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HR in Pantaloon Retail Limited | Analysis

This project starts with the annals of Pantaloon Retail (India) Small which is biggest player in the retail industry and received varied into many sectors. After that discussed about the HR guidelines and practices that happen to be accompanied by Pantaloons in appointing the employees such as Service Rules, Promotion Policy and Rules, Income Structure, Employee Inspiration and Welfare Schemes, Health and Safety Rules, Training and Development. After conclusion of HR policies and Techniques then talked about about the sort of job and the candidate who is getting recruited depending after the level of the business that is junior, middle, senior. Pantaloons use some Training Methodologies for training their employees.

Company Profile:-

Pantaloon Retail Small is India's major retailing company which runs multiple retail types in both Lifestyle and value segments. The headquarters of Pantaloon Retail Limited is in Mumbai and operates all around India and has over 30, 000 employees working for over 1000 stores across 73 cities in India. Pantaloon Retail Small includes a chain of fashion stores such as Pantaloons, Big Bazaar and Brand Manufacturer. The company also runs its products online by the net portal known as futurebazaar. com.

Values of Pantaloons:-

The Success report of Pantaloons possessed built on a number of key company values which have remained almost unchanged. These ideals are:

  • Indianness: assurance in their business composition.
  • Leadership: To be a head, both in thought and business.
  • Respect & Humility: To respect every individual and become humble in carry out.
  • Introspection: resulting in purposeful thinking.
  • Openness: to most probably and receptive to new ideas, knowledge and information.
  • Valuing and Nurturing Human relationships: to construct long term human relationships.
  • Simplicity & Positivity: Ease and positivity inside our thought, business and action.
  • Adaptability: to be adaptable and versatile, to meet obstacles.
  • Flow: to value and understand the widespread laws of characteristics.

HR Insurance policies and Guidelines:-

Promotion Plan and guidelines are applied to employees depending after on their ability of undertaking work, managing their skills and the level of experience.

Wage Structure:

Every Job has given different salary depending upon the position of the worker and the responsibility levels which the employees dominate. This enables the business to:

Provide competitive earnings for each and every job taking into account market rates.

Reward everyone relating to their contribution.

The Salary allocated amounts depends upon the employees position type for employees executing the standard obligations of their jobs. Setup maximum and lowest levels within those amounts to take into account variants in experience and skill levels. The pay defers from Store Administered worker to Head Office Administered staff. The payment of the employees is immediately by the director or it is transferred into the savings which the employee holds. THE BUSINESS reserves the to suspend pay where a worker fails to notify about absence from work.

Reward Policies

Pantaloon is convinced in writing its progress and success and reward appropriately. They offer a selection of benefits which can be service-related, so they build-up as service of a worker increases. Each factor of the huge benefits package is examined regularly to ensure it remains competitive and preserves pantaloon as a respected employer. A few of them are:

To lengthen a discount service to employees of Future Group.

Healthcare Offers

Pantaloons offer pursuing healthcare options to all regular paid employees and their lovers:

Private health insurance

Gratuity Scheme

Free treatment for the worker, partner and the centered family members.

Female employees can have Maternity leave - 84 days maximum on completion of 160 days and nights.

Travel can be an integral part of work for many individuals. Pantaloons offers travel options and expenditures so employees can travel in a secure and comfortable manner.

Social Activities

Pantaloons provides the employees the program named "Seekho" which permits them to develop their skill sets and opt for any educational courses so that they can increase their efficiency which adds additional value for the business development in future. Every staff of the pantaloon contributes little bit of money from other salary each month voluntarily to the pantaloon groundwork which they may use for any disaster needs.

Lifestyle Options

Pantaloon provides pursuing options and benefits:

  • Flexible working
  • Employees can avail move forward of seven days of all purpose leave during the probation period which will be changed in the employees leave balance.
  • Leave accumulation will be permissible up to 3 months period.
  • Only 15 days and nights will be taken forward to another fiscal season.

Corporate helpline - A 24-hour confidential support service that assist employees to manage stress, personal, distressing or financial issues which can be affecting their attendance or performance at work.

Pantaloon is committed to ensure the health, safety and well being of all its employees, customers and others who visit or work in their premises.

Company's Insurance plan on Health insurance and Safety includes:

The Health & Security Committee

The Committee member's advice on health & safe practices policy who displays employees effectiveness and reviews the main element performance and take methods on the quarterly basis.

The Store/Site Manager

The Store/Site Administrator is in charge of ensuring with Fire, Health & Safety Officer that Company Health & Safety Policy is executed. This consists of:

Suitable Induction and Legislative Update training for Flames, Health & Protection.

The prevention, analysis and the reporting of incidents.

The conclusion of ongoing Risk Assessments and maintenance of known threat information.

Property, Development and Facilities Management

They are accountable for the provision of working areas, equipment and materials that are safe and don't present any risk to health.

Training and development:

Personal Development

Pantaloons are focused on develop its employees into skilled, customer-focused, enthusiastic and stimulated employees. They supplies the employees the plan called "Seekho" which enables them to build up their skill units and opt for just about any educational courses in order to increase their production which adds additional value for the company development in future. An employee is equally responsible for learning and development. Training is given as and when required e. g. the execution of new systems.

Review of performance

Line managers review performance regularly in order to assess what sort of particular employee does. It helps staff in evaluating themselves to check out further development.

Highlights of Equivalent Opportunities Insurance policy are:

Promote a working environment clear of discrimination, harassment and victimization based on:

  • Gender, erotic orientation.
  • Marital status
  • Race, color, nationality.
  • Working Hours
  • Religion or Politics views.
  • Age and Impairment.

Identification of Careers and their Analysis:

Pantaloons as above mentioned it has around 30, 000 employees who are working under different tasks depending upon their qualifications. This implies there is variety in the business distribution of work weight according to the qualifications of the people applying in. You will find three degrees of Jobs in virtually any company viz. Entry Level, Middle Level, Senior Level. These levels have their own Job explanation, Job Specs and the Recruitment and Selection treatment etc They are briefly mentioned below:-

Entry Level:

The entry level careers at Pantaloons including the Stock and Inventory personnel and more.

Job description:

The Candidate for the Stock and Inventory the employees are responsible for transport of inventory and supplying the inventory from the inner locations to the other departments. This means he pulls every item from the safe-keeping, in physical form move them.

Job Standards:

  • Strong Organizational Skills.
  • Multi Tasking capacity.
  • Basic computer knowledge.
  • Strong Communication Skills.
  • Must be soft spoken and will need to have a smiling face while treating the client.
  • Able to work under great pressure.

Detailed recruitment and staffing:

For recruitment in this level a mass quantity of people are required.

The company goes with advertisements and papers for walk in interviews.

The company chooses reference and consultancies for the recruitment of the employees as you strategy.

There are interviews conducted by departmental professionals, store managers, HR minds and the team leaders respectively

After all of this process done if the individual gets through all the interview rounds then he's given his put in place the team or the work part for which he/she is fit for.

Middle Level:

The middle level job is of a Store Director who is supposed to be responsible for both working of the firm in keeping the store and the management of the entry level people.

Job Description:

Minimum 3-5 years of experience in retaining stores and performing the functional requirements.

Monitoring the entire store and planning about the future services and training the new employees in their work.

Must provide extremely high customer service and must make sure that the employees working under him must provide same level customer satisfaction.

The prospect is expected to develop functional understanding of business as well as understand just how information about the workplace and arranging the processes.

Good understanding of concepts such a Market basket analysis, Regression analysis etc.


Job Standards:

Graduate (more suitable in retail management) with strong Maths record.

Business Systems Analyst Skills.

An connection with minimal 3-5 years is necessary.

Advanced Computer knowledge.

Effective verbal and written communication skills.

Project management skills and strong management skills.

Ability to manage multitasks in very fast pace environment.

Broad knowledge on retail business.

Strong analytical skills.

Must be able to make seasonal strategy of a product.

Detailed recruitment and staffing:

The company produces vacancies in the consultancies, media paper advertising campaign for walk in.

Now the business selects or shortlists the feasible profiles and then starts the recruitment.

Now the interviews are conducted according to these persons one at a time viz. department brain, store director, zonal director, HR.

Senior Level:

The mature level job is of Businesses Manager who's in charge of all marking focuses on for different groups and is accountable for the other top quality activities in the organization.

Job Explanation:

Minimum 5+ years of experience in executing the operational requirements.

Interviewing the reduced level professionals and make sure that all the employees understands the business goals.

Must provide extremely high customer service and must ensure that the employees working under him must provide same level customer satisfaction.

Must manage business businesses activities and have to provide the results according to the organizational strategy.

Good knowledge of concepts such market basket examination.

Job Specs:

Excellent communication is required.

Knowledge of business processes & their interdependencies.

Ability to provide short-term answers to business problem from a business continuity perspective.

Develop statement and review on all the businesses which are taking place under his control.

Ability to develop long term alternatives for business issues with a take on repercussions on the whole business.

Leadership skills required.

An experience of minimal 5+ years is required

Detailed recruitment and staffing:

Same process is adopted while giving advertisements in the news headlines paperwork and consultancies.

The main interview is used by the HR and then supervised by the directors and the BOD's.


Finalization of the Prospect: Once a applicant is finalized, he must submit the next documents:

Last salary slip

Last session letter

REFERENCE CHECK: After the submission of slide and the appointment letter, the candidate has to supply the titles and contact information on two professional referrals from his current company/any of the previous companies where he has worked earlier.

A telephonic call is made to the folks and the next is checked:

Education background

Professional Background

Personal background

Interpersonal skills for the formalities.

OFFER LETTER: After examining all the sources, if the prospects are found ideal, the offer notice is rollout to the prospect for getting started with.

Effective Training Methodologies:

Effective training strategy which a company uses to look at for the junior level exec is "Experiential action learning". This method requires an instructor to be very skilled and knowledgeable about the process that your firm is pursuing for its progress. Employees who are new to the organization are a part in the experiential action learning which may indeed help them to develop a much better sense of knowledge which can improve the functions of the employee.

Effective training strategy which a firm uses to adopt for the middle level exec is "On-the-job training" which really is a kind of Word-Driven Training, in this kind of training, supervisors or mentors-who must be very skilled in the task being educated- instruct participants in a hands-on environment. Design time is usually nominal because on-the-job training is not a formal process

Effective training strategy which a firm uses to adopt for the mature level professionals are "Problem-bases learning" in which participants concentrate on problems with the aid of resource person, as required. Learners determine the rate of working out and its own content. Training occurs in the sense that the group learns about the condition; at the same time, a remedy is developed. The study indicated that individuals learning through problem-based training are more motivated.


Pantaloon Retail (India) limited isn't only a business but it can be an institute which gives its employees an opportunity for learning which helps in development of the business. They always look for the folks who are saturated in knowledge which will help the organization success. Pantaloons always welcome change popular by thinking out of the package. Pantaloons has achieved success through its ability and competence to lead the change in comparison with past. Pantaloons most innovative concepts are actually considered as the base lines in the retail industry. Pantaloon Retail (India) limited began of with developing of garment later it broadened in to the retailing market when compared to any other retail company. Pantaloon Retail (India) limited was the very first to introduce the concept of the departmental store in retail sector for the complete members of the family through Pantaloons. Pantaloon Retail (India) also launched hypermarket in India as Big Bazaar, a big discount store and it also launched Food Bazaar. Today Pantaloon Retail (India) limited is diversified into so many fields and evolved as greatest retail company in India.

The way we work is distinctly "Pantaloon". The biggest advantage of pantaloons is the courage of dreaming of becoming varied into many areas and turning the fantasy into fact which changes the lives of the consumer. Pantaloon is an invitation to become listed on a place where there are no restrictions from what you can perform. Means employee receive importance to be open in their thoughts and requested to provide their thoughts for the organizational success.

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