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Impact of Technology for the Retailing Business Essays

Effects of Technology on the Selling Business

Any kind of sufficient advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"

Arthur C. Clarke.

Technology has changed the retailing business

significantly over the past ten years. These changes have damaged a number

of areas in the retailing organization. These areas include the gear in the

place of work, the policies in the workplace, the general environment, the

ordering of supplies, and the record keeping of the organization.

One crucial area inside the retailing business that technology has changed more than

the past 10 years is the distinct equipment which is used. Interviewee A said

"The change has become quite great for business, we now have gone from using a

simple till, to using a computer database, which helps us record the

customers shopping for habits and other information about them. " Interview B

explained " The apparatus we use now has made things approach easier for everyone.

They will took a lil used to at first but after we learned how to use them

it was no problem. All of us switched contact form analogue gas pumps to digital kinds

we likewise switched coming from doing manual gas level dips to using electronic digital gas

level. Our Puritanismo machine is changed from your old ribbon printer

for the new lazer printer. " Technology isn't the only region that has been

transformed by technology. The business plans have also been improved.

The policies inside the retailing business have also been afflicted with

technology during the past 10 years. Interviewee A stated "With out...

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