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Human The Cause Of Global Warming Environmental Sciences Essay

The increase in the temps of Earth's atmosphere and the troposphere effect the changes in the environment. Skin tightening and emitted because of the getting rid of of fossil fuels which usually trap heat. It has a significant effect on the various components of the Earth's eco-sphere. Global warming is more likely to be always a phenomenon that comprises of weather changes. This change includes changes in air, temperature, winds, sea, and other earth's weather. Generally changes in local climate can be considered a mixture of several natural pushes that are occurring over the many diverse timescale (Houghton; Warming overtakes predictions).

History of Global Warming:

Global Warming occurs due to several triggers, such as natural as well as human activities. Pollution and emissions are brought on by human activities which lead to changes in global local climate. Nowadays, human are responsible for global warming. Various reasons are dependable such as growth of population, industries and environmental degradation. All these activities are performed by individuals but this have negative effect on the environment (Global warming).

The history of global warming is underlined based on the years. They are:

1800-1870: The first commercial revolution occurred and measured skin tightening and levels in the atmosphere.

1896: Global warming was determined for the very first time because of the emission of skin tightening and witnessed on a global scale.

1930s: Global warming was effectively established and reported in the overdue 19th hundred years (The Finding of Global Warming, 2011).

Thesis Declaration:

Humans will be the reason behind global warming for many reasons include industry, population growth and environments degradation.

Industrial Trend:

Industrial Revolution was a major turning point in history which experienced negative consequences on Global Warming.

During the 1700s and 1800s, some severe changes occurred in the daily lives of people and these changes throughout the market occurred as a result of development of industrialization globally. These changes referred to as Industrial Revolution throughout the market was a turning point in the world that has negative consequences over the population. It also restricts the development of individuals as well as countries. Basically, the change of workers structured industries to the machine based is typically referred to as Industrial Revolution. The industrial trend is the greatly beginning of the era of energy use, burning of fossil fuels, and emission of carbon dioxide that are continually declining the quality of air in the environment and increases global warming (All About Global Warming; Global Warming 101, 2007).

Transportation is one of the biggest contributors to the global warming from last five ages. "Transportation makes up about 30 percent of most greenhouse gas emissions in the United States-two-thirds of this from cars and other vehicles-and many others developed and growing nations face similar problems. " (ABOUT Global Warming)It is analyzed that vehicles has significant effect on the financial sector. Transportation is mainly is determined by the petroleum products which boosts emission of carbon dioxide in the surroundings. It is discovered that transportation is approximately third of the country which is changing local climate rapidly. In the worldwide cars, airplanes, trucks, ships and other vehicles are the means of transport. In this commercial revolution, competition is going to be high day by day and it offers undesireable effects on economy. Minimizing emission by controlling the travel is the vital step for fighting from the global warming (All About Global Warming).

Factories are the means which help in development to the economy in the worldwide. It produces goods as in line with the needs and would like of each specific by examining market. "One of the best ways to lessen global warming is to use renewable energy it doesn't emit greenhouse gases. " (All About Global Warming) A number of the factories emitted gases due to the activities of human being in the factories. Usually skin tightening and emitted due to the burning of fossil fuels which usually trap warmth. This affects the living device of humans and cause Global Warming (ABOUT Global Warming).

Electricity made from the various means such as hydro electric dams, solar power, wind generators, geothermal electricity and any other means which releases skin tightening and in the environment. "Climate change, specifically global warming, has captured the attention of individuals worldwide and has motivated more question and action-personal, political and corporate-than perhaps some other environmental issue in history. " (All About Global Warming) Energy is made from the getting rid of of fossil fuels like natural gas, coal and olive oil. This burning of fuels releases Co2 into the atmosphere. Coal burning plants are the primary source of energy in almost all of the countries. The energy added in the increase of global warming. The alteration of electric by various means may be beneficial to the people as well as environment (ABOUT Global Warming).

Population Development:

The world's total society increased to 7 billion people. The populace of the world keeps growing rapidly with the pace and it is not easy to avoid its growth. The development of populace is the root of most problems related to environmentally friendly and climatic changes. This progress pace of people is quickly clearing woods and forests from the surroundings and world have scarcity of agricultural land. This turning of huge forest area into the agricultural land has significant effect on the environmental local climate. As per the info, the world's total society come to to the 7 billion. 1 day if this surplus of population is not limited then specific will run out of land. This increased inhabitants rapidly improving global warming (How Global Populace Expansion is Creating Serious Environmental Problems).

Over Consumers of the fossil fuels and goods are added to the global warming. ""Trends such as the loss of 1 / 2 of the planet's forests, the depletion of the majority of its major fisheries, and the alteration of its atmosphere and environment are meticulously related to the actual fact that human population expanded from mere thousands in prehistoric times to over six billion today, " (How Global Inhabitants Progress is Creating Serious Environmental Problems). This quick growth of population is increasing variety of consumers in the worldwide. However in the recent time consumers are over from the limit. So for fulfilling the requirements of every consumer, modern culture has maximized the consumption of natural resources which resulted as scarcity of options in the surroundings. Individuals are normally produces greenhouse gases by using of fossil fuels and which produces carbon dioxide. So if consumer will be over then they will more increase global warming.

Life Style in the recent time is going to be a status sign for consumers and that have added to the increment of global warming. Today, people tend to be concern for their living standard. Lifestyle shows the usage of various standard products on the market. It comprises of various carry vehicles that will be status sign for people. Consumers are purchasing vehicles and vehicles in order to maintain their lifestyle. "While inhabitants numbers generally in most developed nations are leveling off or diminishing today, high levels of consumption make for an enormous drain on resources. People in the usa, who stand for only 4 percent of world inhabitants, consume 25 percent of most resources" (How Global Human population Expansion is Creating Serious Environmental Problems). This extra usage of transfer vehicles boosts emission of carbon dioxide which is the main cause of global warming.

Migration is the mechanism for individual to adapt diversified living circumstances. It really is part of natural resources which is dependant on the seasonal motions of fishing communities, pastoralism as well as permanent phenomenon. Global warming is intensifying in nature and also have significant impact on the populace. Industrialized countries also add far more to climate change, ozone depletion and overfishing than producing countries. "As more and more residents of developing countries get access to Western advertising, or immigrate to the United States, they would like to emulate the consumption-heavy life styles they see on their televisions and read about on the web" (How Global Society Expansion is Creating Serious Environmental Problems)

Global warming triggers flood cycles and surprise which escalates the degree of sea. This climb in sea level influences the populated regions in the worldwide. When these diverse climatic changes create unbalanced circumstances then it resulted as human being leaved their areas to be able to search alternatives. Global warming as an resulted for migration and usually observed in this society (How Global Populace Progress is Creating Serious Environmental Problems).

Environmental Degradation:

Environmental degradation problems are induced by individuals activities. Environmental degradation is the corrosion of the environment though the reduction of natural resources, damage of ecosystem and disappearance of dog and plant kinds. It is resulted by the real human activities that contain immediately or indirectly increased from enough time when Industrial Revolution emerged in light. Environmental degradation is led to several ways such as individual activities and also induced weakening of natural resources. Other then these, environmental degradation is also triggered because of the natural occurrence which also harm the environmental resources. Some human being activities like using up of fossil gasoline, mining, air pollution, deforestation are lead to environmental degradation (Habitat Devastation).

Deforestation is the happening of cutting trees to make spaces for establishments and houses for quickly increasing population. As it is well known that trees plays essential role in the balancing ecosystem but this abnormal cutting of crops for the use of human activities is harming the environmental balance. Among the major downsides of deforestation is it dislocate the circuit of water. As trees and shrubs are responsible for its disrupt the and liberate dampness in the environment. "As population increases, humans use more land for agriculture and towns and towns disseminate ever-widening areas" (Habitat Devastation). Excessive lowering of trees will serve climatic changes. Trees and shrubs contain major part of the carbon dioxide and during the photosynthesis process it locks environmental carbon dioxide. But deforestation increases the amount of skin tightening and and also other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere additionally burning up of fuels emitted skin tightening and in the huge amount these integrally capture the environmental energy which resulted as increase in earth's temperature and this increase in temps near to the earth's surface triggers Global Warming (Habitat Damage).

Food Resource is the challenge which is lead by the increased human population in the worldwide. As per the research, around seven billion of people is measured in all around the world. This rapidly increased population influences the way to obtain food in the worldwide because resources are limited but conversely population is increasing with speed. If the populace increase with this pace then it will be difficult to give food to each individual. This triggers global warming with the increasing population (Global Warming 101, 2007).

The Waste Production of good and products in the environment have adverse effects on the expansion of individual as well as culture also looked after causes global warming weather immediately or indirectly. "Every year these emissions currently enhance the carbon already present in atmospheric carbon dioxide a further 7000 million tonnes" (Houghton). Companies produce material as per the requirements of contemporary society for satisfying their requirements but during manufacturing done goods some wastage of products are produced indirectly which affects the atmosphere and destructing the total amount of ecosystem which in turn causes global warming (Houghton).


In the today's world, some of the people do not have beliefs that the global warming is resulted by the individuals activities looked after impact ecosystem. Although they thought that global warming trend is lead by the natural process. Within their view all the warming problems are the resulted by natural uncertainties.

Refutation of Counterarguments:

People assume that natural uncertainties are accountable for the global warming and individual activities have no impacts on ecosystem. It really is completely rejected because the truth is real human activities are in charge of the increment of global warming. Their activities such as travel, population progress, and high use of energy resulted global warming in direct or indirect ways.


Global Warming is triggered due to natural as well as individual activities. Pollution and emissions are induced by individual activities which lead to changes in global weather. Human are responsible for global warming. Within the rapidly changing environment, competition is high and consumers' needs are increasing day by day for overcoming this problem there may be need to take certain possible steps for the betterment of population with control over global warming.

After studying the drawbacks of global warming there is certainly need to place effect to be able to restrict global warming in the atmosphere. Pursuing recommendations are made for minimizing this major problem:

Greening Transportation: It is analyzed that travelling sector is the greater in charge of the emission of fossil energy. Some technologies for energy efficiency are for sale to the less consumption of energy. This techniques help to save money as well as environmental property.

Boosting Energy Efficiency: Nowadays energy is employed by various means such as high temperature, energy machines etc. This is controlled by lessening unnecessary the usage of energy products.

Revving Up Green: The alternative energy options like wind, solar, bioenergy and geothermal are the available and researched technology that may meet the level of energy needs. These techniques are very cost efficient and also equivalent for the atmosphere.

Managing Forests and Agriculture: A people can flight journey against the global warming by lowering the deforestation and agricultural emission. For this purpose there exists need to build up awareness among the individual about the global warming and its own triggers and then motivates for trees plantation. Increased variety of trees can air travel from the global warming.

Developing and Deploying new low Carbon and zero Carbon Systems: The development of new systems for low carbon may have time. Therefore the current studies are sufficient that may reduce the global warming.

Phasing out Fossil Energy Electricity: For minimizing the use of fossil fuel, it is necessary to take positive corrective action according to the climatic changes. Certain step should be taken such as no new herb of coal getting rid of, shutdown all coal crops etc which may somehow minimize the effects of global warming (Answers to Global Warming).

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