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Importance Of CUSTOMER SUPPORT And Quality Control Travel and leisure Essay

Customer service and quality control is the main part for the hotel business industry. The worthiness of superiority in customer support will be acknowledge by this hotel. This hotel's management will be introducing quality in customer service. The proposed hotel strategy will definitely meet up with the customer satisfaction and can have satisfied customer.

To ensure and keep the quality expected right now days customer, there exists two areas of quality generally with particular attention, design quality and the quality of conformity with design. The look quality is a concept implying the demonstration of service directed to the needs of customer and hotel can meet customer's requirements. Our hotel can do market research in order to ascertain who their customers, and which of their demands require special attention.

The quality of conformity with the look completes the first aspect since it represents the particular level to which service satisfies the demands of the marketplace. The quality signifies the satisfaction of the customer's needs and in order to accomplish it and keep it in time, we not only need a continuous research into the needs of the customer's but also of our very own capabilities. This methodology would ensure the pursuing of frequent improvements according to the demands of customer.

Service concept

This hotel will apply different solution to improve their customer support. The delivery of service in this Hotel is dynamic and interactive in process based on the customers' perspectives that is a lot more than trade of repayment for a specific service. These features of this Hotel services are heterogeneity, perishabilty and simultaneity that always demand customers to be engaged actively in supporting this set up service value, through getting their own food in the buffet are, collaboratively dealing with the service staff and cooperating with the hotel management. There had been a volume of strategies applied by the hotel in order to judge the feedbacks of the customers about the service quality. In the implementation of information technology, market researches plus some global businesses that puts excellent quality into customer support in order to attain excellent results (Ford et al, 1998).

This Hotel will be aspiring to include its values to make the hotel a great location to relax and do business. The hotel's main value is "We achieve, cope, and exceed our consumers' expectations". We will contain the commitment for quality and will provide the highest expectations of fairness and integrity. We value the ideas, culture and diversity of folks (BHA, 2002). As the advantages of the customer service quality have been known already, it is valuable to focus on the customer service quality which would depend on the training seminars, quality of trainings of a company that experience on the stages of exerted collaborative efforts. We respect the worthiness and dignity of our customers once we develop our neighborhoods through motivating invention, change and accountability. As we search for progress and knowledge by training.

Guest Satisfaction

Satisfaction of a customer is a business philosophy which tends to the creation of value for customers and demonstrating potential and responsibility to gratify their needs. Quality of service and client satisfaction are critical factors for success of any business (Gronoos, 1990; Parasuraman et al. , 1988). As Valdani (2009) highlights: enterprises can be found because they have a customer to serve. The key to achieve ecological advantage lies in providing high quality service that results in satisfied customers (Shemwellet al, 1998). Quality of service and satisfaction of a person are fundamental factors to obtain competitive advantage and keep good marriage with customer.

For management team of your hotel Nowadays one of the primary issues in the hotel industry is to provide and support customer satisfaction. Quality products and service is main requirements for customer in the hotel industry. The starting point of business is client satisfaction. customer's higher determination and increase their come back rate will depend in positive associations with the client. Long-term and reciprocally useful relationships between customers and the hotel is now progressively important because of the highly positive correlation between friends' overall satisfaction levels and the likelihood of their return to the same hotel (Choi & Chu, 2001).

management considers that the hotel's employee relations are good they will deliver acceptable service to the friends. Hotel is focused on organize the speed for the hotel industry, increasing the pub on how it develops. Set up according to diversity, the firm state governments that is the core principles of the business in order to make an environment to make customers happy. It blends and mines the abilities of its personnel worldwide and manages their hotel friends. It is a commitment that starts at the very top management, but also contributes to the tasks of each staff

Our staff can do everything to make certain you leave our hotel happy, so if there is a problem, it is dealt with with the utmost of haste. When your complaint remains unresolved or you leave disappointed, any one of our personnel can invoke the 100% Visitor Satisfaction Guarantee. This means that you will not have to pay for your room or the service involved.

Our staff will do everything to make certain you leave our hotel happy, so when there is a issue, our customer service team will manage the complaint at the earliest opportunity. If customer's problem remains unresolved or customer leave disappointed, any of our personnel can solve the challenge, Which means that you will not have to cover your room or the service. To keep you returning time and again, we strive to offer an exceptional service level all the time. That is our promises to you or your cash back.


The hotel will be found in heart and soul of Birmingham where in fact the close visitors attractions include Bullring shopping centre, Birmingham royal ballet, Alexandra Theater, Sea life centre and international convention centre. Major reason for choosing a hotel room in a culturally proven in american country and any hotel located to varied sightseeing places and attractive browsing sites is a fast-look(Nadeau and Ryan, 2010, p-444). The visitor can make the most out of the day, in this Hotel in Birmingham. The guest can get back to the hotel after spending the complete day with fellow workers, relatives and buddies, have a slumber party, have a great time the comfortable amenities of the hotel. The essential hotel feature will be metropolis centre location that will be nearby Bull Band wonderfully located hotel in the next most significant city of Great britain in Birmingham. . The hotel location will be very convenient for all the guests and site visitors because of the brief walking distance towards various attractive locations like the National Sea Life Centre, National Indoor Industry, Colmorow Business District and International Convention Centre. Other entertainment, shopping and eating venues will also be closely available such as the Mailbox and Bullring. On top of that, the hotel location may also be convenient for traveling as a consequence to Birmingham International Airport around twenty minutes drive and Train Station that are closest to hotel with five-minute walk.

Front office

The visitor services and prominent office are the main part of an Hotel. As the staff for the service keepers and experience if the key keys with their guest motorists satisfaction, these two departments are crucial to the continual efficiency of the brands, company and hotels generally. The visitor services and front side office supply the consistent guest relation, with the most miscellaneous operating experience in this Hotel in Birmingham.

The visitor service and prominent office are related avidly to service quality and the much information that establish comforting and warm stories to the whole visit of the friends. They make sure that their friends are comfortable while definately not home; even if they are there for leisure, travel of business (Hannan and Freeman, 2000).

The Front side Office Office will have:


Guest Service Offices

Bell Services



Executive Club

Health and Recreation Centre and Business Centre.

Our hotel provides guest assistance with luggage, transport etc. The reason why of leading Office Section is to provide friends assistance with baggage, transportation, information regarding the hotel and the city, and some other service plans needed during their stay.

Staff of the Front Office Section often supplies the first and previous impression of the hotel to your guests. It is therefore vitally important that employees screen a quick and courteous frame of mind to all guests and illustrate the excellence operating.

Manager of the front office who will come under the immediate supervision of the Director of Rooms and supervises leading Office Office. Hospitality, warm welcome is very essential. Management team in the front office will provide first and last impression. They will make an effort to have longest contact with guest, Long lasting service, reputation of repeat friends, remember names, guest histories. Staff will learn how to upselling or suggestive sell to a person(eg. Suggest deluxe or suites).

Housekeeping idea in hotel

This hotel will be experiencing in housekeeping operation in the hospitality industry and effectively taking care of the housekeeping function and personnel. The management team of the hotel will establish procedures, service criteria and operational regulations, planning and implementing effective control. Excellent romantic relationship building and supplier negotiation skills and can provide very soft skills training for all levels of manpower and managing large teams and encourage the team members which will meet the customer satisfaction. Core member of the team calls for in the look and setting up of housekeeping team at this five star hotel and spa and relationship with associates to make a harmonized work environment and vision for detail coupled with skills to plan and put into practice novel ideas that heightens customer satisfaction.

Most of the hotel have this problem, Pillow Circumstances Off, She et Off Bed or grubby, Lift Mattress Feet, Lift Mattress Head, unclean toilet, tiles, not been vacuum, unclean carpet, unclean bath, sower, not stoked up, unclean curtain etc.

In our hotel in Birmingham we can make sure all the personnel been trained properly about hospitality, service, package with complains, customer needs and the above mentioned issue, we will attempt our best never to happen the above issue inside our hotel

Bedroom concept

As a five star hotel will have luxury bedrooms and bedroom service. Normally hotel rooms are split into six types: one bed room, two double bedroom, two bed exec room, king bed room, king bed executive room, and collection in order to meet customers' satisfaction this hotel will have 28m by 2 spacious rooms that features the signature of these brand's with the ceiling is about three meters highs, ultra comfortable bed and large pillows as well as the roomy bathroom amenities and walk-in showers created by Bliss Spa. Each room is equipped with supplementary wireless Internet and a plug-and-play connectivity, which web links most computer devices to the 42 ins LCD TV, turning the guest room into a higher technology office as well as entertainment room.

Quality Control

Quality control is the case of failure of several hospitality organization. Quality control is relatively easy to manage. In our hotel we can make sure quality is gone be on top of the range. the value of the effective management of the delivery of quality service is becoming more evident throughout all aspects of the service sector and especially in the hospitality industry.

The quality of service in hotel industry is an important factor of successful business. Existing development of complete quality management in hotel industry ensures the success of competitive advantage of hotel companies.

Similarly, the Ritz-Carlton hotel company, the known leader of the product quality activity in the hotel industry, utilizes "gold standards"(their credo, motto, and basic principles) to talk their commitment to quality service.

Express Laundry

Most probably inside our hotel average friends stays at a hotel around two days and nights, making getting laundry done an elaborate subject. But our hotel will have Express Laundry. All t shirts, blouses, socks, underwear, slacks and other pieces of clothing, handed in before 8 p. m. will be went back fresh and clean that same nighttime.

Check in and checkout

This hotel will have fantastic check in system set up for the guest. The front office receptionist answer phone and make booking for the visitor and will check the internet about booking information. In addition they take emails and distribute mail both to guests and employees of the hotel. There is a special discount for the online customer so we inspired our customer to reserve online.

We will have something to check out guest without leading to any problem. Checkout procedures are crucial for maintaining and growing our customer foundation that as the ultimate impression that our customer will have of our own hotel. We will ensure our front office staff makes the the majority of this opportunity by developing a checklist for your checkout. This is one of way to meet customer's satisfaction, keep customer's devotion.

In our hotel there will a express check in and checkout system, so customer don't have to await check in or checkout in the front counter. Despite having our improved departure process with Satellite Reception tables, some friends cannot spare the time to check-out each day. For our guests pretty quickly we offer Exhibit Check-Out to save lots of valuable time and ensure a competent and exact check-out, by offering your options of sending invoice by email, email or a quick pick-up at the reception desk

Bar service

We will have club area for the client and you will see a restaurant in the same floor with open up kitchen so customer can see directly how we take care of our customers food. We will have a live music show for our customer atlanta divorce attorneys weekend and beverages for our customers and also available to open public. We will have A big screen led TV on the other hand of lobby. Sometimes, customers can observe football match whilst enjoying meal.

High swiftness internet access

This hotel will be providing broadband internet connection and hotel will have this following facilities:

- High-Speed Web connection in the whole building including the common areas.

- Automatically assigns Ip via DHCP (Dynamically Coordinator Control Protocol).

- Always-on Internet - no dialup just connect in and begin to browse.

- Each room is alone Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) connection thus protecting your computer data from other users.

- Public internet protocol address task for VPN access.

- Firewall safeguard.

- 24 hour support service for complex assistance.

- No additional software necessary to connect.


As the customer service quality is affected by different elements such as hotel management and staffs, regarding this Hotel, it will be obvious that exclusively working out is not enough for excellent service quality (Ford et al, 1998). . The dedication to adaptability and authority of the management on change are also valuable to service quality

The probability and feasibility of establishment of a new modern hotel in Birmingham will be successful. This new concept of the hotel is designed and planned with the new planning and creating to make the friends' stay very more comfortable with confidante and with satisfaction. This hotel in Birmingham Will probably be giving sufficient capacity to effectively contribute client satisfaction.

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