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An illustration and example essay and all the other essays

An example and illustration essay is pretty much like all the other basic essays. This means that it needs an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. However, there is one major difference: the evidence provided by the essay is mostly based on examples, which support your argument. In many ways, it is similar to the narrative essay. Basically speaking, by writing an essay of this kind you invite the readers to picture through your examples the effectiveness of the arguments.

Where should you start? When it comes to writing an illustration and example essay, there is no need to be worried. This isn’t one of the peer reviewed articles and nobody will bite your head off. The first thing you will have to do is to study your given topic in depth so that you will be able to formulate a strong thesis. If you have the liberty to choose the topic of your essay on your own, it might be best to choose something you already know a lot about and that you are interested in so that doing research will be easier for you. As it has been mentioned before, you will have to illustrate your point through examples, which will be a lot easier if the topic in question already forms some images in your mind.

When it comes to example and illustration essay topics, it is important to choose a topic that will grab the attention of the readers, like in the case of magazine and newspaper articles. Just imagine yourself competing for the attention of the readers. If you know that the readers aren’t compelled to read your piece, it might be easier for you to make the right choice regarding the topic.

Illustration and Example Essay: It is a process

Once you have your topic, you already have your introduction as well so you can move on to the body of the illustration and example essay. If we consider the most basic structure of an essay, the five paragraph structure, then you will have three paragraphs to develop your idea on the topic. Each of the paragraphs should address a different aspect of the topic of choice. Before you actually start writing, you should come up with a plan of where you will use your illustrations.

There are three main kinds of illustrations you could be thinking about: specific illustrations, typical illustrations, and hypothetical illustrations. You will have to make a choice based on their applicability to the aspect at hand. These kinds of illustrations give different definitions to your examples when used as evidence.

First of all, the specific illustration is something you experienced personally. For instance, if you are writing an illustration and example essay about accidents, you might refer to an accident you had to demonstrate what could happen and how the situation can be dealt with. Then there is the typical illustration. This is a more generic example, which is applicable to a wide range of topics. If we refer to the previous example, you could say that the majority of accidents take place at home. The hypothetical illustration, like the name suggests, is an invented example. Again, if we refer to accidents, a hypothetical illustration might be some speculation regarding how an accident could occur.

What kind of illustration should you use? Remember that this is not a business plan you are writing, so it doesn’t have to be absolutely factual. When writing an illustration and example essay things can be relative and you have to remember this when choosing your type of illustration. All three of them have their advantages and disadvantages. The specific illustration brings authenticity to the essay as you experienced it firsthand. However, for the same reason it can also be subjective. The readers can easily relate to the typical illustration, but it might turn out to be too general. The hypothetical illustration doesn’t really have any strength, but it offers great flexibility. You should only opt for this kind if you have no other choice left.

Plan ahead: Just like in case of a cover letter, you should decide what kind of illustration you will use even before you actually start writing. This way you will have a strong argument. The entire illustration and example essay is based on the relevance of your illustrations. This is why you should use them appropriately and frequently. Think about how you would write an academic essay and make sure your illustration essay has the same quality. It might be a good idea to have illustrations of various lengths and depths to maintain the interest of the readers.

Good topics to write about: In case you are looking for example illustration essay topics, you should know that there are numerous great topics. Some of these include how dependent humans are on technology, global terrorism and its causes, alcohol abuse, animal testing, fashion shows and status symbols, cell phones and their effects on human interactions, access to social media, and the connection between religion and science.

Conclusion of the essay: The conclusion of the illustration and example essay should be similar to the conclusion of an academic essay. This means that you have to draw together the main ideas of the essay. Also refer to possible future discussions regarding the topic so that the reader won’t get the idea that this is an exhaustive essay. Try to foresee the possible objections and emphasize that this is an open-ended question.

Some might say that writing an illustration and example essay is relatively easy as you don’t have to think about case study definition or writing a synthesis essay. You just have to find the right tools to make sure that you can paint a picture in the reader’s mind regarding the topic at hand.

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