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Human Source of information Management At Lloyds Tsb

In this article, I am showing about the individual source planning and development approach to LloydsTSB bank. It is a retail bank or investment company in UK. It was proven in 1765 by Taylors and Lloyds in Birmingham. It has an great network of branches and atm machines in Great britain and Wales and has 24 hour mobile phone and online banking service. Now a period it includes more than 16 million personal customers. It provides a full selection of banking and financial services. It offers more than 2000 branches all over the UK. It includes branches in various countries also such as America, Australia, china and so many more.

It deals with the option of human resources and efficiency of the personal placement. The main reason for hrm is to keep and create the balance between the firm's goal and the eye of the employees. For just about any company, to be successful in every departments and functions must depend on one department which is key for those departments i. e. HRM. The HRM manages and adjustments everything in virtually any department

The functional regions of HRM:-

1-PLANNING-It is the process of getting the human tool requirements to ensure that we have the mandatory volume of employees with the appropriate skills when they are needed. It concerns about this what are the objectives of the organization and the framework of the organization.

2-DEVELOPMENT-It is the major HRM function and it consists of:-

a) Training

b) Development

c) Career planning

d) Profession development

e) Performance appraisal

3-RECRUITMENT-It is the process of getting the licensed and experienced candidates towards the organization and entice them to use for job.

The three main targets where Lloyds tsb bank or investment company deals are:-




(Mill ward et al. 1992, 2000)

(HRM by prof. dr jutta rump)

Q 1(B)

Each activity of the HRM has its goal and importance. The primary objective is to fulfil the goals of the organization and work with achieving its targets by recruiting, selection and providing training etc.


It is the process of attracting qualified individuals towards the work and encouraging them to apply for work.

There are two resources of recruitment


This type of recruitment can be carried out within the employees of the organization

Methods of internal recruitment are:-

(1)Job posting-It is a procedure for informing the employees a job starting exists

(2)Job bidding-It is a technique that allows employees who believe they processes the mandatory qualifications to use for a posted job


This recruitment should be achieved from beyond your organization.


Advertising:-This is the easiest way to do the recruitment. In this particular recruitment should be done by giving advertising on the newspapers and by pamphaleting etc

Job fairs:-By job Fairs Company can recruit a large number of employees at the same time. In job fairs different MNCs get together at a same time and energy to recruit different people for different articles.

Internships-This type of recruitment should be done through the internship of the students

Employee recommendations:-This is also the easiest way to do the recruitment; in this individuals should be decided on for the interviews on the guide of their friends who functioned already with the organization.

Private and public employment agencies-some open public and private agencies have some agreements with some organizations plus they take commissions from the companies for the recruitment of applicants.

Internet-This is the best way to do the recruitment. In this recruitment the organizations put their recruitment forms on their websites along with their eligibility criteria, so those people who fulfil the standards should filled up that forms and send to the organizations.

Lloyd's tsb loan company has a multi-tier recruitment system. The multi-tier recruitment system means the recruitment of folks for the different types of posts for the several categories, forexample careers for the accounts opening team, sales manager, procedure department, cashier etc

LLOYDS TSB BANK recruits people by both internal and external options. In internal resources they recruit individuals from the same loan provider by giving them promotions to the high posts and in the exterior sources they recruit by advertising in the neighborhood magazine, through private and general population employment agencies, job fairs, worker referrals, internships, by event recruiting. They can also recruit people through internet.

(www. mangement heaven. com)

(lloydsTSB. com)


The training is designed to provide learner with knowledge and skills necessary for their present job and development will involve the learning that goes beyond today's job by making use of development to understand the change been done in the business. The main purpose of working out and development is to develop the abilities and frame of mind in the prospect to fulfil the duty.

The need of training should be known by analysing the performance of the applicants by taking their tests, giving them tasks, by checking out their past work done. With this it could be easily computed that in which section they can be weak and what type of training should be ideal for them.



a) Learning by experience-In this training individuals use to learn something daily by their experience.

B) Internship-This is the most important type of training, in this training should be given to the prospects before the signing up for of the work.

c) Team work-This is the simplest way to provide training. In this particular training should be given together to a group of persons and they can share their own ideas, knowledge and experience with each other

d)job rotation-This training should be given to those persons who either get promoted to the higher level or those who get shifted in one place to another within the same group.

e) Computer based mostly training-Now as we all knows computer is just about the requirement for today's life; no work can be done in any of the organization without it. In this particular training should be given regarding the basics of the computer to almost everyone in an business.

f) Web based training


a) Simulators

b) Workgroups

c) Quality circle

d) Class room programs

(HRM by prof. dr jutta rump)

Lloyds loan company also gave different types of training to different candidates according with their job profile.

-they provide training on subjects like strategy and management with their managers

-provide computer related training with their operational team because they need to perform the work on the computers

-they provide web training to their candidates who'll help them in future in making their websites and in internet banking

-they provide customer service and sales training to their sales team who interact with the various people and sell them the products

-they provide security shield training to their employees

[3] Compensation and benefits

It is the total of most rewards which employee can enter reward for his or her services


1) Direct financial compensation:-it is in the form of money which she or he receives by means of wages, salary, benefit and commission

2) Indirect financial compensation:-all financial rewards which are not contained in the direct financial payment like insurance, benefit and payment.

3) Non financial:-it involves satisfaction that a person will get from like good working environment.

4) Lloyds tsb loan provider also give good settlement and rewards to its employees to get the task done more successfully and effectively that company gets more income and market share. Lloyds motivates the employees by giving them bonus products, performance appraisals etc.

(lloydsTSB. com)



A quantity of models have been made to illustrate appropriate HR insurance policies. Major ones are:

1) Matching models or Michigan model

Fombrun et al's (1984) highlights the "resource" facet of HRM and reliable utilization of men and women to meet organizational goals. This model has less humanistic border, holding HR as other resources to be obtained cheaply, used sparingly, developed and exploited as totally as is feasible.

This model shows that HR system and organisation should be maintained in congruency to organizational strategies and shows a routine comprising of four general stages specifically selection, appraisal, rewards, and development.

However, with regards to the firm in awareness this model is not so significant as is not in positioning to the HR policies utilized in Lloyds Bank Group. Although, the sequence of steps seen in the firm are more or less similar however the unitary thought that model reveals which is solely prescriptive and not analytical, without considering the changing situations will not represent the guidelines utilized by Lloyds Banking Group.

2) Harvard Framework

This mode shows considerable amount of similarity to the policies and practices adopted in Lloyds Banking Group as it stresses the "human" aspect of HRM and is also more concerned with the company - employee marriage. It identifies the affects of situational factors on HRM coverage choices.

The model identifies four coverage areas as HR moves, reward systems, staff effect and work systems

The model is highly significant as far as Lloyds Banking Group can be involved as it readily complies with the company rules in obtaining aims. LBG run procedures which can be usually in par with exterior and internal environments. Also major planning activities are also designed in order to encourage two way dialogues and foster better working associations over the group.

(Fombrun et al (1984)

Task 2

HR Planning and Development


Human tool planning is the procedure of systematically looking at human reference requirements to ensure that the mandatory range of employees with the mandatory skills is obtainable when and where they are needed.

Human source planning includes the four factors

1) Quantity-how many employees do we need?

2) Quality-which skills, knowledge and capabilities do we need?

3) Space-where do we need the employees?

4) time-when do we need the employees? How long do we need them?

Human reference development is the process of development of knowledge, skills and experience in the staff member. It consists not only training and development but also individual profession planning, performance appraisals and career development.

Recruitment is the process of getting individuals in time, in limited quantities and with appropriate qualification and stimulating them to apply for careers. Selection is the process of deciding on the best person from a group of different persons.

The recruitment in the Lloyds tsb bank or investment company is mainly done in 2 types:-



In interior recruitment, Lloyds recruit people from the bank giving them campaigns or by moving them in one post to some other. In exterior recruitment Lloyds recruit the fresh graduates by the next ways:-

1) In the step 1 1 candidate must feel the website of the Lloyds lender and download the recruitment form from the website and then put up that to the address given in the website along with the grades in the graduation.

2) In the next step those guys who fulfil the eligibility criteria have to provide an aptitude test which is merely to check the intelligence degree of the prospect.

3) In this particular only limited persons are reached and they have to gone through a group conversation part.

4) In the next steps the selected persons are seeded for working out process according to their relevant job

Training of employees-

Training is an efficient method of building skills and increasing knowledge in workers. Lloyds tsb bank or investment company provides two kind of training to their workers depend upon their job profile

1) Training on the job

2) Training off the job

In training on the job the training like online, computer based, and job rotation should be given

In training off the job the training should get by providing circumstance studies, video recording tapes, video recording conferencing, classroom programs and simulators

Lloyd's tsb bank gives trained in two places

-lean sigma academy

-ash ridge management college

They have their own corporate and business university where they are really supplying training on long term courses like proper management and business management.

Lloyds provide training regarding the security with their workers so that they can protect the premises from the unwanted people.

Compensation and benefits

It is a total of all rewards which employees get in return for their services. Lloyd's tsb standard bank provides both financial and non financial payment with their employees. The financial settlement is of two types:-

1) Direct compensation-In this Lloyds tsb loan provider gives compensation to their workers by means of wages, incomes, commissions and add-ons.

2) Indirect compensation-In this Lloyds tsb lender gives compensation to their workers in the form of insurance, health benefits, pension insurance fund and retirement plans

The non financial settlement includes the satisfaction a person obtains from the work itself or from the physiological or physical environment in which he works.

(www. mangement paradise. com)

(HRM by prof. dr jutta rump)


The above three methods perform a great role in obtaining the objectives of the organization. The main aim of the Lloyds tsb loan provider is to become the best loan company of the uk. This is done by recruiting the cream prospects from the society, by giving them good training regarding their careers and by giving good wages and promotions to the staff to allow them to feel determined and work hard.

All of the above mentioned three process has a great importance in an organization. We will discuss them one at a time:-

Recruitment and choices:-The recruitment and selection is the most practical method to attain the objectives of the business. The candidates who move all the phases of the recruitment will be the cream out out of all the candidates this means they will vary from others in all perspectives plus they have a greater knowledge which will definitely help any of organization or bank to reach at the top.

Selection means the choosing a right person for a suitable job from several job seekers. Lloyd's tsb lender recruits the applicants who've good understanding of their job and who are experienced. It will save you their time and money for giving them training. By recruitment any business can come to know about the next points

-what would work trade for the applicant i. e. finance, retail and marketing etc

-whether the person is suited to the work or not.

Training and learning-Training is a very important part of any business which helps in getting knowledge and development of skills in the prospect. Every organization is aware the value of working out. The Lloyds tsb bank got greater benefits from days gone by years due to the hard work of the workers. For example the customers of Lloyds tsb standard bank has been increasing from the last many years this is due to its good service and good understanding of the sales team and workers employed in the business. They got the energy of attracting and have good understanding of different types of accounts and products from the training process. Training should help any of the workers of the organization to fulfil its focuses on directed at him by using his or her knowledge. Because of better training and effort 500 customer advisors of the bank got the most liable lender of 12 months award.

(lloydsTSB. com)

Compensation and benefits-Lloyds tsb always give good settlement and benefits to their workers by means of bonuses, insurance, health advantages etc. The Lloyds loan provider give good incomes to their employees so that they can perform their activity in a lot more better way. In addition, it provides a very good option of pension insurances which motivates all the staff to work hard till their pension. This sort of activity boosts the morale of employees and makes them motivate. The rewards and reorganization promotes worker to work better. These activities boost the trust and responsibility towards corporation.

Task 3



Performance strategy is the procedure where an organization establishes the guidelines in which programs, investments and acquisition can reach their goals. It is also a strategy to estimate the performance of individuals working in the organization by taking the responses and reviews of other staff, professionals and supervisors. This is the way to checkout that how a employee is using his / her skills to achieve the objective of the business. The performance management creates the culture where the organizational and specific learning are a learning process. It steps on the basis of workers, earlier experience, knowledge and skills. By using the following methods the performance of a person might be measured easily:-

1) Balanced scorecard

2) Peer appraisal

3) Top down appraisal

4) Lower part up appraisal

5)360 level appraisal

6) Self appraisal

(1)360 level appraisal-It is a very important method which is also called multidirectional method. In such a a team of best 6-8 customers of the organization has been selected to assess the performance of the other workers. This is assessed on behalf of the behaviour of the employee with the other workers and with the professionals of the business. In this technique a credit card applicatoin form is been provided to every employee to fill the info and they submit the proper execution to their professionals and the professionals made a report on the behalf of that form and actions the performance of the average person worker and opinions should be given to every employee that what are their fragile areas on which they have to work hard and training should also be provided to the employees on their weakened areas.

2)Top down appraisal-In this top of the supervisor calculates the performance of the staff and the low level mangers based on their performance and behavior and past files. Then they give the responses to them and appropriate actions should be taken on the behalf with their feedbacks.

3) Lower part up appraisal-In this the workers and the reduced level director of the organization provides their feedbacks about their seniors and professionals.

4) Peer appraisal-This is the simplest way to analyze the performance. In this one colleague checks the performance of the other worker and provides the responses.

5) Well balanced scorecard approach-This technique is employed by the Lloyds bank to measure the performance of the staff. It bank checks whether every worker is satisfying or working to get the objective of the organization

It has 4 perspectives:-

a) Financial perspective-It steps the fund of the business. It handles the earnings and reduction and increase in sales of the organization.

b) Business related point of view:-It takes care of the business of the business that who will be the partners and who are the rivalries of the business. It also handles the business enterprise process like sales service and recruiting.

C) Customers:-it handles the customers associated with the organization about the fulfilment of the goals, queries and complaints. The primary goal is to complete the task before time and also to give discount rates to them.

d) Internal learning and creativity:-this is the most crucial perspective. It handles offering training to the workers on their poor areas and by providing them ground breaking ideas which helps them in obtaining the goal.

(http://humanresources. about. com/od/360feedback/a/360feedback_3. htm)

(www. mangement paradise. com)

All the companies do the monitoring of the performance but without effective monitoring any firm achieve the actual goal or results. The effective monitoring is important because:-

1 It does increase the recognition and relevance of the key competencies.

2It reinforces the desired competencies of the business enterprise.

3It provides employees the key development area which helps them in increasing the productiveness and achievements of the goal.

4 It offers a far more reliable opinions to senior managers in order to work to achieve the goal.

The method implemented is effective due to following reasons:-

1 Following the good feedback the workers feels determined and work hard to achieve the goal of the organization and motivates other employees also to execute the duties.

2It enhances the integrity between employees because of position of objectives in a single direction.

3As the form is filled after some period so it gives the information about the performance of the employees to the organization

4With this every employee ought to know if they won't perform well, they will either send to training again or will be fired.

Improvement needed in methods

Even although Lloyds tsb loan company is doing well and acting effectively on the performance monitoring, but also you can find need for the further development and improvement in order to make the system more effective which will make this as a competitive advantages in the business.

For a few of the employees the regular audit of balance score card is just a administrative work. It is the responsibility of top management to inform them the value of balance report card.

There is a need for improving the velocity of actions to be taken after the feedback

Top management should be properly determined with the fulfilment of balance credit score card procedure. There should not be any type of gap and hold off in looking at the performance

By minimizing the complexities in the reviews questionnaires, which helps in easy process of concluding the questionnaires therefore the monitoring levels also are more standard and can produce exact results.


The human reference department is the back bone of every organization because it helps in allocating human resources to other departments. The look and development will be the key issues of hrm which assists with maintaining demand and supply of man power, measuring performance and training of employees. The functions suggested above in the accounts are the most efficient approach to planning and development

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