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Importance Of Motivation For Organizational Success

Related to the magnificent changes which may have occurred in technology leading the earth towards Common denominators, and a varied change happened in the world economic extension. The main economical change that direct result the most concern not limited to the local organizations but also for the multinational an example may be the up development of the general market. To become successful in long term business managing employees is one of the very most critical instruments for a general business to compete with others specifically for multinational organizations.

From here it raze the importance of the HRM (RECRUITING Management) as necessary process to take care of the complexity demands and needs of these multinational international organizations and identify those successful organizations from one another.

The central business of the human resources management is to get the talents from the marketplaces, help the organizations to achieve their goals through keeping the organizational skilled employees and improve the employees' performance through different motivational tools.

From here the organizations started to understand that motivating employee's desire needs more than the old strategy of carrot and stay. Today organizations need to understand the needs and guidelines of their employees and start to submit satisfying systems that can match those needs.

To improve the level of inspiration to enhance the performance of people the organizations began to make worthwhile systems that can works on the Intrinsic and extrinsic needs of the employees as employees are different as people from someone to another. Some employees may be in need of extra salary or motivation and others might need more obligations or opportunities to development.

Accordingly, motivating staff is part of any employer's responsibility to appeal to and preserve employees. The desire process will help maximize the power of human source and develop ecological management strategies for the organization seeking success and longevity.

This research will bring in the countless factors and offer answers to the questions that affect worker determination as follow: What employees look forward to gain using their job Intrinsic and Extrinsic, How leadership style have an effect on the employees and the whole organization desire, The Effective techniques to reward employees, The importance of building a supportive office, The role of available communication in maintaining motivation soul inside the organizations, How to handle the demotivated employees, How to keep motivation soul inside the organization.

Importance of desire in today's work area environment

The most important troubles that are facing the employers are two, the first one is how to encourage the employees to work achieve the organization goals and the second some may be how to meet up with the needs of the employees to keep them motivated.

Meeting the goals and reaching the organizational goals are both most challenging factors facing any professionals and they are more and more technical with the huge changes that has happened in today's technology and economics that contributes to increasingly more changes in employees needs.

: Need for desire for organizational success

What is Desire? How it effects the work place environment? And why is it important for both employers and employees? These are the primary questions that require to be handled as suggested below.

Motivation is a management design of operating attitude predicated on the data of what make people take action and achieve it begins with physiological needs that turn on employees habit, Luthans (1998) validated that desire is the procedure that wake up, energize, command, and strengthen the employee's performance and action.

Daft (1997) signifies that motivation refers to the energy even intrinsic or extrinsic to the employees that trigger eagerness and assertiveness to pursue a specific plan of action.

Motivation could be thought as the interesting to spend high level of initiatives and persistence for the organizational goals conditioned by this powerful the capability to fulfill the employees' dreams and needs (Stephen, 2000).

Decenzo (2001) define determination as a result of interaction between the individual "employees" and the status, employees fluctuate in the motivation drive, but the employees motivation changes from position to position and from place to another.

Motivation is the inclined to spend higher level of work effort to allow the organization to reach its goals, conditioned by the ability of the business to meet some specific needs of the employees Robbins, et al. (2001).

Motivation identified related to the dictionary Webster's something inside individuals who causes them to action and that motivation is different from one to another. While the new Merriam-Webster dictionary described it as a need that makes a person work and achieve.

There are fundamental words that can conclude the definition of drive such as habit, process, attitude, physiological needs, management style, energize, performance, needs, individuals, target, goals, drives, some of the researchers like Luthans )1998) and Evans (1998) arranged that the inspiration starts from the behavior which is management process starts off with physiological scarcity that stimulate employees behavior towards a desired incentive. And to understand this inspiration process everyone has to understand those three key phrases needs, motives and rewards. Daft, (1997) and Decenzo (2001) arranged that motivation is because connections between intrinsic and extrinsic rewards and it varies from status to position and from specific to another. While Stephen (2000) and Robbins, et al (2001) arranged that drive is the willing to spend higher level of work effort to allow the business to reach its' goals, conditioned by the ability to fulfill the employees needs.

Understanding this is of the work place environment appearance is very important as it results the staff performance and inspiration in immediate way, The task place environment is like the iceberg the visible part of it is the physical the one that can be identified as the area that you works in an workplace or from your home, the air quality, decoration, equipment, and the safety precautions while the hidden part which is the most crucial and it displays about 80% of the work environment is the culture, principles, believes, relationship between employees and the company, those factors effect straight the employees determination.

Approaches theories for understanding employees motivation

Motivation theories provides a way to understand the employees and individual behaviors in different situations and position, and it gives attention to know very well what is the main factors and motorists that effects employees performance and improve the level of determination and achievements, it also manages knowing what's the employees and individuals needs as well as how to gratify those needs.

Maslow's Needs Hierarchy

Maslow (1954) an American professor of psychology he arranges the individuals needs in a hierarchy pyramids starts with the physiological needs which is the essential needs and ends with the self-actualization. Maslow proved in his theory that once you fulfill the basic degree of his hierarchy you can move to the upper one until you reach the most notable of the pyramids (shape 1).

The five levels in Maslow's Hierarchy are, (1)Physiological needs- the basic needs of employees which is comfortable place of work, fresh air, healthy food choices, main physical tools that permit the worker to finalize his daily work. (2) Safeness needs- rules that will keep secure employees protection such as life insurance and medical care insurance, affording rules against harassment and violence, good salary and motivation schema. (3) Belonging and passion needs- interpersonal needs, by affording the capability to work in organizations, team development activities inside the organization. (4) Esteem needs- Ego/status the ability to be advertised, adding employees to ability of pool employees inside the business, getting the judgment of the employees in company decisions. (5) Self-actualization- Special projects to employees to allow them to show themselves against others and also to gain more personal and professional experience, presenting more duties in decision making and in controlling other employees and responsibilities inside the organization.

Maslow implies that the satisfaction progression allows the employees and humans to move from one level to another, which is false in practice as some employees can move in one level to any level else predicated on his functions and his level of maturity and not in that systematic way.

Alderfer's ERG Theory

Alderfer condensed Maslow's five needs hierarchy into three levels only:

Existence needs- include all physical and safety wants, he merge the first two needs of Maslow's hierarchy into one level.

Relatedness needs- which show the belonging and affection needs of Maslow.

Growth needs- which include esteem needs and the self-actualization in a single level (number 2).

Alderfer also submit the Frustration-regression theory, which guess that the employee can move in and out of the various levels predicated on if their needs have been done or not which is more rational than Maslow's theory. Alderfer theory priorities the needs level based on the realistic, lifestyle needs is the most practical and the Growth needs is the low reasonable as it predicated on the special functions of each employee.

Herzberg Theory of Factors

Frederick Irving Herzberg an American psychologist he tweaked Maslow's needs theory and come to two areas of needs that enthusiastic employees and the ones two areas are shown in (body 3) as follow:

Hygiene - which include the factors that leads to job dissatisfaction and this shows the low level of motivators including "pay, work conditions, guidance and the way the business is run".

Motivators - such as the factors that lead to motivation in the workplace and this show the bigger level of motivators which include "responsibilities, the type of the task, recognition and successes".

Herzberg theory is very easy one that shows that the employees' wants and needs is more than that on the cleanliness level however the motivators in workplace is more important than the physical needs.

McClelland's Bought Needs Theory

McClelland's build his theory for the reason that the employees' needs is not really a natural or inherent but it is obtained discovered and improved based on the knowledge that staff gained during life activities and the three types of needs in this theory are shown in (physique 4):

The first indicates the need of achievement- the n-ach staff is achievement encouraged that needs challenging realistic goals, always happy to success, they prefer to work as an individual or with another high achievers employees and asking for feedback regarding their work improvement.

The second is the necessity of affiliation- the n-affil person is owed motivated that must participate in a team, like the co-operation environment than the challenging and competition one.

The third you are the need of power- The n-pow person is specialist encouraged, want always to win and control over things, enjoy emulation and wining.

All the aforementioned theories have described the individual and employees motivators and how to motivate employees based on their needs and desires from different point of view. McClelland's concept of achievement drive is in accordance with Herzberg's motivation-hygiene theory, people with achievement motivation vacation resort to be enthusiastic about the motivators. The motivation theories also equipped a ways and tools to understand and offer with employees' habits in different situations. No theory of these is suited to all employees or for all those situations as each employee has his own values, believes and functions and the reaction of each worker will change from another predicated on the organizational tools submitted to increase the level of determination of its employees.

Motivation Construction Model

Motivation framework Model involves the rewarding systems; extrinsic rewards systems that cover the physical rewards that come beyond your job and the other is intrinsic rewards system that demonstrates the personal satisfaction that comes from the work itself ( body 5). And it covers control style and develop communication process.

Extrinsic rewarding system

Extrinsic rewards come from a source outside the job, mainly by management; extrinsic rewards are physical and material rewards they may be split into financial and non-financial kind of rewards.

The financial extrinsic rewards are divided into three main categories: The first one is performance structured- such as benefit, commission, incentive ideas and merit pay programs. The second you are implied membership-based- such as cost of living increase, labor market adjustment and profit showing. The third is the explicit membership-based- such as cover programs, purchase time not did the trick and services incentives.

While the non financial extrinsic rewards that produce life on the job more appealing are for example: Business cards, assigned parking space, own secretary and impressive headings.

The role of the extrinsic rewards yes is important but it becomes to reduce nowadays following the huge change that has occurred in transferring of data and it and increasing the difficulty of managing business after merges and accusations that has happened in both multinationals and local organizations that contributes to huge change in the world cost-effective situations.

Intrinsic rewarding system

Intrinsic rewards reveal the non-public satisfaction that originates from the job itself, the intrinsic rewards is more intangible and it is working mainly on the individuals and how they feel about their organizations and their job. There many types of intrinsic rewards such as: (1) Contribution in decision making, (2) Greater job freedom, (3) More responsibility, (4) Opportunities for expansion, (5) Variety of activities.

The intrinsic rewards seems to make a win\win equation for both employers and employees and it does not rely upon more financial rewards to get more performance achievements and it becomes far more convenient when resources are scarce.

Leadership Style

Leadership style performs a vital role on workplace desire; these styles may causes very positive impact or very negative result according to the command style that professionals and leaders within firm use, and these styles may even vary from section to another within the same corporation. The next characteristics are crucial triggers to gauge the leadership style:

A. Leader Eyesight: If the main factor that inspires staff drive is a director with vision, so the biggest problem as a manager is to figure out a clear-convey to employees a clear eye-sight of what Director hope organization, section, office, or team will achieve, Then enabling employees to live a life out that eyesight by aiding those set aims, or tactical imperatives. When employees grasp where their company is headed and what their role is within get together that goal, they are far more determined than employees who are left at night.

Organizations that contain a clear, well written, and well communicated eyesight or mission assertion that details their ultimate goals has a higher chance to achieve its strategic objectives. Additionally it is very important that all departments within all organizations articulate a eye-sight for his or her own team and present it to department team; which vision will be very effective when employees' insight are welcomed and cared for with respect toward reaching this eye-sight.

B. Creating and Setting up Strategic Imperatives: Employees must have individual tactical imperatives that will donate to attaining department's overall perspective. Get all employees mixed up in process, not only in creating their own targets, but in expanding targets for the division. Department's overall goal should already be noticeable or at least defined department's Administrator. It never hurts to remind workers of the goals if Administrator hasn't done so recently.

It's hard for employees to stay encouraged when they have no specific and clear goals. Organizational and departmental objective claims are good motivational starting items, but to keep and maintain such motivation, Professionals are in need to create objectives, or tactical imperatives, for division and specific employees. Strategic imperatives are limited, specific goals that we can complete and assess.

Employee who are willingly to take on more responsibilities, need their director to Support their ongoing determination by causing their objectives expanded to the others. Manager need to describe to employees that though there's a defined list of strategic imperatives, if indeed they see another item that should be included, by all means manager need to add it. Most of all, managers must prize those employees for their strategic eye-sight and the extra work they actually.

C. Popularity: Leaders must think positively toward their subordinates, so Leader need to be in a position to create more ideas when introduces some of his goals on areas that are already successful. Plus, it's satisfying for employees that contain good leader ship style be reminded of the things they did well.

Employees will be much more encouraged to meet their proper imperatives if indeed they know that their work will be treasured and recognized. That means that Managers or Leaders needs a way to assess their output and successes.

Praising is one of the very most important tools that market leaders use to get the most and impressing ideas and ground breaking from employees.

D. Creating Job Options: Job methods give a way to quantify employees' improvement in getting together with their strategic imperatives. Job options should relate with the type of strategic imperatives that Director and a worker have arranged.

Here are a few parameters leader might take in factor when quantifying the job of his staff: first one is Timeliness- The amount of times deadlines are met and the reasons why deadlines are missed. The second reason is Accuracy- The power of employee's to execute without fault. And the 3rd is Following steps- The power of employee's to check out guide lines, insurance policies and standard procedures in their work.

To help employees take full advantage of performance measurement, innovator need to keep these guidelines at heart: Encourage employees to trust on the dimension as a way to promote self-growth, much less a means for Manager to check through to them. Communicate dimension results when it can help to take action. Ensure that Administrator are always calculating processes, and not assessing the worthiness of people. Strategy processes related to possess position too.

Some employees have a solid level of self-motivation; so Continuous Improvement can be an important part of professionals' drive to help them succeed and achieve remarkable results. Listed below are some rules to help Administrator or head Support employee drive to keep high quality: Manager or leader need to stress and concur that every employee is a link in the quality string. If one link breaks, the string breaks. Leader need to Help employees notice that quality rests not only on the performance of the entire group but also on the performance of every employee. Director or innovator need to permit each employee to refuse everyone when they has learned something is not top quality. Quality must be the ultimate authority. Manager or innovator need to Value employees' judgment and present them both responsibility and specialist. Specialist without responsibility is dangerous, but collectively they provide the fundamental support for accountability and determination. Manager or innovator need to make results measurable and sent those results so that everyone can easily see progress. Director or head need to make quality part of the operation even when it's difficult. The test of a genuine quality group is its certification to keep high standards under pressure.

People who've difficulty retaining their inspiration over an extended time period are not ideal for an organization exercising Continuous Improvement, total Quality Management isn't a project that starts off today and is finished tomorrow, it is just a remains process.

Employees are encouraged by values as well as perspective. Practicing prices, such as credibility, transparence, respect and fairness, will not only encourage employees, but it will also reinforce those to use the same principles when dealing with inside and exterior stakeholders.

Communication Process

The communication is one of the requirements elements for any drive process and it has an extremely big effect on the success or failure of motivation, and to assure getting the most positive aftereffect of communication there are a great number of considerations as follows:

A. Maintaining Open Communication: Maintaining open communication with employees helps motivate and keep maintaining their inspiration. But open communication means more than just accelerating employees meeting or a good expression from managers; open communication includes a variety of factors: Interacting regularly with employees with techniques that meet their needs, visiting employees in their work areas, hearing employee concerns and receiving constructive opinions from employees.

B. Interacting Regularly-and Correctly: When Employees use certain expressions such as "I don't know, I just work here. " this must be looked at as a idea that something wrong, as When employees feel eradicated and ignored, they often think that their contribution to the business did not discover, which impede their motivation. Director can support high determination by connecting regularly with employees and by altering communication to meet their needs.

Communication in today's work area should be easy. Regardless of you are working on a single building, same city, same country or even same continent as the technology development come to levels that a person cannot imagine.

C. Going to Employees Work Areas: It is very important for managers to access know and understand their workers in order to be in a position to offer them effective rewards and support, the fact that a manager need to invest time with employees in their own work areas to allow them to understand and motivate motivation in it.

One work situation that shows a genuine communication problem for the administrator is the telecommuting employee. Managers have not to dismiss or miss those employees the improvement of the technology and telecommunication since has resolved this problem as supervisor can meet those employees through webinars, video recording calls, e-mails, and professionals can also allow those employees at certain time period to visit the business Head Quarter (HQ) as a sign of appreciation and showing interest on him.

D. Listen to Employee Concerns and accepting Constructive Reviews: Communication with employees must be a two ways communication, professionals have to simply accept the constructive responses from their workers also to practice the productive being attentive style when conversing with their workers, to boost their active tuning in there are some strategies that will help for the reason that: Managers have to give consideration and show interest when employees speak with them, Professionals have to provide communication alternatives, seek clarification, give reviews, and summarize staff comments, Managers have to react to employees' ideas and thoughts, without attacking verbally or placing them down, to act in response genuinely and openly, and treat employees the same way they want to be cured and Professionals have to show employees that they can trust them by staying away from making assumptions, pay attention to the full responses or view without interfering with the own reviews.

E. Shows Admiration: When Administrator are attending to and making work in developing open up communication with their employees, they commence to feel that their viewpoint have been well known and this their contribution running a business are loved. When employees know that they are the first someone to know what is certainly going inside their organization and their division and they are apple to get involved by their ideas and opinion in decision making they believe their work is valued, which helps build their desire.

Towards successful motivational framework

. .

Maintaining Effective Work Environment

Managers have to support their workers who believe in their jobs and also have high sense of inspiration by developing a work environment where employees feel loved, deputized and empowered. Two ways that can be used to create such type of positive and effective work place: (1) Broadcast positive reinforcement- A couple of three basic types of reinforcement Positive, negative and consequence. Positive support given when professionals rewards positive worker behavior or frame of mind with an optimistic effect, while negative support given when supervisor rewards positive employee behavior or attitude by not hauling through on a poor response. The management uses the punishment when they meet negative attitude or patterns with negative effect.

Managers has to understand the best kind of positive reinforcement that could work efficiently with their employees as the purpose changes from employee to another, and the only way to permit any administrator to utilize this tool successfully is to cope with his employees as individuals and this needs a whole lot of your energy from managers to spend along with his employees to know them deeply and this is positive encouragement alone. (2) Create a friendly organizational culture- Besides working with employees as individuals managers have to multiply a friendly work environment culture within their departments to improve the level of determination, loyalty and team work culture, such as offering versatility working time, respecting variety of workforce, opportunities for education and training courses, and some interpersonal exercises outside work.

Handling Demotivated Employees

Motivated employees are crucial for the success of any group, but a great deal of managers are struggling to take care of their demotivated employees, the condition of the demtivated employees in any organization isn't just about them but also on the negative atmosphere that they disperse inside the business that for certain will have an impact of the drive of the others. Sometimes the real reason for worker demotivation and poor executing is not related to the quality of the employee itself but to another factors that results his action and attitude, some of these reasons me be from exterior work and the others are related to the work itself.

Here is some reasons related to the work that can make the worker demotivated: If employees feel doubt related to stay in the same job or doing the same work for a long period without any increase in his responsibility or getting more empowerment that will him to lose the sense of success, If professionals' expectation for performance is so exaggerated that the worker cannot achieve it, If the employee did not possess the enough skills that can help him to meet up with the expected performance. In the event the employee time is fully found in his current job and didn't have a lot more time to invest in extra responsibilities, If the rewarding system inside the organization is not reasonable enough, In the event the rewarding system inside the organization cannot fit the variety of the knowledge and talented employees.

The best way to determine the reason behind the poor performance is to have open conversation with the worker regarding his problem, and the administrator has to be able to recognize the unexpected opinions from his staff as the challenge may be related to the leader ship design of the management. When the employee is regularly unable to meet performance requirements for whatever reason will not allow the other associates to meet their goals and can decrease their determination so it is enough time to get red of such staff.

Conclusion ( Must answer the release questions and complete it )

Related to the globalization that has took place during the last couple of years this requests powerful organizations and employees, the problem that there surely is a scarcity of experienced employees and many business opportunities, this what makes the drive systems an extremely hot subject matter inside the organizations as they are in need to draw out the gifted employees from market and at exactly the same time keep carefully the current high talented employees inside the organization.

The second problem is that inspiration is an inside factor and its own benefit looks after a long period, and the needs of the employees are growing. The efficient development organizations and its own management have to make feasibility studies about drive types, the impact than it on employees' performance and execution, and drive awareness towards different external and inside stimulations.

Organizations must understand that they are handling humans, and the ones employees are the most important assets they own, which motivation participation is to get the employees to take action because they want to get it done, no business or job can be done without knowing or offering to the employees what they may need.

The rewarding systems are extrinsic result from a source outside the job, mainly by management and they are generally financial rewards, while intrinsic rewards reflect the non-public satisfaction that comes from the work itself and are working more on individual needs and goal mostly the talented people and they are not financial rewards.

Organizations has to use the most suitable motivational programs intrinsic or extrinsic also to focus more during the next period on the intrinsic rewarding systems as it seems to create a win\win equation for both organizations and employees and it generally does not rely upon more financial rewards to gain more performance and accomplishments and it becomes far more convenient when resources are scarce.

Based on the findings of this research, the following recommendations are created; Organizations should design developmental programs to increase its employee's determination in order to lessen their turnover, Organizations must post motivational programs that can retain their proficient employees such as "talent pool programs and career path programs", Organizations have to work with reasonable rewarding systems to improve the level of determination of their workers, Maintaining Open up Communication and taking constructive feedback from employees, Desire on the job should not be limited to extrinsic rewards only, but also intrinsic rewards, Organizations have to make use of employees' Satisfactory Research (ESS) to gauge the level of satisfaction and desire of its employees.

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