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ICT And Impact Of ICT In Hotel Industry Marketing Essay


Life gets better day by day and people want to experience more by travel for checking out new things and learning new cultures. Because of this, the amount of international tourists round the world in 2010 2010 reached 935 million, a amazing point. Alongside the development of tourism, the hospitality industry which is one of major segmentations of travel and leisure also builds up with significant rate. Corresponding to many hotels were built to provide the hospitality industry that there are increasingly more hotels developed nowadays and it creates the market becoming more difficult. More competitors indicate more difficult to improve the income for the hotel. Before, in order to get competitive edge to get over those factors above, the hotel already attempted to supply the excellence visitor services however now to gain competitive advantage, the majority of hotels concentrate on the use of IT (IT). It can help the hotel works more successfully and effectively. This record is written for demonstrating the success of hotel industry by it.


IT and impact of IT in hotel industry

IT included hardware and software. It could be simply define as the utilization of applications to manage information for individual benefits. The use of IT in hospitality industry has been continuing development and IT nowadays becomes an indispensable part helping most of important work in hotel. In the past, almost all of works in the hotel were dependent on paper and need a lot of time to finish however now, when the It really is developing, almost all of works are finish faster and certainly save time.

Competitive Benefits gained through increasing use of IT and the implementation than it systems

IT brings a great deal of advantages of business especially in hospitality industry. Inside the hotel industry, three departments cannot work effectively without using IT are leading office, customer romance and food and beverage department.

First of most, The It can help to solve almost all of works in the front office team, especially in reservation. IT has taken people around the world get deeper together even dissimilarities from languages, ethnicities and also areas. . . Guests just stay at home and easily find all necessary data about vacation spot where they would like to travel by search through internet. The old-fashioned way to book or reserve the room is over mobile but now with the improvements of IT, guests just browse the hotel's officially website, look at the details of the room such as type, size. . . and reserve for it. Each one of these old-fashioned way are substituted by the modern way to help the hotel save time, cost; help friends better, faster and also convenient for friends. For this reason, the birth of Central Reservation System (CRS) has utter solved the problems facing when reserving visitor rooms. CRS is a system that store and take care of all information of the hotel such as room type, room availability, room rate, friends' information. . . Furthermore, CRS also offers ability to incorporate with Global Distribution System (GDS) so that the travel organization or booking online websites can book or reserve room that leads the hotel increasing the income. Therefore, CRS now could be becoming popular in almost hotel surrounding the world. A number of the famous CRS software companies are TravelCLICK provides iHotelier which is hotel booking system software ; Genares provides gReserve which really is a web-based central reservation system. . . The Brookfeld Suites Hotel & Convention Centre managed 203 luxurious rooms located at Miwaukee, Wisconsin is one of the hotels using iHotelier software. The hotel was facing with the situation of Global Circulation System arranging. Thus, the hotel received many annoying complains from the travel agencies. In order to solve the challenge above, The Brookfeld Suites Hotel & Convention Middle want to find a CRS and choosing engine. Therefore, they decided to go with iHotelier software and iStay scheduling engine unit from TravelCLICK Company. Just five calendar months after began using, the hotel got reasonable results such as GDS increased over 41 % and web reservations increased over 91 %. Kapalua Silver Villas is also the hotel using iHotelier software. The hotel want to increase direct consumer business with a web arranging solution and on the GDS, the resort's goal was to win back its fair show of business within the local marketplace. Just after using iHotelier in June 2005, the resort's improved results include 620 percent upsurge in average every month and a 417 percent upsurge in GDS.

Secondly, Customer Romance Management (CRM) is also the division cannot operate effectively without IT solution. Definitely, CRM is a dispensable department which is responsible for keep customer loyalty in order to bring friends back again to the hotel, not only current guests but also prospective guests. Among the most important missions of CRM division is to keep in touch with friends by contact them frequently, not only direct but also mailing e-mails. Therefore, the hotel can foresee friends' future needs; it can help the hotel serve the friends better with better services. Traditionally, when the staffs in CRM department want to record the info of frequent friends, all works must be done on paperwork and it costs a great deal of moneys to storage space but now, if they want to track record them, they just easily put all information into the CRM software which is installed in the hotel to manage the friends' information and also guests database. . Among the better performance CRM software such as GuestWare, Sage CRM. . . Guest Ware which is exclusive CRM and Guest Experience Management software for the hotel industry to keep customer loyalty. Sage CRM software is one the best web-based CRM solution in the world, Sage CRM not only works individually but also web links with sales, marketing and customer activities in the hotel. It will help the hotel run marketing and advertising campaign efficiently. The Torrance Marriott hotel, a 487-room, full-service hotel located at Los Angeles is one of the hotels using GuestWare to solve problems facing with friends' experience. In 2004, the condition experience was 23 percent but soon after 8months using GuestWare, the situation experience reduced to 12. 7 percent, a remarkable point when apply GuestWare software contributed to the complete procedure of the hotel. Monterey Plaza Hotel& Spa is also the hotel in US using GuestWare as a main CRM tool. In order to develop the guests' commitment program named "Stay five times and get reward", Monterey Plaza Hotel& Spa has detailed 60, 000 guest names and delivered email to them. There possessed then 3, 000 demands to join this program. Thank to the assistance of GuestWare, the hotel can put all information of friends and have a track progress to each individual who suitable the condition above. Without GuestWare, the hotel could not perform effectively the guests' commitment program.

Thirdly, the previous team cannot work efficiently without using It really is food and drink. People can say that 70% revenue of the hotel result from deal room and the rest is result from food and beverage department. Thus, in order to maximize the earnings, the hotel will need to have good-trained staffs to provide customer with best services. If the staffs serve friends good, this means they already satisfied guests. Therefore, they will come back the hotel over and over, but sometimes the hotel must deal numerous unexpected problem such as the surpassed of features of hotel's booking application. Which means guests will feel unpleasant when they want to book a place in the restaurant of the hotel. To be able to absolutely solve this issue, the hotel locates information about software and chooses which is ideal for them. Because of this, The Hilton Waikoloa community in Hawaii used Reserve Interactive's Eating out Reservations and Stand Management Software and the Occasions with Reservations add-on component. By using new way to make, move or cancel reservation, the staffs can save a lot of times. Moreover, the staffs have a monitoring on what guests has consumed in order to have specific details of expenses. The hotel also faced the problem in charge the inventory cost. The success of hotel is not only to satisfy guests but also about how to minimize the cost to maximize the revenue. Because of this, Clear Sky Company developed software to control the cost of inventory in food and drink. JW Marriott Chicago is the latest hotel applied Clear Sky Beverage for manage and observe all beverage inventories. Some of the customers of Clear Sky Company using Clear Sky Food & Beverage such as: Atlanta Air port Hotel, JHM Hotel, New Montreal Air-port Hotel and Indiana Hotel. . .


In realization, IT takes on an important role in hospitality industry, especially in creating competitive good thing about each hotel. The hotel should always revise the new modern IT to be more professional. This is actually the only way to keep friends' devotion and get new prospective friends. Using IT will help all work better, faster, and far more convenient and save big money. Finally, the IT brings a great deal of advantages for hotel, especially in the front office, customer romance and food& drink department.

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