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Hyatt Regency Dubai Profile Of Service Travel and leisure Essay

Hyatt was founded on September 27th, 1957 by Jack D Crouch and Hyatt R. von Dehn who purchased a motel called Hyatt House located next to the international airport on Los Angeles. After a few years, it was sold to Jay Pritzker who along with his brother Donald, caused family members who had been interested and grew Hyatt into a hotel company ownership with North American management. They gone general population in 1962. The introduction of Hyatt International occurred in 1968 and eventually became a public company individually. Hyatt International Corporation along with Hyatt Firm was privately organised in 1979 and 1982 respectively by Pritzker family business pursuits. Every hospitality advantage they owned combined with the Hyatt Corporation and International became put together under one unit, Hyatt Hotels Company. Their mission declaration is:

"Our objective is to provide real hospitality by causing a notable difference in the lives of the people we touch every day"

Hyatt's first business overseas took place in 1969 with the beginning of the Hyatt Regency Hong Kong. Recreation area Hyatt and Grand Hyatt were unveiled in 1980. Hyatt has more than 340 hotels around the globe currently. Hyatt Hotels Organization proudly celebrates more than fifty many years of background with a deep rooted position as a business innovator which promotes the company to a shiny future in improving creative hospitality.



Hyatt Regency Dubai is a luxurious, modern hotel located in the Deira area of Dubai next to the Deira Corniche, a notorious boulevard in Dubai. Situated at a convenient distance from the textile souk, spices souk and rare metal souk, additionally it is just 7km from the first mega mall in Dubai, Deira City Centre. The hotel consists of 14 luxury rooms and suites that face the amazing Arabian Gulf. In conditions of leisure, the 5 celebrity hotel provides a spa, Club Olympus and has a golf course on its premises. They have got an ice skating rink, rugby court, outdoor pool and a fitness centre. Dubai is a significant tourist hub getting people with its dhow cruises, sandy beaches, dune bashing, camel racing, recreational parks and much more.


Hyatt Firm has dramatically evolved the view and impact of the hotel hospitality industry. Hyatt has specialized in providing luxury hotels, catering the needs of high-end business travelers by giving facilities for conferences and other related amenities to enhance their lodging experience. Having various brands such as Hyatt Regency, Grand Hyatt, Area Hyatt and Andaz catered mainly for high-end business customers. Hyatt Regency hotels are a core make of the Hyatt Corporation, located at the urban centers, targeting exclusive business travelers. Hyatt Regency, Dubai is a typical business transit hotel placed to provide the upscale business traveler market segment by giving high quality services, accommodation and facilities served for business and normal purposes (Exec Manager of Hospitality Hyatt Regency). The primary durability of Hyatt Regency being the Devotion amongst guests, they have confidence in the "happy customer, more sales" approach. Thus they have got emphasized their quality of services and distinguished themselves among other competing hospitality businesses in that manner.

Hyatt Regency is one of the oldest and well known hotels in Dubai; and yes it is one of the only hotels in Dubai that comes with an indoors ice-rink and a retail center located within the Hotel to ease and enhance the stay of the friends, also situated in a metropolitan area in Deira it is near the "Dubai Silver Souk" and lots of social and local sites to make ideal stay for a vacationer browsing Dubai.


Hyatt is challenged with immediate competition from hotels like Hilton and Marriott internationally and other hotels in Dubai that serve business customers. Hyatt Regency aims at providing a high-standard lodging experience that could encourage the consistency of their guests. Hyatt Worldwide has a Platinum Passport frequency loyalty program that they believe is a technique to increase their charm and in doing so their consistency of guests, therefore being loyal to the Corporation internationally and also helps in recording other sections. Hyatt Firm has a two times dipping program with airline associates such as Emirates Airlines and these Skywards individuals are given special deals and discounts as mentioned by the Executive Administrator of Hospitality at Hyatt Regency, Dubai.

Besides the competition from major business hotels Hyatt also encounters competition from leisure related hotels, also the location of Hyatt Regency is considered unsound being located in the old-Dubai business central and since Dubai's business Central has been shifted to other locations e. g. Jebel Ali, etc. other hotels in these areas can stand as competition to Hyatt Regency. Another concern with Hyatt being their promotional strategies, they believe in advertising in another country in Europe, and other continents, but fail to advertise and promote the hotel in Dubai and the Middle East. But overall Hyatt Regency has been profitable over time with its well known base of faithful customers and by exceeding the product quality services and standards of Hyatt Corporation.


5. 1 ROLE


The guest will reach the service manufacturer. Once he gets into the service manufacturer, he will address the front level service agency and check in. He will be provided with all the facilities needed by him which can be found. He then compensates his expenses and checks away.

Service Supplier (Hyatt Regency).

The staffs are always ready at the workplace. As guests turn up, they will greet them answer their questions and check them in. Often they'll suggest or assist the friends with their decisions. The guests are provided with all the current services with out a say of 'No' and everything the assistance provided are noted.

5. 2 SCRIPT:


Arrive at the Hotel

Enter the Hotel


Greet and point the Guest

Front desk staff:

Greet guest


Enquire and booklet room

Front desk staff:

Answer question and check in guest

Elevator/ Hallway Staff:



Goes to room enjoys supplementary services and core service/ service consumption

Pay and check out

Front desk staff:

Greet and checkout guest


Exit service factory

5. 3 Stream CHART.


Greeting Guests

Providing Information

Service Consumption


Registering Guest


Preparing Food

Doing the Ironing

Scheduling/ Training Staff

Cleaning/ Interior Designing

Doing Inventory



Spend Amount of time in Room












Hyatt Regency's bloom of services contains the center and supplementary services provided by the hotel.

The central service is the central element of the bloom which supplies the principal. The primary service of Hyatt Regency is to give a bedroom for a hotel customer and a hall for a meeting client. The petals surrounded by the guts are the supplementary services that can come as a program and also as optional services that happen to be discussed below in detail.


Facilitating Elements

Enhancing Elements



Information about the assistance provided by the company can be found locally i. e. in the UAE and internationally through many settings of mediums. The hotel website is the most informative medium of the hotel which gives every piece of information about the hotel from the prices, services, location, activities, hotel track record, schedules, and offers to the other hotels in the chain etc.

Information is also provided through leaflets in airports, travel agents, newsletters, magazines and papers in short but precise information can be obtained by calling the hotel anytime and enquiring leading table with your query.

7. 1. 2 PAYMENT.

Direct and indirect payments can be carried out through bank card transaction or cash payment. During direct payment credit card transactions are allowed in high and low contact services i. e. in the front desk itself or through online while scheduling for hotel, car or air travel. Cash payments can only be produced through high contact service i. e. in leading desk of any service centre of the hotel.

During indirect repayment the payments can be produced in any event to the intermediary including the travel agent, airlines company, head to guide etc which will be offered to the hotel eventually.

7. 1. 3 BILLING.

Billings for normal guests are done under their name and contact details basis and every service the guest acquires, the time, quantity and the purchase price are printed obviously over a transcript for the client to check on while they check away. Bills signed for each and every service such as food and beverage or the bars are also preserved to provide a proof for the visitor if indeed they lack the knowledge of acquiring a specific service.

Billing of associates are done under their account numbers here the same method takes place as stated above but the members can earn incentive points for the quantity of the service and data will be available for them online in their account.


Reservation of rooms fall under this category and in this process the friends are first of all shown the options they can choose from and relevant varieties should be filled with provision of secure commitment to delivery. When your choice is manufactured by the guest it is recorded in the subscription system under the guest's unique field.

The order taking of room services are done backstage and in a minimal contact manner for all services through telephone the order is documented again on the subscription system and delivered within enough time structure given and your options are available for the friends in the room leaflets.

For other activities such as restaurants, bars, lounges, golf etc the order taking is done front stage and the same steps as above mentioned are continued.



As something that is hospitality related, utmost importance is put on the level of discussion by the service employees (concierge) with the customers. Customers are greeted upon entrance. Staffs at Hyatt Regency are also given training in different languages so that customers don't have trouble with communication. Occurrence of sanitation was evident in the lobby and lounge areas with on hands cleaning staff. Hyatt Regency provides rooms that are specially designed for the literally challenged. Since business guests have a tendency to be pressed for time and hate prolonged check outs, Hyatt Regency offers onsite Exhibit check-out services. Good hospitality becomes a key factor for customer commitment. Bellboys and porter services can be found to assist guests with their baggage. The hotel also provides free shuttle bus services to various locations around Dubai, like Deira City Centre and Dubai Mall.

7. 2. 2 Discussion.

Counseling that is usually given to a customer to help understand their situations and choose solutions. During our interview, the Executive Director of Hospitality talked about that customers, who are undecided about choosing between presented activities including the spa or sightseeing, are helped by concierge that are able to provide customized alternatives. Since Hyatt Regency is mainly business guests oriented, assessment is also given on deals aimed at stay of commercial groups.


A factor of protection provided to the clients at the service site. Hyatt Regency has a bunch of safekeeping services from valet auto parking, baggage handling by the bell children, private car parking facilities for guests and baby-sitting service on prior arrangement. There is occurrence of security at the standard level just outside the hotel access. During our visit inside the hotel, we witnessed that there have been many Hyatt Regency trained security goal staff who stationed themselves at positions to avoid people from getting into off-limit areas (i. e. VIP only rooms). The hotel also acquired 24 hour video security system.


This supplementary service comes by a means of training to act in situations where plan doesn't are likely involved. During the interview with the Executive Manager, he described that service personnel were given trained in scenarios to deal with special situations. He also pointed out that, if a customer is miserable with a particular service, the hotel provides extra stay at no extra demand. On special request, the hotel also caters to a customer's flavor palette in case a certain food item they order is not present on the hotel food menu. Hyatt Regency's special demand also requires the service of your 24 hour house doctor on call. One manner in which Hyatt Regency manages customer complaints/suggestions/compliments is through a site called Trip Consultant that gives reviews and ratings.



Brand image - Hyatt has a well recognized brand image and it is well known internationally for having premium offerings and high quality services.

Well recognized services and amenities e. g. the one hotel with an inside ice-rink and Revolving Restaurant (Al Dawaar) in Dubai. (Hyatt, 2010)

Rated 5 personalities and an integral part of a well-respected international hospitality chain. (visitdubai, 2010)

Hyatt Yellow metal Passport frequency devotion program stimulates more friends. (Hyatt, 2010)


Located in an unsound environment away from the new business and leisure central. (i. e. Jebel Ali, Sheikh Zayed Rd. )

Concentrated targeting on business customers can leave over-looking other growing market segments.

Failure to market and promote the hotel within the center East.


Special offers for commercial customers and using different methods to target niche market segments.

Using solutions to promote the hotel within the U. A. E, to increase understanding.

Increasing leisure activities through the low-peak seasons i. e. Apr to August, and targeting family oriented customers.

New development for the reason that site like the Palm Deira which happens to be on hold, once completed would boost the attractiveness of that area that will in turn result in more customers.


Political factors make a difference the business enterprise, such as labor regulations, health and basic safety regulations can change the business practices.

Economic fluctuations such as tough economy or inflation make a difference the profitability due to the fact it's directed at high-end exclusive business travelers.

The negative perceptions about the spot can influence potential clients.



Hyatt Hotels Company has several chains located all around the world. Hyatt divides its brand into various sub-categories of hotels that differ from each other by the services it offers. Some well recognized brand categories are Park Hyatt, Grand Hyatt, Hyatt Regency and Hyatt Resorts. Hyatt Regency in Dubai typically caters to business travelers and resort vacationers. The key service that Hyatt Regency offers is the accommodation of guestrooms to its customers. The hotel has around '414 stylish and modern guestrooms including 26 suites. ' Offering over various different styles and classes of room some of which can be Gulf View King, Regency Suite King, Regency Exec, Emri Suite and Royal Suites provides customers an assortment to choose from. Hyatt Regency also offers convention and getting together with facilities because the most its customers signify business travelers. The hotel also has a ballroom [1, 157 square meters] that can cater to over one thousand people for occurrences. Hyatt Regency has around '9 flexible and divisible conference rooms, two with natural daylight. ' Their convention and conference facilities usually offer food services to the rented rooms, with a selection of food items and cuisines that range from finger food items to meal buffets. Customizable bookings of rooms make Hyatt's central service very flexible to adapt to certain requirements of the customer since its main focus on is towards customer stay satisfaction. Apart from Hyatt Regency's center service of accommodating customers, the hotel offers a huge variety of supplementary services to people. The premise consists of lots of restaurants, pubs and lounge, their most well-known revolving restaurant Al Dawar on the rooftop of the hotel. Other areas like Focaccia, Miyako, Shahrzad, YOUR KITCHEN, Carpenter Bar provides customers a variety of cuisine choices. Hyatt Regency also offers recreational facilities which add value to customer stay experience at the hotel. The Club Fitness and Spa, Golf Park and the sole hotel which includes an ice rink use in these recreational facilities.

9. 2 PLACE.

Hyatt Regency stands high towards the edge of Dubai about the cornice area in Deira. This stunning location overlooks the whole of Dubai, with great views of the Arabian Gulf and the city. The hotel is situated only 12km away from the Dubai AIRPORT TERMINAL and is near the oldest business sectored area of Dubai. Though it doesn't have a home in the heart of the city, it has a whole lot of places of interest minutes from the hotel. Some of these places would include the shopping areas surrounding the hotel, the Gold Souq, Mamzar Area which really is a minutes' drive from the hotel, historical museums and also the Creek. The positioning of Hyatt Regency now isn't that busy as businesses and other commercial activities have a tendency to move towards west area of Dubai (towards Jebel Ali). However, its location must not be seen as a negative thing to business travelers, the peaceful and the not busy side of Dubai does indeed make customers see it as an advantage. The building of the world famous job of Dubai, the man-made island known as Hand Deira, (although this task is non permanent on hold) would bring forth a lot of opportunities to Hyatt Regency. Once this task is completed there would be great business fascination towards this aspect of Dubai which would be good for Hyatt Regency since it is actually a business hotel. The channel of syndication that Hyatt Regency uses is more immediate since it is something sectored business. There exists close contact with customers where their desired needs would be handed onto the hotel management to focus on, to fully gratify customer stay experience.

9. 3 PRICE.

There are numerous factors that effect the prices costed on services. Hyatt Regency's charges strategy is kept very flexible anticipated to these factors. Hyatt Regency's prices are very sensitive to the market, this means their prices are highly inspired on the demand of these services they provide. Dubai being a tourist getting city has resulted in the increasing variety of hotels being set up around the busy areas of Dubai. This makes Hyatt Regency consider concentrating on being competitive on the market following a competitive costing strategy. The current prices of rooms average to around AED900 for a night's stay. This price usually fluctuates predicated on lots of factors. First of all, the prices recharged to customers are value-based, that relates to the different type of rooms available and the added services chosen by customers. Seasonal changes impact room rates too. The winter season in Dubai is much more enjoyable than through the summertime, so these rates are often raised during the top season which is between October to March. Another factor that influences price rates is the availability of the rooms, like any business prices charged on the few rooms that are remaining and available would be more than the regular rate. The time between booking an area and staying in that room can transform price rates (immediate bookings are more expensive than advanced bookings). Although all these factors can influence the area rates that Hyatt Regency charges customers they need to be careful not to flee customers to their substitutes because when it comes to hotel services in Dubai the combination elasticity of demand is often positive and very delicate to competition. This means that Hyatt Regency should play its strategy right in the charges market in the making maximum profit without losing from sales.

9. 4 Campaign.

Hyatt Regency is known to be more of the business hotel than a tourist attraction. Advertising isn't focused upon as much in the neighborhood media. Most of its above the lines promotion is carried out in countries beyond your UAE, advertising in Western countries and European countries. Hyatt Regency usually gets its customers by associating their hotels with companies that recommend its staff a Hyatt stay. In addition, it allures customers from airline companies like Emirates. Hyatt Regency does indeed focus on below the line promotional methods, by having special offers to interest customers with a lot of money package with their services, 'Hyatt Business Plan' or the 'Time for Family' special offer packages which are marketed to them. There are a great number of reward strategies that Hyatt Regency offers which encourage payment from customers. Every payment transactions made in Hyatt Regency allows the redeemable of Skywards reward factors, a good persuasive method of payment. The hotel also introduced a loyalty design for customers, especially the ones that most regularly stay at Hyatt Regency. This commitment scheme, the Silver Passport Program, in which a customer can acquire factors on his consideration based on the amount of times he stays there that can be used to request for discount rates on his/her next visit at Hyatt. The hotel also offers the issuing of present cards which is seen as a splendid way to attract new customers to see Hyatt's service.


In Hyatt most of all the processes take place in the backstage which is invisible to the consumer and it is all completed by the backstage personnel and the enrollment system. The process commences with the guest reserving an area in the hotel and ends when a particular guest checks out. The primary process is the enrollment process completed with the insight of front desk staff of all the guest details, accompanied by the various unseen functions such as when the guest calls for a room service from the room for something staff taking the order, process in your kitchen, filling of carts with requested supplies, adding visitor requests in subscription system etc. when the client acquires services from the room but in the hotel itself also requires procedures such as preparing the meals in a restaurant, blending a drink in a bar which is a front level process, registering agreed upon bills into the transcript etc. The final process involves looking into the visitor from the enrollment system flagging activity has been effectively accomplished by leading desk personnel.

9. 6 PEOPLE.

In Hyatt Regency the culture is dependant on ethics and integrity which is partly employee driven recognizes the importance of employees and associates as its friends. It is essential for Hyatt Regency to recruit personnel that show common hobbies in culture. The affiliates are educated to make a difference from day one, and they're offered with quality training to know-how in operational areas and also on management skills to deliver customer support. (Hyatt, 2010) Hyatt goes to great means in providing high quality medical care insurance and retirement strategies for employees and family. There is also 'educational re-imbursement program' offering an optimum learning experience to keep the associates up-to-date and before competition. Hyatt Regency employees have a solid commitment and motivated through campaign opportunities within based on their performance and they're also offered with empowerment honors such as 'Hyatt Celebrity' which is a monetary reward for his or her performance. It is also possible for the associates to provide reviews through the 'Worker Opinion Study'. There are many advantages of employed in a huge organization like Hyatt from being able to have savings on not only hotel rooms but also on a variety of other service products.

Guests hardly ever make perceptions about the grade of services they get through their discussion between employees. As the primary goal of Hyatt seeking to be the most accepted brand among guests, they accomplish that by giving high quality services but in turn the friends play a substantial role in the delivery of service. The guests are also involved with co-production; they follow the hotel's guidelines and guidelines which allows them and other friends to have to have an ideal experience and satisfaction.


Hyatt Regency Dubai's outside seems somber but as a visitor enters its entrance doors, the interior creates an impressive, attractive first impression. The flooring surfaces are paved with easy ivory marble across a massive reception area. The concierge is on the still left and a porter service on the right. The entrance to the Galleria is directly ahead and guidelines to each part of the hotel are obviously shown. You can find chic stairways as well. One of the many restaurants, The Kitchen provides an atmosphere of lounge music, sofas and a lounging area for friends who have just came, to relax in. You will discover items and souvenir outlets as well as rental car shops all available with quick access for the friends. To transport friends' baggage to their rooms, bellboys can be found. The hotel has a modern day look, cool neutrals and dark lumber veneers providing a lush turn to the inside. The staff at the concierge is very useful and eager to help you with anything. The Galleria entry provides access to the ice rink and shopping facilities. ATM's are also provided inside. Internet WI-Fi is available to guests too.


Hyatt Regency Dubai ensures its customers its top most priority but also maintain that it is their workers who make the Hyatt experience, a superb one. Based on their Corporate Values, they empower their staff towards job development rather than just jobs. Business is conducted with an entrepreneurial attitude and technology. Hyatt aims to draw and protect a employees that are provided with a lavish hospitable environment where they are simply comfortable and motivates those to provide high quality service levels. As Hyatt says "We consider we can make this happen when you are a "listening" company of well-informed, impassioned people". Hyatt Regency Dubai provides extensive training regimes to see and keep their workers current. They initiated a program called "School Of Hospitality". This course provided courses which were standardised and customised to fulfill employees training needs as well as boost performance. Hyatt hopes to achieve higher customer focus, innovation and regularity whereas mainly offering authentic hospitality to each with their guests (Khan, T, 2009).

10. 0 Tips.

As we've examined the service delivery of Hyatt Regency Dubai, using the rose of service, SWOT research and their marketing mix strategies we've determined their issues and suggest the following recommendations.

Hyatt Regency's customer section should include more concentrate on leisure guests somewhat than just inserting importance on business friends. Leisure guests can be accommodated at the Galleria flats that happen to be situated right next to Hyatt Regency and take benefit of the amenities and activities. The explanation for this recommendation being that business friends are less inclined to avail the facilities made available from the Galleria which are shopping, the salons, the eateries and the snow rink. By increasing their customer bottom part, Hyatt can experience sustained revenues.

Hyatt Regency having experienced the UAE for almost more 30 years, they haven't done any direct form of advertising for their hotel. Because of this, it has been seen that even one particular who have been remaining for more than 20 years in Dubai still don't know about Hyatt Regency. The hotel needs to re-review their settings on advertising. During our interview with the Exec Hospitality Supervisor, he talked about that Hyatt Regency doesn't do any immediate marketing promotions in the UAE, but largely in Europe and other international locations, due to proven fact that their focus on customers are mainly business customers. In this manner Hyatt Regency can make its presence known more locally. Hyatt will also have to face the actual fact that many new hotels, are emerging, who use advertising to market services similar compared to that of Hyatt Regency.

A suggestion would be for Hyatt Regency to branch out and also have few hotel apartment complexes located within certain parts of the city where companies are mainly concentrated. Because so many of Hyatt's guests are people, it would be more beneficial for them because at current, the location of Hyatt Regency is in area a little away from the town. Possible solution would be to open up hotel apartment branches running a business locations like Multimedia City and Internet City. This would allow business guests to access the business sites much easily.

Another huge concern that we discovered about Hyatt Regency was that visitor auto parking behind the hotel was strewn with garbage. Being a 5 star hotel, Hyatt must take responsibility for caring for the cleanliness, not merely of the hotel but also the premises within which it is located. Hyatt Regency must take steps to keep carefully the parking great deal clean, otherwise it could reflect badly on Hyatt Regency's image.

11. 0 Finish.

In bottom line, it is plainly apparent that Hyatt Regency has been efficiently able to aim for and meet their guests, mainly business customers. Being a hotel that has been upholding its 5 celebrity status for almost 3 generations, it is no doubt that Hyatt Regency's quality of service and hospitality is of top notch allowing the hotel to stand up to the tests of your time. As the Professional Hospitality Director said, many hotels offer the same service, but the amount of effort by Hyatt Regency to provide those services is what differentiates it from your competition.

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