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Human Learning resource Management Practices Of Pia Business Essay

Pakistan international Airlines, Pakistan`s flagship, national air travel has been an flights pioneer since its inception in 1955. PIA has many firsts to its credit and is constantly on the soar, ever committed to innovation and abundant customer experience. Having a fleet of young airplanes, a staff focused on providing the highest expectations of in-flight service, and stellar management, PIA is an airline that's heading places. PIA has been working passenger and cargo services covering eighty-two local and foreign destinations. This flight is managed by the Government of Pakistan (87%) and other shareholders (13%). They have applied 18000 employees by December 2008.

Mission Assertion:

As symbolic of national satisfaction, Pakistan International must make an effort to be an airline of choice working profitably on modern commercial principles, capable of rivalling with the best in its whole International and Home markets and consistently exceeding customer anticipations. It should be a choice employer deploying modern technology in every spheres of its activities.

Vision of PIA:

"To be a world class air travel exceeding customer expectations through dedicated employees committed to excellence".



Privatization of PIA:

In the overdue 1990s, the federal government of Pakistan considered retailing the airline to the private sector due to the persistent losses experienced by the air travel. The Government announced the privatization plans nevertheless they were never implemented. Several steps towards outsourcing of non-core business have been initiated.

Financial Performance:

During the first quarter of 2007, the air travel achieved a 5% progress in overall earnings mainly due to increase in traveler traffic. The earnings growth was reduced by way of a 10% decrease in cargo income. The European union bans on PIA in March 2007 reduced growth because only the Boeing 777 was allowed to fly to European countries. The impact of 2006 salary climb, increased cost of leased airplanes and higher maintenance cost of the PIA fleet increased overall operating bills by 19%.

Achievements and recognition

First airline from an Asian country to take a flight the excellent constellation.

First Asian airline to operate a jet airplane.

First Asian airline to be granted maintenance acceptance by the US National Aviation Administration(FAA) and air Registration Mother board, predecessor of the British Civil Aviation Authority(CAA).

First non-communist air travel to journey to the people`s Republic of China and operate something between Asia and Europe via Moscow.

First air travel in Asia to induct the new technology Boeing 777-300 aircraft.

First airline on earth to induct Boring 777-200LR, the world`s longest range in commercial airliner.

First airline on earth to take delivery of the Boeing 777-200LR world liner (Much longer Range Variant).

Pakistan International Airlines Flight Services Department was awarded the ISO 9001:2000 documentation prize during May 2006.

First air travel in Pakistan to operate a airline flight with an all feminine crew at command line in the cabin.

First airline on the planet to operate the Boeing 777-200ER, 777-20LR and 777-300ER entirely - all the three variant in the marketplace.

PIA Air travel Kitchens in Karachi were honored the HACCP Certification.

Departments in PIA:

This corporation is split into following departments: Individual Resource and Supervision, Marketing, Corporate Planning, Information Services, Financing, Flight Services, Flight Operation, Anatomist, Procurement and Logistics, Customer Services, Training and Development, Quality Guarantee.

Human Reference Management:

Since 18000 employees are portion PIA and these employees are considered to be the greatest asset for the business so the management of the employees is a large task for HR managers. The biggest office in PIA is that of Anatomist and then come other functions enjoy it, marketing, finance est. usually in mediocre organizations they have only 1 1 hr manager who is taking over all the responsibilities however in PIA there are aggregately 10 HR professionals at each city including Lahore, Quetta, Karachi, Peshawar, Islamabad and so forth. To discharge the functions PIA has decentralized some of its dept. though there are certainly others which are centralized. All of the small deptartments at PIA have been aggregated under one HR administrator and the use of corporate policies in these departments is same as in others.

As per Mohammad Zafar Ali Shaikh in HR information office of PIA, everything has been centralized. For the performance appraisal studies and for the posting of employees to overseas stations, the info is being accumulated from HR Information department. Because it is a federal government organization so it is compulsory for PIA to have a check and balance and record of all employees as they are being questioned by the govt. in the set up regarding the variety of employees inducted and published at foreign channels per year.

The steps involved with Human Source of information Management Process are the following:

Human Source Planning




Training and development

Performance Appraisals

Compensations and Benefits

Career Development

Human Source Planning

HRP is basically a process where an organization ensures that it has the right number and kinds of people, at the right place, at the right time, with the capacity of effectively and effectively completing those duties that will help the organization achieve its overall goals.

As per Mohammad Zafar Ali Shaikh, PIA has a separate department called professional executive section which is in charge of the human reference planning. It is under the responsibilities of this team to decide how many and with what skills manpower is required. After considering various methodologies and formulas keeping in view the HRB (Man learning resource budget), it is decided whatever location, which brand, which office will require just how much human source of information.

HRB is the budget that is assigned to meet all the expenses of human reference planning, this budget has been planned by commercial engineering section. HRB initiates the initial requirements pertaining to vacancies.

As per Mohammad Zafar Ali Shaikh " PIA is a multi dimensional group which is quite difficult to understand the entire human source planning process in a single reaching" further explaining, he said that the HRB independently analyzes the requirement of workforce with respect to each section for illustration e in airline flight operations department the quantity of workforce needed would depend on the amount of stations which airline flight would be getting, the amount of cabin crew, air hostess, technicians, technicians, kitchen team that might be present at each place to provide the trip, because after the flight lands using one destination the staff must be modified and it ranges from one vacation spot to some other.

Job Research:

A job analysis is the process used to gather information about the tasks, duties, necessary skills, outcomes, and work environment of a particular job.

The job description and job specification are extracted from job research. PIA is an associate of IATA (international air travel relationship) which requires PIA with an IOSA (IATA operational protection audit) after every 2 yrs. This IOSA audit is required to be done by an IATA approved corporation which is valid for 2 years. It's the dependence on IOSA that PIA should have a manual formulated with all the rules regulation and policies, the job description, responsibilities and responsibilities of each job must be recorded and PIA fulfills each one of these requirements.


"The function of recruitment is actually to fulfill the man power dependence on PIA Business"

Vacancies are first prioritized to be chock-full by internal promotions. If position can't be loaded internally then exterior sources are being used.


To attract in a position prospects externally PIA requires help from the main papers (Dawn and Jang) and the official website of PIA. As per Mohammad Zafar Ali Shaikh these are the only real mediums employed by PIA. As the HR records section has all the info base of the existing employees it can certainly forecast the number of employees who'll be retiring in the near future. The MTO`s and technicians in PIA are always popular because their retirement life rate is high. Other than that the turnover rate of airhostess is also high as most of them leave the job for their personal lives issues. The technicians and technicians who are inducted and efficiently trained by PIA likewise have high turnover rates, since they are always in demand and offered high salaries at competing airlines including ETIHAAD and QATAR.


Internal Recruitment is performed by Promoting or changing the get ranking of any current staff by looking at its capacities & performance, for this the hr managers take help from the performance appraisals of the employees that includes a record of the performances and then the succession planning is done accordingly.


Decruitment is the procedure of lowering surplus of employees forecasted by HRP.

The decruitment strategy is used to cut down surplus of employees but at PIA corresponding to sir Mohammad Zafar Ali Shaikh "in relation with HRB there is always a scarcity of employees at PIA and there is never a need to decruit but always a need to recruit, the categories including ground engineers, technicians, pilots, cabin team and MTO`s are recruited per year"


To retain the competent employees for the job at PIA, the choice process varies in one category to some other. Like for each department there are different selection steps and methods. For the selection of air hostess the choice treatment includes grooming test, height test, and the medical test (including the check up with their epidermis). For selecting cockpit team, PIA takes the simulation exams as well. Many of these tests are considered before interviews. Generally 2 methods are used by PIA for many categories including written lab tests and interviews. According to Mohammad Zafar Ali Shaikh "These written checks are deliberately made rough and this content in additionally it is very difficult. So this way the incompetent employees get taken away ultimately and the choice process becomes easier for PIA".

Undergoing the steps in selection process the first one is submitting the application form form.


Application varieties is must for a candidate to fill up, if he/she is applying for respected chair or position

Application form is stuffed so that information regarding Track record is known such as place of beginning, current address, domicile and e. t. c.

Physical information such as height, weight, eyes, impairment characteristics, and other info regarding appearance and is taken

Marital position, nationality & faith is asked

Education history is also asked to estimate the performance of your candidate

Candidate is asked if he/she has applied in PIA before or not.

Candidate is asked about any present job pay & source of income

Candidate is even asked about number of children's if married

Candidate experience is asked if he/she spent some time working before in virtually any other company or organization


Regional Syndication is a standard through which preferred numbers of individuals are hired by PIA depending on their region type, because every region has its specific quota even as we can easily see in the graph below:

After the distribution of application form, those individuals who meet up with the eligibility criteria then go thru the following tests:

1-Physical Test

Physical test is definitely the first selection test where the interviewer establishes that either applicant is full filling the physical requirement of the work or not. "Their epidermis quality, height and weight are known in the first interview program, " as per Mohammad Zafar Shaikh.

2-Grooming Test

If candidate preferred in the first interview, he's then taken for a grooming test. Here, women and men promote themselves in a way, both physical and behavioral, befitting the work while women's make-up skills are also examined.

3-Basic Test

Once the grooming test is cleared, the candidates' basic knowledge is analyzed in written and oral tests. These checks are sometimes predicated on brainstorming. Nowadays this selection assessments are implemented by NTS.

Application form is the first step to determine the initial performance matching to which merit list is manufactured which is followed by the above tests and in case of different categories these assessments may also include simulation exams and background confirmation and then the employee is finally chosen according to the regional circulation of chairs.

PIA can be an equal opportunities company and seeks to ensure that no job applicant or staff obtains unfavorable treatment due to gender, competition, color, ethnic origin, religion, or impairment. All appointments are created based on merit and local distribution of car seats as limited by the federal government of Pakistan.


After the induction of employees a formal orientation program is arranged at PIA training center to give the employees a short and basic know how about the organization. Departmental minds play a essential role in the orientation process.

Management Training Device:

The management training product provides orientation courses for recently inducted training officials and supervisory skills for engineers. Besides the orientation training, this unit offers short classes and workshops on command, team work, motivations, stress management etc.


To make the employees learn the culture of the organization regarding how the rules, regulations and the regulations are practically executed in the organization, socialization is vital. Matching to Mohammad Zafar Ali Shaikh there is no formal and casual platform for employee`s socialization, after induction employees get along with their fellow workers and sub ordinates perfectly which way they learn the culture of the organization b y themselves.

Training and development:

The training and development programs for the employees are in relation with the industry practices. The training classes are predefined and SOPS are developed, Standard Operating Steps (SOP) are ready for each and every critical tool or device to provide all employees working with the equipment information and instructions on what is required in order to maintain, operate, and clean the power or device. A short training is directed at all the newly inducted employees to make the essential knowledge, skills and capabilities required to perform their jobs efficiently and with the duration of time as the new technology introduces or other changes on the market situations, trainings are given to the existing employees.

PIA Training Centre:

The PIA training middle (PTC) at Karachi is really the only airline-training establishment in Pakistan where thorough instruction in virtually all major fields of commercial aviation including Trip Operations, Engineering and Maintenance, Airfare Services, Airport Services, Marketing(Reservation and ticketing), Information Technology and Management( Soft skills). There remain 75 highly experienced and experienced professional teachers at PTC specialized in different areas of airline procedure.

Courses offered at PTC:

1-Customer Service

This kind of training is provided to the employees who are immediately dealing with the customers like air hostess, customer service staff, marketing staff etc. training is compulsory for the recently signed up with employees as well as need based employees. Following training comes under the umbrella of the customer services.

Flight Service


Passenger Service

In engineering & Maintenance shed, following types of training can be found. Such training is provided in the complex college of PIA by the engineers. Latest equipment and method are being used to train the employees.




3-Trip Operations

Such training is provided to the pilots in digital environment so that risk may be reduced while making real time operations.

4-Information Technology (CBT)

PIA provides training to their employee's computer based training so that they can run properly the info system based on oracle and SAP.


Management staff performs a key role in PIA. Stress management, team work, control, skill building and other such characteristics which are essential for a good manager, PIA arranges seminars and workshops to teach their staff.

Manual and equipments founded trainings:

Around 10, 000 trainees are trained personally. Training facilities available include

Flight simulators

Cabin mockup mini airport

Language lab

Electronic labs


CBT (computer based training)

Classrooms equipped with modern coaching and training helps.

These facilities and equipments are maintained by highly skilled and experienced support staff.

As per Mohammad Zafar Ali Shaikh, a basic training is given to the airhostess after their induction and initially they serve the tiny airplanes but with the passage of time they receive training courses of large airplanes including Boeing and airbus and similar are the circumstance with the cockpit staff, engineers and technicians. They are really initially trained for small airplanes like ATR`s and they receive trainings for airbus and Boeing planes after getting trained these employees go thru an oral test and they get the certificate and certificates to work at Boeing and airbus.

Examination Device of PIA Training Middle (PTC)

The examination device of PTC comes with an important role in handling examinations of Aerospace and Avionics Training Items to meet up with the regulatory requirement of CAA and maintain a liaison with CAA. This device has developed computer based evaluation system thru that your employees are assessed.

Foreign training programs:

At the international training programs typically the instructor of anatomist dept. and cockpit staff is sent overseas, sometimes several employees go there with the older instructor and sometimes only the trainer goes for international training only. These instructors and employees are trained from aeroplanes manufacturer, suppliers, IATA and other Organizations. Every year the training associates of different device acquire IATA/IATF scholarships awards. The teachers of regulatory classes are experienced and approved by CAA.

Performance Appraisals:

For the evaluation of performance of the work holder, performance appraisals are being prepared for each employee. At PIA as per Mohammad Zafar Ali Shaikh the immediate supervisor of every worker is in charge of evaluation of every staff under him and then he submits this evaluation record further to the HR. dept.

Till group 6 staff and officers, the evaluation done by immediate supervisor is known as to be the ultimate evaluation whereas in case there is assistant positions, the analysis done by the immediate boss is further examined by the overall Supervisor and he contains the veto to overturn, cancel or rectify the imperfections (if any) in the analysis done by immediate supervisor.

The performance evaluation is actually based on the annual forms that should be loaded by the evaluator and it contains everything regarding any special task or difficult task performed by an employee and the best or poor performance of a worker. Performance of employee is examined on basis of different categories where they can be graded from point 1 to 5 depending on their skills. All items given to applicant or employee is totaled, the full total max details are 40 points out of which applicant/employee getting 35+ factors has high likelihood of being appointed or promoted to raised position, while 25 - 35 are held in merit list and 15 here are rejected.

A performance appraisal form is attached with this statement containing the instructions, competencies, goals and last performance grading information.

Uses of performance appraisal:


As per Mohammad Zafar Ali Shaikh feedback is considered very important and after the evaluation treatment if a worker did great or most detrimental then it's the responsibility of immediate supervisor to compliment him or make him understand his job requirement or concern him any alert notice e. t. c

Succession Planning:

According to Mohammad Zafar Ali Shaikh thru performance analysis it is determined that either the performance of an employee is above average, average, substandard or poor and then decisions for the marketing promotions are made consequently. For being a administrator, the performance appraisal of last 24 months must be above average. For being an assistant manager from an officer its required that the performance appraisal of 2 years must be average and above average respectively. These specifications change from one position to another.

Compensations and Benefits:

As per Mohammad Zafar Ali Shaikh at PIA in the beginning performance founded rewards received to the employees because of their best performance but now nothing like this happens. The compensation and benefits given to the employees at different hierarchy level are pre identified, PIA has classified its staff benefits into two positions an example may be ground personnel and the other is for flying staff. The huge benefits are provided regarding to designation and this the way the employees are retained and encouraged at PIA.

Following are some of the allowances and benefits that are given to the employees at PIA.


RENTAL CEILING( Furnished :area/station head) (Un-furnished:-sectional mind)

ENTERTAINMENT Depends upon dependence on position.

COMPANY CAR & FUEL Roof Area/station brain/station manager

EDUCATION ALLOWANCE UPTO 3 children @USD 275/month










Washing/uniform/set maintenance.

Grooming allowance for females





Air ticketing

free medical

loan benefits

retirement benefits

hajj package

In brief PIA offers a whole lot of incentives, whole lot of allowances because of their employee.

Career Development:

In PIA there's a department named Staff development which is responsible for the job development of employees. Through the entire employee's career with PIA, all the employees are given with opportunities for professional, complex and personal development. In exchange, PIA expects them to work with devotion, integrity, and 110% dedication as PIA strives to become world class air travel. But being a government company PIA will not actually follow any methods regarding the career development of its employees and this department is merely a department with regard to department.


By visiting PIA we witnessed that PIA is a huge organization and even now it gets the monopoly on the market since it is the one airline in our country that flies to 37 international areas and 23 domestic destinations. From how big is this organization we assumed that PIA should be making huge gains on its procedures but in reality it is not like that. Unfortunately for the past many years PIA is facing huge Loss. The main reason behind this Reduction could be only just the inefficient management of the labor force. By the above explained HRM process it could be perceived that this organization can take best treatment of its employees and practices all the HR guidelines, regulations and regulations, but this doesn't happen almost.

Forgetting about the above words quoted by Mohammad Zafar Ali Shaikh regarding decruitment, we the group associates have another belief about govt. organizations that officially their might be a need of recruitment at PIA per season, but if we review it unofficially everybody knows the conditions of govt. organizations inside our country, if a job requires one individual at the desk then there would be 10 staff working at that office out of which 9 would be getting payed for no duties actually performed, in the end incurring losses to the organization.

Being a govt. group, we can appropriately draw a finish that PIA is overloaded with employees which is the reason why PIA is not doing its best. Reduction of labor force is need of hour at PIA. Since the expenses of the business are increasing every year and leading to deficit. PIA must choose some strategies to reduce its workforce and do a competent forecasting for the amount of employees needed to recruit and decruit. With the right variety of employees, working at the right place with the right time and must make the successful usage of all the resources like the biggest assets i. e. employees to get this to organization stable and have a good image on the market and among the general public.


Employee Decrease Strategies:

PIA must offer fantastic handshakes and early on retirements to the amount of employees which are at surplus. In this manner the organization can get rid of overloaded employees.

Improve technological training programs:

As far as technological training can be involved, PIA has come across 4 major occurrences because of the complex faults in its airplanes. Which means this organization must enhance the technical training programs.

Improve interpersonal skills:

If we discuss the social skills there are a lot of annoyed customers due to the unsatisfactory services of customer services associates. Being a large group PIA must train its employees because of their interpersonal skills.

Overcome Late flights and cargo problems:

PIA is becoming famous for overdue flights and cargo problems which are commonly performed to the fault of the personnel. If proper analysis of staff performance is done then there would be no such problems occurring.

Decrease the over head cost and expenses:

This firm must lower its over head costs and its own expenses else it could become difficult for this firm to serve the client effectively and successfully.

Hire employees on deal:

Rather than permanent jobs, employees must be offered agreement based jobs in order to cut down the bills as the contract based employees will not be given the benefits like the permanent employees.

Proper check and balance of HR polices:

There should be a proper monitoring section to truly have a check and balance on if the HR plans and practices are integrated in their real sense.

Focusing On Profession Development:

PIA needs to be focused towards job development of its employees as the staff development division is not carrying out its duties and responsibilities and for a good company every function is considered to make a difference and important.

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