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Ideas And Topics In Writings British Literature Essay

Writers use tons of literary techniques and features to support their ideas and themes in their writings. Those tehniques are design to manipulate and condition the readers perceptions. They position viewers to react to the writing using ways, either agreeing with or disputing those topics. Themes of allienation, nostalgia to love and loss are very often repeated in Books. We are able to see this clear in three short stories that i would like to reveal, Erneast Hemingways 'Hillsides Like White Elephants', John Cheevers 'The Enormous Radio' and Doriss Lessing 'To Room Nineteen'. In first history Hemingway says us about inabillity to converse effectively in a relationhip. Main heroes got a huge difficulty in articulating their feelings which makes them frustrated with each other. In 'The Enormous Radio' we see themes such as dependency and loss of control, hidden secrets ans scandals and communication issues however they all lead to the main theme of this account which is lack of love. Previous Doris Lessing tale styles are theme of allienation, identity issue and lack of sense to be. Main character of this tale, Susan is portrayed as a prisoner of ideology motivated by sociaty that women are expected to be gladly and willingly acepting their repression and bondage.

Narrative point of viewe is one of the first techniques which has huge influence on interpretation and firmness of the storyline. All testimonies are written in the same a 3rd person point of viewe but with just a little difference between them. Erneast Hemingway composed 'Hills Like White Elephants' in third person point of view and goal which is limited to what character types say and do. He doesn't uncover their thoughts ang feelings, as a visitors we need to guess that by interpreting the written text. In 'Enormous Radio' we see that narrator use the same third person point of viewe but it's omniscient. The guy can summarize not only each characters actions but also their inside emotions, motives, and emotions. Sometimes narrator even needs subjective methodology by describing one of the personas Irene as a self-centered women which is only concerned about how people viewe her and by describing Jim as a dedicated and hard working man who tries very hard to give her and their children a comfortable life. In Doriss Lessings 'To Room Nineteen' storyline starts from the third person narrative point of viewe only to change later in a story to first person point of viewe. Lessing uses stream of concioussness techinque and interior monologue which creates the impression for the audience that he's almost eavesdropping on the flow of concious experience in personas mind. This provide a reader an acces to thoughts, emotions and feelings experienced by the character.

Varied details of setting and figure has got an enormous contributon to the maning of the short stories. Arranging plays the biggest role in Hemingways report where even the name refers to symbolical importance of it. Jig, one of the personas of a tale, by explaining the hillsides that they appear to be white elephants refers to her being pregnant and the main problem of this report which is abortion. She details the hills in the length that they appear to be white elephants because American which she travells with, views the baby as an aproaching obstacle with their careless life. The rest of a setting also provides symbolism which share the strain and conflict between your couple. The coach tracks going into two different directions, among which couple sits at the place might make reference to couple being in the middle of making radical decision. A couple of is merely like those songs which run hand and hand but will never have a chance to meet. Different kind of land on both factors, on one renewable and fertile and on the other dried and without trees also describes their different viewe and interpretation of the issue of motherhood. In 'The Great Radio', the introduction of the new radio which changes its setting, going deeper inside your home, moving from the door to the middle of the living room behind the sofa because of its physical ugnliness it seems to be like agressive intruder, intruding Irenes life. By listening to the air which accumulates noises and interactions from the whole building she also starts off intruding on other people lifes. This is how we learn to see huge change in Irene and her relationship with Jim. She gets involved with people lives noticed on the radio very much she soon became stressed out and changes from a pleasant, rather plain woman to a woman who concerns who she actually is and doubts in her relationship with her partner. They both commence to realise there is a pressure in their marriage, that Irene has many dark, deep secrets which she has hidden perfectly each one of these years and which she feels guilty about. Preparing it isn't so important in this story. Narrator is wanting to concentrate only on the radio, voices and music appearing out of it which performs huge role in a story by shaping atmosphere of a story and also changing spirits of a main characters. A similar we will have in Doris Lessings account where there is less description on environment but this minimalism have huge importance for the meaning. This minimalism provides reader a feeling of unfulfilled emptiness of any relationshp between Susan and Matthew and emptiness in Susan's life which is described as a desert which shows her hopelessness and depressesion. Also the bare room nineteen which in she spends most of a time identifies Susan's need of allienation.

Use of techniques such as irony, symbolism an understatement by wrtiers in those short stories offers a huge effect on themes. The main in those reports is symbolism which really is a use of symbols to represent or suggest other activities or ideas. As stated before in 'Hills Like White Elephants' we can already see symbolism in the subject of a tale. Jig refers to the hillsides that they appear to be white elephants to speak about abortion which is the key theme of the report. A white elephant is a basically useless subject that is expenssive to possess and maitain which symbolise a unborn baby. The complete symbolism of the setting up is important in many ways which I already had a chance to analyse early on. The rail songs could symbolise Jigs and Americans romantic relationship and being in the middle of making an important decision. Two sides of a train station described in a story has it's own meaning, green can by a symbol of life, baby, a new beggining and dried up side can signify loss of life and abortion. Irony in this tale mainly shows Jig's aggravation towards the North american and this is its main purpose. In dialogue between them about licuorice and its own familiar tastes we can plainly see Jig isn't just refering to a drink but also with their lifestyle which she actually is able to depart at any indicate settle down. I believe huge effect on the story gets the last word spoken by Jig, when she explains to the American she actually is fine. We are able to understand this phrase as an irony and that Jig will proceed through with the abortion because of her inability to connect her feelings to the American wich leaves her frustrated and not having the ability to fight ever again. Also dialog between them, about such an important subject matter which is abortion, seems to be very simple, trivial and even pointless. The speak about good beverages and lovely hills is merely a cover for a deadly argument. This tehnique utilized by Hemingway is named understatement. Again symbolism is utilized in Johns Cheever 'The Enormous Radio'. It is mainly used to describe the hidden meaning of the air from the name. It symbolise an addiction and loss of control. Irene gets so obssesed with hearing her friends and neighbours on the air that she actually is not even interested anymore in her human relationships with other people in real life. She prefers to go home and eavsdropp in it through the radio. Radio also symbolise a hidden magic formula and scandal. When Irene start to doubts delight of her marriege, all secrets are being disclosed like fraud and abortion, which she was covering all these years. Radio is also used as an irony. It was purchased to bring joy and contentment to Irenes and Jims life but it only induced trouble between them exposing deep and dark secrets. In 'To the room nineteen' again we will get symbolism in the title of a story. We see Susan as a woman that has been swept up in the web of the public roles in a community and she is trying to come out of the world into a world of her own making which is room nineteen. She actually is no more a wife and mother in this room, she escapes her cultural role and she finally sees peace and liberty. We can see an irony in words describing Susan and Matthew as 'intelligent' which is the quality that is their downfall. Although they do everything "sensibly" in their intellects, their repression of her as a woman is not intelligent. Also Lessing use repetition approach, using word 'brains' fiftee times to make an irony even stronger.

Dialogues, discussions between characters have also big impact on the meaning of those stories. Hemingway tale is told in third person point of viewe and it generally does not tell us any facts about characters. That is why dialogue is important and we need to interpretate it to find out about attitudes oh the primary characters towards one another. Their can in this manner to speak for themselve and we can also see through the build and design of the dialogue, exsistence of your profound problem in their marriage. In 'The Enormous Radio' dialog gets the same goal. We are able through dialogue to learn more about personas thoughts and thoughts. We also in a dialogue visit a pressure between main characters, which bilds up towards the end of the story. Within the 'To Room Nineteen' Doris Lessing we can easily see through dialogues between Susan and Matthew the lack of communication in their marriage. Lessing also use interior monologue to stress this is of the storyplot. Through Susan's interior monologue we can see her helplensness and emptiness of her marriage life.

All those strories acquired their own specific composition which has a direct effect on the feeling and atmosphere of these stories. In Hemingways 'Hillsides Like White Elephants' setting frames the story, it plays an essential role in determining the atmosphere in his work. The decision of a setting and objects facilitates the sytuation and produces the story discord. Also dialogues are possessing the story along, they reveal about the primary theme of a story. In 'The Enormous Radio' music casings the story, creates the feelings and shows the emotional changeover of the heroes. In 'To Room Nineteen' Doris Lessing is using more literary techniques in her writing to aid the meaning. Narrator by changing the tone of terminology creates a disposition. In the beggining of your writing words are longer making reading slower and creates very peacfull result. But than towards the end of a story narrator is wanting to create pressure in a story and begins using shorter words making our reading more speedily. Also stream of conciousness technique brings dramatic impact to the storyline and without it writing would be very bland.

I have really liked reading short experiences, especially those three which I have chosen for this evaluation and evaluation. Mainly I really believe so because of feminine issues in sociaty presented in those reports. Earnest Hemingways 'Hillsides Like White Elephants' is deffinitelly my favorite. It is very interesting that narrator doesn't show you any informations about characters, what they think and feel. To learn we need to interpretate the written text, in cases like this dialogue between them. Through reading the story I experienced like sitting next to the few, eavsdropping on their conversation. Because there is an enormous communication issue between them and they are unable to uncover their true emotions again it is remaining to the audience to analyse what personas are really thinking. It also intrigued me how history shows a distinction between male and female viewe on relationsips. When abortion for Jig, killing their unborn baby is an enormous decision on her behalf, for American is only a simple procedure 'letting the environment in'. He doesn't identify himself with the baby which can be an obstacle for him and his careless lifestale. I also found 'The Enormous Radio' very interesting to learn. I believe John Cheever through this story again proved the fact how communicating issues between people might influence their romantic relationship. Irenes secrets and scandals creates stress between their relationship and they lead to loss of trust and love between them. The framework of a tale has also catched my attention. I found it very interesting that music was creating the spirits in the storyline and that music was uncovering the emotional changeover of the personas. In 'To Room Nineteen' I had been hugle intrested in Lessings attitude towards feminine repression, alienation and get away which is all open in this story. She will try to describe how social, social, and ethic diversions, how each of them limit women perspectives and encounters and their intellectual, spiritual, and emotional independence. By indroducing us to the main persona Susan, which entire exsistence was like prison, she says us that allienation may cause mental breakdown. Short stories are very quick and enjoyable reading but still they have a huge depth and important subject matter hidden in them. I would deffinitely recomend to others short stories which I had a chance to read and I am going to also continue steadily to develop my experience as a reader.

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