Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness Essay

Advantages – The organization I am currently used with is a United States Military, more specifically the Army Substance Abuse Program, rehab treatment medical clinic at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Tacoma Buenos aires. The rehab treatment clinic has thirty five employees; 26 chemical addiction counselors, four of which are supervisors and nine administrative assistants. Essential Strategy Aspect – Together with the recent realignment of the section from one agency to another, schooling and coaching is actually a key strategic aspect which needs to be addressed. Many of the standards and expectations of the new agency are very diverse from what was the norm with the prior agency the clinic was aligned with. The realignment to the fresh agency has had the limelight to the division and improved pressure to further improve how the section operates.

The brand new agency features required the department to prove efficiency and efficiency, which has necessary more record keeping and statistic credit reporting. Proper record keeping of patient proper care has emerged as cumbersome and actually depriving them of from the quality of proper care provided to the patients. HR Program – Training and training would support and further the department's technique to improve success and efficiency.

Through rendering training and coaching on how to better use current technologies such as Microsoft workplace products and dictating tools to better produce sufferer documentation and statistical data efficiency and quality will be better. Care companies will use less time working away at documentation and may have the time required to focus on the person care. Strategic Metric – A strategic metric that could be used to assess the performance of the training and coaching system is to evaluate how very well the employees will be performing their particular specific studies would be to measure the time it requires to produce the reports before and after the training. Showing reduced period spent producing the patient attention reports and statistical data would confirm training and training is effective.

Organization's Strategy – How this relates to the organization's strategy is that it directly influences the overall mission, patient proper care. By reducing time invested in the management aspect and improving the quality of the record keeping. Current statistics basically tracks just how many case reports will be completed. Just how it might vary from a benchmarking metric is that measuring time it takes to complete the mandatory documentation is definitely quantifiable compared to a benchmark metric.

The measure can be ensuring that instances are actually documented and the time spent completing the requirement can be reduced and measured.

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