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Importance Of Information Technology Integration In Educational Institution Education Essay

Technology Integration means the utilization of technology tools within an organization. In general areas these technology tools are widely used. Like in Education, IT Integration can be used to allow the students to work with computer and technology skills for learning and problem-solving. The curriculum can be derived by the use of technology.

Information Technology Integration in the curriculum has become a priority in almost all of the colleges today. There are various experts who are related to education technology says that technology should be put together not only as a once a while write up project or a separate subject, instead it ought to be treated as an instrument to encourage and prolong learning aspect of students. But the primary concern behind this is to find other ways to work with the technology by the students.

For the instructors also, too little personal experience with technology signifies an additional obstacle. They have started learning tools and understanding them In order to involve technology-based activities and assignments to their curriculum.

When the technology is employed in a proper way, it could be the tool for both the professors and the pupil. Teacher who have less experience in using technology and the ones instructors who are tech savvy more fully to their daily exercises, the world of education is offering numbers of ways which might help in integrating technology in our day to day life are the following:

Access an online weather forecast.

Most of the instructors begin their school day with a conversation of the time and local weather. They discuss that what's the weather is bringing today and what type of day it will be by making use of Technology Integrated tools.

Include URLs in regular monthly calendar.

Each and on a monthly basis the world of education offers away a printable and editable colored calendar to be utilized in classroom. Prior to the calendars are sent out one of the students, few of the URL's of few sites should be added in order that they might well have better understanding to the month's event and also prompts them to visit those websites. For example, the month of September may offer links to to websites that handles Labor Day, Grandparents day, etc. or the students may able to find web sites as the complete months of a year job.

Access online weather forecasts

One can access online weather forecast in French, German, or Spanish.

The channels which ultimately shows the weather forecasts gives detailed information in the local language about the elements condition of Italy, Germany, France, America etc.

Challenge students with online mathematics problems.

You can truly add a mathematics challenge related to your assignment, chapters or extra credit activities on a daily basis or even regular. The mathematics forum's math issue of the week offers expression problem in 5 different classifications- important of mathematics, pre-algebra, algebra, geometry and pre calculus. The Goals puzzle place includes more than hundred puzzles that are related to mathematics. Most include printable worksheets. Can't stand today's problem? Never to worry! There are many sites otherwise that provides extensive archives. If you are tutoring online to the students of quality 3-8 stretch your students to learn online and fast them to complement with the other students throughout the world by asking them to participate in the Abacus International Mathematics Challenge.

Other than this the training technology is constantly attempting to increase the field of education over what it would be without technology. A couple of few benefits that are listed below:

Easy usage of the course materials.

The tutors can post their course material as well as any important event or information online in virtually any of the educational website so that students can easily see and access the course materials quickly and in a more speedily time.

Student determination.

The instructions distributed by the computer are definitely more instant, accurate and it also clarifies the answers accurately. Apart from this the computer tend to be able and non-judgmental, which motivates the pupil for more information and constantly. Regarding to Adam Kulik, the students who learns through computer and uses its training, learns faster as well as gets more willing towards taking on classes and develop more positive attitude towards computer established classes, both online and offline.

Wide contribution.

Course or study material can be used for online education, distance learning and it also extends to wider audience.

Improved pupil writing.

It becomes very east for the university student to alter their work in phrase report or processors which also helps these to enhance the quality of writing. Relating to research it is well known fact that students are better in editing and enhancing and studying written works that are being exchanged on the list of students they know within their computer network.

Subjects made much easier to learn.

Numerous information systems are being used for learning purposes of different age ranges. Information systems are being widely used in school, college or university and other academics organizations. They are also being used for professional purposes. Usage of information systems makes the visualization of intricate problems with sound, training video and 3 D structural presentations. It creates learning faster and implementation of any change is also extremely fast. Changes represent in fraction of seconds so it is very easy to keep the resources.

Differentiated Instruction.

Uses of information system in educational technology promote active contribution of student and it reveals differentiated questioning strategies. It encourages personalized learning strategies with motivating individuals with personal learning plans. Students are motivated and encouraged to use multimedia resources for better learning and clear understanding in a very creative way.

Technology in the classroom

Numerous types of systems are being used in traditional classrooms with modern techniques. Handful of them are:

Computer in the classroom: It's trusted internationally for learning proposes in classrooms. From the good resource for instructors and students. It contains huge data of ebooks, presentations, media resources related to learning and many more. It also attaches other resources in real time. Navigation is fast using computer in place of traditional catalogs and resources.

Class website: Valuable information and resources are exhibited on attractive category websites in super easy ways. It performs a role of tool for students where study material and other useful resources related to study is put. Student can download and use online. Discussion board related for some topics and projects are also a good part of course website. Assignment submission, project discussions and many more things can be carried out as of this place. In addition, it provides teachers web page which gives valuable information about individual teachers along with their specialization and accomplishments with prizes.

Class weblogs and wikis: there are numerous types of tools and techniques which can be being implemented. Personal blogs provide a common discussion board to discuss some concepts, tasks, issues and assignments. There are many wide open source and free websites like wiki which provides valuable knowledge around the world.

Wireless class microphones: This facility provides an improved way to focus on tutor. Students can clearly listen teacher's words irrespective of other disturbing sound. The communication between students and teacher are more effective with audible quality.

Mobile devices: Mobile and other smart devices are being used on large size for various purposes in classrooms. It creates easier to get around and speak.

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