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Impact Of The Internet On Our Population Media Essay

The Internet is the epitome of the fast paced, active sector of the twenty first centuary. "It really is arguably the blazon of advancement in communication solutions, services, and the marketplaces over the last 15 or so years, is seen by many as a communication frontier numerous radical transformative potential". The Internet and specifically its consumption provides an example that how its characteristics and effects has been transforming the modern culture. This newspaper argues that how the internet brings changes and its impact on population. This newspaper will also try to discover the role of the state of hawaii in providing the changes and development into the Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

Internet now has become more pervasive than television and radio in the current globalised world. It provides the rare information and instances that was not easy to get at before. Together with the development of the internet and communication technology the development has started out taken place. The significance of the web has not simply in the field communication but also into each and every sphere of life. The amount of Internet is such that anyone can access any information from everywhere. There is absolutely no geographical boundaries remaining as each is removed by the internet communication technology. Cyber has removed the distance as now every person is so interconnected, people promote their ideas, thoughts, ideas, problems, ideas etc and cyber always pleasant them. "Internet welcomes the intellectual activities i. e those who wants to express their views are always welcome. " Internet has emerged as a dominant medium of communication. The problem that has become a prominent target of issue and is to look at the impact of Internet on culture. This also brings about the transforming stage of the culture that how the society is been changing and a new contemporary society is been emerging. In this transformation of the modern culture it's the State which takes on a major role in the development of the info and communication technology which causes the changes.

The evolution of Internet was by USA Division of defence "Advanced STUDIES Agency Network, " APRANET, in 1970 for transferring data and information. But the way they have transformed our society "Hauben and Hauben (1997) make reference to as Netizens: Net Citizens. " It has generated its own terminology its own world such as search engines (google. com; wikipeadia. com); web pages, web machines, clients, http, POP, DNS, ISDN and various names of domain also. In this particular present world we discuss e-shopping ; e trade e-toys; e-commerce; e-governance; online services etc which ultimately shows the desires in our culture that how ready it is to adopt these changes of the changing world.

Technology and Public Changes:

As everything has its negative and positive impact, internets also have its positive as well as its negative impact not only in the population but also in to the security, political and economical ways of living. Since 1993 amounts of the web users have been increasing consistently and today days everyone has its e-mail id and have access to everything which can be acquired over the Internet. "In conditions of security, nuclear issues continue steadily to dominate, but with the greater concerns about chemical substance and biological weaponry and their possible use by so-called 'rogue areas' such as Iraq, or terrorist organizations in a position to use the global interconnectedness of move and ICTs to communicate, organize boundaries more easily. Weapons of mass devastation (WMD) as a get all conditions signalled the broadened range of weaponry beyond the nuclear seen as hazard in the contemporary world. (UK Federal government, 2002)". With all the entrance of the internet the issue of security becomes more technical and difficult to regulate. Youngs argued that, "The greater reliant on ICT network individuals, organisations, economies and expresses become, the more difficult it is to law enforcement and control informational limitations. The digital age feeds on the capturing and transferral of data across increasing numbers of network nodes at ever faster speeds. It is not an overstatement to state that as societies and people and entities within them operate via the web, whether through e-banking or business, email and chat rooms activity, or politics activism, a lot more they are found in it, recognized by and through the sites they are involved in and the info they contain about them. This is the situation where limitations may easily collapse, and this goes much beyond just the theory that the internet crosses physical and political divides, and separations between general population (institutional) and private (personal) social spaces and places. (Youngs, 2001) "

"The transnational characteristics of the web and its own multi-sector mother nature- economies and politics, people and private commercial and non-profit, formal and casual, institutional and individual and so on- are fundamental to the complex so this means of the transformations associated with the network society. Many would claim that the internationalisation of the market, above the twentieth centuary in particular, was a significant drivers of globalisation, however in the second option part of that centuary ICTs (and to some extent multimedia generally) were vital compared to that process. "

For 'blurred boundary' between 'warfare, unlawful activity and basic old-fashioned system inability' as perhaps one of the greatest difficulties for the country states'. Edward argued "Lots of the technologies being brought into use are expected to operate across the wide range of platforms-types of pcs and types of network, to the degree that different os's posting a network can sometimes have unintended results. These can range from system accidents to non- specific arbitrary mistakes. So there is an problem of threshold to be dealt with in terms of protecting security and military services defence. The second option may be good at responding to certain signals, but the small inconsistencies that plague large systems make it difficult to see whenever a decisive boundary has been crossed to have the ability to initiate a large-scale and well-resourced response. (Edward, 2003: 103; my emphasis. )"

The changes into the function of communication has brought significant and ancient changes into the society as well as such "developments has given attention on the relationship of communication to this is and nature of the modern point out, its security, identity and democratic operations. " Internet has become the origin of the communication system in USA. Robert Deibert argues "that would stand up to a nuclear harm. " Young argues that "but equally, if not even more interesting will be the exponential transformations involving the Internet in all spheres of individual and social interactions. "

Young argues about the impact of internet on the economics of the declare that "while the success of the claims becomes significantly associated with digital advancements of varying kinds, growing number of people are also offered via the Internet an interactive politics sphere that stretches well beyond the original state options. Reflexive operations impacting on political affiliations and identities are progressively likely to indicate these expanded circumstances (Youngs, 2001 ). "

With this" Internet is representing a completely new 'electronic' sociable environment, which also links directly the private space of home to the wider world, just as in, some ways, radio and tv set did, but in circumstance of Internet much more powerfully for example, through interactivity". For many individuals on the planet Internet is the medium of exchange of spheres as well as it functions as a medium of global reach. But also for some it is not accessible example: 'digital divide' the series which divides the digitally empowered and the digitally poor, hampers the ICT potentials of placing unequal humans on the same footing. Digital poverty is much more problematic because it affects not merely the traditionally rich but also the customarily poor and threatens to broaden socio-economic inequalities even further. " Internet is changing the lives of human beings and attention must be paid towards lives of those who aren't cyber literate and are disempowered. By making them cyber literate this issue can be solved and for this purpose 'active participation' is necessary.

Impact of Internet on Education:

Internets help a whole lot in the field of education by providing new information and keep them kept up to date. It has altered the relationship between the instructors and the students and offered a fresh horizon and leads to it. Example: preceding students were not aware about the current information they will depend on upon books and newspaper publishers but with the gain access to of Internet they may easily grab the info in whatever terms they want and needed. Students learn various languages and can communicate with instructors and experts just by clicking on mouse. Internet has become a way to obtain pleasure and education both. State is also playing its role in increasing cyber literacy. Authorities by causing various polices is wanting to make people take part into the programs and policies made for the educational purposes. Internet also brings new cultural environment from private space to the globalised world. As Internet is very helpful for the students and children because of their educational purposes in positive aspects. Nonetheless it has its negative aspects also as there are specific websites which are dangerous to them. According to Littleton Colorado, in Apr 1999(vice-president, Gore) "In neuro-scientific education children access areas which are not suitable and dangerous. And in the areas also the issues of security is of great concern. " Firewalls are the issues which are always needed and in great demands for security purposes not only in the field of education but also in business. Internet is the sea of information, as far as one satisfied it continuously provides information.

Political Affect:

"THE WEB explicitly propagates and implicitly spreads western democratic ideals. These views are mainly propagate through some governmental organisations or government-sponsored communities in the Western. Internet degrades and repudiates those countries, political parties and government authorities which may have different ideologies from those of the Western. It can be used as a tool to harm countrywide sovereignty and hinder other countries' inner affairs. "

Impact of Internet on Culture:

"THE WEB advocates western way of life. These websites exhibits various aspects of western society and life, and the overpowering majority of then have positive portrayals of the american life-style. It creates people think that the West seems to be countries of overall freedom and paradise for individual achievement where private life is without obstructions and exterior inferences. This is particularly attractive to the youths whose life philosophy and worldview have yet to mature. They aspire with great diligence to visit abroad just to "change a way of living. It can help in dominant ethnicities impact and homogenize within an inferior position. As the Internet overwhelming is a culture of the British language, it further strengthens throughout the globe the culture structured upon the English language. Compared, cultures based upon any other vocabulary have been weakened. In addition, it corrupts people's head, influences and changes moral perspective and ethical beliefs. The pornography sellers in european countries have exposed websites. It has led to the Commerce Committee of the U. S Senate to propose the '1995 Marketing communications Act once and for all Behavior' to prohibit making love crimes devoted on the internet" However U. S takes on a kind of hegemony in to the field of Internet.

Security threats:

Due to hackers there is nothing safe on Internet which is transferred. They can attack anywhere and anytime and can hack. "Based on the Statistics of the united states. FBI occurrences of the American Internet networks being cracked into are

rapidly increasing by 30% each year, making the US suffer tremendously. "

Flooding of Information: Waste materials of time and resources

The Internet is with the capacity of providing connection to millions of men and women together. People connected jointly may create 'Internet rubbish' such as advert; product information etc. It may provide inappropriate information which may be real or false. The creation of unwanted information online is a huge lack of time and cost of searching valuable information as well as people gets mislead easily. Younger technology is highly afflicted with this because of two factors such as their young age as well as have time to gain access to Internet just as much as they need and the information which is on internet may mislead these to other guidelines.


This newspaper focussed about how Internet has its effect on our population and how the technology brings social change. The way the technology benefits the humans and exactly how it brings prosperity and welfare and exactly how every resident is benefitted with the Information and Communication technology. For building information-oriented or cyber literate population state do not need resources to get more and more involved with it but it needs creative individuals and comparatively small amount of investment in ICT infrastructure. As anyone can easily provide the information about the product and everything the transactions takes place online. Example: Carpet business in Bhadohi (U. P, India), if someone wants to place an order from US then he need not to come to India but can place order online. Or, Puppets from Rajasthan, can ordered online from anywhere in the world. All the physical limitations are been collapsed through Internet as even the smallest information is available on Internet at the least expensive rates. Information and Communication Technology also really helps to remove the cost-effective inequalities. And in addition tries to remove the digital divided or the scientific imbalances not only among the countries which are developed and under-developed but also between the males and females.

"As Susan Strange's had argued in analysis of global political economy, before the Internet era the importance of technological electricity for an understanding of carrying on US hegemony common economic need for ICTs, and the prominence of major businesses such as Microsoft. "

The impact of the web on our modern culture is mentioned in this paper on the domains of education; politics; culture; security and economics. All these echo the needs of the regulatory actions or the cyber laws and regulations not only just making but implications also. However an extremely networked and information motivated world as a community is been produced. They can usage of all the information which includes "e business, cross boundary political affiliations and activism that may help to form new kinds of identities; specific research activities that enable, for example, individuals to gain access to world press and other recognized views of government's action; mix national political or personal conversations in boards; email associations between individuals who have never fulfilled. " As Young, argued that Internet is both complex as well as effortless and through Internet crosses the geographical and politics divides and also it brings parting between general population and private communal spots and places. To conclude, after the Internet is opened it should be used as an instrument by which information can be gathered and can be utilized for the development and welfare purposes and should it not used as an objective. And Talk about should try to gain victory in the troubles such as cyber literacy, bridging the digital divide; providing services online; cyber laws and their implications.

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