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Illuminati And New World Order Record Essay

"There's a worldwide conspiracy being orchestrated by an extremely powerful and influential band of genetically related individuals (at least at the highest echelons) such as many of the world's wealthiest people, top politics leaders, and commercial top notch, as well as customers of the so called Blacked Nobility of European countries (Dominated by the United kingdom Crown) whose goal is to create a One World Federal, stripped nationalistic and local restrictions that is obedient with their agenda. " -Ken Adachi

Have you ever before thought about how our big and beautiful country is ran? From the amount of money we spend, to the regulations we follow, to even the music we listen to, who is behind it all and could it be for our best advantage? This question definitely must be answered. Just how do we know that we are being governed by the right people? We are living blind lives and secrets are being covered. Our administration is secretly being ran by an elite group called the Illuminati. It has been occurring for years and years, under our personal noses. The very people we trust and have confidence in, are turning right around and are stabbing us in the trunk without us even recognizing it. This top notch group is named the Illuminati and is also likely to rule the whole world under one authorities or in their conditions "One World Federal government" or "New World Order". This "" NEW WORLD " Order" is the coming together of all the countries of the world under one currency, one administration, and one individual to rule us all, but that's just the beginning. The Illuminati is looking to control the globe through " NEW WORLD " Order, by handling our government and managing our lives.

The term Illuminati means "persons having or boasting to posses, superior enlightenment" (Dictionary ). It originated from the Jesuit attorney Adam Weishaupt S. J. in Bavaria, Germany. In 1773, Weishaupt became teacher of canon laws, being Jesuit, "a member of your Roman Catholic spiritual order" (Dictionary ), he wished to help his Jesuit brothers that were covering from persecution by the Catholic Chapel for their disbandment. He became a member of a number of key societies to observe how they handled. By April 1776, by using wealthy supporters, Weishaupt produced the "Order of Perfectibility", which was later altered to the Illuminati. The primary goal of the Illuminati under Weishaupt was to "set up a " NEW WORLD " Order by using research, technology, and business, while abolishing all monarchial federal government" (One Bad ). In 1777, Charles Theodor became ruler of Bavaria and suspended all magic formula societies, like the Illuminati. Weishaupt created the motto of the Illuminati to be "the ends justify the means" (One Bad ). Each member reported to a superior, who they didn't know, eliminating the chance of most Jesuits in a particular region from being found and killed.

Even following the society was restricted, they still had a mission to fulfill and were decided to take action and to today is still in action. The coming along of our nations made its big debut when the United Nations was created. The U. N wasn't an average idea that many people looked at back then to be "normal", but as being both strange and stimulating. "From its founding in 1945, many millions of people, frightened by the prospect of sociable wars and very weapons approached the U. N with passion and anticipation" (Ostrower ). But the U. N. couldn't have just popped up out of nowhere. No, it was created for an objective. It was created as a little model, in a way, to have the feel of " NEW WORLD " Order. It wasn't designed for our benefit but for theirs, the people we trust to maintain charge. As English Best Minister Benjamin Disraeli once said "the world is governed by far different personages from what is imagined by those who find themselves not behind the scenes" (Jones ).

What exactly is " NEW WORLD " Order and what would happen if it was to actually work? "It could bring the utter devastation of all land identity and national pride, which was a primary factor if the idea of a One World Government was to work" (Coleman ). The word " NEW WORLD " Order identifies the emergence of the totalitarian one-world federal government (Wiki). The program is to get complete control over every individual on the planet and to dramatically decrease the world's people by two thirds (Adachi). To achieve this goal many things should be apply. A lot of the major wars and financial depressions/ recessions were prepared out to help further them in their goal. The Spanish American War, WWI and WWII, the fantastic Depression, the climb of Nazi Germany, the Korean Conflict, the two wars in Iraq and so many more were intended to get " NEW WORLD " order into action. It's kind of like they are terrorists against everyone. "Terrorists concerns are macro concerns about changing a larger order; other violent criminals are focused on the micro level of pecuniary gain and personal relationships" (Pillar). The terroristic strategy the Illuminati uses to set-up these dramatic happenings is through problem and solution. They create the situation by money, assembling, and training an opposition group to begin the occurrence (Adachi). The thing is shown to the globe by the managed media. The video footage of such dreadful acts is then viewed my people all over. Hearts and minds of all nations weep out "Something must be done" (Adachi). This is actually the very reaction they are looking for. They then begin to provide the solution to the situation that they so gratefully placed after innocent lives. Their many solutions are manufactured to bring a bigger and better aspect to the event. They have got used solutions including the UN Serenity Keepers in Bosnia, or a UN Coalition Power during the Gulf Battle or even NATO Bombers and then earth soldiers in Kosovo (Adachi). When the solution is set up it never leaves. It's a strategy to keep areas of significant resistance to the New World Order takeover under control (Adachi). Although the New World Order is near to its highest top it will not take total control until World Warfare III has occurred. Yes, World Warfare III. It is not a foreign thought. There's recently been two world wars, why can't there be considered a third one? According to the Illuminati's plan, there will most definitely be one for their intend to be fulfilled. We have already passed quite a few of their stages resulting in WWIII. 9/11 was a start. Pursuing at the rear of is the popular conflict in the centre East. Next would be Israel having a war resistant to the Palestinians. Following that would be a dreadful nuclear confrontation regarding China and Taiwan resulting in a nuclear eruption on the Korean Peninsula (Adachi). Other periods entail dissolution of the government, the collapsing of economies and morals, and a significant population lowering (Adachi). All of these stages have to happen but the key level is Israel. WWIII is designed that occurs when Israel goes to war. Then everything else will get caught in place, dragging our country along an unforgivable road. Chief executive Wilson said it best:

"I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. An excellent industrial country is handled by its system of credit. Our bodies of credit is concentrated. The progress of the country, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the very most completely manipulated and dominated governments in the civilized world. No longer a authorities by free opinion, no more a administration by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a administration by the opinion and duress of a little group of dominating men. "

They are merely just waiting for their transmission.

This is all just like one big game to them, type of like the overall game, Illuminati, created in 1982 by Steve Jackson Games. Some may think this is merely a "simple" cards game, when the truth is this is a blueprint for some of the illuminati's ideas. Many of the credit cards have pictures of disasters that contain happened, laws which may have been exceeded, people that have died, and things to come to cross. There is even a cards of the Twin Towers disaster on 9/11. Now may I remind you that these credit cards where created in1982, while 9/11 didn't appear until 2001. How is the fact that even possible? It is possible since it is all planned. Every year on September 11, 2001, countries around the globe mourn around for the many lives we lost on that tragic day. That was basically a test to see if it indeed was possible to get all the countries mutually in agreeance. Everything is organized and then apply to fulfill the real mission of the Illuminati. Even Bush, our own president is at on the program. He was in onto it then and he is in on it now. He was even in onto it before he experienced office. He realized exactly what he was getting himself into. Both Bushes knew of " NEW WORLD " Order. During the end days of the Persian Gulf War Leader George H. W. Bush mentioned "I hope history will record that the Gulf Turmoil was the crucible of the New World Order, " (Vankin ). Pursuing behind father's footsteps George W. Bush also released to your country of the brand new World Order. "We have before us the chance to forge for ourselves and for future generations, a fresh World Order, a global where rule of rules, not the law of the jungle governs the carry out of nations" (YouTube ). Just about all of your presidents have known of the Illuminati and also have taken part of the society's actions to stay in power. Really the only president recognized to denounce the Illuminati was Chief executive John F. Kennedy. Chief executive Kennedy offered a conversation to the American Paper Publishers Relationship and in that speech he proudly expressed his feelings toward this secret society. "The term "secrecy" is repugnant in a free of charge and open modern culture; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and secret proceedings" (One Bad). Down the road in the speech he basically told them the particular Illuminati's quest was. "It really is a system which has conscripted vast human and materials resources into the building of any firmly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and politics businesses" (One Evil ). Securely knit, combines military services, diplomatic, intelligence, scientific and political functions, all sound exactly the way Weishaupt said it. Because Leader Kennedy denounced the Illuminati he was shot and killed. It appears as though everything that occurs to this world happens for a "bigger purpose".

It is absolutely quite miserable to see people go through such drastic actions just for vitality. The saddest part is when children are helped bring into the formula, including the Sandy Hook school shooting. Not meaning to step on anyone's toes, but I'm just saying the facts. Before the shooting the federal government was trying to move gun control laws and regulations without success. Then after the shooting the laws were pushed through easily. Now I know that basically doesn't say much but here's the kicker. The Sandy Hook taking never happened. It had been all a hoax just to get the gun laws pressed through. Why something as simple as gun laws and regulations? Well, if the government can get everyone's guns under their electric power, so when they begin to take full control and start to use full push we, people, can't fight back. That it is really smart if you think about it. Who would like to be thrown down while seeking electric power, nobody. That's actually why the Sandy Hook firing was created. This heartbreaking event, that had the whole country in complete shock, was a complete sham. Through the incident there was no one running from the building, no kids or adults. It had been a calm scene. What shooting have you seen folks not working and screaming for his or her lives? The one proof given of students going out of the building is of one picture of your type of students giving the building. There was no indication of hurt children or hurt adults. There are just mere images of "parents" or "actors" crying on their cell phones. It's very difficult to hide every little bit of evidence that would confirm this hoax is false. The gun that were supposedly used to kill all those 6 and 7 calendar year olds was found in the trunk of the automobile of the shooter, while the shooter's lifeless body was found in the building. How could the gun of the shooter maintain the car while he is useless in the building? Some things just aren't adding up. To top everything off one of the two parents of the dead children was joking and laughing before an interview about the taking pictures. The interview occurred the day following the shooting occurred. The very day after he listened to his 6 season old litttle lady was shot with a deranged lunatic. What parent or guardian would be laughing and joking after learning their daughter got just died. None of them would, unless their child never died and the shooting never happened. The evidence is all there.

The government is trying to better itself, with electricity and money. The very ones that are leading the Illuminati are the very ones who curently have all of the money and vitality. They just want more. A couple of 13 bloodlines which may have great effect in this society. Each generation of these bloodlines fulfill a piece of their legacy to keep carefully the mission in motion. The Astor bloodline started off with its original creator of the Astor bundle of money John Jacob Astor. He was born in Walldorf Duchy of Baden in Germany, where the Illuminati originated (World real truth). In 1784, he arrived to America and became a member of the Masonic Lodge, another secret modern culture, and within 2-3 years he had become Professional of the Holland Lodge in N. Y. City. This lodge has many people which may have good links to the Illuminati elite. John Astor got in close with Illuminati and made a name for himself and his family. The Bundy bloodline is another family near to the Illuminati. The Bundy family is not actually recognized as being powerful, however in recent record two Bundy brothers have organised key positions that handled most of what the federal government knew. They controlled most of the info that was given to the U. S President during Kennedy and Johnson's administration (World truth). Bundy was the Country wide Secretary Consultant and determined what the president been told and didn't listen to. His brother was at a key state Department position and both brothers were also in a fraternity called Illuminati order of the Skull and Bones (World truth). Another bloodline would be the Onassis Bloodline. Aristotle Socrates Onassis, at age 21 was extremely broke, but by age 23 he was a complete and total millionaire. He was near the top of the throne in the Illuminati. He was wise, ruthless, a guy of the world and spoke many dialects such as France, English, Spanish, and Turkish (World fact). He also hitched John F. Kennedy's widow. That was only a couple of Families in the 13 bloodlines. Others include the Reynolds, Collins, DuPont, Freeman, Kennedy, Li, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Russell, and the Vehicle Duyn bloodlines. There are a few interconnected bloodlines which may have as much of an influence as the initial 13. They are the Merovingian, Disney, Krupp, and McDonald bloodlines. With the bloodlines having enormous amounts of money, resources, and contacts, anything is possible to them. They haven't any limitations on what they plan to do for " NEW WORLD " Order.

Each of those bloodlines has unlimited levels of money. Money is actually their basis to be in the Illuminati. Money is definitely the root of all wicked. Some may say that money has nothing in connection with the Illuminati but it really does indeed. Shockingly, we bring the sign of the Illuminati with us where ever we go. Our buck bill gets the image of the Illuminati right on the back from it. It was adopted by congress on Sept 15, 1789. The guts of the seal is the "all-seeing eyesight" (UNC). The attention symbolizes exactly what they see. They see and know all. The next icon is the pyramid. It signifies the hierarchy of the Illuminati. The Latin writing on underneath of the pyramid is also an integral part of the Illuminati and their plan. On the bottom of the pyramid it says "Novus Ordo Seclorum". Translated into English this implies "a new order has started" or "a fresh order of age groups" (UNC). The dollars bill says New World Order in plain sight. They are simply quite simply screaming out their plans to us. Another icon is the roman numerals below the Latin words. They may be MDCCLXXVI. Now to the common mind it seems like a bunch of gibber gabber that just make the charge look cool nevertheless they actually mean something. The number is 1, 776 or if you read it as a day its 1776. That is the very year the Illuminati was made. Coincidence? No chance, it would be completely ludicrous to believe that it was a coincidence. As mentioned, before everything is designed and designed for a purpose. The money isn't called the main of all wicked for no reason, and today you see why. They have other neat methods that can be done with the dollar invoice, such as folding it. When folded the correct way it resembles the Twin Towers using up right down to their demise. It's all there in that one piece of paper, the piece of newspaper that more and more people are dying to get their hands on without completely knowing the true knowledge.

The Illuminati will be the top players of this game of ability. They have been playing this game for a long time and will continue to play for a long time to come. Starting in Germany, this computer virus has spread nationwide and has didn't cease and it won't cease. It'll continue to distributed until every region has come together in agreeance under the brand new World Order. They will do whatever they need, every time they want; breaking every one of the rules without a care on earth. They actually as they please, when they please, and exactly how they please. There is absolutely no way of preventing them. " NEW WORLD " Order should come to complete. This world will be ran by the wickedest & most corrupt people on earth. It is all only a matter of time. The complete human population, except for a few rebels, will submit to the rulings of New World Order and you will be forever stuck in an environment of corruption. I plan to do my best in following what I know is right. As Christopher Hampton once said:

"I became a virtuoso of deceit. It wasn't pleasure I got after, it was knowledge. I consulted the strictest moralists to understand how to appear, philosophers to learn what things to think and novelists to see what I could escape with. And, in the long run, I distilled everything right down to one wonderfully simple rule: win or perish" (Hampton).

You may do whatever you will with these details. You can consider exactly what was just shown for you and try to do something about, try to combat for the rights which were promised to you, or you can simply disregard this whole paper and pretend as if you never read it by any means. Just know deep down in your center u now really know what is going on behind the views. So long as are looked upon to be nave or misinformed. You now know the truth which is up to you regarding it what you please. You decide.

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