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Implementing Green Technology In Malaysian Construction Industry Environmental Sciences Essay

This study addresses the study on obstacles of implementing inexperienced technology in Malaysian construction industry. This chapter comprises of background of the study, problem statement, goals of study, need for study, research technique, and limits of study, organisation of chapter and synopsis.

1. 2 Track record of the Study

Green is a term that identifies something that environmental friendly where helps to deal with global warming and climate change. Technology utilizes these renewable features are known as renewable technology. Relating to Kutting (2000), inexperienced technology can be used synonymously with conditions 'environmental technology' or 'clean technology' and can be said to refer to systems that try to have little effect on the environment. This technology is an idea and understanding found to be remarkably beneficial to environmental surroundings as it could reduce greenhouses gases release to the atmosphere which triggers warming of the earth drastically.

Humans nowadays have previously gain understanding and deep knowing that these catastrophic disasters are actually affecting their life that they persist in non-stop invention of many environmental-friendly systems and retail them in the market. They understand this technology can reduce impact of activities that causes global warming and weather change. Relating to Rogier (2012), green technology utilizes many options for reducing the impact that various activities have after the planet earth.

There are various kinds of inexperienced technology products available for sale that generate low degree of waste and air pollution such as solar photovoltaic -panel, wind turbine and rainwater harvesting as explained by Rogier (2012), to be considered environmentally friendly, a product or action should be lasting, produce only a small amount waste and air pollution as it can be, and make use of the recycling and reuse of materials whenever you can.

Nowadays, green technology takes on important jobs in the development industry become area of the building industry. Green technology such as solar panels and energy efficient home appliances become essential features in the building. Besides, renewable and lasting materials are included with these elements to make the building green or so-called green building.

1. 3 Problem Statement

The world's weather has changed drastically and confronted with many climatic problems because the birth of the Earth. It has proven when Bernstein (2007) expresses that warming of the climate system is unequivocal, as is currently noticeable from observations of increases in global average air and ocean temperatures, wide-spread melting of snow and glaciers and increasing global average sea level.

Human nowadays are attempting to reveal answers to preclude the large-scale catastrophe. One strategy ascertain to mankind is technology of more towards environmental friendly way or known as inexperienced technology. Initially of 21st century, numerous advanced nations adopted the expansive usage of renewable technology as they consider its functionality in halting the global catastrophic catastrophe.

The implementations to the building, vehicles and electronics have been developed included in this. The encouragement and knowing of their populace enable the renewable technology industry to boost up the creation. It differs to lower inexpensive developed countries such as Malaysia; the issues are superb when implementing inexperienced technology principally engineering industry.

Green technology is the decent invention to reduce degree of carbon emission from structures in Malaysia but all at once restrain the coders and contractors to apply it in Malaysian structure industry. The reason why will be the high cost and little availability on the market. However, it is not necessarily that green technology entails with high bills. Green technology do not need to be high-tech.

It can be simple technology but still will save energy or creates hardly any environmental impact and can be easily used (Singh, 2010). Not only that the cost is the problem, also the neighborhood finance institutions in Malaysia also are unwilling to associated risk in providing loan towards renewable incentives. Commercial banking companies were reluctant to disburse loans for green technology-related assignments in Malaysia due to the possible lack of self confidence in such ventures (Najib, 2010).

1. 4 Goals of the Study

The goal of this dissertation is to explore about the issues of implementing renewable technology in Malaysia structure industry. To be able to achieve this aim the following targets are acknowledged:

To comprehend the reduced level of inexperienced technology resources.

To understand scarce of financial initiatives in helping green technology.

To verify low level of knowledge among development players and other related celebrations on inexperienced technology.

1. 5 Value of Study

This review is likely to identify the troubles of implementing renewable technology in Malaysian structure industry. This finding eventually undertakes the problems encountered to put into action green technology in Malaysian construction industry. It also assists paradigm move to migrate from traditional structure to cleaner and greener engineering. The outcome of the study will surely benefit to 1 of the objective of the Development Industry Professional Plan (CIMP) which is to promote more innovative inexperienced construction.

1. 6 Research Methodology

The analysis on the problems to the embracing of inexperienced technology in Malaysia engineering industry is a comparatively new research area and there are deficient of relevant research in Malaysia require to be known. Therefore, it must be conducted with the limited amount of resources but the review can be scoped only the Klang Valley area. Two types of data, that is major data and supplementary data. For the principal data, interview section and research study will be conducted. For the secondary data, books reviews are written from recommendations of literature, articles and from the internet that are related to the research. The methodologies have been identified to facilitate the necessary data are as follows:

Interviews (major data)

Case studies (primary data)

Literature Reviews (secondary data)

a) Interviews

Quantitative methods such as questionnaire will not be very appropriate and appropriate in acquiring the data for the study. This is due to the study requires individual viewpoints and assessments. Hence, qualitative methods for example interview is the foremost technique to be able to acquire relevant data.

This type of methodology was completed to request thoughts and feedbacks from creators, architects, engineer and companies about the cost of inexperienced technology to be utilized in construction site, the initiatives of local bank or investment company towards green technology investment and degree of knowledge and experience on inexperienced technology among the players in Malaysian engineering industry.

b) Case studies

This strategy is conducted in line with the interviews and facilitates this primary strategy. The case studies associated with previous and recent projects where the buildings are built with inexperienced technology. Thus, it was carried out near Klang Valley where many green buildings are made. The examples of green buildings in this area are G-Tower in Kuala Lumpur, gemstone complexes and LEO building in Putrajaya. These studies are to attain the aim; to explore having less utilization of renewable technology in Malaysian structure industry.

c) Literature Reviews

Literature review are used to obtain the previous research predominantly on the challenges of implementing inexperienced technology in engineering site which include the price and local lender initiatives and knowledge and experience among building stakeholders

1. 7 Restriction of Study

For the range of the analysis, the restriction is conducted to be able to target and slim down the topic of specific areas in the study. The analysis will be devoted to challenges to use inexperienced technology in Malaysian engineering industry:

i. Respondents from contractors, developers, architects and technical engineers in development industry.

ii. G-Tower in Kuala Lumpur, precious stone complexes and LEO building in Putrajaya.

iii. Urban areas in Klang Valley.

1. 8 Organisation of Chapter

Figure 1. 1: Chapter 1 Organisation

1. 9 Summary

This chapter comprises of background of the study, problem statement, targets of study, need for study, research strategy, and constraints of study, organisation of section and summary that cover the issues facing structure technology to be performed in Malaysian construction industry.

Study record embraces the term green technology, numerous kinds of renewable technology existed on the market and request of inexperienced technology in the construction industry. Problem affirmation comprises of the problems such as insufficient utilization, insufficient initiatives from local lender and insufficient knowledge and experience among construction stakeholders about implementation of green technology in engineering site. This make out the aims of study.

The significance of the study can be summarized which it can undertakes the troubles by identifying the key factors of hardship in implementing green technology. You will discover three kinds of research technique aiding the accomplishment of the study which can be interviews, circumstance studies and books reviews. Limits of study span within vicinity of Klang Valley. Organisation of chapter outlines the overall picture of the complete Section 1.

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