Imperialism: Great Britain in Africa Essay

Throughout the past due nineteenth century and early on twentieth hundred years, almost every country in The african continent was imperialized by different countries in Europe. To imperialize should be to conquer an additional country, whether it be in the way of politics, economics and/or tradition, and control that area. The consequences for the imperialized region was possibly beneficial or harmful. The amount of African countries that a Western country imperialized varied. The united kingdom imperialized fifteen countries in Africa, which includes Egypt in 1882, Sierra Leone in 1808, and the Union of South Africa in 1910. Although Wonderful Britain's reasons to imperialize had been selfish, Britain helped every single country improvement afterwards.

Great britain was dedicated to imperializing countries that tips them. Dernier-ne Disraeli, the British excellent minister throughout the 1870's, persuaded Great Britain to imperialize since it was a approach to guard vital British markets overseas, solutions, and careers, as well as enhance their well known reputation as being the most powerful country (Butler). Great Britain wanted to spread the culture and religion (Butler). As a result, Christianity was spread imperialized countries under the name of Great Britain. One more major purpose Great Britain imperialized in Africa was because other European countries that were taking part in the "Scramble for Africa" (Berard). This is the time period wherever certain Europe fought more than what countries in The african continent to imperialize. Britain wanted more power, and for that reason, more terrain as well. Therefore , they resorted to imperializing lands just like those in Africa.

Egypt appealed to Great Britain for a few reasons and was imperialized in 1882. Egypt was full of ivory, platinum, and spices (Berard). England was in...

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