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Importance Of Exercise And Diet Health And Community Care Essay

Exercise and diet is known as to be an important determinant of health insurance and sickness. Historically, a unwanted fat child means a healthy child, person who is clear of infection. Today overweight or heavy in children, very often related to degenerative diseases is principally due to poor exercise and dietary pattern. According to World Health Company (2004), Body Mass Index between 25 and 29. 99 is considered as overweight.

Overweight is associated with the onset of major chronic diseases leading to problems and problems in children and adult. Child years weight problems/overweight is very often a risk factor for obesity in adulthood, in comparison to adult onset overweight. Hence close monitoring of overweight and taking well-timed preventive options will be an efficient approach in working with the problems. Incidence of childhood overweight is on the rise since last few decades and is still continuing to rise. Since the 1970s, the prevalence of chubby children has more than doubled for preschooler's age range 2-5 years and children aged 12-19 years and it includes more than tripled for children 6-11 years. Practically 1 / 3 of children and adolescents of both sexes, aged 6-19 years (30%) are believed to be either in danger for overweight

(THE GUTS for Health insurance and Healthcare in Schools 2005). The transition in nutrition, inactive life style, lack of exercise, increased tv watching, computer obsession, improper dietary routine used by children today are the significant reasons for overweight observed in children. THE GLOBE Health Business has identified institution as important configurations for advertising of exercise among children. Physical education provided at university, is an excellent way to encourage activity and develop fitness among children. Because of this, the Centers for Disease Control and Reduction (CDC), the National Association for Activities and Physical Education (NASPE), and the North american Heart Connection all recommended detailed daily physical education for children Kindergarten to 12th standard.

The goal of this research was to assess the knowledge on bodyweight and its maintenance among fat children and to assess the effectiveness of home instructional booklet.

The conceptual body work used for this study was based on titler et al (2004) effectiveness model. A quasi experimental pre test post test control group design was used to determine the potency of self-instructional booklet on bodyweight and its maintenance among over weight children. The study was conducted in a determined school with an example of 60 fat children learning in 7th to 12th standard; samples were selected by purposive sampling method. First 30 samples were given to the control group and the next 30 samples were allocated to the experimental group.

The tool for this analysis was a organised questionnaire. The questionnaire contains 2 parts. Part I originated to assess the data of over weight children with regards to body weight, exercise and diet. Each were consisted of 5 multiple response questions. Part II consisted of selected demographic factors such as age, educational qualification of parents, occupation of father and mother, family income, items at home, family food type and items.


Demographic characteristics

Demographic characteristics presents that almost in both the groups the children under this band of 12-14 years, experienced family income above 10, 000 and major facilities like tv, bike and circuit. And the majority of the fathers were private employees and moms were nonworking. All the moms are literate and majority

20 - 23(66. 7% - 76. 7 %) of children in both the groups acquired Body Mass Index value between 25 and 27. 5.

Body weight and its own maintenance

Overweight children were grouped into two, experimental group and control group. It had been observed that in both the groups the data of children evaluated were almost similar in before intervention. In after treatment children gained knowledge in experimental group and children continued to be same knowledge in control group.

Significant Finding

Statistically there was no significant distinctions in the knowledge rating between experimental and control group before involvement and statistically there is a factor of knowledge in experimental group between before and after intervention. This increase in knowledge of the experimental group could be related to the self-instructional booklet.


Good health causes a standard life. To promote the fitness of the kid and reduce the danger of over weight and obesity, it's important that children should engage in some form of physical activity frequently and good dietary structure. These above facts spotlight the need for self willpower in a child to live a healthy and lively life. Folks are more lethargic when compared to their ancestors. Early on children spent nearly all their leisure time playing outdoor games which supposed that these were automatically getting ultimately more physical activity. Presently there tend to be more organized athletics but only fewer children take part in them. Many choose to play video gaming or watch tv set which is assisting in their weight gain. The handy remote control, video games, the auto, television, also to some extent the computer are all part of the environment which discourage folks from being physically productive.

Healthy eating and exercise patterns should be thought as a pair, one cannot go without the other, for the child's best health. This can be developed only through education. You can find great deal of education available today through periodicals, televison, posters; internet etc. But these children don't show any interest in that. Perhaps materials is easily available in hand; children will read it and could abide by it.


Exact response cannot be expected from the kids. These self-reported data may not exactly reflect the reality of respondents.


The research has its implication in medical practice, nursing education, nursing administration, nursing research, social pediatrics and community.

Nursing Practice

Nursing professionals can offer a better shape benefit healthy life-style and school founded programs. Nurses understand the biologic, emotional, causative and interpersonal aspects of as an overweight and their impact on health. The nurse can provide awareness through education of the parents and children at the institution, clinic and community level. The nurse can also increase the knowledge of parents, children and institution teachers by performing education consciousness program and by counseling. A healthy life style is important for the proper expansion and development. Assistance and Counseling services should be organized timely, provided with adequate knowledge, positive support to make the child as a wholesome member of contemporary society in future.

Nursing Education

Findings of the analysis have some implication for nursing education. Medical care system will pay more attention on working out of nursing students and university teachers. So that they will acquire more knowledge and will be in a position to help oneself in knowing the value of healthy lifestyle. Drive to improve and emotional counseling strategy is the key to any lifestyle intervention. Teaching about nutritious diet and the value of maintaining average physical exercise in young children is important as weight problems is easier prevented than treated. It's important to begin precautionary efforts early on in years as a child.

Nursing Administration

Nursing administrators should be actually involved with formulating guidelines for health education program in the institution, hospital as well as community configurations. All of the heath education and institution founded program should incorporate education on nutritious diet and regular physical activity in children.

Nursing Research

There is a need for extensive research in this field. The conclusions of the analysis help to increase the medical body of knowledge after which further research can be conducted.

In the Community

The community health nurse has an important role as health educator, health promoter and health protector locally. During home trips the nurse can identify the prone fat children and see different lifestyle adopted by the family and children. Nursing staff working in the community should get operating education to upgrade and enhance their knowledge regarding over weight and life-style practices. Within the medical care community, the multidisciplinary team might add a primary physician, a diabetic educator, a nurse, a dietitian, an exercise counselor and a cultural employee as well as the patient and family. Educating and counseling the obese and overweight children and their parents through media is vital. Healthcare professionals should also get involved in setting up new community programs to market healthy lifestyle.


Based on the conclusions of the analysis, the investigator proposed the following advice.

A replication of present study can be carried out with large sample.

Maximum promotion should be given through mass media for educating knowledge among children regarding bodyweight and its own maintenance.

A similar kind of comparative study can be done between urban and rural options.

A present study can be conducted with long length by evaluating BMI and

Lifestyle techniques before and after intervention.

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