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Importance Of Geography To International Relationships Politics Essay

At first, it's important to identify the top issues that will be developed, I alternatively to get started on with the international relations which is "the study of human connections through national edges and the factors that have an impact on those relationships". This classification briefly gives a globalized approach that makes people understand that nations are not the unique actor involve in the developed of the international relationships however now there are many other institutions that actually affect those human relationships and in some instances can transform its complete route. Those new actors can be intergovernmental organizations, nongovernmental organizations, international nongovernmental organizations and multinational corporations.

On the other hands, there is the geography that might be explained predicated on this price: "Geography is the study of the patterns and operations of individual (built) and environmental (natural) panoramas, where landscapes include real (objective) and identified (subjective) space. ", in a simple way the prior meaning immediately reminds us to the main element problem to treat.

The most important relation between the geography and the international relations appeared when countries realize the distinctions they had with the neighboring countries, in culture, pondering and the previous however the relevant one, the resources. In the ultimate years of the XIX century started out the study of the geopolitics that shows up as consequences of three important situations that occurred in the international level. The first one is the consolidation of nation-state that is a territory with a populace whose has sovereignty and the energy to control that place, when this expression was defined, the top of the says was concern about having the bigger place as it was possible, also appears terms related to the nationwide interest. The next event that designated the analysis of geopolitics is the II professional revolution where the key tool demanded was the financial capital and in a second case, the natural resources; with the trend, states become aware of the need of the resources that they did not have so that they had to get it from other nation-states. The third thing is related to the liberalism and the socialism that in few words, are expansionist ideologies. The socialism that says that the best federal is the one which guarantees the equality between your customers of the contemporary society people under this believe feels that the socialism can be done just if it's in a worldwide level, and the liberalism is the ideology of the think that the democracy is best polity and each and every country will need to have it, these theory occurs and develop the idea of the universal rights.

The factors already called, are the causes of the introduction of the interrelation between the geography and the international relationships because the tactical countries started to try looking in the non proper countries a options to get everything they needed to increase their economies and guarantee a successful development of their contemporary society, so they started invading other territories already delimited (arbitrarily) and attempted to impose their authority everywhere they appear, this caused a drastically changed in the international relation because each and every country came to the realization that these were not alone which now was required to fight to keep the current state they had, also expresses were seeing each other as a delicacy, because of this there have been continues fights. A significant example of this, is exactly what happened in European countries in the final years of the XIX hundreds of years, enough time know as the "age of imperialism".

Having happened a list of situations that improved the image that European countries acquired of themselves. European countries saw Africans as defenseless people that would have to be defended. They sent people to analyze the patterns of folks living in the "black continent", after a period the powerful Europe were completely inside of Africa and got a control over it. The imperial that used strategies to receive the richest (resources) places in Africa was THE UK who developed important naval and military power to deal with not simply with Africans but also to beat the other Europe such as Portugal, France and Germany which were also endeavoring to expand their place and sovereignty in the dominated country. Finally Great Britain got the power from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic and from Cabo to Cairo. This has many results for the planet order and business, in this minute began the abroad trade of slaves and caused the emergence of African countries as countries whose has their electricity based on guns. There some important authors that consider that without the "age of imperialism" do not notice were possible things like the pass on of European languages in the keep world, also were an absence of institutions that makes the international relations what it is today.

The previous paragraph shows how the request of the geography in the decisions to make in the international level (that impact another nations and their relationship) can create a lot of implications, those would be positive or negative however the history demonstrates most of them has been positives and the ones that were negative, evolved as the time was jogging and now we are in a prepared world that clearly is not perfect but at least spite of that are extensive potential fights, this can be and are controlled with the various tools that international corporations has to keep the world order and the peaceful relations between countries.

Another example that may be explained to show the affirmation at the beginning is what's going on in the Antarctic, the polar caps are being thawed. But what goes on with this situation? Initially, it is known that many countries have their market located in the freight transport or activities related to, some countries are Malaysia, Netherlands Panama and Singapore. Just how that they are affected is because this important geographic change, brought on because associated with an environmental issue, makes that the ports that are located in those countries are not going to be as crowed as they used to be. All of this because of the National geography revealed a documental about how precisely a group of Fishers in a large fishing boat made a decision to explore the Antarctic and observe how difficult would be to mix from the Atlantic to the pacific to reach to China, avoidant handed down by the Indian Ocean. Second consequences is that now exist (for some countries) the probability to distributed the last area of the world (the sole one that hasn't being sent out) experts in geography and geopolitics affirms that it might (and most likely) leads to challenging for having control over that zone. The third concern related to the change is approximately Netherlands, some projections illustrate that if the polar caps continue thawing, this country, that is place under the sea level which has survive with the develop of very specific executive, would be partially awash.

Again it was prove, the international relationships is considerably affected by the geography, this example is just a supposition of what would happen, but there consequences (positive or negative) may be more deeply of what it has been explained.

Not to move too far, there is perfect example happening within Colombia and involve United States on one hand and on another side is Venezuela and Ecuador. That is related to the armed service bases that United States has and use in Colombia. The eye of the US on having a close connection with Colombia is nearly to help the country, but is ideal for the geographical position. It really is known that allied countries on Venezuelas aspect are facing the consequences of having a revolutionary federal and regarding Venezuela; they are experiencing many structural changes to become socialist country. As a result of this, Venezuela and Ecuador have emerged as potential dangers. So, what US want is to somehow have a control over the spot or at least being constantly reported about what is going on in those neighboring countries. The example shows what sort of geographical position of one country could become this attractive, for another country that is a world power, and causes create and keep maintaining a relation just to explore around him.

Nowadays it still being important the geography in the international relationships but, for many people, has took a secondary position in order of relevance, this is because of the globalization, with expanding of technology, the press communication and the many cheap and fast means of transport, the carry world is continually linked and easily what goes on in one place has consequences in another extreme of the world. So, is not necessary to being neighboring countries to strike or even to have effect over a region or country.

Can be said that the affirmation manufactured in the last paragraph is fact but has a critic which is that spite that the economies are highly developed, someplace almost anything can be produce or invented and the transportation is no problem anymore; there are some resources that are vital for a society to can be found but that are scarce resources and the true fight will come when countries commence to make use of the push or the armed forces force to acquire those scarce resources. Those are water and oil, but the last is the one about the countries are already concern, everywhere you can find people trying to find a complete swap of this and there are many developments on it but essential oil continue featuring its key importance. Everybody would feel that maybe the coming war is likely to be in Europe again or maybe Asia but it isn't, this battle will maintain the Middle East wherever are positioned Iraq, Iran and Syria. All of this is basically because between those countries they have the 55% of the world s engine oil reserves.

Finally, can be said that the geography is not a physical review but also gets involves in the human being activities and relationships, also is related to the international relationships being more specific, relates to the foreign plan of an country, this is because when a concern about circulation (resources, land, space, sea) introduction every single country need to establish their position and a concept of how are they going to act when facing the issue.

When the geopolitics made an appearance, there have been some occurrences that mark the way it would be studied and how would be that review predicated on. Those events are the description of nations-states (territory, populace and sovereignty), the II professional revolution that made countries to see the need of interdependence they have to create and have, to build up the creation and the new description in that time, the economies of size. The 3rd factor that influence the study of the geopolitics is the liberalism and the socialism that are theories about the best polities to be employed on circumstances.

Another important argument that facilitates the affirmation was the historical way, because there a great deal of evidence that shows that we are not alone and is required to interact with other countries and organizations to be able to get a noticable difference or to reduce a threat. Well, State governments are interconnected, and is important to keep a peaceful regards to maintain a world order and stability in the international level. When a problem is being researched, it is vital to go to a Geographic map to understand which could be the physical factors that affect in the develop of the condition or also accomplishing this, can be conclude that the challenge is a completely about a geographical factor. Also many people require in the geopolitics feels that the international relationship just discusses "who are able to do what to whom " which would not to be answer without considering many other technology but from all of it, the most determinant is the geography.

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