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Human Source Management in the Walt Disney World Resort

Probably one of the very most magical places on earth, the Walt Disney World Hotel theme park in Florida continues to joy and excite it's friends, nearly 40 years after it opened up, and it is one of the very most successful media and entertainment organizations in the whole world. The company presents the sort of success that many companies strive for. The trick to it's success is it's motivated, friendly and well-trained personnel. The founder, Walt Disney thought that the only way to become successful was to have a great team on your side, as soon as said:

"You can perfect, create, design and build the most wonderful put in place the entire world but it needs people to make the fantasy possible. "

. A SHORT History

The Walt Disney World Vacation resort, is a multi-billion dollar corporation and it is the world's greatest & most visited recreational holiday resort, covering 30, 080-acres near Orlando, Florida, USA. Millions of people yearly take their trips at the holiday resort. The holiday resort was founded, with the opening of the "Magic Kingdom" theme recreation area in 1971. It consists of four theme parks, two drinking water parks, 23 hotel hotels, and different varieties of recreational and entertainment venues. Epcot recreation area was added in 1982, Disney's Hollywood Studios in 1989 and Disney's Pet animal Kingdom in 1998.

This celebrated resort was encouraged by the dreams of Walt Disney and his creation of Disneyland in California. The hotel is the largest single-site employer in america, utilizing 42, 000 people, with over 3, 000 different job classifications. A lot more than 1000 people work in the security team alone.


Disney is renowned to be a fun and friendly place of which to work. Its potential to offer attractive incentives make it an appealing place to work and it is constantly evaluating the marketplace to ensure their salary remain competitive. All Disney employees take part in training programs that update them on the latest service techniques and technology being found in the parks. Disney recruit both internally and externally, advertising vacancies on the website, via the press, job fairs, occupation exchanges and schools. There is a big quantity of school students employed in Disney. Recruitment personnel also regularly happen to be Puerto Rico, to recruit for positions in housekeeping, theme playground assistants, pub and restaurant.

It 's 4 major occupation strategies are:

Hire the right people

Develop people to deliver service quality

Provide needed support systems

Retain the best people

Once potential employees have been determined, interviews follow. The abilities and talents that professionals generally look for are:

Excellent communication skills

Good team player

Self motivated

Problem solver

Leadership potential

Strong computer skills

Project management skills


Able to take care of expectations

Personal and professional style

Strong business judgment

Ability to accomplish and multitask

A guest service outlook

Disney theme parks promise to give a superior service to be able to make a "imaginary world where site visitors can get away the topics of the "real" world". To achieve this, the company must employ people with the proper skills and personalities, who are also encouraged, with a clear knowledge of the business's marketing targets and strategies. Personnel have to be polite, well dressed, full of energy, enthusiastic, and people-loving, always offering guests whole-heartedly. All staff are provided with an extensive knowledge of the playground facilities, rides, and sites.

HRM Practises

Disney thinks in investing in its staff and offer various training programs and learning opportunities for employees to work their way into higher positions. Disney practically always encourages from within.

Almost everyone, even professionals, begin within an common entry-level hourly job. There's a program to help hourly employees who wish to become part of management, there is certainly another which allows them to copy, as apprentices, to the technological unions like plumbers or electricians. Disney also grant educational reimbursement to employees still at college or university.

Supervisors make an effort to develop a family-like atmosphere in Disney by offering adaptable schedules and on-site day care and attention programs for employees with children. The company also host numerous special situations because of its employees that are kept in the theme park after hours.

Present day human resources routines at Disney are believed to be "extraordinary", with all staff being been trained in excellent customer satisfaction guidelines. However HR routines were very poor in the first many years of Disney. The Walt Disney Company originated back 1923, when Walt and Roy Disney started their first animated recording studio room. The first computer animation production was really hard, with jobs being divided out regarding to gender. By 1941, the Walt Disney Company applied 1, 100 people. Ellwood (1998) details Walt Disney as "a notorious workaholic, a perfectionist who pressed his personnel relentlessly". Both "paternalistic and domineering" he rewarded commitment and punished dissidents. During this time period, no women or dark-colored people were ever before promoted to mature positions, and in simple fact it was the only Hollywood studio room, that acquired no union. Eventually it came up to the interest of the North american Federation of Labour. In 1941. , animators had taken professional action over bad and dangerous conditions and lack of union representation.

However, these early days working conditions and problems, didn't avoid the company growing into a massively-successful $23 billion mass media conglomerate, by the finish of the 1990s.

Cast Members

Employees in Disney are called 'solid people'. Quality cast users are the result of quality hiring procedures. Bonus deals are paid to personnel who refer new hires. Disney thinks it is critical to have individuals who have actually worked in various parts of the business, to do the recruiting. Therefore the recruitment personnel all come from different parts of the organization, and work on 12-month contracts.

When people are needed interview, they must watch a brief training video, before being interviewed. The video explains the interview process and outlines what the company expects of them, if they are successful.

Once hired, all new cast members have to do a 1 day training program called Practices. It's here they learn the basics to be good cast users, from Disney history to direction on how to meet and go beyond guest expectations. Cast members receive 13 page manual of stringent dress rules, known as the "Disney Look. " The "Disney Look" is a rigid code of appearance that imposes a clean, scrubbed, all-American look, that cast users must follow, and there is absolutely no room for non-conformity in it. The manual details how big is earrings allowed, right down to how big is finger nails. Guys are not permitted to increase any facial hair, and dyed wild hair, too, is prohibited, for both sexes. Disney's rigid grooming expectations are essential, as employees are to be part of a wide ensemble of Disney characters.

Every staff is instructed in the "Seven Rules to Visitor Service" which highlights the need to be cheerful, when portion guests.

From the very start, staff should implement a "have a nice day!" mentality, and also to laugh the "Disney laugh" all day long.


Employees are usually given jobs according to their years and appearance, a process officially known as "casting". Probably the most "presentable" get the most popular jobs that entail a great deal of discussion with customers. For instance:

Young and attractive personnel get "front-line jobs"

Haitian women generally work in housekeeping;

Older women sell in the shops

Older men work in security

African Americans are stewards or cooks,

Africans are employed in the " Canine Kingdom", to give "authentic flavour".

Puerto Recons work in housekeeping, pubs or restaurants

Anyone who might appear "less 'presentable' work on night shifts

Cast Members obtain some excellent benefits including:

Health, Dental, Life Insurance

Complimentary Theme Park Passports

Learning and Development Opportunities

Educational Reimbursement

Scholarship Program

Paid holidays, getaways, and unwell days

30% Discount on recreation area merchandise

Employee Stock Purchase Program

Access to a Ensemble Member-only lake and recreation area with tennis, volleyball, and an Olympic-size swimming pool.

Service Awards

Employee & Ensemble Member Contests

Childcare Centres

Credit Unions

Employee Stores

Retirement plan.

Cast Users usually work 40 hours or more each week. There is absolutely no person in charge of quality service. It's the responsibility of every one to evaluate service quality levels, set up benchmarks and to set goals. Rather than one quality director, Disney has 42, 000 of these.

(Paton S. M. Service Quality, Disney Style, Quality Digest)

Disney University

A lot of time has been specialized in designing successful worker 'universities', which coach workers in the Disneyland viewpoint.

Walt Disney established the Disney College or university to instruct these unique skills. The College or university provides cast associates with free world-class trained in diverse skills including computer applications, professional development, management/leaderships development, health & safety, interviewing, business, etc.


One of Walt Disney main targets (and one of is own teachings that lives on very firmly with the Walt Disney Company) was to always "Exceed Prospects. " Walt motivated and empowered visitors to give more than what was asked of these. Even today, Disney is focused on employee empowerment. Empowerment enables employees to do certain things, within established limits and guidelines, to make the customer happy. For instance, if a kid drops ice-cream, secs after buying it, employees are empowered to replace the ice-cream free of charge.

Employees are empowered to resolve all visitor issues independently, with professionals only getting involved in extreme circumstances. Professionals use service measurement teams to enable employees. one or two 2 employees from each office observe any service issues that usually takes from a guest's stay at the holiday resort. By keeping data of every problem, and exactly how it was dealt with, helps to decrease the likelihood of it going on again. To hold up-to-date with the guests targets, Disney also gathers large sums of data about friends from opinion polls, surveys, focus groupings etc.

From these details, the company have discovered that the "top three" guest objectives are for the parks to be fun, friendly and clean. Every worker, from the CEO to cleaner, know these 3 anticipations well, and it is empowered to make sure they are happen. All employees know, too, the definition of quality at Disney:

"Disney identifies quality as attention to fine detail and exceeding guest expectations. "

Performance Appraisals

Management use performance appraisals and performance research, to measure interior service quality. The twelve-monthly performance appraisal was created to give the staff a broad point of view of his/her accomplishment from the prior year and also to identify upcoming difficulties. Another strategy employed by managers to provide service quality, are monthly development action plans. (DAPs) (Zeithaml and Bitner, 2000)


Disney certainly know the real value of keeping productive employees. Annual turnover amongst its employees is only 20%. This low turnover is manufactured possible by the comprehensive employees reward programs, on offer, and by the insurance plan it has of dealing with it's employees like hotel guests. You can find more than 50 different pay back and popularity programs at Disney, that are used to keep up high staff morale and commitment. The most renowned prize is the "Partners in Superiority" program. This award involves any staff nominating another staff (who will need to have excellent attendance no disciplinary action record).

At a certain time through the season, all nominated employees are invited to a special dinner ceremony, where they are independently congratulated by company professionals, for their outstanding accomplishments. Then, all of them are given bronze statues of the company creator, Walt Disney.

Disney also use service pins, attendance honours, and Recognition-O-Grams (ROGs) to rewards devoted employees. Recipients usually wear the service pins on the uniforms, that they receive on their first, fifth, tenth, twentieth and twenty-fifth anniversaries. Attendance prizes are also offered to employees after one, three, five, ten and fifteen years of perfect attendance. The honors range between honorary certificates to a $2000 gift idea certificate.

Recession hits Disney Theme Parks

Like many other industries, the recession and the recent decline, has really struck the theme recreation area industry in America. Early this year, the Walt Disney company reported a 32% drop in net income because of its fiscal first quarter of 2010, which it attributed to the recession. The company were obligated to minimize 1, 400 jobs from the Orlando theme parks. The original Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, California, minimize 300 positions, as the rest were eliminated at the company's corporate head office at Burbank.

"These decisions aren't made gently, but are essential to keeping our leadership in family travel and leisure and reveal today's economical realities, " said Mike Griffin, a Walt Disney World spokesman.

Those let go received a 60-day paid administrative leave, a severance package deal that is based on their years of service, expanded medical benefits, and job placement.

Trade Unions

Workers are displayed by 34 unions, the largest being the Service Trade Council Union (STCU), The STCU signifies about 22, 000 F/T and 5, 000 P/T workers at Disney World. The SEIU is area of the STCU, a consortium of six trade unions this is the only group certified to discount with the Disney company. Within the last two years by itself, Disneyland Holiday resort has effectively negotiated nine contracts with the union. These agreements included wage boosts, unwell pay and access to seven affordable and reliable healthcare ideas offered through Disney's Personal benefits deal for full-time cast members.


This essay viewed the human learning resource practises which have been followed at Disney to be able to increase the delivery of superior guest services. Known reasons for the company's success include focus on customer service, and a concentrate on the elements of efficiency, courtesy, show, and security. It has shown how employee strategies at Disney lead to the attainment of exceptional service quality, and large volumes of guests regularly coming back, every year.

Disney requires a lot of treatment with its casting section and regularly determine its pay plans and new means of recruiting. It provides a competitive package deal of wages and incentives to it's staff, such as free park admission and special discounts on park items.

In the past, Disney's theme parks appeared to be rather recession-proof. But this season, fewer people found their way to the Magic Kingdom as revenue were down from 2008-10. Disney said the business manages its operation based on demand, and like any other business it is subject to the pros and cons of the market.

The Disney beliefs demonstrates to that by allowing employees to care for customers in a respectful way, the business enterprise will take care of itself. It is important that management stress to employees that staff empowerment and development is an on-going process. The activities of empowered employees have empowered Disney to continuously exceed customer goals and have helped develop prolonged relationships with an incredible number of guests worldwide.

The human tool department must continuously develop successful empowerment strategies and effective incentive and popularity programs to keep up high morale and promote teamwork, and also to keep carefully the company soaring, especially through these stressed times.

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