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Impact of SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING On Image Designers

The introduction and reputation of online networks lately has changed the Internet ecosystem resulting in a more collaborative environment. Nowadays, vast sums of Internet surfers participate in internet sites, form areas, produce and consume media content in innovative ways


The internet is basically about people but it is just lately seen in a different way in comparatively terms. Currently, the transformation that is tossing both worldwide web and the numerous markets that rely and prey on it is possibly in economical terms a 'correction' that is forcing it into being a web of people or a community that utilise websites as communication channels to connect to other people (Fraser & Dutta, 2010). In view of this, the structure of the internet has been taking over by web 2 2. 0.

Social media serves as a a car for the sharing and cooperative creation of information by individuals and neighborhoods (Hansen et al 2010). It especially depicts online communication tools and applications. Top features of a social advertising platform can include:

Collaboration - it promote interaction and contribution by audience. It offers an alternative solution way of transmitting information. Thus, cultural media tools specifically promote and support feedback, comments, and showing of information.

Community - social marketing furnishes an infrastructure for relationship among existing communities and the creation and conversation of primarily or specifically web-based neighborhoods around common passions or goals.

Connectedness - interpersonal media helps to hook up people and information in one place.

Web 2. 0 is often talked about in the same breath as social mass media. Web 2 2. 0 is a term that is employed to identify the development of the World Wide Web. While there isn't any hard and fast lines between Web 1. 0 and Blogging platforms 2. 0, Web 1. 0 can be grasped to symbolize a "web as information" model and Web 2 2. 0 to signify a "web as participation" style of web activity (Cormode & Krishnamurthy, 2008). Characterized by the creation and interaction with content, users participate and collaborate through digital communities and cultural media tools that assist easy showing of information and ideas. Types of social solutions used to build social multimedia include those from communication (such as Personal blogs), collaboration (such as Wikis), neighborhoods (such as Facebook), reviews and opinion (such as Amazon reader review) and multimedia (such as YouTube).

On the web, social networks are contained versions of blog network that are spreading out in various directions. To become listed on a public network, users normally generate a account and then build a network by attaching to friends and connections in the network, or by inviting real-world connections and friends to join the communal network (Goodings2010). These communities wthhold the interest of the members by being useful to them and providing services that are entertaining or help them to broaden their networks (Booth, 2008). Such systems provide an extremely suitable space to instantly discuss multi-media information between individuals and their neighbours in the communal graph. Internet sites provide a powerful reflection of the structure and dynamics of the population of the 21st century and the interaction of the web technology with both technology and other people (Kumar, 2012).

Social Media platforms aren't new and nearly every graphic designer is reasonably alert to it uses, benefits and results it. It is a intricate web and one distributed link leads a graphic designer to another.

Generally, individuals from all walks of life are employed in the utilization of social advertising. Similarly, graphic designers patronise social multimedia websites and many of them are moderately fond on one or even more of the internet sites. However, noticeably, the current developments and challenges in graphic building show that, communal media has turned to be more of your requirement for nearly every graphic designer. Currently, industries, institutions, corporate organizations, authorities and non-governmental organizations are changing their amount towards social multimedia for its potential to publicise and promote their interests and activities. With this development, the graphic design industry is not any exclusion of this new development as most graphic designers utilize the services of communal media in a single way or the other. Through the use of social media, graphic artists reveal their views and their making work and offer useful feedback to each other.

Every new development in technology has its own advantages and disadvantages. Social media marketing has its peculiar benefits and drawbacks just as almost every other technology open to the public for use. Generally, an advancement can either lead to growth or damage.

Social media has an infinite gain for graphic designers, however at the same time; it can show be having extremely unlucky or dire consequences. With abundance of internet connectivity and its low priced availability, social mass media has become the most inexpensive of all promotional multimedia. Also, social advertising provide the designers an opportunity to learn from fellow designers and put that learned thing to their practice.

In spite of the fact that social advertising provides enormous benefits to graphic artists, its overindulgence is bad. Moreover, too much indulgence in the communal advertising websites may render most designers unproductive and redundant because designers often ignore their basic work and go off-the-track from their main purpose and functional responsibilities.

It is of the backdrop that article seeks to find the impact of sociable media on graphic designers; customized to unravel the associated benefits and negatives derived from the use of cultural network platforms. This information presents an equilibrated research of social marketing and its impacts on graphic designers.

Materials and Methods

This is a qualitative research which seeks to investigate the impact of communal media on graphic designers in Ghana. Observations and in-depth interviews were used to look at designer's involvement in online public media networks and its impact as they release their functional responsibilities and obligations in their particular organizations. The test frame of the research was attracted from all advertising companies, stamping houses, printing presses and marketing companies in the Kumasi metropolis. This was because most of the graphic artists work with these businesses and release similar or almost the same responsibilities.

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