originally, English was the language of England. However, the growth of British Empire made English widespread. English is primary or secondary language in such former British colonies as Canada, The United States, Australia, and India. The United States continued to spread influence of English language. English – is the language of Hollywood. That means that the most powerful media center in the world popularizes this language. If you are going to reach the biggest success in such industry you need to learn English very well. All European actors usually need to work in Hollywood to become famous all over the world. However, movie industry is not the only sphere that requires high language skills. Word financial system speaks English too. All transnational corporations usually use English language to realize cooperation between offices in different countries. If you are going to write the important of English language essay, you should think about spheres where English language is common and useful and tell about them.

Main functions of English in importance of English language essay

Your essay on importance of English language should also describe the main functions of language. As it was already told, every language helps people to communicate with each other. Due to this communication people can build cooperation and run a lot of processes. Thus, we can say now that one of the functions of every language is cooperation. We use language to express ourselves. We can describe what we feel, what we want and show our inner side to the world and to people who care about us. People all over the world need the universal language to express themselves, communicate and cooperate with each other. English became such language for most of people in the twentieth century. National educational systems in different countries all over the world try to keep up with the time. Their goal nowadays is to integrate students into the modern global system of cooperation. You can use this tool to share knowledge, emotions and other kind of information.

Language is the powerful tool which can help to improve your skills in self-learning. The opinion of the modern Science is that people who know two and more different languages can improve brain cells. Researches show that people who know more than one language less prone to sclerosis of brain. Other researches show that constant study is necessary to prevent degradation of brain. Learn different languages is a great way to improve your skills. And if you don’t know English yet – learn it necessarily.

Nowadays English plays the very important role in the world cooperation processes. It is a language that can help people from different countries to communicate with each other. The more people from different countries communicate with each other – the less chance that they will war. As it was already told here, nowadays English is the international language. That is why we can say that English can contribute to world peace. Actually, in the beginning of the twentieth century there was an attempt to create an artificial international language. Esperanto is the most used constructed international language. It was created in the end of the ninetieth century by linguist L. L. Zamenhof. But it did not cached the requirement of the world and nowadays become an auxiliary language. We have to admit, however, that Esperanto is the most used from all auxiliary languages in the world.

Thereby, the main functions of English in essays on importance of English :

  • Connection – connects different people from all over the world.
  • Cooperation – help people to make transnational professional connections.
  • Self-learning – helps to improve different skills.
  • Peacemaking – global connection.

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