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Humanity MAY BE THE Only Religion Theology Faith Essay

Humanity can be an important part of life which explains to that to help others, try to understand other and realize folks problems with our own eyes and try to help them

For showing mankind you don't have to be a rich person, even a poor person can sow mankind by supporting someone or showing his / her food, etc.

When you show humanity you have a feel click or a pinch from your interior soul which you cannot get from another thing.

Every religion says us about mankind, peace and love that's the reason no religion is greater than humanity.

"I will like to help everyone when possible, Muslims, Hindus, Christine's, Jew, gentile, dark-colored men, white. We all want to help one another; humans are like this. Most of us want to live a life by each other's happiness, not by each other's misery. We don't want to hate and despise one another. Nowadays you can find room for everyone and the earth is abundant and can provide for everybody. " Charlie Chaplin (http://www. quotes. net/mquote/38952)

Yeah today I am going to tell stories of three folks who are the biggest example of humanity and they're human fan.

Firstly just imagine yourself I complete this school with garbage how do you want to feel like you won't stay static in this but you can find one who go in that garbage search there and you also what he found. He found a deceased body of child he needed that body cleaned it and buried that body and from that day he used to search in garbage along with his partner this man is no other than Mr. Abdul Sattar Edhi the enthusiast of humanity. He is the creator and mind of the Edhi Basis, a non-profit public welfare corporation in Pakistan. He is the person who provide is expereince of living serving for humanity without the selfishness. He has bathed and buried over a thousand unclaimed bodies in a period when selfishness and greed are at their optimum and nobody appears to know this is of words like altruism and selflessness. His accomplishments in neuro-scientific charity are destined to make one feel that his name is synonymous to nobility and mankind. And today he's running Pakistan biggest network of ambulances and shelter.

Moreover his charity does not discriminate predicated on religion, competition or gender. For him, religious beliefs is human protection under the law. Edhi has put in many sleepless evenings working and portion for humanity whether it's to bury unclaimed bodies or feeding any poor. Besides it he lives a straightforward life moving into small house many of times he used to sleeping on the concrete or on the small batch outside his shop his qualities makes him the person of simplicity and human being lover.

As Edhi Said: "No religion is higher than Humanity"

Secondly I am going to talk inform you of a person who is actually a Pakistani but he's surviving in Canada he had son known as as Ali and his child was 18 yrs. old this man lost his son in accident. The crash was like this his son was working in your free time as pizza delivery young man when he was along the way for the delivery one dark guy who was simply also of his age come before him and said him money but Ali was genuine along with his job he refuse that and that guy shoot him that point. When Ali's daddy came to learn about his son's loss of life he was in distress and after few days police caught the person who wiped out his boy and called Ali's father to come when he reach there he came to know that son who killed his son is 18 years old he's orphan u people know in those days what he said u guys can't believe it Ali's father said "I don't wish to accomplish any case on this boy I want to adopt this boy and want to take all responsibilities of the boy because today I lost my son I don't want tomorrow somebody else lose his 18 years of age son". Simply for a minute place yourself on the area of Ali's daddy exactly what will be you being your 18 years of age son shoot dead. Ali's father this work of humanity raise whole mankind now he has 4 orphanages in Canada where he take responsibility of around 800 children.

Thirdly the individual I am talking about is the well-known personality the individual who give us world glass in 1992 he's great leader and humanity fan he is Imran Khan. Perhaps most obviously among his humanitarian efforts has been the establishment of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Tumors Clinic and Research Centre, known as after his later mother. It really is Pakistan's first and only cancer hospital that delivers 75% free healthcare, and was built on general population donations. Imran is currently creating a second medical center in Karachi, predicated on the successful Lahore model. In 1994, he inaugurated Namal University, a technical college or university which is currently an associated college of School of Bradford. (http://www. imrankhanfoundation. org/about-ikf/the-board/)

Although these people do things for humanity on larger scale we should seriously ourselves what we've do for mankind every day we spend our time hanging out with friends going outside for people have we ever before feed a poor person on the road have we ever realize how the indegent live their lives no we haven't because we never realize that for what we live in this world we never realize our obligations towards mankind.

We should must realize for what our company is nowadays because every religious beliefs teach us humanity and one who serve humanity is the happiest man on the globe real delight is your internal satisfaction which you can get by serving mankind what so ever how much you are abundant you can't buy internal happiness.

In last I'd only say to any faith you belong be a human first be considered a human lover strive for mankind as every religion instruct us humanity and discuss your daily life with others as life is focused on living for others and providing humanity that is why "no faith is greater than Humanity" so start providing for humanity from today by doing a small of act of kind what provides you inner delight and satisfactions

Thank you

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