Human Resource Managers Of Coca Cola Company

There are numerous large or small corporations from all developed or expanding countries which already are or are in the process of heading global and being international. There are lots of things that are helping to an international business in this time such as being international travel much easier and quicker. Global communication has became easier and increased the quality of life. Likewise copy of new technology throughout the world making global business and career easier which is leading to migration of large number of labours market surrounding the world.

Among which Coca Cola Company is also one of the largest multinational company. Its headquarter is in the us and has number of regional office virtually all surrounding the world. They have large number of staff all around the world. In framework of coca cola company, these are applying the task and different types of international human reference development. The role of international human resource managers is significantly saturated in such sorts of organization.

As we realize that, this is a growing MNE. The things that brought onward the development of globalization are ; international market that have need, expectation and wishes, difference in the price of development of goods and staff costs among different countries, rules and order with federal policies on taxes and import and export of goods and its own limitations along with the activities of rivals. HR managers need to be capable of understanding and responding all these kinds of trends so, they can gain a concept to distinguish between domestic-based HR management and international human being source management.

According to Schuler and acquaintances they may have define international human being tool management on the both part of strategic and international of multinational corporations such as Coca Cola Company. They want to broaden the congested function of HR to border function for expatriation. Strategic IHRM is "human being source of information management issues, functions and insurance policies and routines that derive from the proper activities of multinational companies and that impact on the international concerns and goals of those enterprises" (Schuler, 1993).

In my opinion, the duty of international Human Resource Managers can be discussed in two ways. A method is a multinational company have to recruit an employee to send abroad for a few specific job and for quite a while period. But in another context like in UK, there may be multi domestic company where many international employee are working together which is the consequence of globalization. So, HR professionals have to address both obligation.

A company like coca cola which really is a MNE, they need to send their staff on international projects. Human resource managers are getting problem in lots of ways for such instances, sometimes with devastating results. There could be many reason for that but you can be the reason why that HR managers send their staffs on overseas jobs without providing efficient pre-training or providing some period for the "transitional" stage. In this time, they can provide some kinds of assistance and essential management skills and tackling strategies in various cases by human source professionals along with HR and company's international procedures.

The human source professionals of coca cola company are now a days,

equipping a worker with specific reference and essential skills to reach your goals on international careers. They are following the standard treatment as well as reasonable one. HR managers are taking special consideration while they are performing selection, offering training and managing performance.

For example, now coca cola company, while they can be appointing an employee as a sales professionals or agent to India, they opt to choose Indian staff or an employee who recognizes better Indian culture because, he can better perform in his familiar environment alternatively than some other new one. He is able to adapt easily for the reason that environment which is a beneficial part for Coca Cola Company. If they appoint any other new one who is unknown of this culture, this will straight have an impact on the performance of an employee and also he need more training and required more knowledge which is costly for HR professionals.

Therefore, the role of human being resource managers is vital while they are simply selecting an employee for a business who needs to work in different cultural environment. There must be a justification for selecting a candidate for this job not simply appointing haphazardly. HR professionals have to set somewhat different procedure to select an employee who's working in local social environment and in international social environment. HR managers have to consider all specific key skills within the prospect and find the correct one. Somehow this may appears like an very hard to discover a ideal candidate who may have desire to go abroad along with his abilities.

According to a 2002 review, "expatriates required their human tool departments to most importantly eliminate unnecessary doubt and ambiguity" (Gomez-Mejia, Balkin and Cardy, 2004: 321). Providing a relevant training is the most effective ways to get good efficiency from a worker. For a worker who is going abroad, HR managers have to provide pre-departure training like local culture, beliefs and attitudes. When a worker have to go for in foreign countries, their family member also need a cross ethnic training as a plus point. Before arriving an expatriate in number country it is effective if he gets some kinds of orientation and training programs.

In circumstance of coca cola, they may have potential competitor like Pepsi cola and other cold drinks multinational company so that it is important to encourage a worker who has got knowledge and skills in order to retain these people. The data gain by a worker from overseas is very valuable alternatively than gain within home country because they have got a chance to work in a new environment and they have been tackled through different situations.

"International human resource managers have found that employee relations fluctuate significantly from country to country and that the strategies used to encourage workers in one country are sometimes useless internationally"(Katz & Elsea, 1997). Coca cola company is a traditional western company which company has also tend to think like a great many other westerners do as contract in extremely legal, clinical terms, so when it is signed both people are bounded by its conditions and insurance policies. That once it is signed all parties will simply follow its conditions. But there differs culture in other countries like in china they would like to grow a good relationship with the management after the deal and after when they begin to know each other. Hence, HR managers need to consider openness, originality and flexibility not merely only learning previous to type in a countries as a MNE that have different culture.

Coca cola company is a sizable MNE and they have invested massive amount resource in there employee for some specific project. That is very important to manage the performance of employees in international situation by firmly taking regular reviews and evaluate them properly. Such kind of things can be helpful to minimize the risk of future expensive fault, like paying for unsuccessful employee's recruiting and training expanses. In case there is employee repayment it is evident that there surely is different, with respect to the specific country they may be assigning for. That is a obligation or responsibility of HR managers that to convey the policies and terms and conditions in apparent manner about remuneration among similar position far away.

Above we have reviewed in the potential of an coca cola company in the global context and recruitment selection and performance management because of their employee. This is all about the IME when they have to assigning the know-how to overseas. As we said you have the increasing role of international real human resource professionals to make or even to prepare for the change of culture and help them to adapt in the change environment. Motivating and handling performance of in another country employee by providing proper reward system and providing proper allowances is also the key job of human being resource managers.

Besides that, International recruitment from abroad countries for career in the home market is also the other major role for international human resource managers. They are also responsible for controlling diversity, helping them in altering in new cultural environment, proper management of the performance and providing benefits from company.

In this time of globalization labour market has became smaller so, people are moving in one country to another countries for occupation process. For just a company situated in a home country, they also have recruited a worker from different social diversity. Employees from varied culture provide some kind of benefits and drawbacks in an firm. Therefore, there could arises conflict one of the employees within own company, even with mangers also.

If, HR professionals look at the advantage side, they have the advantage of diversity for the business. They can innovate the idea of cutting of the costs, efficiency and the rises new ideas for the pushes of work; the introduction of the grade of the managing technique; the capability of employees to work with tips of view, styles for leading and different landing along the way of taking decisions and in cultivation of the new ideas. Staff can analyse and work within themselves when they have got problem at work.

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