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Impact of Technology on Childhood

In this essay the various stages of technology effect on years as a child will be reviewed and how increasingly more children influenced and damaged by advertising such as TVs, video games to the internet, and computer systems.

Today's earth has been initiated by technology into the early childhood day to day activities or education programs, thus you will get computers, internet, TVs and other technology components at any university, home, internet cafe or digital play floor. Technology gets the dark side-effect on junior and children more than individuals. For instance interpersonal behavior disorder, child and children obesity and medical issues. However some parents assume that technologies are good for their children to learn faster and have an effect on significantly on their education performance which is essential in today's world. Consequently the negative attributes of technology impact on child years should be recognized and addressed regularly to the kids through education providers programs and of course by contribution of the parents.

To begin recover child over weight can be induced by over use of technology tools. Generally from beginning of childhood, most kids can get access to computer specially video games at home. According to Donald (1999) 70% of households with children have TV based video gaming; however desktop established computers aren't really the only tools that children involved with. Laptop, I-Phone, PSP or portable games are available to kids especially to middle institution children. Technology use has altered noticeably in the past years, for example any imaginable video gaming, online games where in fact the children can connect to other kids and playing the same game at exactly the same time consequently the time each day that children are involved with technology are higher than the amount of time that they devote to doing their homework.

Apparently youthful individuals are different significantly in their interest, some kids adding in physical activities and sports activities, others playing video games are their main interest. Exercise is required to the physical and mental healthiness of young people, and undoubtedly their home confident. Generally it's been shown in way too many studies and studies that child years are increasingly afflicted by their desire to have peers' acceptance this means children do almost all of their physical exercise in groups somewhat than by their own. Actually hanging out with groups which are supportive and effective is one of the primary inspirations to the youngsters to be productive. Despite some individuals have their own point of views regarding reasons that have an effect on younger generation physical activities, for illustration some believe that genetics is the reason, some consider that its parents responsibility.

In addition physical activity can be reduced after university hours as more kids communicate and entail with video games, therefore they have got less time for physical exercise and sport. Corresponding to some studies that video gaming and PCs cause more deep focus and poor postures in kids than doing homework or watching television. In fact the risk of physical and visual disorders and over weight in those kids are greater than other kids who spent less time using technology.

The other effect of the technology on child years is the way how children response and react to other kids and their parents in the regions of understanding and good manners or valuing the esteem of other person. Generally nowadays typically parents are active with work and other life dedication throughout a week, so they have less time to spent time interact and communicating with their children totally, as result of that any kind of technology such as computer, internet and specially video games will replace guardians role because at least it might be safer for kids to remain inside house play video games rather to put in time external and playing in neighbourhood with other kids. Furthermore, unsafe interpersonal impact of technology, isolation that took place to some kids who grown up these days and regularly using computer and video games is the other dark side of technology. In fact there is relation between regular computer use and poor cultural involvement and sadness which may be warning bell to the parents that any sort of technology may keeps their children from them and reduce their parental connection with them.

Retail sales of video gaming arrived to $ 9. 9 billion according to the gross annual U. S retail sales in 2004. In addition another surveys includes 70% of home with kids between 2 to 17 years of age get access to internet and 68% have video gaming according to Woodrad& Gridina (2000). Consequently when kids involve playing video gaming and especially violent one therefore politeness and empathy would replace by aggregation towards guardians, their mother or father or other kids at college thus they intent to annoyed or frighten others within college or community and frequently involves violent behaviour or aggressive activities.

Admittedly we belong to an extremely technology platform community and children need to be informed, dealt with and prepared so they can perform in a work place and in a global where computer systems are basic tools of every day life. Technology has positive impact on children development and educational performance such as communicational, simple access of information and job benefits. For example children do not only have to find out about other's backgrounds and prices in a textbook, instead they may use the technology at hand, like a internet and computer. This can help children to recognise the variations between cultures and resolve social turmoil with others kids from different track record that they could study collectively and use down the road; in addition technology enhances just how children communicate with guardians and within community by technology tools such as instant messaging, chatting room and discussion board through internet.

Furthermore, children who've usage of technology specially computer with helping activity more likely improve their creativeness skills, structural knowledge and long-lasting memory, depends of what sort of information and computer exercise wanted to the them and exactly how often children able to work with pcs in regular basis. Generally the primary role of technology, especially personal computers at the primary level of years as a child are significant as it can improve children's mathematical abilities, imagination and critical thinking.

Basically nowadays, technology and computer has significant impact and influences on people life, As a result the kids who get appropriate and necessary training of the technology and computer will able to overcome trial they have been given through institution an continually through their life to compare to the children that has less access to this resources or belonging to the lower level of society.

Based on the info, it is clear that the high use of technology by children has a negative influence on their physical and mental wellness. Child excess weight in relationship with technology is very high, and can be an obvious reason behind health issues in children. Also children's cultural behavior is negative impacted with high interaction of technology, they should replicate violent behavior and become self isolated. The negative impact of technology and computer used in early years as a child development should be recognized by the education providers and parents so they can treat them regularly to the early childhood programs to lessen issues which children can form.

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