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Importance of Innovation for Human Waste Treatment

Yuyao Wu

As Rio bay waters show, we terribly need advancement in dealing with human wastes

August 13, 2016 3. 41am AEST

http://theconversation. com/as-rio-bay-waters-show-we-badly-need-innovation-in-treating-human-wastes-63379

By referring the issue of poor drinking water quality in the 2016 Rio Olympic normal water, Daniele Lantagne, an assistant Teacher of Civil and Environmental Engineering in Tufts University or college, demonstrates how series untreated drinking water can pose threat to people's health through the article. Lantagne also informs visitors to think highly of the issue of disposing untreated drinking water, arguing that sewerage systems are needed to apply inside our lives.

Treating waste water and sewage isn't just a problem occurred in Rio, but also a problem occurred worldwide. Therefore, "technical and social innovation" are not only necessary for disposing "contaminated" water, but also the unavoidable elements for the procedure of sustainability.

The writer is applicable a logical build to see the visitors that people's health is exposed to danger if indeed they live "within an environment polluted with individual waste". "the untreated normal water causes 760000 children die from diarrhea per season worldwide and 162 million children under five suffer stunting", which is proof by sanitation provision (2007). The article writer makes her debate seem more reliable through reliable evidence. It is sorrowful to accept that a huge number of children die every year due to "contaminated water". Through the evidence, we can know that the problem is serious or might become more serious if we take no solution to treat water before removal. Thus, it features how urgent and necessary we have to improve "sanitation faculties" in order to invert the "health threats. "

Furthermore, Lantagne expresses that apply the waste material treatment in life can improve the standard of living. The article writer uses the actual fact that the project of the sewerage system in United States achieves significant success in providing "treated and safe drinking water" to households. Indeed, inside our daily life, drinking water is the basic need for every human-being. The grade of water has a direct impact on human being health. Therefore, we appreciate how vital functions the sewerage systems play in our lives.

However, Lantagne argues that in reality, it is hardly to keep using sewerage systems, septic tanks and latrines due to financial reason and rapidly population progress. Through listing the restriction of sewerage systems, septic tanks and latrines, Lantagne makes her point seem more objective and even more considerable. Although the restriction of sewerage systems prevails, we still need to work with sewerage system to dispose untreated drinking water. Lantagne consummates her argument by list three good examples for the further procedure for treating human waste products, that happen to be "community mobilization strategies", "Systems-based" and "sociable business services". However, nowadays, it is not enough to provide the solution to treat the untreated drinking water. Beforehand, sense of environmental awareness is required to be ingrained in people's head. Otherwise, absence senses of environmental awareness will be one of the most obvious barriers to avoid people to service, think and workout the answer for disposing polluted normal water or other environmental issues.

Overall, the writer offers her views based on facts and simple fact in a reasonable and logical firmness, which makes her arguments appear more valid. The factors increased by the article writer will probably be worth to reconsider as treating water before disposal is one of the very most serious environmental issues. We need to know how serious health implications we are troubled due to the contaminated drinking water before we realize how urgent we need to apply the sewerage system in life. Besides, the senses of environmental consciousness are the basic knowledge impels us to work through the answer for environmental issues.

References; http://theconversation. com/as-rio-bay-waters-show-we-badly-need-innovation-in-treating-human-wastes-63379

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