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Importance Of Marketing FOR AN Company Marketing Essay

Marketing plays an essential role in the success of any company. So what is marketing? According to Kotler (2010) "Marketing is the cultural process where individuals and teams obtain what they want and want through creating and exchanging products and value with others"

Marketing is one of the sole most important reasons for any organisation's success. Some individuals make the error of baffling marketing with advertising. They Visualise customers being bombarded by advertising. Real marketing is the belief that sustainability can be achieved by fulfilling your customer's needs better than your competition.

Identifying changes or tendencies and focusing on how to respond to these helps an organisation to keep its customers happy. Marketing takes on a more important role today than it ever before did before before. It is because consumer's preferences are constantly changing. Organisations who disregard these changes go through results of declining earnings and loss of customers. Companies that once were seen as icons are now attempting to for survival. Each year a huge selection of long proven companies 're going out of business.

Few Organisations today practice true mass marketing, which is offering in a standardised way to everybody. Nowadays marketers choose to target fewer more profitable customers instead. Some companies will also try to eliminate any existing unprofitable customers, so that it can concentrate more on presenting an improved service to the profitable ones.

Marketing plays a key role in the sales of most goods and services. For instance if a company comes out with a fresh product no person in the public will know about it. The business will then receive the help of marketers, who will use marketing tools to promote the product to the public. Companies will not simply allow public learn about the product for themselves, if this was the case then your product could not achieve success. Convincing customers to buy a fresh product is perhaps one of the hardest parts of marketing. Through the digital revolution in recent years marketers have tools at their disposal that they never had before. Amazon. com which is one of the most significant online retailers on the planet gets 30% of the sales from recommending products to customers after they buy or view a specific product e. g. customer buying a laptop will be advised to buy a laptop bag soon after they buy a laptop on their site.

Marketing has an essential role in building your companies reputation. A good or perhaps a bad reputation can employ a big effect on sales. Worthwhile internet marketer will know not just developing a good reputation but also how to approach an awful one aswell. Check out how sales of Toyota cars have plummeted since that they had to recall a large number of autos for sticking accelerator issues. Toyota responded with a number of television advertisements to shake off this negative image they obtained. One advertisement involved their CEO who talked about how exactly safe their autos are and the fact that he trusts them enough to operate a vehicle himself and his family in them.

Organisations need to comprehend customer needs and needs if they desire to be successful. Building good customer connections is one of the most crucial parts of marketing. The key to this is by creating customer value and satisfaction. Higher levels of customer satisfaction causes greater customer commitment, which results in better company performance. Customer retention is vital for an Organisation. Lexus projected that over a lifetime a customer could be worth 600, 000. A cellular phone customer can be well worth 26000 in income over an eternity. Attracting new customers is vital.

Managers often make the error of taking a look at profits and sales when determining how successful the company is. These numbers only represent the clients that were triumphed in before. This can often give the illusion that the business is doing well when in simple fact it could be sacrificing customers. Organisations can only be familiar with this when sales begin to fall, which it is too late. Organisations now recognise satisfied customers as an extremely valued asset, not simply as a result of money they spend over an eternity but because on they inform on average three to five 5 other folks about their experience. Gaining new customers can cost several times more than it does to retain an existing one. Research has shown that dissatisfied customers notify up to fourteen people about their experience. The ratio of those that make a complaint to the organisation is merely 4%. If these problems are resolved reasonable to the customer it often brings about them being more faithful than if they never experienced dissatisfaction to begin with.


It can be seen how important marketing is to an organisation. It's accountable for building an organisations reputation, working with bad press, retailing services, and creating customer devotion. We've also seen that Organisations that do not look after the needs of its customers will eventually see falling profits accompanied by closure.

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