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Impact of ICT Improvements at NG-CDF

The Board purchased internet from two ISPs (online sites providers), Safaricom and Accesskenya, providing option of reliable redundant global connectivity. Connectivity therefore has allowed access to inside systems such as email, ERP (Venture learning resource planning) and website at ease. Learning through research on the internet has better.

The Local Area Network (LAN) and Cordless LAN has provided interconnectivity within the office. Resources can be distributed among users and computer systems with minimum movement of staff. Wireless LAN on the other hand has also motivated BYOD (bring your own device) culture in the organization and improve personnel mobility.

Recently the Panel put in place MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) to regional offices providing usage of internet and telephony services at the very least cost. MPLS is a multipoint connection system that allows regions and HQ to connect to each other like they are really in one office. The regional offices is now able to be reached by the telephone extension.

Connectivity through MPLS has also allowed the execution of SIP cell phone services whereby a pilot series is given which allows for construction of 999 parallel lines hence immediate lines.

The firewall shields the business from inside and external hazards. These dangers come in form of spam information, phishing sites and viruses. Threats penetrate systems using services or jacks that may be or may not be used in the business.

The firewall therefore aids in filtering out those services which could allow threats in to the network. In addition, internet bandwidth is a limited resource and therefore need to be handled, services that consume a whole lot of bandwidth are then disabled so that users can have a fair usage of internet without impacting on their obligations.

The firewall also allows for arranging and QOS to prioritize certain services at a certain time.

Kaspersky central Management allows the machine administrator to monitor threats to the business systems in form of computer viruses. The central management can be an all in one site where admins can perform certain duties remotely from a server e. g. install, take care of and license Kaspersky remotely, motivate posts remotely, manage devices, enable or disable e. g. USB

To secure the server room CCTV is installed to monitor physical gain access to and intrusion of unauthorized workers thereby increasing on data security and management.

The CCTV system allows for live picture and playback options also to save/export a training video for future reviews

The Board has a authorized domain, cdf. go. ke and subsequently each staff member is assigned a contact address.

The email system, jogging on the latest version is obtainable 24/7 everywhere anytime via a computer or supported cellular devices.

Guidelines and guides to gain access to the mail site have been produced by the section to help workers adapt to the machine easily.

The Panel has installed Spiceworks helpdesk system which is an open up source helpdesk system which allows the department to have a real support ticket-tracking system and generate reviews of the same to assess their performance.

Users increase tickets by email, mobile call or through the Spiceworks site, the ICT team then have the ability to view and prioritize them accordingly. Once the case is fixed, the ticket is shut down.

The bulk Text system is online system which the Mother board uses to disseminate important info through short emails to workers within the shortest time possible.

Within the machine, targeted categories and individual associates have been preloaded to the system; these groups are All Staff, FAMs, directors, HQ Personnel etc.

The panel has seen improvement in communicating concerns relating to the plank or staff on time without the need for extended and slow means of communication; it has improved the correctness of the info passed and averted speculations on sensitive Board issues.

The system provides information to the Board's customers using USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) is a Global System for Mobile (GSM) communication technology that can be used to send words between a mobile phone and a credit card applicatoin program in the network.

Information available is allocations and disbursements for each and every constituency from FY 2013/2014 thus far. The USSD is integrated to the bulk text system so that results can be sent to the end end user.

The user questions by dialing *483*6# from other mobile phone, then select the constituency by an instant search, they will then choose if they need allocations or disbursement information. Once proved, the email address details are then dispatched through Text message to the user's mobile via the bulk sms system integrated by the mother board.

100% of specific offices have been linked by a phone extension, 70% of personnel have an extension on their desks.

The Board preserves a PBX which interconnects these extensions and the local office extensions. Personnel can talk within office buildings on 10th floor, 5th floor and local offices handily and for free.

Trunk telephone calls (external telephone calls) may also be made and received by the mother board via providers like Orange Telkom and Safaricom. Orange supplies the 'landlines' while Safaricom provides a SIP brand which emulates a mobile number with 1000 lines which can then be configured as direct lines. The SIP trunk therefore permits multiple phone calls to be produced without engaging or congesting the lines.

A unique number is given, for the Panel, this is 0709894, and the last 3 digits have then been allocated to a particular extension Amount for example 0709894000 is configured on the expansion at the reception as a pilot brand, any other extension has also an 'incoming option' creating a 'direct line' situation.

Web portals are websites that maintain customized information in a repository in the backdrop. Unlike any website, portals allow approved users usage of specific information designed for them specifically. They are even permitted to customize information they want to be exhibited in their portal (space).

The Board's web portal is included portal in that, the fund account professionals can create their own websites within the portal by logging into the system. The public can therefore gain access to home elevators any constituency in one website www. ngcdf. go. ke with a click of a button.

CDFMIS stores, organizes and makes access to task and financial information easy. It not only stores all the information associated with current and previous years' jobs, but also stores the approved finances for these years, information on inflows and outflows of cash.

The CDFMIS Tasks database is composed of four different practical aspects, each matching to a set of jobs the constituency must carry out as a part of its mission, included in these are task Information, bursaries Information, budget and Financing Information and Complaints Information.

Data and Applications Software are stored in servers at the computer middle located at CDF Headquarters in Nairobi. Procedures data are inserted at the various consumer locations at the Constituencies and Head office.

Interconnectivity of the machine is through Wide Area Network between the constituencies and the Servers; and through Local Area Network between your Servers and HQ workstations.

CDFMIS is operated the foundation of on-line real-time; that is to say that updates appear immediately a business deal is completed; thus making information as current as the previous transaction.

Access to the machine will be achieved via the internet/intranet through use of the web browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc. ). Unique user-names and passwords are given by System Administrator.

Microsoft Dynamics SL is a financial/accounting system employed by the Board's Funding and Accounts Department.

Microsoft Dynamics SL is one of Microsoft's venture source of information planning (ERP) software products for project-driven small- and medium-sized corporations. It is part of the Microsoft Dynamics product family.

The features includes finance, task accounting, making, field services, resource string management, analytics, and electronic digital commerce.

The major module used by the Plank is the fund module.

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